20 Mistakes That Still Get Our Seal Of Approval

There are mistakes, and then there are **mistakes**. Some mistakes are so awesome (albeit unplanned) that we can't help but appreciate them. The world is much more interesting because of these priceless imperfections. We have to accept the fact that we humans (and animals) are going to make mistakes. We miscalculate our moves, or we overthink everything to the point that it no longer makes sense. Hilarious mishaps happen as a result.

Just take a look at these 20 mistakes. We can't get over how some of them even happened. Because the truth is that these mistakes could have been avoided. We are glad that they weren't, though. Life just got more interesting, and that is something that we can get behind. If the world were perfect, it would probably be super-boring. (Of course, we should try to make things better for everyone overall, but some mistakes add interest to our otherwise bland existence.)

Even better? It's not just humans who are making huge goofs. Our beloved animal friends also make mistakes that get our seal of approval. Be ready to laugh (and cry-laugh) while going through this list. It just goes to show that some imperfections are actually perfect in their own way. Ready or not, here they go....

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20 An unexpected face swap

Face swapping has made Snapchat even more fun than it was when it started. But we had no idea what types of results we could get from face swapping cats and dogs. See, a husky is quite cute on his own. Cats are also incredibly adorable. We're not sure how we feel when the tables have been turned on us, though. The result of this particular face swap is enough to make us cringe and laugh at the same time. But we're glad that there are not any dog/cat hybrids out there because that would be way too much for us.

19 The pond that never was

Via: reddit.com

We have to feel for this goose. All he wants out of life is a good pond and access to food. It's not too much to ask. But this goose is going to make the most of an otherwise negative situation. No pond, no problem. There's a big enough puddle from a recent rain to make this parking lot worthwhile. Now if that doesn't motivate us to overcome obstacles, then nothing will. This goose is an example to all of us to find creative solutions to our huge problems. Turn puddles into ponds. And this goose should win an award for being a genius.

18 Photo editing skills not up to par

Via: reddit.com

Sometimes people tell lies on their resumes (or their LinkedIn profiles). They claim to have certain skills or education that they do not have. It's not a good idea to fake something because people always get caught.

Now the photographer may very well have been decent at taking photos, but we think that she needs to take a few more skills classes in Photoshop.

The result of this mistake is definitely hilarious. But we have no intention of hiring the photographer to take our family photos after seeing this particular evidence. Laughter is the best medicine, and this family will have plenty of it.

17 Just trying to fit in

Via: reddit.com

Quack! This duck is just trying to fit in with the crowd. We don't give animals enough credit when we think that they can't learn other things. Their minds might operate differently than ours, but that doesn't make them any less interesting than we are. Just different. And this duck seems to have gotten into a flamboyance of flamingos. What else is there to do but fit in? If he has to stand on one leg to go unnoticed or to make friends, then we are totally there with him. It's not like we haven't stood on one leg to fit in at a party once or twice.

16 The human made up for it

Did this human REALLY drop all that doggie's food on the floor? We just can't take that sad, puppy-dog expression without the waterworks going. Poor doggie. But the human more than made up for this mistake by rearranging all the kibble into a heart. This doggie is very much loved and needs to know it.

She will, of course, forgive her human over time.

This is hardly an unforgivable offense. She will be able to eat all that kibble to her heart's content. The friendship between this dog and her human is still intact. We can be happy to know that animals will forgive quite a lot of our mistakes.

15 Let's heart about it

Via: reddit.com

Awww! Parents sometimes have trouble with technology. They grew up without computers and smartphones and social media. Emojis are a new thing for them. And this parent was not sure how to send a single heart. What did this parent do instead? Some social media platforms offer backgrounds for posts. One of the backgrounds was a bunch of hearts, so the parent chose the heart background and wrote the explanation for it. It's still great. The recipient would understand what was meant. Mistakes like these are really sweet and win our seal of approval. More hearts are actually better than one.

14 That's one way to read comments

Via: imgur.com

Once again, today's technology is beyond some people. This woman on the subway wanted to read the comments to a post, so she printed ALL of them off to read on the way to work. This mistake wasted a ton of printer ink and paper, but we still have to chuckle at the whole thing.

Maybe the comments made her feel happy.

Encouraging comments can make a world of difference for people, so it's always a great thing to type nice things to people online. Words have an impact. So, while it's a mistake to print of online comments, we kind of like this instance.

13 Seriously, they look awesome

While it may have been an accident that they both chose to get a similar suit, this particular mistake is beyond awesome. The floral suits are bright and colorful. They look like they should be on the cover of magazines! Yes, this is that awesome. Arden's orange eyeshadow is the eyeshadow we have been waiting for. We actually love lots of florals and bright colors in everything, so this works out for our own personal aesthetics. And an eccentric pop boy band like this would have to be on the Top 10 charts. There's no other way about it when they look so awesome.

12 He was only trying to help

Look, we would be surprised too if one of our siblings said they were "going for a run." Running is not something that we do in our family. But this mistake is so hilarious because her brother thought "going for a run" was still code for "sneaking out."

This goes to show that her brother was still on her side and willing to protect her from getting into trouble with their parents.

We have to admire his loyalty to his sister. If only our brother were that loyal! (Hint: He's most definitely not.) Her brother still has her back after all these years.

11 Panoramas are hard to do, though

We have tried to do panoramas before, and it never works out. We don't know what we are doing wrong or how to fix it. The good news is that we are not alone in this. Most people are not good at doing panoramas. This is Exhibit A. The panorama of his dog ended up with a funny result. The dog looks like a toupee with a face and legs. Yikes! Imagine if someone's toupee hopped off their head and started fetching sticks in Central Park. That's what this makes us think of, and the image is going to be burned into our minds forever.

10 Making unexpected friends

Okay, so the dog may have made a "mistake," but this is too cute not to love. The brick is keeping the carpet in place. But for whatever reason, the dog has taken a liking to the brick. In many ways, dogs are like perpetual children.

Why wouldn't he make friends with an inanimate object that brings him comfort?

The brick must mean something to the dog that he feels safe with it around. If we look at the photos, we can see that the brick has been around ever since the doggie was a rescued puppy. Maybe he sees the brick as representative of his home and family.

9 Well, we're proud of him (does that count?)

College is expensive. No one is going to deny that. And for some of us, college is just not going to happen, whether we have family obligations or don't get enough funding or have our own health issues. It's okay not to go to college. Life happens sometimes. And TBH, some careers do not even require a college-level education. Well, this guy managed to sneak into a graduation ceremony (slightly concerning for other reasons) and walk across the stage for a diploma he isn't really getting. It's actually kind of hilarious that he did this and that he managed to get away with it.

8 Some good ideas become bad ideas

This squirrel's thought process was something like: "I'm going to get ALL THE FOOD!" So, he climbed into the feeder. The only thing he never considered was that getting out of the feeder would not be as easy as getting into the feeder.

At some point, the squirrel will want to go home.

Unfortunately, he won't be able to leave until he gets human intervention to let him free. Will the squirrel learn from his hilarious mistake? We can't be sure of that. Maybe he will end up stuck in another feeder in the very near future. The draw of free food is too much for some.

7 Name changed to Bastet, please

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the goddess Bastet took the form of a cat. This would have been when cats were worshiped the most (and seriously, cats are awesome). People carried around amulets with cat figurines on them. Well, this kitty seems to be calling on her inner Bastet when she broke the vase and ended up with a necklace of sorts. It looks very similar to the necklaces that ancient Egyptians wore. For the cat's sake, we hope that they were able to safely remove the rest of the vase from the cat's neck. Cats will do anything to get worshiped again.

6 Even Alexa makes mistakes

Alexa might be an artificial intelligence, but that does not mean that it doesn't make mistakes. Humans created Alexa, after all. And we should know by now that humans are deeply flawed. Well, it seems that Alexa did not hear Michael correctly.

The end result is funnier than we could have ever imagined.

How does one "defeat" a baby? Changing diapers is certainly a daring task, especially when baby has pooed in the diaper. Feeding the baby may also prove to be challenging in some cases. Alexa seems to have other ideas because we totally had an image of a Darth Vader baby.

5 Wouldn't wish this on anyone

Brooke may have done this on purpose. Yeah, we don't think it's an actual mistake, but this is very much a mistake on a grander scale. Soup should not be made into ice cubes for beverages. Why would anyone do this to themselves? Our stomach turned at the thought of iced Spaghetti-Os in a glass of water. No thank you! We will pass on that beverage. And we highly doubt that this is a widespread thin in Texas. If it is, we need to make sure never to visit Texas. It would be our luck that every restaurant has spaghetti cubes for drinks.

4 Sending selfies to the wrong number

It can be tough to recall our own phone numbers because it's not like we call ourselves on a regular basis. Well, she wanted to send some cute selfies to herself (from one phone to another phone?).

Unfortunately, she got one digit wrong in the dial and ended up sending her selfies to someone else.

That could have been so awkward. Instead, it looks like it turned into a hilarious exchange. That's good news. We, on the other hand, send our selfies to our emails so that we can access them on the computer too. Or, we upload them to a cloud drive.

3 #MiddleNameProblems

Parents should seriously know their kids' names! But LOL, if this isn't hilarious, then we can't tell jokes anymore. Maybe she never used her middle name, so that's why she wasn't sure about it. Her mom seems to be the only one who actually knows her middle name and how to spell it. Moms usually know these things because they birthed us and took care of us, and they usually file the birth certificates. Not everyone has a middle name, and some people have more than one middle name. It's no wonder that there is confusion about middle names in this world.

2 We don't know what to say

What a magnificent bird! It looks like this couple went to a place where people can visit wildlife, only for the wildlife to get up close and personal with them. The bird decided to perch on her head.

Now, if a bird perches on one's head, it's probably a good idea not to fight it. Agitating the bird would be a bad idea.

And such a large bird has to have some serious talons or claws. We wouldn't know what else we could do but hope and pray that the bird decided to move on soon. Our heads aren't the best perches.

1 Definitely not a robot

Look, we understand that companies want to make sure that they are dealing with actual human beings who are able to enter into contracts. That's why we have Captchas. They're supposedly designed to trick internet bots so that they can't check the box or solve the problem. But the salesperson should have known that she was an actual human. She was right in front of them! And the box is for computer applications, not in-person ones. Our eyes are rolling so hard in our heads right now. This mistake is hilarious, so we can still give it our seal of approval.

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