20 Little-Known Facts About The Other Olsen Sister - Elizabeth Olsen

For so many years, fans of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen could apply the theme of their hugely popular The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley franchise to their younger sister! However, there would be no need for a hypothetical "Case of the Missing Sister" episode anymore!

The middle Olsen sister, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Olsen, has graduated from making cameos in her sisters' direct-to-video volumes to playing starring roles in her very own films.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have paid tribute to Elizabeth by giving her namesake a nod in their fashion line "Elizabeth and James." Even though Elizabeth's speaking voice sounds pretty identical to her sisters', there is much more to devour when it comes to learning about the so-called "other" Olsen.

Sneak a peek at these 20 tidbits to gain insight into Elizabeth Olsen's emerging legacy.

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20 Elizabeth Prefers No Paparazzi Photos

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The Olsens aren't strangers to the paparazzi's glare, but when you're actually in the paparazzi flash, dealing with the pressures of fame can feel extremely stressful!

Even though Elizabeth is familiar with the irritants of fame, she may still struggle with the paparazzi focusing on taking her photo. In an interview with the Telegraph, she expressed her frustrations over the notion of celebrity.

19 Her Sisters Advise Her About Fame

via Teen Vogue

When your siblings are world-famous and have lived more than "normies" their own age (Mary-Kate and Ashley were millionaires before the age of six!), they're bound to be fountains of knowledge when it comes to surviving fame!

The Olsen twins once advised Elizabeth, as W reports, "Even if you don't think anyone's going to read the article, someone might pull the quote for [something else]."

18 No Selfies, Please

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As weird as it might sound, the idea of taking a selfie can be complex. While it feels good to snap a photo of ourselves looking and feeling our best, taking and sharing selfies might feel a lot less cute for some.

Elizabeth attributes her dislike of taking selfies to how she's distracted by other things, as Allure reports. They're probably more important!

17 Small Talk Is A Big Deal For Her

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If you ever have the chance to run into Elizabeth, it's probably safe to assume you won't get an enthusiastic response when you ask about how the weather has been!

Elizabeth doesn't simply dislike the idea of small talk, she proclaimed she is "allergic" to it.

According to The Freeman, she actively avoids partaking in small talk at parties. Maybe we'll see her by the snacks?

16 Elizabeth Thinks It's Rad To Read

via CNET

When "Lizzie" isn't preparing for a new role, you can find her with her nose in a book!

One of Elizabeth's favorite authors, who is an influence on her artistic endeavors, is Joan Didion, whose work has a profound impact on literature. Olsen cites Didion's The Year Of Magical Thinking as an influence for her latest TV series, Sorry For Your Loss, Indie Wire reports.

15 She Starred In Some Of Her Sisters' Films

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There's nothing wrong with going back and giving a nod to your roots after you establish an illustrious career, and if you're Elizabeth Olsen your career beginnings are pretty close to home!

If you're an old-school Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen historian, you may remember Elizabeth in the music video for their bop "B-U-T-T O-U-T" and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in How The West Was Fun!

14 Elizabeth's No Newbie To Television

via Entertainment Weekly

Being an actress can take you down complex paths with different types of roles you may not have had real-life experience with yet!

Losing a loved one and learning how to process grief is a sensitive spot we find ourselves in, and for Elizabeth her first lead role in a TV series was that of a grieving widow in Sorry For Your Loss. It's just been renewed for Season Two.

13 She's Looking Forward To Aging

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Those who have come before you might advise "Wisdom comes with age," or you may hear a parent say, "Life gets better later!"

Hearing these pieces of wisdom and advice may feel odd when we haven't gone through certain experiences yet, but for Elizabeth, she believes in the power of aging!

One positive aspect of getting older? Gaining self-confidence! Lizzie says she's relieved by aging, People reports.

12 Her Childhood Was Chill

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With her older sisters' tremendous amount of success, one might assume Elizabeth had the makings of becoming a child star as well, but of course, the life of a child actress can bring some tough situations to your plate and you'll have to grow up much earlier than anticipated.

According to Us Weekly, the young actress "pressed pause after turning ten to enjoy her childhood!"

11 She Stays On The Safer Side

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There's nothing wrong with slowing down a bit and taking your time before you leap into your endeavors. Taking things on the slower side can be helpful, and for Elizabeth approaching life cautiously works.

According to Elle Canada, the actress describes herself as a "very safe person." Practicing caution within a Hollywood environment can be extremely healthy!

10 No Social Media For This Sister

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Elizabeth's role as a social media influencer in Ingrid Goes West was extremely well-played, so it may be surprising for fans to learn she isn't so tech savvy IRL!

Our girl has since warmed up to posting photos, but she once revealed to Elle Canada, "I'd rather live as private a life as I can. I'm not trying to be a mysterious person..."

9 She's Not Fanatical About Fan Mail

via Chicago Sun-Times

The Olsen sisters have a well-documented relationship surrounding privacy, and setting boundaries is a top priority! We know Elizabeth is a bit hesitant to press the "like" button on social media, and she also would like to set boundaries on snail mail, please!

If you want to send Elizabeth a letter, think twice. She feels "uncomfortable" about being so readily available while she's working, she tells Elle Canada.

8 Elizabeth Loves Vintage Looks

via Tom + Lorenzo

Having sisters who have been fashion icons since they were babies could potentially bring lots of pressure to the closet! Mary-Kate and Ashley are the founders behind "The Row" and "Elizabeth and James," but their fashion credits don't seem to put off their younger sister.

According to Elle Canada, Elizabeth describes her style as being "conservative." Like many of us, she's gone through phases, too!

7 She's A 'Fuller House' Fan

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Whatever happened to predictability? It's gone away over a rumored possibility Elizabeth would be portraying the adult version of the role which made her sisters famous: Michelle Tanner in the Fuller House revival!

Full House fans have been vocal about wanting the Olsens to return to acting, but they've been notoriously hesitant. Don't get your hopes up with Elizabeth, either!

As Michelle says, "Aw, nuts!"

6 Elizabeth Identifies As An Indie Darling

via Little White Lies

It's fun to follow our favorite actors and actresses as their filmographies expand!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fanatics may know Elizabeth for her occasional credits in their earlier films, and it's a sweet feeling to see Elizabeth come into her own in indie films as a grown up.

Elizabeth has been in over 18 movies, and she's only 30!

5 She's Got A Taylor Swift Connection

via YouTube

Did Taylor know Elizabeth was trouble when she walked in? Probably not, but Elizabeth revealed she listens to Taylor's tunes when she needs to get her groove on. According to Us Weekly, Elizabeth thinks she "talked at [Taylor] for like a long time."

Elizabeth joked further, saying she "blew" a potential pal chance!

4 She Studied Abroad

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Elizabeth's film roles have presented her with a chance to see the world, but the opportunity to travel also arose for Elizabeth because of her personal studies.

Elizabeth starred in the film Liberal Arts, and she studied the art of acting in real life. According to Boomsbeat, she seized the opportunity to study abroad in Russia where she "met her agent."

3 She's Protective Of Her Sisters

via Popsugar

The idea of family coming first is extremely true for Elizabeth!

We're all aware of Elizabeth's famous family members, but the extremely secretive sisters tend not to reveal behind-the-scenes tidbits about their relationship.

Mary-Kate went through a high-profile period of struggle, and Elizabeth once revealed she "almost quit acting" due to the media's treatment of her sisters, Boomsbeat reports. Talk about tight sisterhood bonds!

2 Her Style Secret Involves Shampoo

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How does Elizabeth maintain her luscious locks?

As luck would have it for our savvy beauty babes, Elizabeth favors dry shampoo!

According to Us Weekly, Elizabeth had some sad adjectives to describe her hair when she spoke to The New York Times. Turns out, Elizabeth uses dry shampoo to brighten her hair. Like many of us, she favors finding material to help "skip" washing her hair!

1 She Experienced Bad Heartbreak

via Just Jared

Elizabeth Olsen may agree that heartbreak is hell. She was previously in a serious relationship with actor Boyd Holbrook but the pair called off their engagement in 2015.

Elizabeth had previously been spotted without her sparkler before they formally announced their split, E! News reports.

As sad as it is, navigating through an extremely tough breakup can bring us strength and serve as an opportunity to discover more about ourselves.

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