20 Little-Known Facts About The Talk’s Cast

On the air since the year 2010, back when The Talk first debuted it could have been easy to mistake it for nothing more than a rip-off of The View. While there is no doubt that both shows share their basic formats, The Talk has been able to build its own television legacy. More focused on how mothers see the world, the series has helped many parents feel like other people understand the issues they deal with.

When it comes to the reasons why The Talk has been able to find a loyal audience, the show’s core concept has a lot to do with that. However, the chemistry of the women who host the show and the way they interact with one another is even more important. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 20 little-known facts about The Talk’s cast.

20 Sheryl Underwood Served In The Air Force Reserve

Even though Sheryl Underwood is best known for her sense of humor, her dedication to the armed services is no laughing matter.

A full-fledged member of the Air Force Reserves for two years of her life, she now gives back to the people who defend her country as she regularly travels the world in order to entertain the troops.

19 Carrie Ann Inaba Began Her Career As A Singer In Japan

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First able to attain fame as a dancer, as it turns out Carrie Ann Inaba’s connection to music goes beyond moving her body to it.

In fact, early on in her career, she won a talent show in Hawaii and then went to Japan where she was groomed to be a pop star who learned lyrics phonetically since she didn’t know the language.

18 Eve’s First Business Manager Did Her Wrong

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From the outside looking in, it seems like landing a record deal makes everything easier, but in reality it can result in a lot of problems. Unfortunately a perfect example of that, Eve told InStyle that right after she made it she “had a business manager at the time who didn't pay my taxes at all.”

As a result, Eve had to pay back taxes which really freaked her out.

17 One Of Marie Osmond’s Homes Was Damaged By Fire

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Due to the fact that Marie Osmond has managed to make a living in the entertainment business for decades, we’re sure that she considers herself to be a fortunate person.

Of course, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t dealt with major issues like she did when one of her homes experienced $50,000 worth of fire damage in 2005.

16 Sara Gilbert Almost Starred In The Facts Of Life Spin-Off

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Definitely an extremely accomplished person, long before Sara Gilbert created The Talk she rose to fame when she starred in the sitcom Roseanne. Far from her only acting role, Gilbert also appeared in The Big Bang Theory.

In addition to the shows people know Gilbert for, she also almost starred in a The Facts of Life spin-off which featured Mayim Bialik who also appeared in The Big Bang Theory.

15 Sharon Osbourne Is Estranged From Her Father

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Many years before Sharon Osbourne became famous in her own right, she had a massive hand in the creation of Ozzy’s solo music career after she took over managing his career.

While that was great for both of them, it also was pretty awkward as Sharon’s father had been Ozzy’s manager up until then and when she signed his client it caused a permanent rift between them.

14 Sheryl Underwood Broke Ground

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Due to the fact that stand-up comedy is a highly competitive business, Sheryl Underwood never would have made it if she wasn’t able to stand out from the pack.

For example, her career really took off after she stood alone as the first woman ever to make it to the finals of The Miller Lite Comedy Search back in 1989.

13 Eve Didn’t Have Money Savvy Prior To Signing A Record Contract

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During an interview with InStyle, Eve revealed one of the basic ways success changed her life.

“I honestly didn't think about saving my money until I was in the [music] business,” she said. “I’m the kind of person who, if I have money, I want to use it to treat the people in my life. So I didn’t even have a legitimate, for-real bank account until I was 18 and got signed.”

12 Carrie Ann Inaba Was One Of The Original Fly Girls

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Sadly a series that many people seem to have forgotten about, In Living Color was a fantastic sketch comedy show that had people in stitches during the early '90s.

Wanting to stand out anyway it could, In Living Color featured dancers called the Fly Girls who performed in sketches and Carrie Ann Inaba was one of them when the show began.

11 Sara Gilbert Came Up With The Idea For The Talk In An Interesting Place

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As we briefly touched on earlier in this list, Sara Gilbert is the person who came up with the idea for The Talk and she convinced CBS executives to give the show a chance.

As it turns out, she revealed during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show that she came up with the concept for the show while she was soaking in a bathtub.

10 Marie Osmond Turned Down The Starring Role In Grease

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Widely considered to be one of the best movie musicals of all time, even though Grease came out decades ago, younger people are still discovering its greatness to this day.

With that in mind, we have to wonder if Marie Osmond regrets turning down the opportunity to play Sandy in the film because she felt the movie’s morals weren’t in line with her own.

9 Eve Almost Worked For Dr. Dre

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Due to the fact that Dr. Dre has introduced the general public to so many huge stars, working with him is a really big deal.

Another performer who nearly got shepherded into superstardom by Dre, in 1999 Eve told Rolling Stone that “he signed me, but it just wasn’t the right situation. I know people are saying, ‘Dre, why did you let her go?’ But there’s no love lost. It was a learning experience.”

8 Sharon Osbourne Didn’t Get Along With Iron Maiden

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First formed in 1975 and still active to this day, Iron Maiden is a band that has attained legendary status but Sharon Osbourne definitely isn’t a fan of theirs.

In fact, after she booked Iron Maiden to play Ozzfest something set her off and in the middle of one of their performances she pulled the plug on them and even tossed eggs in their direction.

7 Carrie Ann Inaba Has Very Weak Vision

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First made famous as a judge on the show Dancing with the Stars, the key to Carrie Ann Inaba’s success is her eye for how people move to music.

Amazingly enough, however, in 2011 she revealed to Prevention that she is “legally blind” as she only has 20/750 vision and due to her aversion to LASIK, she has to wear contacts or glasses.

6 Marie Osmond Must Have Felt Wedding Déjà Vu

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As is the case with a lot of people, Marie Osmond has gotten married multiple times in her life. However, her marital status is a lot more interesting than most divorcees because she got married to the same man, Steve Craig, during her first and third weddings in 1982 and 2011.

On top of that, in an interesting twist she wore the same dress both times she married Craig.

5 Eve Got Her Notable Tattoos For An Interesting Reason

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Always able to stand out among her peers, Eve is most known for her superior vocal skills and from a visual perspective, she has always attracted attention for her distinctive claw tattoos.

Asked by Rolling Stone what inspired her ink, Eve explained she got her tattoos on a “dare,” saying,

“I wanted some claws somewhere and my friend Princess was like, 'Get ’em on your chest!' And I was like, 'What?' But I went and did it.”

4 Sara Gilbert’s Family Has A History In The Entertainment Industry

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If most people were to put together a list of Hollywood royalty, Sara Gilbert probably wouldn’t make the cut. In truth, however, she probably should due to her family history.

As the younger half-sister of Melissa and Jonathan Gilbert, both of whom starred in the show Little House on the Prairie, she is also the granddaughter of Harry Crane, the man who created The Honeymooners.

3 Sheryl Underwood Had A Twin That Didn’t Make It

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During an episode of The Talk that aired in 2013, Sheryl Underwood shared something truly remarkable with the world: she was born prematurely alongside a twin that didn’t live long.

While Underwood never got to know her twin, it is clear she was affected by that loss as she always carries around her sibling’s birth certificate with her.

2 Carrie Ann Inaba Appeared In Two Austin Powers Movies

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Evidently someone who deserves to be called a triple threat, not only is Carrie Ann Inaba a TV show host and dancer but she has a history of acting too.

Seen onscreen as a dancer in Showgirls and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Inaba actually landed a speaking role in the latter movie’s sequel, Goldmember.

1 Sharon And One Of Her Former Clients Don't Get Along

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Once signed to represent The Smashing Pumpkins, unfortunately Sharon’s relationship with the band’s lead singer Billy Corgan fell apart when she forced him not to wear a dress in a music video.

In fact, their relationship went so wrong that she quickly stopped representing the band, citing “medical reasons” in a press release. That might seem normal but she wrote her health issue was that Billy Corgan was making her sick, as MTV reports.

Sources: InStyle, MTV, Fame10, Prevention, NY Post

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