20 Most Flattering Pics Of Bradley Cooper

Actor Bradley Cooper is an A-lister with tons of talent and good looks to match. Fans from far and wide love his films, and those who find him attractive are even more inclined to hit theaters when one of his movies are playing. He is charismatic, cool, and gets attention wherever he goes.

Cooper’s refreshing down-to-earth attitude makes him even more likable. He seems to be humble, and although he is a huge Hollywood star, fame seems to be something he has dealt with well, not letting his ego grow to the size of another solar system.

He’s a dad and apparently back on the market, and lots of ladies hope they are next in line to be Cooper’s real-life love interest.

These pics of the passionate actor are some of his most flattering. It’s hard to imagine him looking bad, but it’s still fun to scroll through these swoon-worthy snapshots.

20 Awesome Abs

Via: pinterest.com

Depending upon the role, sometimes actors are required to get ripped in order to play the part most believably. The upside is seeing Cooper looking so cut. His six-pack is on point, and the rest of his body isn’t too shabby either. It’s no wonder fans lose their cool when he takes off his clothing.

19 Brilliant Baby Blues

Via: pinterest.com

Cooper looks a lot younger here, but one thing’s still the same. His ice-blue eyes are dazzling, something people can’t get enough of when they see him on screen. His stare is captivating, and audiences are pulled in as he uses his eyes to make the most of his messages.

18 Backseat Driver

Via: newslocker.com

Cooper looks dapper in his vest and white shirt, and as he sits back in the car, his demeanor is mysterious. It’s hard to tell if he’s simply looking out the window or thinking about something serious. Part of being a good actor is using expression as a tool, and Cooper keeps us on the edge of our seats.

17 Heartthrob

Via: therewillbecinema.com

Cooper’s rugged good looks make him stand out from the other actors who try to fit into a trendy mold. He is his own person, and fans appreciate his integrity. No matter the role, Cooper’s uniqueness shines through, and his fans are always in awe of his A+ acting abilities.

16 Cool And Confident

Via: gq.com

As he stands outside and smiles, Cooper is going for a clean-cut look in a cool outfit. He seems genuinely happy, with the sun shining in the sky and enough shade to keep him from getting hot. The people who adore Cooper for his boyish charm are sure to pick this photo as their favorite.

15 Fun With Facial Hair

Via: justjared.com

From clean-cut to something far scruffier, Cooper is sporting a mustache and beard, probably for a role. His hair is longer and he seems a bit sloppier, but when actors are gearing up for work, they have to take on the attributes of the character as part of their own personalities.

14 A Stellar Smile

Via: radaronline.com

Fans who think Cooper is the cutest surely love his infectious smile. His adorable grin gets everyone in a happier mood, and he’s showing off his pearly whites in this great pic. Naturally, Cooper doesn’t always smile when his role is dark or gloomy, but when called for, he’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear.

13 A Furry Friend

Via: aroundmovies.com

Cooper is having some fun with a furry friend, and his smile shows that this is one of his favorite moments. That cute monkey makes for an adorable co-star, and Cooper would probably say he prefers the primate to some of the humans he has worked with. Too bad monkeys can’t do the whole red carpet thing.

12 Rock Star Vibes

Via: vulture.com

Fans learned that Cooper could carry a tune in his box office smash with the impeccable Lady Gaga. Not only did Cooper kill it with his acting chops, but his voice was perfect for the singing part. As he took on a role that was different and dynamic, Cooper rose to the challenge and showed critics how creative he could be.

11 Rugged And Rough

Via: newsweek.com

Some of Cooper’s roles require him to play the tough guy. He gets into the part by looking rough around the edges, and his demeanor becomes grittier and gutsy. In real life, it seems like Cooper is more like the “boy next door,” but when he transforms for a role, the difference is dramatic.

10 Dapper Dude

Via: bustle.com

When it’s time to hit the red carpet for a star-studded event, Cooper gets classy and dresses the part. Here he’s looking fine in his well-fitting tux with a simple black bow tie. He’s ready for the cameras and will chit chat with other stars. He may not win an award this time around, but he’s already a fan favorite.

9 A Day With His Dogs

Via: rousedtomediocrity.wordpress.com

Life’s a beach for Cooper and his two four-legged companions. It’s nice to take the dogs out to run and play by the ocean, and Cooper seems like he’s having a great time too. It looks like a beautiful day with a bright blue sky and the sun shining above. Cooper’s one lucky guy to get to enjoy this sort of serenity.

8 Table For One

Via: hiveminer.com

Cooper is all smiles as he sits at the café and basks in the sunshine. Perhaps he has just placed his order and he’s getting ready to eat. He doesn’t appear to have anyone with him, so he’ll dine solo and have some time to think. Cooper surely spends lots of time surrounded by other people, so a table for one is probably a relief.

7 Always Adorable

Via: pinterest.com

This black and white pic of the actor is a great shot that brings out the best of his winning personality. With a nice smile and relaxed pose, Cooper looks approachable as well as attractive. His fans realize they’ll probably never meet him, but pics like this give them an intimate view of the man they see on screen.

6 Daddy Duty

Via: vogue.com

Cooper is doing the daddy thing by walking through the city with his little one strapped on. He’s a hands-on dad who surely loves his baby to pieces. It wasn’t long ago that fans would wonder if Cooper would ever have children, now they’re asking if his child will one day get a sibling.

5 A Cute Close-Up

Via: youtube.com

Cooper’s blue eyes are beaming in this up-close pic of the actor. His blue clothing brings out the color of his electrifying eyes, and those who adore him are melting into his soul. When we see Cooper on screen, his larger-than-life presence is powerful. He’s interesting to watch and gets better looking over time.

4 Hollywood Hunk

Via: weheartit.com

When it comes to Hollywood hunks, Cooper is one of everyone’s faves. He’s handsome, good looking, and well-received, and his buff body makes his fans flip their collective lids. Sure, his acting is amazing, but sometimes the movie-goers focus on appearance only. Surely Cooper doesn’t mind as long as they make it to the theaters.

3 Red Carpet Couple

Via: people.com

Cooper is posing for a pic with the mother of his baby, and she’s as gorgeous as can be. Her dazzling dress is full of detail, and her figure is flawless. As a top model, it’s part of her job to look like a million bucks. Cooper looks great as well in his crisp white suit.

2 Grinning With Gaga

Via: eonline.com

Lady Gaga just can’t take her eyes off her cute co-star. He is looking dapper as always, and she evidently finds him attractive. Perhaps their on-screen chemistry never wore off once filming wrapped. Women everywhere can surely relate; if they had worked with the actor, they would be smitten too.

1 Out With An Icon

Via: esquire.com

Robert De Niro is one of the most acclaimed actors of our time, and Cooper must be please to be in a pic with the acting legend. These two must have made a splash on the red carpet as they walked along together and smiled. Fans of both must’ve been in a frenzy.

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