20 Little Known Things About The Toy Story Franchise

Pixar has brought incredible and beautiful animated films that offer unique stories, memorable characters, and unforgettable moments. The Toy Story series has spawned four movies, and each movie offers amazing quality and captivating stories. What also makes the movies incredibly detailed are the secrets that they put in.

Ranging from Easter eggs to the actors providing the voices, Toy Story has so much to dig up from what Pixar has displayed subtly. Some of you probably know some secrets, but there might just be some that will surprise you. There are tons of secrets the movie series has to offer, so be prepared for the nostalgia and discovering some interesting facts.

Here are twenty little known secrets about the Toy Story franchise!

20 Buzz Would Sound Different

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Who can imagine anyone else other than the legendary Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear? Apparently, Pixar originally had Billy Crystal in mind to play the iconic toy. However, Billy declined the role and admitted that it was his biggest regret. But at least he got to be Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc. and its prequel!

19 Funny Request

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References are very common in movies, whether live action or animated. Toy Story is no exception since there are some references that we wouldn't get until studying once more. The phrase on Sid's backpack reads, "Julie McBarfle has cooties," and that is a nod to camera manager Julie McDonald, who requested to have her name appear in the movie!

18 Strange Cameo

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Any Disney or Pixar movie can always have cameos to spark up talks about seeing a character from another movie. Toy Story 3 has a magazine that features Darla, an Australian girl from Finding Nemo who is known to shake her pet fishes too much.

17 A Movie Within A Movie

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Like with the previous entry, you can expect some cameos or references to other movies made by Pixar/Disney. As seen in the image above, Mr. Potato Head is seen reading a story that has characters from A Bug's Life on there. It is a nice little touch to reference a movie Pixar made before Toy Story 2.

16 Color Combination

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The backstory behind this entry is honestly really sweet. Buzz Lightyear is known for his green and purple attire. The reasoning behind this suitable color combination is that the director of Toy Story, John Lasseter's, favorite color is lime green, while his wife's favorite is purple. After all, what other color schemes could pull off for the space ranger?

15 Referencing An Actor's Show

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It is extremely awesome to reference actors' other works from television or movies. It gives the audience a fun brain teaser, even to those who are familiar with the actors behind the Toy Story characters. The tools Sid use are actually a reference to Tim Allen's show, Home Improvement!

14 Reminiscent Of An Icon

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It was incredibly heartbreaking that Bo Peep did not appear in Toy Story 3. Thankfully, Toy Story 4 brought her back and made her an impeccable character. There were a lot of designs for her that were inspired by famous icons, such as Rosie the Riveter. While it was not in the final version of the film, it was still pretty cool to pay homage to a feminine icon.

13 Inspiration Behind Sid

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Sid is one of those characters that isn't intentionally evil, but we do root for the toys whenever he tries to get them before they're blown up. The inspiration for Sid is quite interesting. He was inspired by a former Pixar employee with the last name Phillips who actually disassembled toys and use their parts to build crazy creations.

12 What Could Have Been

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For being the first Pixar movie, Disney had a lot of expectations for the film to succeed. What is strange to know is that Toy Story almost got the musical treatment! John Lasseter argued against this as he felt the movie would be better as a buddy comedy instead, and he was indeed right!

11 Perfected Animation

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While they did not play a huge role in the movies, the toy soldiers were very memorable in their scenes. In order to get the animation done just right for the little green ones, animators strapped boards to their feet and the rest was history. That is real dedication to Pixar's work.

10 The Original Name

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Buzz Lightyear; just say it to a friend and they will instantly know who you are talking about. Try saying Lunar Larry to them; they'd probably have no idea what you're saying! That was Buzz's original name before going through other changes like Tempus and Morph. Thankfully, we know and love him as Buzz Lightyear.

9 Same Face, Much?

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While Toy Story is an iconic and brilliant movie, it certainly has not aged gracefully. The animation at the time was spectacular, but most of the humans look off. To save budget, animators have copied and pasted Andy's face to anyone that wasn't Sid. It is honestly terrifying, but as the sequels go by, they've improved by a mile.

8 The Name Behind Andy

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Even if the focus isn't on Andy, he plays a huge part in the toys' lifespan. It was heartwarming to see him grow while cry at the end of Toy Story 3. Where Andy got his name from is Andries “Andy” Van Dam. He was a professor from Brown University who taught computer science and animation, and just so happened to teach the creators of Pixar.

7 A Secret Voice

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Tom Hanks is absolutely perfect as Woody. Just like Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, it would be tough to imagine someone else being the voice behind the cowboy ragdoll. Funnily enough, when Tom was super busy, his brother Jim would take on the role instead. He sounds so incredibly similar that it's uncanny but awesome.

6 Geri Returns

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Pixar fans can recall animated shorts that would play before the Pixar movie. They are just as imaginative and fun to watch to get us started with the main show. One famous short is Geri's Game, where the titular character plays chess by himself. He even makes an appearance in Toy Story 2 where he repairs Woody! Geri is a true hero.

5 Same Carpet, Different Movies

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Just to make sure that Sid is one crazy kid, this reference is sneaky but incredibly clever in paying homage to a classic film. The carpet in his house is the exact same as the one in the hotel from The Shining. Pixar is no stranger to adding references, but this one takes the cake.

4 Character Change

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Woody is known to be a kindhearted toy who does his best to help out his friends in whatever situation they are in. Anyone can appreciate a friend like him. Shockingly, an earlier version of Woody is completely different. He was rather sarcastic, rude, and insults other toys. It's hard to root for Woody if he never changed from his original characterization.

3 Original Lover

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Before Barbie would make her appearance in Toy Story 2 and follow-ups, Pixar had plans to make her the love interest of Woody instead. Mattel thought the movie would be a failure, so they declined the offer. But seeing as how the movie did well, Barbie would appear in the future movies.

2 Woody and Buzz's Inspirations

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What is wholesome about this fact is that a kid's group of toys can become an inspiration for one's project as an adult. Director John Lasseter was inspired by his own toys and based them off of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. This inspiration would eventually bring an incredible movie franchise that would be for everyone of all ages.

1 From Puppet To Toy

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We all love Woody, the cowboy rag doll that would say catchphrases when his string is pulled. Originally, Pixar had concept art of him being a ventriloquist dummy before becoming the Woody we know today. It is a little terrifying to picture him as one, but we thankfully got him to his final design today.

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