20 Most Intense Things Kelly Ripa Did To Her Kids

When it comes to celebrity parenting styles, there’s no rhyme or reason to it at all. Some are very hands-off and believe in being their child’s best friend while others crow about alternative methods, such as co-parenting, that are now slowly entering the mainstream consciousness.

Then there are the parents like Kelly Ripa who are incredibly strict with their children and have no qualms about laying down the law of the land.

Ripa’s three children Michael, Lola and Joaquin had to deal with a mother that acted more like a warden of a prison than their best friend; some parenting experts would even argue she was a little too overzealous.

Read more to find out how much of a task-master Ripa was when her children were growing up.

20 Scrutinized Her Daughter's Outfits Because That Is Totes Normal

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Cheatsheet notes that Ripa freely admitted in past interviews that when her daughter Lola was much younger, she was incredibly strict when it came to her wardrobe.

Every single day—with no exceptions—Lola had to pick from limited options about what she was going to wear because that isn’t creepy as heck.

19 Ripa Clearly Thinks Junk Food Is The Devil

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Most parents tend to set a limit when it comes to allowing their youngins to chow down on junk food, but it’s usually about eating things in moderation.

In an interview with Shape, Ripa revealed that her kids weren’t given a choice—there was no junk food allowed and if they were hungry, they had to eat some fruit.

18 Poor Kiddos Had Zero Privacy Even On Their Own Phones

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With the rise of smartphones and other devices, many parents have to juggle between keeping an eye on their children’s online habits and giving them some privacy.

According to Cheatsheet, Ripa went overboard she had full access to their phones when they were young, passwords included. Someone get her a chill pill, yikes!

17 Pressuring Lola To Make Sure She Aced Spanish Class

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There are some parents that hound their kids to get good grades, and it appears as if Ripa was one of them.

Redbook writes that the talk show host scolded her daughter for neglecting her Spanish homework that since “her grandmother is a Spanish teacher, she’s not allowed to fail this class.”

16 Going All Stern Mom When Her Daughter Texted Instead Of Studying

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Another incident where Ripa showed that she could be as stern as steel happened when a teenaged Lola decided to text her friends instead of studying for one of her classes.

Redbook writes that Lola’s mother was furious when she found out and as a punishment, she had both her cellphone AND her computer taken away.

15 Ripa Made Her Children Take Probiotics And Supplements

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When kids are sick, most parents take ‘em to the doctor and spend extra time using Lysol for the next few days.

Not Ripa, who admitted to WebMD that after her son Michael got sick as a child she became a total neat freak and forced her kids to take probiotics, supplements, etc. so they don’t catch any germs.

14 Going Too Far In Limiting Access To The Television When They Were Young

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There are plenty of studies out there that show too much screen time is detrimental, but once they’re older, there should be a balance between too little and too much screen time.

Cheatsheet writes that the talk show host refused to let her kids watch TV on the weekdays; they had to wait until the weekend to do so.

13 Kids Can't Argue With Her If There Is An Emergency

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WebMD writes that out of all of her three children, Ripa says that her daughter Lola is the most articulate and the stubborn one out of the bunch.

The two have butted heads so much when Lola was growing up that she instituted a new rule: no protesting or back talk if they were in the middle of an emergency.

12 Her Children Have To Have Excellent Manners At All Times

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It’s one thing to try and instill good manners into your kids, but Ripa took that idea and just went wild with it.

Cheatsheet writes that one example of this obsession with manners that the Live With Kelly And Ryan host has is when she made them write thank you notes whenever they were given gifts.

11 Skipping Family Dinners Is A No-No

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In the modern era, some families have stopped having the traditional “family dinner” where they sit around and chat about their day since everyone’s on different schedules.

Maternity Week writes that no matter how old Ripa’s children are, she still wants them present for family dinners and to hear about how their day went.

10 Keeps An Eagle Eye On Her Children's Social Media Accounts

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Nowadays, parents find themselves walking a fine line when it comes to their kids’ social media accounts—they want them to have privacy but also want to keep an eye on ‘em.

Today writes that Ripa firmly implanted the idea in her kids’ heads that every single thing they post on social media was going to be monitored by her.

9 She Gets Really Mad If Her Kids Interrupt During Meals

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When it comes to kids and manners, some parents are very lax when it comes to how their little ones behave around the dinner table.

Ripa told People that her kids learned the hard way to not interrupt anyone when they were talking because she has a zero tolerance policy for “piggish behavior.”

8 Snooped Through Her Kids' Rooms To Find Hidden Devices

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Let’s face it, plenty of kids with very strict parents find ways of getting burner phones and laptops so they can chat with friends without any prying eyes.

Maternity Week notes that Ripa is so gung-ho about keeping an eye on her children’s online lives that she’d go through their rooms to find the burner devices.

7 Curfews Are Heavily Enforced, Even On Dates

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Most pre-teens and teenagers have curfews, but those rules should generally start to lessen once the child in question has proven themselves to be trustworthy.

Maternity Week adds that Ripa was very strict when it came to curfews when her kids were growing up and didn’t even make an exception when it came to Lola’s prom night.

6 Keep To The Schedule Or Suffer Mom's Wrath

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In an interview with WebMD, Ripa explained that she is stickler for making sure her three children stuck to the schedules that she creates for them.

It is her belief that children need consistency to keep them on the straight and narrow; plus schedules let them know exactly what their mom expects from them.

5 College Is A Must

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College isn’t for every teenager and some parents are very supportive if their child decides against going to one in favor of a trade school or something similar.

Closer Weekly notes that Ripa’s children didn’t have the luxury of choice: they had to enroll in college after they graduated high school

4 Doesn't Help Her Son Pay The Bills In College

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Many parents help their children make their way through college and they definitely aren’t rich like Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

ET Online adds that Ripa’s eldest son Michael is experiencing “extreme poverty” in his final year of college because she won’t help him out at all and he has to pay for rent, food, etc. himself.

3 Urging The Youngest To Go To School Out Of State

Via: Heavy

Unlike some other parents out there, Ripa was definitely not thrilled that her daughter Lola also decided to go to NYU, just like her big brother Michael.

ET Online writes that Ripa “concerned” about them going to school in state and feels that Lola isn’t ready to leave behind the perks of living at home.

2 Criticizing Their Colleges Of Choice

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According to ET Online, the Live With Kelly And Ryan host was quite disappointed when her two oldest children decided to go to college right near home.

She admits that she would prefer if her youngest child Joaquin applied for colleges out of state instead of staying in the Big Apple like his siblings.

1 Constantly Embarrassing The Kiddos On Social Media

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With the rise of social media, it is the norm for parents and their children to tease and embarrass one another with posts, photos, videos, etc.

Yahoo notes that Ripa is not shy about constantly embarrassing her children on social media; for example, she wouldn’t let Lola live down the shame of being photobombed in a recent IG post.

Sources: Cheatsheet, Shape, Today, Redbook, Maternity Week, WebMD, ET Online, Yahoo

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