20 Secrets The Spice Girls Don't Want Their Fans To Know

The rallying cry was heard around the world in the mid-'90s: "Girl Power!"

Five women from Britain came forward to show the world that everyone's voice mattered. Every boy and every girl had loads and loads of spice within them! The Spice Girls, who seemingly came out of nowhere, swept the nation with their infectious music and relatable lyrics.

Scary, Baby, Sporty, Ginger, and Posh ruled the music charts for two years and stayed in the hearts of millions for many years to come. The Spice Girls' popularity was unprecedented, and their impact shook the world in a relativity short time period. While the group broke many world records with their achievements and influenced popular culture immensely, what about the group's groundbreaking story, and the individual Spice Girls themselves?

The Spice story didn't end when Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell suddenly left the group while the girls were in the middle of a gigantic world stadium tour, or when the group disbanded for a number of years after releasing a third album in 2000! After a number of sporadic reunions over the years, the band is back in the spotlight and preparing for another era.

20 'Baby Spice' Was A Replacement

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If you're of a certain age, there's a strong chance you grew up playing a (sometimes extremely competitive) playground version of the Spice Girls; the 'Spice' you chose to be revealed a lot about your personality! "Baby Spice" was always a popular choice. She was famously the "cute" one, and she was aware of her sweet and nice reputation almost to a comical level!

It's hard to believe, but the legacy of Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton almost wasn't. In the early days of the Spice Girls, Emma was going in a different direction; she was going to be an actress, as The Guardian reports.

19 The Girls Wrote Lyrics About Geri's Departure

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The Spice Girls' vibe was about having fun and indulging in your wild and celebratory side as often as possible, but the feeling behind the scenes wasn't always fun and harmonious during certain chapters in their history.

If you were a Spice fan in the year of Geri Halliwell, 1998, you may remember the day when Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell dropped a bombshell on an unsuspecting public and announced she was leaving the band. Geri's departure wasn't only a surprise to fans; the Girls were surprised, too!

They documented their sadness by writing lyrics about Geri leaving; do you remember "Goodbye?"

18 Mel B Was Confused About The Internet

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For a certain generation, it's almost inconceivable to imagine a world where absolutely everything wasn't ruled by the internet, but it's true! During the Spice Girls' heyday, the internet was just learning to walk; aspects of the internet we perhaps take for granted were inching their way into the mainstream, and for many of us they were pretty confusing!

In the early days of instant messaging, the idea that you were able to instantly engage with your friends seemed like the stuff of space aliens. For Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown, she admitted, "I don't know who AOL are," as BuzzFeed reports. Ha, what a throwback!

17 The Girls Loved A Night In

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What did the Spice Girls really, really want? Some uninterrupted moments of sleep!

When you're part of the most popular girl group on the planet, the idea of having moments of downtime seems pretty impossible, but as it turns out, the Spice Girls actively took advantage of quiet moments.

In a priceless archival moment for Spice Girls fans, the group's tour documentary chronicling their 1998 world tour featured a sweet scene of Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham and Melanie "Sporty Spice" Chisholm hanging out and watching a scary movie!

Years later, Emma told iNews, the band was "in bed by 10PM!"

16 They Were Seriously All About Equality

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While the Spice Girls' legendary mantra "girl power" didn't originate with them, the Girls were unique in crafting individual identities that mirrored several different personalities; the relationship between the group and their fans seemed totally transparent!

Celebrating total inclusion certainly seemed like a brand new theme in pop music. The Spice Girls' identities as Ginger, Scary, Sporty, Baby, and Posh, were a method for their fans to see a little bit of themselves in them. The Girls themselves are aware of how groundbreaking and special their legacy is to their fans.

Denying the idea of conformity was important to Emma, as iNews reports.

15 The Next Generation Is Obsessed

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If you've turned off your Walkman and taken a break from listening to your Spice Girls cassettes to keep up with modern day pop music, you've likely heard of Billie Eilish! Billie would definitely be part of your cool table at school; her attitude is completely cool and casual!

Billie recently sat down for an interview and revealed a crucial tidbit: she thought the Spice Girls weren't a real band! When Billie watched Spice World she believed, "all the music was written for the movie," according to W Magazine.

14 Half Of The Girls Wanted A Reunion

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What happens when your squad wants to go out, but two of your pals, who are always the most fun, aren't around to hang out? Do you decide to reschedule your night out, or do you decide to go out despite the crucial absence of your party pals?

If you're the Spice Girls, you never deny the opportunity for a party, even if it means you reunite without two critical band members! Sure, we all remember the period when the group continued as a foursome, but did you know the Girls reunited once again with three members at the helm?

13 The Spice Girls Have A Cool  'Idol' Connection

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The world of pop music is so much smaller than you may realize!

After the Spice Girls parted ways, their absence left room for more phenomena to begin within the genre, and what do you know, one of the most popular phenomena in the entire history of popular culture has a Spicy connection.

If you're familiar with the "Idol" franchise, you'll remember the name Simon Cowell for being a legendary judge, but the "Spicy" Simon is Simon Fuller, the Spice Girls former manager and the creator of the USA adaptation!

Simon Fuller is truly a behind-the-scenes connoisseur for creating legends!

12 'Spice World' Took Over The World

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When a band is a ginormous success, a surefire sign happens when a fictitious film is involved!

Your parents may have binged all of the Beatles films over the years because the Fab Four were so phenomenal their legacy inspired multiple types of movies. Another group who was massively popular and who inspired a classic film which detailed the wacky hijinks that come with being a popular musical act? The Spice Girls, with their theatrically released film, Spice World!

Spice World's plot featured an exaggerated version of the Girls' lives on tour, and many famous elites were involved, too!

11 Girl Power Wasn't Just For The Gals

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1994 was a jam-packed year in popular culture! Friends premiered, the film Pulp Fiction was released, and a certain girl group was perfecting their dance moves and getting ready to take over the world!

One musical tidbit about 1994 some may try to keep on the DL? There weren't many women dominating the airwaves. The Spice Girls would, of course, change the world when they catapulted to superstardom and their formation was intended to make sure the future had more room for females. According to Marie Claire, "The group was created to compete with boy bands."

Boys will be Spice Boys!

10 Being A Spice Girl Wasn't Always Sweet

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The Spice Girls let the world know friendship never ends and celebrated spicing up your life through living your life surrounded by solid female friends, but even the tightest of friendships experience rough waters every now and then!

The lyrics in "Wannabe" are absolute proof that the Spice Girls' friendship could weather any storm. When Geri left the Spice Girls in 1998, the mood within the group darkened a little bit, and Melanie B spoke candidly years later when she admitted there was "bitterness for a long time between me and her," as ABC News reports.

Geri and Melanie B have since repaired their friendship!

9 Victoria Really Had Posh Fashion Fever

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Do you remember the iconic scene in Spice World where Victoria frets over wearing "the little Gucci dress, the little Gucci dress, OR the little Gucci dress?"

While the line was perhaps intended to make fun of Victoria's Spice Girl moniker, Posh's passion for fashion really was legit!

Melanie B provided some insight into how serious Victoria took her love of fashion. She revealed in an interview with ABC News, "We had a five-year plan that got shortened after three years. We were all eventually going to go our own way, anyway. We always knew Victoria was going into fashion..."

8 They Made Millions From Memorabilia

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If you were a Spice fan during the height of Spice-mania, the Spice Girls' massively popular line of merchandise was just as popular and associated with the Spice name as their eternally catchy tunes!

Merchandise included dolls, bicycles, and birthday party decorations. Spice Girls products came with an official seal reading "Official Merchandise," so you knew you were receiving the best of the best!

Even after Geri's departure from the group, the Girls continued to release various pieces of merchandise. Did you know the Spice logo was rearranged to reflect her absence? Talk about a marketing technique!

7 The Other Girls Didn't Know Why Geri Left

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Geri's departure is well-known within Spice history, but fans are still talking about it more than two decades later because it's a story with details which get spicier as time goes on and more tidbits come to light!

The surprise of Geri leaving the band was vast. It inspired many news reports around the world, leading to rumours and questions. Why did Geri make the decision to leave one of the most popular girl groups of all time?

E! documented quotes from Victoria and Mel B via their memoirs, but the consensus was that of a "surprised Spice."

6 'Posh' Was Off The Mic

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Victoria Beckham was known as the Spice Girl who rarely flashed a smile and possessed a sophisticated style, but a tidbit about Victoria's time in the group was kept strictly on the DL during the era of Girl Power: Victoria rarely sang live!

One of the taglines of Spice World was "They don't just sing," and rumours surrounding Victoria's singing voice over the years took on a "she doesn't sing at all" direction. According to E!, "Sometimes an unidentified 'they' would turn off Victoria's mic and just let the others sing."

To this, Posh said, as Bustle reports, "I was oblivious if they did!"

5 Shaggy Brought 'Spicy' Influence

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The Spice Girls were influences on many (Little Mix or Fifth Harmony, anyone?) but what about those who influenced the Spice Girls themselves?

The beginning of "Wannabe" with the legendary laughter from Mel B could be one of the most memorable starts to a song in history, and the Girls have their own iconic song of inspiration!

"Wannabe" only runs for a little over two and a half minutes, more than half the time the Girls spent writing and recording the song, according to Mel B. She told Entertainment Tonight, "We were listening to an old Shaggy reggae song" at the time!

4 Geri Experimented With Country Music

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It didn't take Geri long to release some iconic bops following her departure from the Spice Girls, but none of Ginger's solo tunes at the time came with a touch of twang!

Geri's music has been influenced by a number of genres, but hearing the news Geri has a country music influenced album may be a little left field to some fans. According to Metro, the album recorded in 2016 was her first album in six years, and the former Spice Girl was unhappy the album was "leaked."

At the present time, the album hasn't been released.

3 The Girls Took Over Their Whole Brand

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Without the behind-the-scenes "players" in the metaphorical "play" of the Spice Girls' history, the group wouldn't arguably be the phenomenon they grew to be!

The sixth hypothetical member of the band could be Simon Fuller, the group's manager. Simon is responsible for legendary aspects of their history, including the Spice Girls' legendary nicknames, and has reunited with the group during their respective reunions over the years, but the Girls' relationship with Simon wasn't always sweet.

In a Behind The Music episode on the Girls, it was revealed they fired Fuller days before their sophomore album was released, and went solo!

2 They Were Extremely Fashion Conscious

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We'll tell you what we really, really want: our role models to be relatable enough to the point where fans feel like they could be our best friends!

The Girls' individual personalities definitely made fans feel like they were more attainable than most famous people, and according to BuzzFeed, the group made sure their fans were closer to them in a totally Girl Power way.

The Spice Girls' iconic wardrobes are a crucial element of their history, and they wanted you to feel part of their story; they made sure "their looks were attainable to fans." How cool is this?

1 David Beckham Loved 'Wannabe'

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Victoria has two highly esteemed accolades in history! She was a member of the world's most iconic girl group and she met, dated, and married one of the most recognizable faces in Britain: David Beckham!

For those who don't know David beyond his Posh connection, he was a football player (soccer, for the rest of the world), and he had star power akin to his future wife.

The Spice Girls were all over the place when David first saw Victoria. According to E!, David declared he was going to marry Victoria! Little did he know, they would wed three years later!

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