20 Marvel Characters That Need To Make Their MCU Debut ASAP

Already made up of 23 feature-length movies, several TV shows, and a small collection of short films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has featured a long list of notable characters. On top of that, Marvel Studios has announced several upcoming projects that will introduce a slew of new names to the franchise.

Given all of the MCU projects that Marvel Studios has already released and will in the near future, you may think that the franchise already has too many characters to work with but that simply isn’t the case. In fact, now that the company has the movie rights to every X-Men and Fantastic Four character back, there are more personalities than ever that we want to see join the MCU. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 20 Marvel characters that need to make their MCU debut as soon as possible.

20 Abigail Brand

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Given the fact that the MCU has increasingly become focused on celestial beings, it is about time that S.W.O.R.D., the space-based offshoot from S.H.I.E.L.D., joined the franchise. As the leader of S.W.O.R.D., Abigail Brand has proven herself to be every bit as capable and badass as Nick Fury is so she could easily take on a similar role in the MCU. On top of that, it could be interesting to see Brand and Fury jockey for position.

19 Deadpool

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After the world fell in love with the first Deadpool movie, its sequel was very enjoyable but a little bit of a disappointment as it felt like more of the same. Fortunately, when Wade makes the leap to the MCU he could get involved in bigger stories with the franchise’s other stars which would change an awful lot for the Merc with a Mouth. Of course, Ryan Reynolds must remain in the role.

18 Amadeus Cho

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In the movies, there has only one person has been the Hulk. However, in the comics that isn’t the case as evidenced by a character like Amadeus Cho. Considered to be one of the smartest Marvel characters, Cho is similar to Bruce Banner in many ways but he is a lot more fun. This is the case because he isn’t tortured the way Bruce can be, he delights in his intellect, and he is so smart that he can often predict what others will do and beat them to the punch.

17 Squirrel Girl

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On the one hand, it may seem like it would be really difficult to market a squirrel based superhero to the masses. On the other hand, the MCU has made people love a talking raccoon and Squirrel Girl is such a delightful character that it is worth the risk to give her a big-screen debut.

16 The Leader

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As of this writing, The Hulk has mostly become a supporting character in the stories of the other MCU heroes. While he has been great in that role, as proven by Thor: Ragnarok, we would love to see him be the main character in a story again. If that were to happen, it would be awesome to see him tangle with The Leader, a character who was given superintelligence by gamma radiation.

15 The Hood

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Far from the most famous Marvel character, The Hood’s reputation may not precede him but he is a cinematic villain if there ever was one. Essentially The Kingpin but with superpowers, he can levitate and be invisible at will which helped him to take over the New York crime scene in the comics.

14 Nova

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With Phase 4 clearly focused more on the cosmic side of the MCU, there are certain Marvel characters whose movie debut seems like a no-brainer, including Nova. A regular person who was given the powers of an alien group known as the Nova Corps, he can fly freely in space and he has enhanced speed and strength. Due to those powers and his ability to absorb and release energy, Nova has taken part in many of Marvel’s most notable cosmic storylines.

13 Spider-Woman

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If you don’t know anything about Spider-Woman, you may think that she is little more than a female version of Spidey. However, she not only has the same spider powers as Peter Parker but she also is a master spy and private investigator. Given that fact, a Spider-Woman movie could be one of the most interesting and action-packed solo MCU films.

12 Sentry/The Void

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Most easily compared to Superman in terms of his powers, Sentry is a former Avenger who wants to be a great superhero. Unfortunately for him, at any moment he can be taken over by the darker half of his mind which turns him into The Void, an infinitely dangerous and sadistic villain who is a destructive force. Due to the dual nature of this character, if he appeared in an MCU movie he would keep viewers guessing at every turn which should be a lot of fun.

11 Kitty Pryde

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Back when Kitty Pryde debuted in the comics, she was a teenaged hero that served as an entry point into the X-Men universe for many young readers. With the X-Men likely to make their MCU debut before too long, we would love to see her in a similar role going forward. On top of that, even though we loved Ellen Page’s version of the character, it would be awesome to see a younger actor with more of an attitude in the role.

10 Doctor Doom

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Definitely among the best Marvel villains ever created, on the surface, Doctor Doom may seem like a cliché over the top comic book bad guy. While some writers may not have done Doom justice in the past, at his best Dr. Doom is a fascinating villain who has complicated relationships with every hero that crosses his path. For that reason, we could easily see Doom become an Avengers-level threat.

9 Blink

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In the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, moviegoers got a glimpse of Blink and the amazing things her powers allow her to do. However, as of this writing, they have yet to get a true representation of her personality which is a crying shame given how emotionally strong she is. Often thrown into unfamiliar and dangerous worlds in the comics, Blink always manages to defeat those that want to do her harm with her incredible powers and strength of will.

8 Black Cat

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With Spider-Man still in the MCU, at least for a while still, we can always hope that the Black Cat, who is one of the characters associated with him, will show up as well. An antihero and thief who has loads of chemistry with Spider-Man, Black Cat is one of Marvel’s most fun, cunning, mischievous, and amusing characters.

7 Silver Surfer

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Right off the hop, one reason why Silver Surfer should be a huge part of the MCU going forward is that he is such an awesome looking character, especially when traveling in space. On top of that, he would personify nobility in the MCU so it would be easy to invest in his survival and hilarious to watch him interact with the franchise’s more flawed heroes.

6 Enchantress

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Considering that Enchantress is an Asgardian sorcerer who can control others, it is easy to imagine her grappling with Thor, Dr. Strange, or both on the big screen. For example, how awesome would it be to see Enchantress control the version of Thor we know and love only to have Jane Foster take over his mantle and defeat her?

5 Mister Sinister

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Quite possibly the most visually striking X-Men villain of all, Mister Sinister not only looks intimidating, but he also is extremely dangerous, to say the least. Incredibly brilliant and long-lived in the comics, it would be amazing to see someone who has had lifetimes to scheme match his powers and wits against the MCU’s heroes.

4 Apocalypse

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While there are several characters that Fox’s X-Men movies handled incredibly poorly, if you ask us the villain those films used the worst has to be Apocalypse. Traditionally a massively powerful villain who believes that only the strong should survive, it would be amazing to see him decide which MCU characters were worthy of joining him.

3 The White Queen

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If your only exposure to The White Queen came from X-Men: First Class, you may think this character is nothing more than a disinterested lady who lounges around in lingerie. However, if the MCU did the character right, she could start out as a heartless villain who slowly reforms over time to become a fearless antihero.

2 The Thing

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For those of you that don’t read comics, let us assure you that despite how disappointing Fox’s Fantastic Four movies were, The Thing is one of Marvel’s most lovable characters. An absolute sweetheart who always tries to do what is right despite being cursed with a monstrous visage, The Thing could be the heart and soul of the MCU going forward.

1 Galactus

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Unlike your traditional comic book villain, Galactus feels no ill will for his victims. Instead, he simply is a massive being who needs to consume planets to survive and he doesn’t care about anyone who perishes because of his hunger. Sadly, at this point, we have yet to see the Avengers fight Galactus on the big screen which is too bad since he is such a powerful and destructive force.

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