20 Lowriders Their Owners Should Hide In The Garage

Lowriders don’t just define a truck’s aesthetic look; they define a truck-culture. Those who love their trucks low will always appreciate that art in other trucks they come across. Low riders can be done well, or they can just look like white-trash-mobiles. There’s really nothing in-between. Trucks weren’t originally designed to be lowered, so if you’re making this bold move, it would be a great idea to do it properly.

For those of you who do not customize your truck well, and end up with a terrible truck, we’d like to thank you for giving us so much to laugh at and poke fun of. Honestly, the fun times never end with mods that have gone wrong, and some of these low riders have gone very, very wrong.

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20 Flagged-Out

Via FullRedneck

Some trucks are tricked-out, some are just flagged-out. This flagged out phenomenon is so disturbing and so hideous that we wouldn’t want to ever be seen in it. This one should stay in the trailer park and not be driven among the normal people in society. What an eyesore!

19 The UnderGlow

Via SouthBayRiders

Words can’t express how terrible we think this truck is- thankfully, pictures speak a thousand words, and you can see for yourself. This truck looks like it would belong in a trailer-park, and even then, it would be a sight for sore eyes. The wrap is already extreme, and the underglow really just did it in. There’s no recovering.

18 Ranger Danger

Via RangerForums

At some point, someone decided to take a valueless, useless Ford Ranger, and spend money on a lowering kit to make it look like this – on purpose. They took it from bad, to worse, and now there’s no recovering. The cost of lowering is probably more than the value of the truck.

17 Mishmash Mobile

Via ChevyTrucks

It’s a Chevy. No. It’s a GMC. Maybe. Wait – it’s both of them, sort of mishmashed into one. Some professional body work and a day in the paint booth would be highly recommended. Until then, the only person that would drive this is a trailer-trash-trucker.

16 Disposable Chevy

Via Pinterest

Hydraulics are the ultimate in cool – but this is a clear example of what NOT to do to your pick-up. This little low rider has no appeal whatsoever. What’s with the high-bars on the dumped truck? This seems like a weird mix, doesn’t it? Is that a storage unit? Can you tuck this thing into the storage unit so we don’t have to see it?

15 Mirror, Mirror, On The Truck…

Via Pinterest

….Whoever has to drive this, is out-of-luck! This low-rider is a disaster. It’s dumped too low, and the frame is so little, we consider this to be more of a car than a truck. Weird mirror placement and the rusted-out hood are suggesting a driver with poor judgement is about to approach…

14 The Getaway-Truck

Via GalleryofSocial

It’s so low, it creeps up on ya! Look what he did here…it appears this ugly, unsuspecting truck has traveled through this nice neighbourhood and collected more junk! It’s likely all blacked-out because the driver and passengers don’t want to be seen. We don’t blame them for over-tinting, we wouldn’t want to be recognized in this truck either!

13 The Chevy Right Of Passage

Via YouTube

Every trailer-trash kid drives a white, lowered Chevy. It’s just a “thing”. It’s cheap, easy to maintain, and not worth holding on to for the future, so there’s no harm in slamming it and ruining it now. Checkmark – that’s been done. Way to live up to the stereotype folks, we have ourselves a trailer-park-truck!

12 Rusty 4x4

Via InstaPhenomenons

Instead of spending any money on lowering this truck, it would have been wiser to invest in some body-repair! Yikes! Those are some pretty deep chunks that are missing and rusting out. It would have made more sense to invest in the bodywork rather than the lowering kit.

11 Skull Fail

Via MiniTruckin

When you’re airbrushing skulls onto your hood, and putting beers on the top of the cab, you know you’re driving a white-trash-truck. If there was ever a prize to be awarded to “ugly lowered trucks”, this truck would be a top contender. We’re guessing the driver is either 18 years old, or wishes he still was.

10 Almost.

Via Fotki

The owner of this car deserves some credit for putting in some good time and money on the restoration of their vehicle. It’s definitely not hard to look at, but realistically speaking, who’s going to drive that? Trailer-trash thoughts are the only ones we have at this point….

9 Whoa!

Via Amazonaws

What gave it away? The patterns? The trailer right next to the car? The only person that would get near this car is someone fresh out of a trailer park that’s just happy the car works. This is a sinfully ugly car, and we’re sure that if we leave it abandoned long enough, the raccoons will have a new home.

8 Slick Trick

Via LowRiderDepot

The slick paint job makes this truck look nicer than it is. There isn’t anyone that we know of that would drive this or want to be seen even standing within close proximity of it. Anyone with limited car knowledge and any sort of mechanical/automotive experience could tell you that this is a hunk of junk at first glance.

7 White boy, Blue Truck

Via Deviantart

The owner of this truck is probably a young white boy, maybe 20 years or younger. He’s probably really proud of it too. Yeah, all this work was done on purpose and someone slammed money down when they slammed this truck. What a waste. They could have used that as a deposit for a real truck instead.

6 What Happened Here?

Via OfferUp

Hands down, this is the definition of a white trash low rider! Everything about it is pure trash, and there’s no denying it. This 1984 Nissan was already disadvantaged due to the fact that it’s a crappy vehicle in every way. What the driver did to it only made it worse.

5 Dumped Mazda

Via StaticFlickr

Whoa that’s a seriously slammed truck. This 1973 Mazda Truck is as low as it goes, and it was done pretty well. It’s one of the best ones this trailer park community has ever seen! Let’s face it, there isn’t a businessman, lawyer, or professional that is going to be driving this anytime soon – it appeals to one category of people….

4 Low Ridin’

Via Pinterest

This guy is going all out! This white-boy farm party is going full tilt with this little feature. Clearly, he’s having a stereotypical white boy party on this lowered, styled mower. The fact that he lowered and styled his mower actually tells us everything we need to know. It does look fun though, we’ll give him that.

3 Trailer Park Daddy

Via StaticFlickr

This is the ultimate ride for the trailer park boss-man! Slammed, extended, painted…all the bells and whistles were added to this machine. This is a great example of how money can’t buy class. In spite of the investment that went into restoring this car, it looks as tacky as can be. It’s expensive to look this cheap!

2 Chromeo

Via StaticFlickr

Where art thou Chromeo? Oh, there he is. He’s sort of camouflaged in this field party that they call a car-show. What’s that weird pattern along the side? Ok we get it, this guy is proud of his low- rider. Maybe too proud – dude, it’s a wagon….stop tricking it out, it won’t get any better.

1 End Game

Via Pinterest

What looks to us to be a beaten up, ugly low rider, is actually someone’s pride and joy. He’s all ready to haul out to the trailer park, and we wish him a speedy commute, so that we don’t have to look at this any longer. Someone actually worked on this truck to intentionally make it look like this, folks. Enough said.

Sources: Low Rider Forums, Lay It Low

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