20 Low-Key Facts About Jordyn Woods The Kardashians Want Us To Forget

Jordyn Woods just launched a brand-new fitness brand called FrstPlace - that's 'first place' without the 'i".  The brand is a website where her fans may access the same types of fitness workouts that Jordyn does to stay fit, plus nutrition guides. While she's gotten her fair share of shade, she's not living in the past. She's pushing to make money. She's trying to move out of the Kardashian shadow.

When Jordyn kissed Tristan Thompson, epic drama soon followed. Jordyn was eventually cast out of the Kardashian world. Kylie loyally sided with her half-sister, Khloe, who shares a daughter with Tristan. Jordyn's life will never be the same, but you can't unring the bell.

Anyone who's interested in the life and times of Jordyn Woods will enjoy this list. It's loaded with low-key facts that the Kardashians want people to forget about.

20 She’s Still Profiting From Her Kardashian Connections

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Jordyn Woods' IG account is called HEIR JORDAN and she has a big following. A lot of her 10.1 million followers (according to Instagram.com) are females who admire her body confidence and have the same curvy body type.

Of course, she might not have millions of followers without the little push that she got from the Kardashians. She's still profiting from her Kardashian connection.

19 She Actually Owned Up To What She Did To Khloe

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Jordyn took control of the narrative when she talked to Jada Pinkett Smith about the Tristan Thompson kiss. She owned up to what she'd done, according to People.com.

Maybe she didn't tell everyone everything, but she didn't deny that she shared a kiss that basically broke the Internet. She says she was too scared to tell the truth at first.

18 She Doesn’t Want To Leave The Spotlight

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Jordyn isn't the type to slink away into obscurity because of a little drama. Well, it was more than a little drama, but she's not interested in leaving the spotlight.

She's making money moves and leveraging her Instagram clout to build her own empire. She even has a modeling contract with the Wilhemina International agency, according to Msn.com.

17 She Has Friends In High Places

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You know how a certain famous Markle's dad was a successful lighting director? Well, Jordyn's dad was a successful sound engineer. Jordyn got to make Hollywood connections because of her dad, just like Meghan did.

Jordyn's father worked on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and that's how Jordyn got to know Will Smith, according to Heavy.com.

16 Kylie Depended On Her

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Jordyn isn't a part of the whole Kardashian world now, because she made a mistake that she surely regrets, but Kylie once depended on her.

Kylie was always with her BFF, who would appear on episodes of Life of Kylie, according to Imdb.com. Kylie needs people around her, but she's hanging out with other BFFs now.

15 She Once Promoted Yeezy (Not Anymore)

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Jordyn was so entrenched in the Kardashian reality that she had the opportunity to promote the insanely successful Yeezy brand. As everyone knows, Kanye is married to Kim Kardashian.

Kim doesn't appreciate betrayals, so it's safe to say she won't be asking Jordyn to help her husband promote stuff in the future. Kim has an actual hit list of enemies, according to Thesun.co.uk.

14 She's A Multi-Millionaire

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Jordyn has had amazing success as a plus-size model. Society is changing and it's opening up the looks in the modeling world. Plus-size models are having a moment. It's not just about size zero and size 2 models anymore.

Anyway, Jordyn's modeling career and other deals leave her with an estimated net worth of six million bucks, according to Wealthygorilla.com.

13 Some People Think The Tristan Thompson Thing Was Fake

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One of the fun things about tuning into reality TV is trying to figure out what's real and what's fake. Most reality shows are "softly scripted", as they say in the showbiz world.

Some cynics are convinced that the whole Tristan Thompson kiss debacle was nothing more than another scripted drama, according to Mirror.co.uk.

12 Malika And Khloe Went After Jordyn On Social Media

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Jordyn Woods has called Khloe's pal, Malika, a bully, according to Metro.co.uk. Both Khloe and Malika went after Jordyn on social media after Jordyn's kiss with Tristan Thompson went public.

Khloe calmed down later, but it's safe to say that Jordyn was getting dragged online for a while and that must have been pretty hard to handle.

11 She’s Been Copying Kylie’s Style And Poses

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Is Jordyn sending a low-key message when she seems to copy her former friend's looks and poses on social media? Probably.

She's been accused of mimicking Kylie's style, according to Inquisitr.com, and it defies common sense that it's all just a big coincidence. It's probably a way of throwing shade at Kylie.

10 She’s Been Throwing Low-Key Shade At Kylie

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It's not just the copycat stuff that makes people think that Jordyn's throwing shade Kylie's way. There are other clues that Jordyn is passive-aggressively venting via social media, according to Thehollywoodgossip.com.

Jordyn once made a comment about her painted nails, which in-the-know Kardashian fans perceived as a slight against beauty mogul Kylie. The post soon disappeared.

9 She May Have Been Using The Kardashian Clan

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It's a safe bet that Jordyn liked Kylie, as they were so close, according to Seventeen.com, but it's also safe to say that Jordyn saw the career potential in hanging out with such a famous person.

Was Jordyn using the Kardashians? The fact that she'd have physical contact with Khloe's former man seems to suggest that she may have a darker, craftier side to her personality.

8 She Hung Out With Khloe’s Ex, James Harden

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The craftier side of Jordyn's personality surfaced again when she was photographed partying it up with another one of Khloe Kardashian's exes, James Harden.

According to Usmagazine.com, she actually had a fling with him that went beyond hanging out, and the fling definitely happened after Khloe and James called it quits.

7 Kylie Fans Troll Jordyn Online

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Kylie's fans are legion and they were not amused when Kylie's best friend decided to smooch Khloe's man. Jordyn says she's not a big believer in clapping back, according to Mtonews.com.

She says she's sorry that she was the reason for Khloe's pain. Jordyn was mercilessly trolled online when the drama erupted.

6 She Still Misses Former BFF Kylie

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When two people spend so much time together and get to enjoy so many glamorous experiences together, it's impossible that they won't miss each other. Both Jordyn and Kylie had to deal with missing each other after the Tristan Thompson bombshell went off.

Now, Kylie says she's ready to grow without Jordyn, according to People.com.

5 She Misses Stormi, Too

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Jordyn stopped with the Instagram-style glamour model posing when she was playing with Stormi. She looked joyful and a lot more natural. She seemed to truly adore the little girl, and why wouldn't she? Stormi is so cute.

Jordyn misses Kylie, according to Mirror.co.uk, and she misses little Stormi, too.

4 Kylie May Have Treated Her Like A Servant

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Kylie's got a billion bucks, a famous last name and a huge fan following, so its no surprise that she likes to show off and play the diva occasionally, or even more often. Did she treat Jordyn like a servant?

There have been rumblings that Kylie doesn't always behave well with the little people, so it's possible, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

3 Jordyn Loathed The BFF Label

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When your claim to fame is being someone's friend, you're going to resent it. It's just human nature. Did this resentment push Jordyn to take risks in a passive-aggressive fashion, such as letting Tristan kiss her?

Maybe it was her way of getting back at the family that stuck her with the BFF label.

Jordyn says she's in a good place now, according to Gofashionideas.com.

2 Fans Think Kylie Was Holding Her Back

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Jordyn's got her own fan base. She may have come by it with help from the Kardashian, but not all of the people who follow her on social media are haters.

Some of her fans think that Kylie was getting in Jordyn's way and stopping her from reaching her full potential, according to Cheatsheet.com.

1 Jordyn Blames Her Mistake On The Bottle

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Jordan says she was more than tipsy when the whole situation with Tristan Thompson happened. She ended up leaving his house at 6am but says other people were there, rather than her being alone with Khloe's man and baby daddy.

She blames the bottle for the whole fiasco, according to Elle.com.

Sources: Elle.com, People.com, Mtonews.com

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