20 Little-Known Facts About Miranda Lambert

Country music sensation Miranda Lambert is extremely lovable and on top of her game. She instantly became a huge star, and throughout her life in the limelight has been very open and honest with her fans. However, there are quite a few tidbits that are unknown about the adorable star.

She stole the hearts of many with her relatable lyrics, soft-spoken voice and charm, but there is more to this beauty than meets the eye. Although the singer has been dominating the genre for years, there is some stuff she has kept low-key while in the spotlight. She is certainly a phenomenon, but here are some lesser-known facts about the country Queen.

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20 Lambert Has Her Own Wine

via Instagram

In case you ever wanted to get a taste of what Lambert likes to sip on while jotting down the lyrics to her new songs, try her own wine line named Red 55 Winery. Why the peculiar name?

She named it after her '55 red Chevy that holds significant meaning for her. And if you're ever going through a breakup, consider her "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" white wine or "White Liar" chardonnay.

19 She Was Homeless Once Upon A Time

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Once upon a time, before Lambert hit the jackpot, she and her family were homeless. Her parents had a private business that fell apart, which brought them to poverty.

Thankfully, they had an uncle who took them in while Lambert's father was working for four dollars an hour, according to Country Living. This situation was her inspiration for many of her songs.

18 She Also Created Her Own Animal Foundation

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The blonde phenomenon has a soft spot for animals, which inspired her to launch her own project. In 2009, she created her Tennessee-based animal charity called the MuttNation Foundation, to ensure that all dogs had a safe place to go.

And, as an animal lover, she owns numerous recused pets. The animals must be thrilled to call her place home!

17 The Country Star Is A Rider

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There is no denying that Lambert is passionate about animals and loves them immensely. Growing up, the country star did know how to ride horses, but she took that a step further and started taking riding lessons to participate in equestrian events.

This was a challenge for her, and she even began competing. You go, girl!

16 As A Child, She Was Extremely Shy

via Country Living Magazine

Lambert comes off as powerful and fearless, but as a child things were different. In fact, according to Marie Claire, Lambert didn't share her thoughts until she entered the fifth grade.

She only sprung out of her shell when she began her Freshman year of high school. Lambert's mother even told Marie Claire that teachers were worried about her.

15 Salt And Pepper Shakers Are Her Thing

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While some of us collect keychains or postcards, the reigning country Queen has a thing for salt and pepper shakers, according to Country Living. 

Lambert is humble and down-to-earth, which explains why she goes gaga over vintage items, like salt and pepper shakers. She spilled the beans and said that she has about 50 sets!

14 She Considers Beyonce Her Hero

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She may be a country star, but Lambert is obsessed with Queen Bey and has expressed it many times. She once exclaimed to Entertainment Tonight, "I’m just a giant fan."

Lambert idolizes the pop singer, and we now know who truly runs her world! We are antsy to hear a collaboration between the two, and maybe it'll happen - who knows?

13 She Keeps A Box Cutter On Stage

via News Byte Daily

Lambert is always prepared when she hits the stage, and that includes having a box cutter handy. Odd item to have on stage, right? Well, fans at Lambert's concerts love tossing beach balls around, and Lambert is not a fan of it. So, how does she avoid chaos?

According to People, she takes her box cutter that she keeps on the drum riser and pops them. Ya'll are warned!

12 She Started On Nashville Star

via USA Today

In case you were unaware of it, Lambert hit the big time because of the reality television show Nashville Star. Back in 2003, Lambert was on the competition show and came in third place, but that did not stop her.

Instead, the show worked miracles for her, as she signed a contract with Epic Records and immediately released her first album. It went platinum!

11 She Began Song Writing As A Teen

via Instagram

Before Lambert became a star, she felt she was destined to share her music with the world. By the age of 16, Lambert was already writing her music, and that gave her something to believe in.

According to Country Living, she nailed a performance at Johnnie High Country Music Revue, and that got her a record session, but she refused to continue. The singer wanted to write music that came from her heart.

10 She Isn't So Materialistic

via Instagram

Another reason we are so impressed by the country star is because she does not live or act like your average celebrity. With all the moolah she has, this humble babe claims that she shops at Target and Forever 21, rather than designer shops, according to Fame10.

You will also never catch a glimpse of her at the trendiest and poshest hotspots because they're not her thing.

9 Her Parents Had Quite A Peculiar Job

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Growing up, Lambert witnessed some rough situations because her parents worked as private investigators in Texas. This served as inspiration for her music, as Lambert's parents worked with battered women.

She witnessed firsthand as her parents worked to protect the women from their spouses and often brought them home. Now we know why she always composes songs about strong women.

8 Guess Who Her Neighbour Was?

via Instagram

You may know that Lambert was once married to fellow country star Blake Shelton, but their history goes way back. The two are not together anymore, but when they met, it was destiny. Why? Because the two had farm properties right next door to each other.

Yes, while Lambert had no clue who Shelton was, her future hubby had a house right there next to hers. Coincidence? We think not.

7 She Hoards Airstreams

via Pinterest

If ever you were to crash at Lambert's place, you would not only find a collection of salt and pepper shakers, but also Airstreams. In fact, Airstreams mean so much to her that she named her vintage 1954 one after her grandmother - so sweet.

The "Wanda the Wonder" Airstream that she owns has its own giant tiara and a bar inside. Since then, Lambert has purchased a Shasta trailer, too.

6 Her School Peers Knew She'd Be A Country Singer

via Instagram

Once Lambert finally started speaking up and showing off her chops, her classmates knew she would make it in Hollywood - talk about faith!

When she was in the sixth grade, according to Country Living, Lambert was voted most likely to become a country star. Her classmates saw right through her and her talent!

5 She Even Owned A B&B

via Instagram

Besides owning a foundation and winery, Lambert also had her own B&B that was in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Lambert made country-chic and luxury accommodations a thing when she opened The Ladysmith.

The B&B was an old farmhouse with a cute and girly twist to it. It was her greatest business venture, as she renovated it all herself, but unfortunately, after her split with Shelton she closed the B&B's doors.

4 The Humble Singer Isn't A Fan Of Change

via Instagram

Lambert is a rare breed in the celebrity world, that is for certain. The country singer could be behind the wheel of just about any fancy schmancy vehicle she wants, but she chooses to stay with her red Chevy pickup that she has owned since she was 17.

According to Country Living, her '55 Chevy is named after Tammy Wynette because when she bought it one of Tammy's songs was playing.

3 School And Fashion Weren't Her Favorite Things

via Instagram

Besides being relatively quiet in school, Lambert was not a top-notch student. She also had no fashion game at all and had no clue how to dress. As a student, who penned her own lyrics, she got through school with barely passing grades, according to ET.

Years later, though, she amped up her wardrobe when she starred on Nashville Star, and by that point, her grades didn't matter anymore.

2 She Writes Most Of Her Music On Her Porch

via Instagram

We all have that place we go to for inspiration; that place that makes us feel at ease and serene. For Lambert, that magical place has always been her porch.

If you're a huge fan of the star whose lyrics resonate with her fans, according to Country Living, those lyrics have all been written on her porch with her bestie - also known as her guitar.

1 The First Every Country Living Woman On The Cover

via Instagram

Lambert has accomplished quite a lot in the country music world, swiping awards and going platinum. However, she also had the honour of being the first ever woman to appear on the cover of Country Living.

It made her so proud, as she is an avid reader of the magazine!

Sources: Country Living, Fame10, ET, Country Music Nation

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