20 Little Revealing Facts Jonah Hill Wants To Keep On The DL

While it's possible not to recognize Jonah Hill's name, his role in the cheekily titled film-turned-instant-classic Superbad may ring a bell! Since starring in the comedy which defined a generation of hilarious film style, Hill has lived a life many would pen as a Hollywood fairytale. His extensive filmography highlighting films of many different genres has given Hollywood a nudge to wake up to the presence of an actor with the mega-impressive ability to provide fans with his talent of playing such varied roles in films of many different genres.

Behind every story of Hollywood royalty, there are often aspects of a celeb's real-life truth which can trickle into the public eye the celebrity may want to remain quietly on the down-low. For Jonah Hill, his time in the spotlight is proof of an actor's emotional growth right before our eyes! Here are 20 truths Hill wants to keep quiet.

20 Jonah's Comedy Chops Originated From Prank Calls

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Right off the bat, we can gather Jonah Hill is just like us! How do we know Jonah's an everyday dude? Imagine your younger brother hanging out in your basement and pursuing his favorite hobby: making prank calls.

The old school activity plays an important role in the actor's life; doing impressions while calling random people was Hill's first foray into comedy!

19 He Found Solace In Skateboarding

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Opening up about deeply personal topics in one's life can feel extremely intimidating! Jonah Hill made the decision to explore his childhood struggles by writing and directing his own film, Mid90s. A giant component of the film's story and Hill's personal life focuses on skateboarding.

Hill told The Guardian, "Acceptance wasn't easy" within the skating community, but he began to emotionally grow with the sport.

18 Don't Count On Him To Revisit His Work

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Imagine watching the most cringe-worthy home movies from childhood. It feels odd, doesn't it? If you're in the public eye, watching your older films may be the equivalent!

Jonah has been absolutely clear with the media he will not give in to nostalgia's temptation by having a marathon of his past work. According to Us Weekly, via CNN, he only makes an exception for cable.

17 Channing Tatum Is Jonah's Rock

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Vulnerability within a celebrity's life can come in many forms. Jonah Hill has detailed his life story in his own film and has also spoken publicly about his personal struggles in interviews.

Having a friend who helps us through our own personal struggles can make the experience easier and better. Jonah's pal Channing Tatum serves this role for him in accountability! How cool is that?

16 He Accidentally Snubbed This Actress

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Lizzie lost out on this one!

Jonah Hill may want to keep this extremely human moment under wraps. Paparazzi shots once showed actress Hilary Duff attempting to make a connection with Hill while walking down the street. Even celebrities experience an awkward moment or two while trying to introduce ourselves; Jonah seemed not to be aware of Hilary's presence behind him. Oops!

15 A Life-Changing Injury Had A Huge Impact On His Career

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Sometimes we have to experience some trials to turn into moments of triumph!

Our histories are full of lessons, and these lessons can be difficult to experience and overcome. One of Jonah Hill's pieces of personal history was rather upsetting, but he rose above the sadness. According to NBC Washington, he experienced a reckless teen moment when he found himself in a car accident.

14 Jonah Has Boundaries, Unlike Most Of His Characters

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If you've seen a Jonah Hill film, it makes sense to associate him with a particular type of character; the dork dude who thrives on awkwardness, and the occasional explicit joke. It's definitely a fair assumption to think his characters have no idea what a filter is!

Jonah is the complete opposite of his signature characters. The IRL Jonah would rather tone the craziness down.

13 He Would Rather Not Be Famous

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If shyness is a vital part of your personality, finding yourself in the spotlight may make you feel like you're on display for the whole world to see and dissect.

Jonah Hill rarely displays his reserved side with the general public. In an interview with Insights, he summed up his feelings point-blank: he revealed, "It's not like I enjoy being famous very much!"

12 Jonah's First Film Was Born Out Of Irritation

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Jonah Hill's first original film already incorporates scenarios that have been taken from his personal life like the inclusion of his skateboarding love. The creative process for Mid90's extended past Hill's personal additions; writing the film had such an impact on Jonah's subconscious!

He spoke to GQ, revealing "Making the film changed something deep inside of him." Hill's personal transformation absolutely comes across on screen!

11 Forget About The Small Talk Around Jonah

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Personality quirks are extremely important to one's existence; the quirks help define who you are and how you communicate with the people around you.

Living in the public eye feels different because you're privy to the opinions of complete strangers; communication is a totally different avenue from a normie! If you ever meet Jonah, it may be helpful to know he doesn't like small talk!

10 Jonah And His Sister Disagree About This Celeb

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If you're familiar with the wave of female-fronted indie films of the last two years, chances are you've come across Beanie Feldstein! She starred in the film, Booksmart and appeared as Lady Bird's best friend in the 2017 film.

Beanie and Jonah are siblings who still have extremely IRL squabbles. Jonah revealed she doesn't enjoy Kanye West, who is a fave of Jonah's.

9 His Work Was Affected By A Deeply Personal Family Reason

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Family plays a key component in Jonah's life, from his relationship with his sister Beanie to the influence of his family members within his work. Family can represent thick and thin, and sadly, the Feldstein family have experienced profound sadness from a personal tragedy.

Jonah and Beanie's older brother passed away quite suddenly two years ago. The experience had a profound impact on Jonah's film.

8 An Old Interview Often Haunts Jonah

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Personal growth happens in the privacy of our own minds and could be depicted in journals, but for famous actors, there can be evidence forever cemented on the internet for people to see.

Jonah has been outspoken about his relationship with the idea of giving interviews, but unfortunately, examples of why he feels the need to apologize still exists for fans to seek out.

7 Jonah's IRL Personality Is Absolutely Opposite From The Media's Perception

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Much of Jonah Hill's public perception on the internet seems to be shaped around how the media perceives his personality, especially from interviews.

Unfortunately, Jonah has been subjected to interviews where media members choose to pursue their opinions of Jonah based upon public "perception," and he's human, so of course he's bound to have opinions about it.

After an uncomfortable interview, Jonah laid low.

6 'Hill' Is Actually His Middle Name

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Someone's name seems like a trivial part of their identity, and it may be true, but when we're examining the identity of celebrities, the idea seems much bigger!

Jonah's sister Beanie recently revealed her brother's middle name is actually Hill, and he shares the same surname his sister uses publicly. The exact reason why he's chosen to go by his middle name professionally is unknown.

5 His Mother Keeps Him Humble

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The glitz and glamour of being a celebrity can be hard to grasp when you suddenly find yourself in the midst of the fast pace of fame! Jonah Hill has discovered fame's absurdity to be true when he found himself nominated for an Oscar!

Hill had a moment when this monumental experience sunk in, but he relied on his mother to bring him to Earth.

4 Jonah Had To Apologize For This Public Misunderstanding

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We've all had those moments where we look back on our past and realize we should've kept quiet or said something different. Living in the public eye makes a potential growth process a bit difficult because the occasional questionable moment from our past is preserved forever.

Jonah once made a misconstrued comment about his acting abilities and the type of films which reflect them.

3 He Once Had A Scary Moment On Set With His Mentor

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As much as fans of cinematic art don't want to face the facts, there is always a layer of reality covered up by movie magic! Whether Jonah Hill had recognized this fact before this moment faced in the company of esteemed director Martin Scorsese is unknown, but he surely experienced a dose of reality!

Jonah experienced an injury on set, and had to recover quickly!

2 Jonah Has A Secret For Cheering Himself Up

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Jonah's fans know how important Mama Feldstein is to her son, she has accompanied him to big-time events and has been supportive of his professional life but above all, she is still "Mom"!

Mother and son have no doubt experienced emotional periods with one another; even when Jonah's schedule requires him to be apart from her, traveling while he was feeling down.

1 His Father Has A Connection With Famous Legends

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Fame plays an important role in the Feldstein/Hill family, and not for the reasons we might think!

Not only are Jonah and his sister Beanie are in the acting business, the family's connection with fame began many years earlier than their Hollywood connection. Their father was already familiar with the in's and out's of fame. Mr. Feldstein was an accountant for Guns 'N' Roses!

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