20 Little-Known Facts About Katie Holmes’ Life Post-Tom Cruise

It’s been seven years since one of the most talked-about couples of our time called it quits. After Katie Holmes split from Tom Cruise in 2012, her life underwent several transformations. Now a single mom, she had to reinvent herself in order to take back control of her life and image, as well as to be a strong role model for her daughter, Suri Cruise.

Though she’s one of the most famous women in the film and TV business, Katie Holmes is a notoriously private person. One of the biggest changes between her life now and her life as Tom Cruise’s wife is that much of her personal business stays out of the spotlight.

Although the media and paparazzi are constantly on her back, attempting to pry into her private life, she keeps all of that at arm’s length so that she and Suri can live somewhat normally.

Since the split, Katie’s focus has returned to acting and shedding the image of Tom Cruise’s ex in favor of becoming her own person once again. She’s a working mom with a solid grasp on the work-life balance that so many seek and is doing the best she can to give Suri an amazing upbringing.

Keep reading to find out 20 little-known facts about Katie’s life after Tom.

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20 She Moved To NY After The Split


Following her high-profile divorce from Tom Cruise in 2012, Katie Holmes moved to New York City. The idea behind it, according to E!, was to get Suri away from all the chaos in Los Angeles and take her to a place where she could have something of a normal life.

The mother-daughter duo can often be seen around the city running errands and doing other normal, every-day things—a far cry from the life that Suri might be leading if she lived closer to Hollywood, or in Florida near the base of the religious organization that her father is part of.

19 She Took Back Her Old Name


In the years following a marriage breakdown, people often make changes to reinvent themselves in a way and find their way back to their own identity without the influence of their ex. For Katie, one thing she did was change her name back. While married to Tom Cruise, she commonly went by ‘Kate’, even though her friends and family had never called her that before.

In a 2006 interview with All Headline News, Tom explained the reasoning behind the decision: “Katie is a young girl’s name. Her name is Kate now—she’s a child-bearing woman.” It was reported that actress had agreed to the name change after “discussing it with Tom.”

18 She Filled Her Life With Work


When there’s negativity and stress stemming from one area of your life, it’s normal and helpful to focus your attention to the other areas for a while. After moving to New York, Katie turned her attention to work rather than worrying about her love life. She appeared in a variety of films, including The GiverWoman in Gold, and Miss Meadows, and also starred on Broadway. Her co-star, Judy Greer, told Vanity Fair how impressed she was by Katie’s work ethic.

“She’s like got a kid, she works out every day, she’s cooking dinner at night for her daughter, she manages to go and get her a new dress if she has a special thing, going to her lessons after school … it’s pretty impressive.”

17 Her Job Took A New Turn

NBC News

Naturally, as Katie started focusing her attention more toward her job than she had while married to Tom, her work life started opening up in new directions. She made her directing debut with All We Had, a drama about a mother and daughter that Katie also starred in, alongside Luke Wilson and Judy Greer.

In October of 2014, she told People that she was able to shed a lot of the fear that she was carrying around, as well as the pressure she was putting on herself to be perfect. “I don’t have any fear now, I don’t have a lot of rules for myself, and I don’t take myself that seriously,” she said (via E!).

16 She Wants To Be Known As An Actor, Not Tom’s Ex


It must be tough to work really hard at your craft and find success in the industry, only to have everyone forget about your achievements and associate you only with someone you were once married to. It’s safe to say that Katie’s marriage to Tom ended up overshadowing all the work she did as an actress, and she wants to change that.

“I don’t want that moment in my life to define me, to be who I am,” she said (via E!). “I don’t want that to be what I’m known as. I was an actor before, an actor during, and an actor now.”

15 The Paparazzi Became Obsessed With Her And Suri Following The Divorce


As much as Katie tried to avoid it, the world did become obsessed with her during and directly after her marriage to Tom. Once news of the divorce made headlines, the paparazzi became obsessed with following her around everywhere she went, trying to get shots of her and Suri. According to E!, Katie was “nice about it” on the condition that they didn’t get out of hand.

What’s really inspiring about Katie is that even though she had hordes of paparazzi following her, she decided to not let it take her power away. She still went out and did what she liked, including taking Suri to school and after-school lessons and riding the subway like every other New Yorker.

14 Her Love Life Became Private

Entertainment Tonight

After having her private life splashed across the front page of nearly every major newspaper on the planet, Katie decided to tackle her love life differently the next time around. We now know that she’s involved with actor and musician Jamie Foxx, but the two weren’t seen holding hands until 2017.

All the way back in 2013, they were photographed together at a charity benefit in the Hamptons, just as acquaintances. Before the photos of them holding hands on the beach in Malibu surfaced, they kept a lid on their relationship so the media would not be involved and turn everything into a circus as they did with TomKat.

13 There May Have Been A Contract Demanding That Her Love Life Be Private


It seemed like a logical decision for Katie to keep her relationship with Jamie Foxx to herself, but there may also have been another reason behind that strategic move. Multiple sources have reported that part of the divorce contract between Tom and Katie stated that she would not be able to date in public for at least five years. Since the divorce was settled in 2012, Katie would be able to publicly date again in 2017.

“Katie signed a clause in her quickie divorce settlement that prevents her from embarrassing Tom in various ways, like talking about him or Scientology, or publicly dating another man for five years after the divorce,” reported Radar.

12 But She Won’t Hide It Completely


If the rumors are true, then Katie’s obligation to keep her dating life out of the public eye is up, but she still prefers to be private rather than flashing her relationship in everybody’s face. But that doesn’t mean she hides it completely. Every now and then, Katie and Jamie can be seen walking hand in hand around New York City, and of course, there were those photos that surfaced from the beach in Malibu.

Katie isn’t trying to gain publicity for herself, but is instead just living her life the way she would if she weren’t famous, and she won’t let the paparazzi presence force her into hiding.

11 She’s Done Living In Someone Else’s Shadow


Katie is a successful actor in her own right and has a list of credits to her name. But the downside to being married to one of the biggest names in the business is that there’s a good chance you’re going to end up living in their shadow, regardless of how good you are.

In an interview, Katie revealed that she feels ready for “new challenges” after putting her focus back into her own job and reinventing herself as an actor rather than just Tom’s ex. She’s making waves by taking on a range of acting and directing projects and is officially done letting her partner have the spotlight.

10 She Gets Along With Jamie’s Girls

Daily Mail

There is little photographic evidence to back up these claims, but a variety of sources have reported that Katie has a solid relationship with Jamie’s daughters, Corinne Foxx and Annalise Bishop.

“Katie and Suri [Cruise] and Corrine [Foxx] were all at the Honor Bar together having a girls’ day out,” a source disclosed to Radar. "Corinne was so cute with Suri, and the three of them looked like they were having a lot of fun together. They were all so relaxed with each other, it seemed like they knew each other really well and spent time together before this day.”

9 Recently, She Moved Closer To Jamie

Us Weekly

Katie is still mostly seen in New York, but ABC reported that she’s also bought a home in Calabasas, California. The six-bedroom property is located in the gated Oaks neighborhood. Jamie lives nearby in Hidden Valley, California, in a 40-acre property he bought in 2007. His 17,000 square foot villa has 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms as well as an Olympic-size pool and tennis courts.

It was reported that Katie bought property in California as a move for her professional life, as well as to give Suri more living space. Many of Katie’s celebrity friends also live in the neighborhood.

8 She Makes Sure Suri Has The Best Birthdays Ever


Suri’s birthdays are a big deal. It was reported that for Suri’s 13th birthday bash in April 2019, Katie took her daughter and two of her friends on a whirlwind trip to Paris to celebrate. After holding a birthday dinner in New York for Suri on April 18, Katie took the three girls to the rooftop restaurant in Paris known as Les Ombres.

Marie Claire divulged that the dinner included caviar tasting, mocktails, and selfies with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. A number of publications falsely reported that Katie spent up to $200,000 on the birthday bash, which Gossip Cop proved to be untrue.

7 Suri Approves Of Katie’s Relationship With Jamie

Star Magazine

Just as Katie is said to be on very good terms with Jamie’s two daughters, he has a good relationship with Suri. An inside source told Closer Weekly that, even though we don’t have any photos of Jamie and Suri together, the two are close, and Suri approves of the relationship.

“Suri loves Jamie, he makes her laugh and he’s a really good influence on her. He has daughters so he knows how to talk to girls about what’s going on, he really gets deep with her about school and boys and bullies, which Katie loves.” It sounds like their families are blending quite well!

6 She Keeps The Tabloids Out Of The House


There’s not a lot Katie can do about the paparazzi hounding her and Suri, or about the way the press reports false stories about her, but she does have control over the influence the tabloids have on her and Suri. She has already taught Suri that the stories printed aren’t the truth, and so there’s no need for either of them to take them seriously.

“In today’s world a lot of celebrities probably shield their children from tabloids; in my household we know what they print isn’t true, so we don’t pay attention,” she explained (via Huffington Post). "There are more important things.”

5 Christmas Is Special In Her Household

Marie Claire

Although Suri’s life probably looks quite different from that of other girls her age, Katie tries to keep her experience as normal possible. One way to do that is to develop a sense of routine and celebrate the same holidays that other kids in the country celebrate every year.

Christmas, in particular, is big in the household, as Katie admitted a few years ago, even if it's just the two of them. “We are getting ready for Christmas in my house. My daughter’s eight years old and she already has her Christmas list ready. It’s written out. She’s very organized,” she revealed (via Huffington Post).

4 She Leans On Her Friends For Support


Being a single mom isn’t easy, regardless of who you are. Katie has found that it’s easier to get through when she surrounds herself with friends who understand the journey of motherhood.

“[I have] girlfriends of all ages, who have children of all ages. I lean on them. You really need to support each other, help people through whatever it is they’re going through—whether it’s ‘My kid just threw a tantrum’ or ‘I was late for graduation’ or whatever it is, you know!” she said (via Huffington Post). “I think we all need to just ease up. Ease up on the expectations, and the worrying. We’re all trying to do the best we can.”

3 She’s Making Sure Suri Knows About Her Right To Equality


If there’s one thing that Katie is already teaching Suri about, it’s women’s rights and her right to be an equal member of society. As a successful working mom, Katie is never shy about encouraging other women to pursue their passions and stand up for themselves, and she’s the same way with the way she's teaching her daughter.

“We have to raise our girls to be very strong, not just for themselves, but to open the doors for other people,” she said (via Huffington Post), explaining how disappointed both she and Suri were with the current political situation in the US.

2 When She Has Time, She Loves DIY


Katie splits her time between being a mom, working in films and television, as a director and on Broadway, seeing Jamie, and taking care of her physical health. But this busy bee also finds time to nurture her creative side by completing DIY projects around the house.

“I spray-paint shoe racks, because, why not?” she explained (via Huffington Post). “I think, ‘Oh I’m a great mom’—and then it doesn’t really pan out the way I think it’s going to. But the intention’s there. I’ve always painted and done crafts at home—I have to stay creative in every aspect [of my life]. My sister teaches art, and she gives me a lot of ideas.”

1 Suri Is Her Top Priority

Daily Mail

She may have a lot going on, but no matter what, Suri is always Katie’s top priority. She relates to other working moms in that, although she is passionate about her job and works hard to maintain that work-life balance, and also cares a lot about her love life, ultimately her child comes first.

“My child is the most important person to me, and her upbringing is paramount to my work right now. It’s very important that I’m present and she has a stable, innocent childhood. I feel so blessed to do what I do, but there’s nothing in the world better than watching your child succeed.”

Sources: Huffington Post, E!, Closer Weekly, Vanity Fair, Radar Online, People, Marie Claire

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