20 Little-Known Facts About The View’s Current Cast

In the current television landscape, there is little doubt that primetime shows get the lion’s share of attention. Despite that, daytime programming is a highly competitive space that has seen many high-profile shows debut and go away in a very short period of time. That is why it is so remarkable that The View has continued to air every year since its debut in 1997.

Always hosted by a group of women who come from different backgrounds and points of view, nearly 20 women have joined the main cast of The View so far. Currently hosted by five different women, and co-hosted by a 6th depending on the day, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Meghan McCain, Abby Huntsman, and Ana Navarro all have interesting backgrounds. With all of that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 20 little-known facts about The View’s current cast.

In order for a piece of information to be considered for this list, it first and foremost needs to have something to do with a current cast member of The View. On top of that, it can’t be something that the majority of people seem to be aware of.

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20 Meghan McCain Is A New York Times Bestselling Author

via Jack Kurtz

Before joining the cast of The View in 2017, Meghan McCain had already begun making her mark in the world. Far from limited to the world of television, some people may not realize that early on in her life she helped her father. In addition to that, she is also an accomplished writer who has authored two books and co-authored another book with comedian and writer Michael Ian Black.

If that weren’t impressive enough, her work in the literary world has been successful enough that in the past she found her way onto The New York Times Best Seller list.

19 Sunny Hostin Raises Insects And Fowl

Via intothegloss.com

Obviously a highly accomplished woman in her professional life, as a lawyer and TV host it is safe to say that Sunny Hostin has worked hard to get where she is. As a result, it makes perfect sense that she enjoys having a large Westchester home that provides her with the opportunity to relax and get back to nature.

In fact, on the property of that home, she has chicken coops and several beehives. Passionate enough about raising bees that she sings its praises to her friends, she has also revealed that she was able to convince her co-host Whoopi Goldberg to get some beehives of her own.

18 Abby Huntsman Has An Acting Past

Via sltrib.com

When it comes to The View, one of the show’s greatest strengths is the fact that its hosts all tend to come from very different backgrounds. Still, there is one thing that they all have in common: they are extroverts who are happy to express themselves in front of the world.

If Abby Huntsman’s parents were unsure if she would have a big personality in life, she put those questions to rest early on. In fact, she told Fox News Insider that “I was such a strong-willed child my parents weren't sure how to deal with me.”

Able to convince her parents to let her audition for plays, she landed her first role in a showing of A Christmas Carol at seven years old.

17 Ana Navarro Got Married Earlier this Year

Via YouTube.com

As one of those rare shows that manages to build a very strong relationship with its fans, over the years the hosts of The View have celebrated many landmarks with their loyal audience. For instance, many of the ladies have found love and opted to get married during their time hosting the show.

The most recent example of that, earlier this year weekly guest co-host Ana Navarro tied the knot it Miami. Married to lobbyist Al Cardenas, she is said to have invited 250 guests to her reception, including Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin as well as other stars like Gloria Estefan and Eva Longoria.

16 Whoopi Goldberg Was Inspired To Take A TV Role By A TV Legend

Via Pinterest.com

During her career in the entertainment world, Whoopi Goldberg has broken down walls and accomplished some pretty incredible things. For those reasons, she is a role model for many of today’s big stars, just like a former celebrity inspired some of her career choices.

For example, Goldberg told Yahoo Entertainment that she chose to join the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation because of her admiration for Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura on the original show. As she revealed during that interview, she told franchise creator Gene Roddenberry, “When I was a little girl, it was like, 'Oh, we are in the future.' Uhura did that for me. So I want to be on your show.”

15 Joy Behar Always Wanted To Be Portrayed By A Female SNL Castmate

Via tvinsider.com

At the time of this writing, in recent weeks much has been made of The View being mocked during a segment of the much-beloved sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. While some celebrities have clearly not enjoyed being lampooned on SNL, the hosts of The View took the jokes at their expense in stride.

In fact, Joy Behar wasn’t only amused by Kate McKinnon portraying her on national television, she was really happy about it. This is because in the past there were so few female SNL cast members that Fred Armisen had played her, so McKinnon taking over the role was a sign of progress for the show.

14 Whoopi Goldberg Has A Very Different Name

Via nydailynews.com

During her legendary career, Whoopi Goldberg has built a massive fan base that has enjoyed watching her stage work as well as her onscreen roles. What many of them likely don’t realize, however, is that at birth she was given the name Caryn Elaine.

As for why she now goes by her famous name, she told The New York Times, “Here’s the thing. When you’re performing on stage, you never really have time to go into the bathroom and close the door. So if you get a little gassy, you’ve got to let it go. So people used to say to me, 'You are like a whoopee cushion.' And that’s where the name came from.”

13 Abby Huntsman Was A Talented Tennis Player

Via Pinterest.ca

During her tenure on The View, Abby Huntsman will end up interviewing many athletes. What many of them will never realize is that in her youth, Huntsman was an accomplished athlete in her own right. As she revealed during an interview with Fox News Insider, “I won the state championship twice in high school for tennis.”

Obviously the kind of thing that she has every right to be very proud of, there is a reason why she doesn’t talk about her tennis past much. As she said during that same interview, “I can barely hit a ball today.”

12 Joy Behar Used To Be A Teacher

Via goodhousekeeping.com

Definitely known for her sense of humor, when Joy Behar left The View for a couple of seasons her many fans missed her devilish grin and biting jokes. Also an accomplished stand-up comedian, many people may not realize that earlier in her life Behar made a living off the stage.

In fact, there are some people out there who can brag that they were once taught by a major celebrity as Behar served as a high school English teacher for a time. We can only imagine how amusing being a part of that class must have been.

11 Meghan McCain is Outspoken About LGBTQ+ Rights

Via zimbio.com

Never afraid to speak out on the issues she cares about, one topic that Meghan McCain has been very clear on is her support for LGBTQ+ rights. Arguing in the past that taking on this topic should be a “human” issue, she even has even served on the board of directors of GLAAD. On top of that, she is a former GLAAD Media Award winner and in 2015 she received the "Trevor Project NextGen's First Ally Award for her support of the LGBTQ community."

During her acceptance speech for that award, she celebrated how far society has come but called out the fact that there still is some serious work to be done.

10 Sunny Hostin Wanted To Be A TV Star Years Before Starting Her Law Career

Via etonline.com

During any given episode of The View, there is a very good chance that Sunny Hostin or one of her co-hosts will point out that she is a lawyer. If that fact gives you the impression that she never planned to have her current TV job, think again.

“I definitely wanted to be a journalist and I wanted to tell other people’s stories,” Sunny Hostin said, as New York Family reports. “But at the time, and this was pre-Oprah, my mother was horrified at the thought of her kid who was smart and who she had invested so much in saying: ‘I want to do television!’ She was like: ‘No one looks like you on television! What are you talking about?’ She really didn’t get it, that I wanted to tell other people’s stories.”

9 Whoopi Goldberg Was Forced To Star In A Movie

Via slashfilm.com

Even though there are loads of reasons to pay tribute to Whoopi Goldberg’s amazing career, it also is pretty hard to ignore the fact that it has had some pretty big lowlights as well. For instance, in 1995 she was nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Actress due to her appearance in the abysmal movie Theodore Rex. In her defense, she tried hard to not appear in that movie but her hand was forced after she tried to back out of her verbal agreement to star in it.

Faced with the possibility of huge legal bills, she chose to settle the lawsuit and received a pay raise rumored to be in the millions to take on the role.

8 Joy Behar Used To Work for Good Morning America

Via yahoo.com

From the outside looking in, it can often seem like attaining success in the entertainment industry happens overnight. In reality, however, almost all celebrities toil away for years trying to figure out how they are going to find their way into the business.

For instance, while talking to the Huffington Post, Joy Behar revealed that she used to work for Good Morning America because “I wanted to get into television production, and the only way you get into a show is to start somewhere. So I started as a receptionist. And then they offered me a producer’s job, and I wasn’t interested.”

However, it did lead to a big opportunity because she says, “One day I was asked to substitute for one of the writers on the show” and the rest is history.

7 Meghan McCain Interned At A Very Famous Show

Via Imgur.com

As most Meghan McCain fans likely know, before she landed her current gig hosting The View she was seen on other television networks speaking about the issues of the day. However, most people have no idea that before she appeared on camera herself, McCain worked as an intern on the legendary sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Nicki Swift reports her saying that she "spent most of the day getting coffee and filling up the popcorn bucket." Evidently not pleased with her experience, she added that "everybody should have a crappy internship" so they know how it feels to do the work their bosses don’t want to handle.

6 Two Of Abby Huntsman’s Sisters Are Adopted

Via GQ.com

When it comes to Abby Huntsman’s childhood, it is safe to say that she had a pretty unique experience in a lot of ways. She grew up in Utah but she also lived in Taiwan and Singapore, which must have made for an interesting childhood.

On top of that, Huntsman hails from a large family that includes her two happily married parents and their seven kids, two of whom were adopted. As for where her adopted siblings were born, her sister Gracie was born in China while her other sister Asha hails from India.

5 Whoopi Goldberg Became A Grandmother At A Young Age

Via entertainmentdaily.co.uk

In this day and age, if there is one thing that we all know it is that there really isn’t any such thing as a typical family any longer. After all, lots of couples choose not to have any children and those that do can have varying amounts at different times in their life. Still, when it comes to Whoopi Goldberg’s family, there really is no denying that the numbers are pretty remarkable.

For instance, she had her first child at 17 years old and then became a grandmother for the first time at only 34. On top of that, five years ago she became a great-grandmother for the first time at the age of 58.

4 Ana Navarro Worked For The Fathers Of 2 of The View’s Current Hosts

Via wdtvpress.com

For longtime fans of The View, it is pretty hard not to notice that in recent years the show has taken on a much more combative tone. For instance, during her time serving as the show’s weekly guest co-host, Ana Navarro has had many verbal disputes with both Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman. For the people in Navarro’s personal life, that must be an interesting twist as they are more likely to know about her employment history.

After all, long before she joined The View’s cast, Navarro was the National Co-Chair of Meghan's father's Hispanic Advisory Council and she was a National Hispanic Co-Chair during one of Abby Huntsman's father's projects.

3 The Words Of A Teacher Set Joy Behar’s Career Back

Via theepochtimes.com

As we touched on earlier in this list, earlier in her life Joy Behar worked as a teacher. We can only hope she had a positive impact on her students' lives as one of her teachers' negative remarks held her back in life, as she told the Huffington Post.

“In my senior year of high school, I wrote, produced, directed and emceed an entire senior frolic,” Behar said, “and we made fun of the teachers, we made up songs, and this one teacher said to me: ‘Well, anybody can make fun of the teachers! Big deal!’ She destroyed me for about 10 years. There were many years I would think about her and how she slowed me down.”

2 Sunny Hostin Started College Early

Via binghamton.edu

If we were to put together a list of the most mocked professions, there is little doubt that lawyers would have to be included. Despite that, the fact remains that the vast majority of us are impressed by anyone who earns their law license at first blush. After all, it takes a lot of time and work to finish the schooling required and pass the Bar examination.

For example, if you are anything like us, the fact that Sunny Hostin is an accomplished lawyer makes you take the things she says very seriously. That said, there is another reason to be very impressed by her life story: she started attending college at only 16 years old on a full scholarship to SUNY Binghamton.

1 Whoopi Goldberg Used To Have A Very Different Job

Via huffingtonpost.ca

Given the fact that Whoopi Goldberg has built a legacy for herself as an all-around entertainer, it is pretty hard to imagine her spending her formative years outside the spotlight. On top of that, it is highly surprising to learn what she did for a living before she began her decades-long career in show business.

Far from a laughing matter, she worked at a mortuary for quite some time. Tasked with being the one who applied makeup to the deceased in order for them to be presented at open-casket funerals, it certainly wasn’t a job for the faint of heart.

Sources: Good Housekeeping, Fox News Insider, Huffington Post, Nicki Swift

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