20 Mistakes That Made These People The Laughing Stock Of The Internet

Now, we all know nobody’s perfect. We’re going to accidentally drop things and break them. We’re going to screw up DIY projects. We’re going to make typos, get customers’ orders wrong, and sometimes forget our significant other’s birthday or anniversary. It’s just natural.

If you try and tell us that you don’t mess up in the most humiliating and awful ways every now and then, you’re just a filthy liar. Let’s all be thankful, then, that the Internet is here to bring our shame and embarrassment to a global audience.

From mistaking the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a bagpipe-wielding tribute band, to thinking that the moon is smaller than an elephant, we’ve got some of the most priceless, unmissable screw ups of all time here. 

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1- When The Red Hot Chili Peppers Bust Out Their Bagpipes
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20 When The Red Hot Chili Peppers Bust Out Their Bagpipes

1- When The Red Hot Chili Peppers Bust Out Their Bagpipes
Via: Imgur

As long-time fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers will know, there isn’t much these acclaimed funk-rockers won’t do. They may have gotten a little too old to perform on stage wearing only a sock over their you-know-whats anymore, but that totally used to be a thing.

In short, these guys have always been running low on effs to give. One thing I’ve never seen them do, however, is break out the bagpipes. That’s the domain of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, a cover band.

In this guy’s defense, it’s kind of easy to confuse the two names at a glance. Still, the Internet being the Internet, the snark sure started to flow when this story went viral. It’s a memory and a story to tell, at any rate.

19 When You Think That The Moon Is Smaller Than An Elephant

2- When You Think That The Moon Is Smaller Than An Elephant
Via: renalfellow.blogspot.com

Now, granted, there’s quite a strict caveat to this one: this super famous story of Internet dumbitude is a hoax. You’ve no doubt heard the tale of Kathy Evans of Idaho, who hopped into the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire hot seat and came unstuck real fast. Three lifelines later, she was still convinced that ‘Elephant’ was the correct answer, and went home utterly humiliated.

As Snopes details, though, this never actually happened. Canny Photoshoppers altered the original image, which was of a UK contestant, Fiona Wheeler, trying to answer a somewhat more challenging question (what is the everyday name for the trachea?).

Even so, the elephant moon story is such an Internet mainstay that it’s become synonymous with game show screw-ups. It’s the response to every moment of online foolishness, in screenshot form.

18 When Your Salsa Recipe Called For A Surprising Amount Of Cement

3- When Your Salsa Recipe Called For A Surprising Amount Of Cement
Via: lolwot.com

Now, maybe it’s just me. I’m really not a fan of salsa after all, so it’s definitely not going to be my Mastermind special subject. When it comes to salsa preparation, I’m way out of the loop. I’d like to think that even I know the basics, though.

If you really insisted on pressing me, I’d say that tomatoes would go in there. Peppers of some sort. That sort of thing. What wouldn’t you put in a salsa? Well, cement, for one.

I’ll go ahead again and confess that I had to Google what cilantro was, as I had no idea there was another word for coriander. I’m glad we’ve got all of that cleared up. It’s funny, the mess that an innocent little typo can make.

17 When Your Romantic Typo Becomes World Famous


Speaking of typos, I really do think that we should lay off typo offenders a little. These things happen, they happen every day to good people, and there’s no need to land on them like a sumo wrestler over it.

We’re not in English class, after all. Still, people will insist on providing the online equivalent of teacher’s angry red ballpoint rings around your misspelt words. I’m not usually a fan of these petty corrections, but sometimes they’re just too hilarious not to appreciate.

If you have any experience with Internet dating, you’ll know that you need to have mastered the art of the snarky brush-off to survive. If you need a couple of pointers, just check this text conversation out. This one’s posted quite often around the web, as an example of the importance of spelling and grammar.

16 When Sophie's Just Not That Into You

5- When Sophie's Just Not That Into You
Via: thesun.co.uk

Now, I’m no relationship guru. I’m not Oprah, Dr. Phil, or anyone else. I do happen to know a thing or two, though. and here’s one of them: Sophie and her prospective partner aren’t off to the best of starts.

I’m one of many people in this life who don’t seem to get much in the way of good luck. When it does come along, then, I’m going to dive straight in there with no questions asked.

Sometimes, good luck just isn’t a strong enough phrase. Fate is more appropriate. The best wrong number texts require a good dose of fate, and that’s exactly what happened here. A sweet, consoling broment (moment between bros), right when it was needed the most. You’re not alone, new friend, you’re really not.

15 When Mom And Dad Show ZERO Remorse

6- When Mom And Dad Show ZERO Remorse
Via: damnyouautocorrect.com

As we saw in the last entry, it’s the little things in life that matter the most. A quiet dose of empathy for a stranger, even in meme form, can make all the difference in the world.

It’s lucky that kindness from strangers means so much, because we sure aren’t getting it from the people we actually know. Our parents, for instance, are supposed to be people we can trust implicitly, and that’s the case with a lot of moms and dads. On the other hand, though, we’ve also got to remember that they can be unrelenting, vicious savages of the highest order.

Again, this one started as a simple typo, but was soon elevated far beyond that. Darn it, dad and mom, that’s not funny.

14 When You Play 'Pear Or Potato' And Inevitably Lose

7- When You Play 'Pear Or Potato' And Inevitably Lose
Via: Reddit (@barefootdoctor)

There is no winner in pear or potato. There is only pear. Or potato.

In the last few years, I’ve made a real effort to eat more healthily. It’s tough at times, but it’s going relatively well. The trick is picking things that work for you. Things you actually like. After all, if it tastes good and it’s good for you, how can you object?

For me, that means a lot of fruit. Not too much in one, because that’s always a bad time toilet-wise, just a wide variety.

Pears are one of the few fruits I don’t really dig, which presents a problem when it comes to this dilemma. Potatoes, after all, are pretty great in any form other than raw, so I don’t come out of this one very well either way.

13 When Domino's Skimp On Their Toppings

8- When Domino's Skimp On Their Toppings
Via: me.me

As with any business, Domino’s gets a bad rap at times. This is inevitable, really, because that’s just the way people work. When you receive a good service, from a store, restaurant or otherwise, you appreciate it, but you don’t tend to make a fuss. If you’ve had a bad experience, on the other hand, you unleash all the powers of the Furies of the underworld on those who wronged you.

The vocal minority, I guess you could call it. This isn’t to say there aren’t people whose pizza is delivered looking like it’s been run over on the highway a couple of times, but that’s really the exception. You wouldn’t know it judging by the horror stories you hear, though. Or all of the imitators who have stolen and retweeted this joke.

12 When You Really Need To Keep Your Medication Separate

9- When You Really Need To Keep Your Medication Separate
Via: Reddit

You know that feeling you get, when you first wake up and you don’t know who, what, where, or why you are? I find that this always hits hardest if you’re staying at a friend’s or at a hotel. If you wake suddenly, you behave like an amnesiac character from a sci-fi show, as your brain gradually catches up with the rest of your body.

Heck, some of us live our whole lives in that sort of state. With that said, how could you possibly be expected to tell the difference between the sleep aids and the laxatives here? I can’t blame you, Redditor, I cannot blame you at all. By all accounts, this is just a bedtime poopy accident waiting to happen. Come on, Rexall, think it through.

11 When You Don't Quite Think Your Product's Packaging All The Way Through

10- When You Don't Quite Think Your Product's Packaging All The Way Through
Via: cubicpromote.com.au

I’m really not a sports loving kind of guy. Here in the UK, we tend to worship at the altar of soccer, but I’m just not about that life. I’ll watch during the big international tournaments, sure, but that’s mostly for the thrill of seeing how hard our national team is going to disappoint us all this time.

Outside of that, not so much. Tennis is also a super big deal in the UK, but I’m less than enthusiastic about that as well. What am I really left with, then? Ping pong.

Ping pong is pretty darn fun, I have to say, and it suits me because there’s zero athleticism required. Let’s not forget the packaging for Butterfly’s ping pong training balls, either, which was the subject of more than a few laughs online.

10 When Jon Bon Jovi Sees Your Touching Tribute Tattoo

11- When Jon Bon Jovi Sees Your Touching Tribute Tattoo
Via: thewondrous.com

Buckle up, friends, because I’m about to get all kinds of philosophical on you. What would you say is the ultimate way to show your commitment to someone? For some, it would be marriage. For others, living together. Having a child. Or even adopting a pet together. Nothing says you’re super serious about somebody quite like having their names tattooed on you, though.

That’s the thought behind it, at least, but the amount of those that need to be corrected or removed later kind of shoots that theory down. I’m sure we can at least agree that Bon Jovi would be thrilled to see the impact he and his band have had on this person’s life.

Well said, John Bovi, well said. That’s just beautiful.

9 When The Line In Front Of You Moves Super Slowly

12- When The Line In Front Of You Moves Super Slowly
Via: gag.fm

Ah, yes, we’re playing in the big leagues now, friends. If any super humiliating public mistake has become popular online, it would be this one.

You know how it is. There you are in the clothes store, spending way, way more than you should be. There are a fair few mannequins around, and they’re making you a little uncomfortable. Maybe you’ve seen the first episode of the Doctor Who reboot with Christopher Eccleston, with the Autons (living plastic mannequins) with gun hands. Would you mess with them? You would not.

If these guys want you to wait in line with them, you’re sure going to do it. You might be there awhile, but it’s the only way to be safe. Blend in, pretend you’re one of them, and survive.

8 When The Newspaper Runs An Unfortunate Front Page Story On Your Wedding Day


Lots of us like to keep newspapers from special occasions. Birthdays, vacations, those sorts of things. If you hop online, you can order newspapers that were printed on the day of somebody’s birth or anniversary, and it’s a neat idea. I’m a sentimental soul–and a bit of closet history nerd—and this whole concept is right up my alley.

Even so, there is an unfortunate drawback to the whole thing, and you’ve probably spotted it already: you’re not likely to like what you read.

Newspapers have never been super jolly journals of happiness, and the world is a darn bleak place in a lot of ways. The front cover is usually reserved for the most harrowing and eye-catching events, so you’re in danger of… well, something exactly like this happening.

7 When You're Just Waiting At The Stop Sign Like You've Been Told

14- When You're Just Waiting At The Stop Sign Like You've Been Told
Via: coventrytelegraph.net

Call me a cynic, but I think we hear enough stories of people just flaunting the rules these days. Flaunting people with zero respect for their fellow man. As a frequent commuter, I’m often shunted aside on escalators by Super Important Office Worker #3246, who simply needs to run down them instead of just standing like you’re supposed to. Those extra four seconds you saved are sure to come in real handy, friend.

All I’m saying about this entry is, let’s be a little less snarky. Let’s stop to appreciate somebody who actually plays fair, abides by the rules. They’re the wrong rules in this case, sure, but that’s not what matters.

I think this lady and the one queuing up with the mannequins would make a great crime fighting duo.

6 When You're Having Triplets, So You'll Be Pregnant For Over Two Years


Now, this one’s pretty tough to argue with as well. After all, the math is solid. If we’re talking purely on a nine-months-per-baby basis, then 27 months is exactly right for three babies. So what’s the problem here?

Oh, wait though. If the first baby is done after nine months (listen for the little microwave ping coming from the mother’s stomach), what happens then? Does it have to continue baking for another year and a half, until the third is finally ready and they can all come out simultaneously? Even the middle baby’s going to be double-done, so the first’s going to be completely ruined. It’ll look like someone fell asleep under a sunbed for a couple of weeks.

Let’s all be glad that this isn’t a thing.

5 When You Totally Understand What Labor Day Is All About

16- When You Totally Understand What Labor Day Is All About
Via: elitereaders.com

As US readers will know, Labor Day is a unique holiday in America. It’s a celebration of the country’s labor force, the proud workers that helped make the country the global powerhouse it is today. It’s also part of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend, and that’s something everyone can always get behind.

Mother’s Day, meanwhile, is a different kind of celebration day. This one is in honor of mothers everywhere, and the myriad of difficult, awkward, and time-consuming little tasks their boundless love sees them do for us.

Both of these days, I’m sure you’ll agree, are worthy causes and all-round great ideas. They are not the same thing, though. I like what you did there, trying to tie them both in together, but nope.

4 When You're A Little Lost With 'Their,' 'There' And 'They're'


Firstly, let’s address the huge, grammatically-questionable elephant in the room: she’s absolutely right on one thing. The 'their, there, and they’re' conundrum continues to trip people up, however old they get. This does give the internet’s rabid horde of online spelling and grammar police something to do, but otherwise, it’s a real problem.

Once again, this doesn’t always have to be a huge deal. It’s all about context. If you’re a professor writing an astrophysics textbook, then sure, you’d better have all these things down pat. If it’s just a Facebook post or a text message, do we have to be so pernickety about it? Not usually, but in this instance, this proud mom did bring it on herself. Come on now, mom, nobody likes a show-off.

3 When Your Dad Tried To Print A YouTube Video

18- When Your Dad Tried To Print A YouTube Video
Via: ruinmyweek.com

You know, while we’re being enlightened and reasonable and everything, let’s cut the oldies some slack, too. Sure, they might rope us in as their impromptu tech support every now and then (or constantly, depending on their level of aptitude), but darn good on them for trying to get to grips with it at all. Just think how different the world is now, compared to how it was when our parents were young.

All these Kindles, tablets and Smartphones… when they were young, it was still freaking decades before dial-up Internet. Any dad who’s looking up the tabs to Smoke On The Water on YouTube is a cool dad in my book. Still, he did try to print the page out, and snarkers gonna snark.

2 When You Solve The Mystery Of The Melted Tomato

19- When You Solve The Mystery Of The Melted Tomato
Via: Imgur

Ah, yes. I can relate. I can relate on a deep, spiritual level that I didn’t even know I had.

I’m sure we all can, really. Have you ever made a post on FaceBook, Twitter or elsewhere, realised the error of your ways as soon as you hit send, and then hated yourself for the rest of the day? I know I have.

That’s the problem with social media. You can instantly share every single little thought with the whole world, and you rarely stop to think about whether or not you should. This is a particular problem when you can’t edit posts, such as on Facebook messenger.

In the exact nanosecond after you hit send, you have the ketchup revelation, but it’s all too late then.

1 When Super Bounce Bouncy Balls Really Are Super Bouncy

20- When Super Bounce Bouncey Balls Really Are Super Bouncy
Via: collegehumor.com

If you’re anything like me, you can’t abide commercials, or the home shopping channel. Why? Because they’re all filthy, filthy liars.

Now, of course, if you’re trying to sell your product, you’re going to hype it up a little. That’s just how sales-personship (yep, that’s a word now) works. The trouble is, you’re going way beyond faux enthusiasm for the product’s abilities. Try flipping the home shopping channel on some time; count how many times you hear words like incredible, unbelievable and amazing. It’s hyperbole central.

Super Bounce is one brand that isn’t about any of that. Their bouncy balls are super bouncy. Nothing more, nothing less. You make a promise and you deliver on it. That’s what it should all be about. Shame about this person, though.

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