20 Little-Known Facts About Jodie Sweetin’s Family Life

Jodie Sweetin became an actress in 1987 when she was a child, thanks to her role as Stephanie Tanner on the popular TV series Full House. It was a role that endeared her to fans, and she proved her acting abilities, but growing up in the limelight from such a young age also had its difficulties, and Sweetin has had a tough past. But she makes no effort to hide this past, and the struggles that she went through, and, instead, she is honest about who she was, and the woman she has become now. And in part, she has motherhood to thank for the strong, caring individual that fans know and love today.

Sweetin is a mom to two daughters, Zoie and Beatrix (from two different marriages), and she has described motherhood as a “huge motivator” for her. She's also noted how she found herself becoming a better, and happier person because of it. The joy she has now, thanks to her children, has no doubt influenced the way she is as a parent, and she is a loving and “pretty relaxed” mom, who spends quality time with her daughters whenever she gets the chance. Below are 20 little-known facts about her family life.

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20 This Proud Mama Is Teaching Her Daughters About World Issues

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Jodie Sweetin landed a big role when she was just a child, thanks to her portrayal of Stephanie Tanner on the popular TV series, Full House. Now, she’s all grown up, a woman in her late ‘30s, and a mom of two daughters, and she wants them to be kind and thoughtful individuals.

Sweetin proved this when she shared a photo of herself and her girls wearing bright red noses in support of the Red Nose Day charity, and their mission to end child poverty. Sweetin is not just creating awareness for the cause, but she is also getting her children involved, and that is a wonderful thing.

19 Jodie Describes Herself As A ‘Pretty Relaxed’ Mom

Via Daily Mail

Jodie Sweetin understands that motherhood comes with great responsibility, and she is molding her daughters to be good humans. But she also wants to raise daughters who feel they don’t have to stress about the small things because their mom is not going to freak out when they make a mistake.

When it comes to her parenting style, Sweetin told People she would describe herself as a “pretty relaxed mom,” and that she is “mellow” about certain things. She explained this, saying, “No need to stress out and freak out over little things. Eh, they spill stuff. They do things. Whatever! It’s cool.”

18 Jodie Has A Bonus Family Member, Thanks To Her ‘Sister,’ Candace Cameron Bure

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Jodie Sweetin grew up as an only child, but she did get lucky in that she made close friends, that felt like family, during her time on Full House. It was a role she later reprised as an adult with the reboot, Fuller House, and Sweetin told Woman’s Day that it had been a “really wonderful experience.” She also shared that it had been “so much fun filming the show and it’s been fun to be back with everyone again...” And one of those people she was able to see again was Candace Cameron Bure, who played the role of her sister in the series.

The two women share a close bond, which resulted in Sweetin paying tribute to her “sister” on her birthday. She also expressed on social media how much love she had for Cameron Bure.

17 She Considers Her Preteen Daughter To Be One Of Her Close Pals

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Every parent has a unique relationship with their child, but often, mothers and their daughters form a close bond, especially later in life, when they take on the role of friend and confidant to their child. Take Kris Jenner as an example, who is one of the most famous celebrity moms, and whose close relationship with her children has been well-documented. Jodie Sweetin is yet another example of a mom who is close to her girls.

Sweetin often posts photos of her children on social media and shares her thoughts about them in the caption, and on this particular post, she referred to her daughter, Zoie, as her “favorite pal” and spoke about how they had spent an afternoon of fun together.

16 They Spend A Lot Of Quality Time Together, Including Taking Road Trips

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Jodie Sweetin is vocal about the fact that she loves being a mom, but a picture can say a lot more than she can in an interview. Her social media is all the proof anyone needs to see what a dedicated mom Sweetin is, and just how much she loves her children. She feels it is very important to spend time with them, and something that they do together is take road trips.

Sweetin posted a series of photos on her social media account in December 2018, showing herself enjoying a holiday with her girls. "Road trip time!! Up to the mountains where it’s freezing but the kids don’t seem to mind!” she wrote, adding, “Here’s to an awesome vacation with my ladies!”

15 The Solution To Conquering Mom Life Is By Drinking A Lot Of Coffee, At Least According To Jodie

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

You can love motherhood like Jodie Sweetin does, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. And to function each day, her solution is to drink a lot of coffee.

Sweetin’s daughters are close in age, and when they were younger, she found that caffeine was a necessity, telling People, “I live on coffee” — sounds familiar, right? She also told the publication that Beatrix, who was just three at the time, had become a bit of night owl and wouldn’t go to bed until late, while her other daughter, Zoie, would wake up early in the morning. Needless to say, at this time, she was drinking coffee more as a necessity than out of enjoyment.

14 Her Kids Are Fans Of JoJo Siwa (And Celebrated Her At A Party)

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Jodie Sweetin became a mother for the first time in 2008, when her daughter Zoie was born, and two years later, she had a second daughter, Beatrix. Motherhood is a role she has truly embraced, and she feels like it has made her a happier person, telling Celebrity Baby Scoop (via Oh Baby! Magazine), “I went through some tough stuff and now I’m centered on mommy life. I was able to turn everything around.”

She is also a hands-on mom and appears to spend a lot of time with her girls, including having a “girls 'night” for dancer/singer JoJo Siwa’s birthday.

13 She Is Raising Her Two Girls Solo (They Are Also From Two Different Relationships)

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Jodie Sweetin had her first daughter, Zoie Laurel May Herpin, during her relationship with her second husband, Cody Herpin. Two years later, she welcomed a second child, Beatrix Carlin Sweetin-Coyle, this time with her third husband, Morty Coyle, whom she has since split from.

But after her relationship with Cody Herpin ended, Sweetin discussed solo motherhood in a 2009 interview with People, telling them that at the time things had been going well. Although she found love not long after her split, at the time of the interview she also shared that she was not overly concerned with mingling, saying, “Right now, my daughter is my main focus, but a girl’s gotta have a little fun.”

12 Jodie Is An Only Child, So Seeing Her Girls Grow Up With A Sibling Has Been Interesting For Her

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Growing up, Jodie Sweetin didn’t have a brother or sister to annoy her, to play with, or to learn to share — just the general things that come with having a sibling who is close in age. She was an only child, and so now that she has two daughters, Beatrix (born in 2010) and Zoie (born in 2008), she is able to see how having a sibling affects their lives.

When asked by Celebrity Baby Scoop (via Oh Baby! Magazine) if the girls get on well, Sweetin responded by saying, “They do.” She then went on to compare her own childhood, saying, “I was an only child, so it’s interesting to watch the dynamic of, ‘Mine,’ and, ‘Give me that...’”

11 She Wants To Educate Her Daughters About Social Media

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Technology and social media play an important role in many people’s lives these days, and not just for adults, but children too. Many celebrity parents have spoken about how they try to limit screen time and the access their children have online, and Jodie Sweetin has also spoken about her daughters and their use of social media.

In an interview with Today, she shared her thoughts on how social media can put a lot of pressure on young people “to be perfect and look good." It is for this reason that she has “honest conversations” with her girls about social media, and how the things they see are not “real” but edited.

10 This Mama Has Had Problems In The Past, But She’s Honest With Her Kids About Everything

Via Daily Mail

Growing up in the spotlight can be hard, and child stars sometimes fall off the wagon. Jodie Sweetin had struggles in the past, but now she is in a good place in her life. She knows her past is her past, but she also doesn’t want to hide it from her children, and in an interview with Today, she admitted that her children know that she had issues, but also that she is clean now.

"I'm really open with my kids,” she said, explaining that no topic is off the table because her children are smart, and she treats them as such.

9 Jodie And Her Current Boyfriend Have A Wonderful Relationship (But She’s Been Divorced Three Times)

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Jodie Sweetin is raising her girls as a solo mama after two failed marriages, but her romantic life is in a good place now, too. She has found happiness with a man named Mescal Wasilewski, and according to People, she has shared her affection for him on social media.

In a post for Valentine’s Day in 2018, Sweetin wrote about how you should “Find someone who you can share this kind of love with… Someone who doesn’t just show you they love you one day a year…” In the months since, she has also spoken publicly about her man, even sharing a collage of photos and writing, “I love you, babe. For always” — which sounds promising.

8 Becoming A Mom Has Changed Jodie’s Life Forever, In The Best  Way

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Jodie Sweetin is honest about her past, and how she went through a difficult time, but motherhood has helped transform her life, and it’s been a beautiful, positive experience for her.

“Motherhood changed my priorities,” she told Celebrity Baby Scoop (via Oh Baby! Magazine). “And you grow up a lot when you have kids — hopefully! For me, it was a huge motivator for me. I found myself becoming a different person; a better person and happier inside.” She went on to express that even in the simple things she finds joy, and that is “a direct result of being a mom and all the growth that has happened since then.”

7 When They Spend Holidays Together, They Show Off Their Puzzle-Building Skills

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Different families do different things on holidays, but almost all families like to play games together. Board games and puzzles are a wonderful way to bond, without the distraction of technology and social media, and they offer a chance to focus on just having fun together. This is something that Jodie Sweetin and her girls like to do when they spend time together.

Sweetin took to social media to share a photo of herself with Zoie and Beatrix as they sat around a table on New Year’s Eve building a family puzzle. The happy mom shared that they had been "lounging around all day, finishing a 400 piece puzzle…”

6 It’s Important For Jodie To Raise Children Who Are Kind

Via GotCeleb

Raising children is both exhausting and rewarding, and most parents acknowledge this. There is a lot of trial and error involved with many parenting decisions, and sometimes parents feel like they made the right call, while other times they will second-guess themselves. But at the end of the day, there are certain things that matter the most, and for Sweetin, raising children who are kind and thoughtful is incredibly important.

She spoke about this with Today, saying, “I always tell them [her girls] to be positive and not to be mean. I have no patience for any sort of cyberbullying."

5 She Also Wants To Be A Great Role Model For Her Girls

Via Daily Mail

Raising children who are thoughtful and positive individuals is important, but Jodie Sweetin also feels that one of the best ways to do this is to lead by example. She wants to be a great role model, and she is working hard to ensure she is.

"The best thing that I can do for them is just be an example of not only what recovery looks like, but what just being a good human looks like," she told Today. "I have these amazing, interesting, individual, strong, fierce little women…” and she hopes that one day her daughters will go into the world and impact the lives of others in a beneficial way.

4 Zoie Is A Lovely Girl, And She’s Always Been There To Help Her Mom (Even When Her Sister Was An Infant)

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

When Jodie Sweetin had her second daughter, her firstborn, Zoie, was only a toddler, but even in these early days, she showed her mom what a wonderful help she could be, and how much she wanted to be involved in her sister, Beatrix’s life. She was (and probably still is) a great big sister.

“She’s the sweetest. She just loves being a part of helping and wanting to change diapers and wanting to play with [Beatrix] and give her kisses,” Sweetin told People of her daughter. “When she wakes up in the morning, she’s like, ‘Oh, I want to wake up Beatwix too, Mommy,’ and she gets her little step stool and brings it in and looks over the crib. It’s adorable.”

3 Mom Life Includes Days Spent Curled Up On The Sofa

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

This is what mom life looks like for Jodie Sweetin; there are days that are sometimes best spent curled up on the sofa, watching a good series with your kid. Sweetin shared this photo of herself and Zoie, and captioned the image with this message: “Sometimes, you just gotta curl up on your couch with your kiddo and watch some [Riverdale] on a lovely afternoon! “ She finished the message with the hashtag, "#momlife."

Something that makes Sweetin so relatable as a mother is that she shares photos of her family, and their activities, that are not unlike other parents experiences.

2 You May Recognize Her Daughter From A 'Fuller House' Episode

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Most people who know of Jodie Sweetin are well aware that she rose to fame on Full House, and later returned to that role thanks to the reboot, Fuller House. But, not everyone would have realized that they have also seen her daughter, Zoie on the show.

In an episode called A Tangled Web, on Season 2 of the show, Zoie and Andrea Barber’s daughter, Felicity, can be seen, HelloGiggles reports. According to the publication, Sweetin spoke to People about her daughter’s debut, saying, "That was really fun and very full circle for us. To have our daughters be on a show that we were on when we were their age, it was this really crazy moment where I remember thinking, ‘I never in a million years would’ve thought that someday I would have kids [who] would be on the next chapter of this series.'"

1 She Gets Help Raising Her Kids, But Not From Babysitters

Via Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Jodie Sweetin is still a working mom, so she has had to balance motherhood and her professional commitments. And when she is not able to be there for her children, she does get help, except she doesn’t lean on a nanny or babysitters, rather, she recruits the help of her daughters’ grandmas — at least, this was the case when she gave her interview to People in 2008.

“We’ve actually been out a couple of times, and every time we leave the house, we [really dislike] leaving her, but we have grandmas,” she told People of hers and then-husband Cody Herpin's outings. She also added that her own mom, and Herpin’s mother, were willing to help out, adding, “It’s really amazing. We have the best babysitters in the world.”

Sources: People, Jodie Sweetin Instagram, Oh Baby! Magazine, Today, HelloGiggles.

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