20 Little-Known Facts About Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet

Jason Momoa is the man of our dreams, but the Hollywood star is taken. We assume ya'll already know that because we are all obsessed with the Aquaman star. And although Momoa, who is known for his luscious locks and chiseled body, is the new Hollywood action movie star we all have our eyes on, there isn't much we know about him.

As a matter of fact, we barely know anything about his life with his wife Lisa Bonet and their beautiful family.

Despite Momoa's rise to fame, the couple is not like most Hollywood couples; they prioritize their privacy and are grounded and humble. What we do know is that Momoa only has eyes for his gorgeous wife. So, what is their secret? How is their love still so powerful? Read on to find out some tidbits about the fierce duo.

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20 The Two Met Through Mutual Friends

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They say love comes around when you least expect it - well, that was the case for these two lovebirds. According to Essence, in 2005 the two were introduced to each other because of friends.

The matchmakers knew that they would hit it off, and clearly they were right. Momoa said there were instant fireworks - aww!

19 Momoa's Crush On Bonet Goes Way Back

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Did you know that Momoa was kind of like a stalker before he met Bonet? According to Essence, Momoa had his eye on his dream woman for years.

When he first saw her way back on The Cosby Show, it was love at first sight. Momoa wanted her and he was destined to find his childhood crush. Is that fate or what?

18 Momoa Is A Stepfather (And An Awesome One)

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We secretly all envy Zoë Kravitzfor having two rad father figures, right? When Momoa and Bonet wed, the gentle giant became a stepfather to Lisa Bonet's first daughter with ex-husband Lenny Kravitz.

Momoa is super protective of the gorgeous Zoë - who is the spitting image of her mother - and they get along like two peas in a pod.

17 Momoa, Bonet And Her Ex, Lenny, Are A Blended Family

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Bonet and her rockstar ex-husband, Lenny, married in 1988 and quickly called it quits in 1993.

Years later, Bonet got married once again, to Momoa, but that did not cause any friction in the family. Instead, Zoë told Essence that the entire family has love for each other and that everyone is super close. Lenny and Momoa totally hit it off.

16 Bonet Is Super Supportive Of Momoa

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Because both of them are part of the entertainment industry, Bonet and Momoa always understand what the other is going through. This is certainly a benefit for them both.

However, Momoa has admitted to Huffington Post that he has made mistakes in his life and done some unfavourable things, but Bonet has always stood by and supported him. That's surely why he always calls her his angel.

15 It Was Love At First Sight

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Momoa was like a fangirl squealing on the inside when he first met Bonet, but what was her initial reaction?

According to Fame10, on their first date she ordered a Guinness and that was it for Momoa - case closed, he was already in love. Bonet also agreed that the first night they met there was instant chemistry.

14 They Have A Huge Age Difference

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Age is just a number, right? Although the King of the underwater kingdom looks the same age as the apple of his eye, he is not. Talk about opposites attracting, Bonet is 12 years older than Momoa!

Despite their noticeable height difference, none of us would probably ever know of the age gap that separates them.

13 They Are Raising Their Family On A Ranch

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Another thing that makes this pair unusual in Hollywood? They do not raise their family in a lavish setting.

Rather, Bonet and Momoa chose to raise their family on a ranch that is full of animals, teepees, and climbing walls. They want their children to relish in the outdoors and experience everything hands-on - props, guys!

12 They Have Boundaries When It Comes To Their Careers

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Although they are both part of the entertainment industry and know what goes down, they try to keep their work separate from their private lives.

According to Essence, Momoa does not allow Bonet to view any of his more "physical scenes," like the ones he had on Game of Thrones. And, although he's proud of his wife, he avoids watching hers, too.

11 They've Been Together For Over A Decade

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Despite the 12-year age gap between them, that many are unaware of because Bonet's beauty is ageless, the two have been together for over a decade now - woah!

Yes, and all these years later, their love is still thriving. They are one of Hollywood's cutest couples and are the perfect fit. After 14 years, they're still in puppy love.

10 The Pair Only Started Working Together Later On

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If you've watched interviews of Momoa, you've probably noticed that the gentle giant is somewhat shy. What is it that really makes him gush, though? His wife.

Bonet and Momoa are not like other celebrity couples who met on set, as they were only cited as co-stars after the two got hitched. They played on-screen lovers in the film Road to Paloma, and Momoa admitted that she made him super-shy.

9 They Were Secretive About Their Marriage

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Momoa and Bonet are quite the low-key couple, although they do not shy away from showing their love for one another. When they got hitched in 2017, we were confused as we all thought the couple were wed from years before.

According to Entertainment Tonight, they wanted to keep it a secret and pretended to be married the entire time for that exact reason.

8 They Don't Like Technology

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Momoa and Bonet like to live like the Flinstones and do things the old school way. In their home, modern electronics are a no-no, which is probably why they have climbing walls outside.

Yes, the television stars reside in a home that is television-free - who would've thought? The parents do not want their children to be glued to the TV.

7 They Share Some Ink

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Some couples get matching tattoos and then later regret it, but we know that isn't the case with these lovebirds. Momoa has impressive ink all over his dreamy bod, but the permanent one he shares with his wifey is, "Etre toujours ivre," and they both have it on their forearms. It means, "Always be drunk."

We're pretty sure if they could tattoo each other's hearts, they would.

6 Momoa Even Has The Same Tattoo As His Stepdaughter

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Jason Momoa and his stepdaughter Zoë share an unbreakable bond, and it shows when the two are together in public.

The Justice League star is such a badass stepdad that he also made his stepdaughter get the matching tattoo that he and her mother share. And all three of them rock it!

5 The Couple Isn't Shy At All

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The couple rarely speaks out about their relationship, but they are not shy to show the world their genuine happiness. If you follow the Aquaman star on social media, you may have noticed that he adores showing off photos of his kids.

If you haven't, grab a tissue because he tends to get quite emotional about his family - and both parents don't care who sees.

4 The Parents Do Not Mind Their Kids Being In The Public Eye

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Many Hollywood families want to keep their children out of the limelight, but Momoa and Bonet consider their children a part of their team, so they're not against it.

They know that as public figures, being in the spotlight comes with it so they do not mind putting their kids directly on the red carpet next to them.

3 Their Children Have Names From Hawaii

via Eonline

If there is one thing we know about Momoa, it is that he is very proud of his roots. The actor always remembers where he came from, and when he and Bonet had children, he made sure to bless them with his pride.

When their baby boy came into their life, they went against all odds in Holly-weird and named their son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha. Try and pronounce that, folks!

2 Momoa Copied Bonet's Hairstyle

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They have an epic love story, that is for certain, starting with Momoa's crush on his now-wife when he first saw her on his television. Once upon a time, Momoa had huge dreadlocks, and he admitted to E! News, "I actually had dreaded my hair for her."

Keep in mind, this was way before he even met her - the rest is history.

1 What's Their Secret?

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On the outside looking in, their marriage seems perfect; in the real world, though, no marriage is like a fairytale. Like every other marriage, theirs too has had its ups and downs, but Momoa has one keen piece of advice: just hold her tight.

Momoa told People, "I think a man needs to be a man. To hold a woman the way she wants to be held."

We're swooning!

Sources: E! News, Essence, Fame10

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