20 Most Uncomfortable Moments From MTV Shows

Back when MTV first hit the airwaves, it made its mark by airing music videos for the enjoyment of its loyal viewers. Over time, however, the network has left its original format behind in order to air original shows, many of whom also have large fan followings. That said, MTV still stands out in a lot of ways as the network is willing to take chances other channels often aren’t.

Whether you like MTV for its dramas and comedies or the network’s slew of “reality” shows, the fact remains that much of its content can be pretty daring at times. In fact, several scenes from MTV series have been difficult to watch for one reason or another. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of the 20 most uncomfortable moments from MTV shows.

20 Ozzy Osbourne’s Utter Confusion

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As one of the godfathers of Heavy Metal and a true rock ‘n’ roll legend, many people have spent years putting Ozzy Osbourne on a pedestal. That is why it was so uncomfortable to see him utterly confused about how to pick up a ringing phone or operate a remote control during an episode of The Osbournes.

19 Taylor Swift Is Shell Shocked

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During the last season of Punk’d to date, Justin Beiber chose to prank his fellow singing superstar Taylor Swift. Convinced that she is involved in lighting a firework that landed on a yacht where people were getting married, when the boat lights ablaze chaos ensued. Looking shell shocked and like she could start crying at any moment, seeing Taylor seem so upset is difficult.

18 Snooki and Deena “Drown” the Sammi Doll

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If you thought that Jersey Shore Family Vacation would be different since it seemed like the show’s cast had matured, the sequel series proved to be just as ridiculous. For example, during one scene from the show, Snooki and Deena opted to kick and drown a doll made up to look like Sammi which was harsh considering their former co-star was a major part of their lives.

17 Groom-To-Be Freaks Out

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During a 2002 episode of MTV’s True Life, the show chronicled a young couple during the lead up to their wedding and on their special day. This led to them filming the groom-to-be lose it when the limo driver shows up to pick him up an hour late. While his anger at the situation makes sense, threatening to “hunt down” the driver like “cattle” so he could “gut” them was really extreme.

16 Ozzy Mixing Things Up

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Earlier in this list, we looked at a moment from The Osbournes in which Ozzy wasn’t acting like a rock star at all. Even though that was disappointing, the time he hurt his foot and then perfectly played into his image was even worse. Placed on medication and told not to mix them with alcohol, Ozzy does just that during one scene and then seemed completely out of it.

15 Maci and Kyle’s Break Up

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Of all the Teen Mom stars, it could be argued that Maci was the one that fans most wanted to see find happiness in her life. As such, it was great to see her get involved with Kyle as he seemed like a really great guy. Unfortunately, fans’ high expectations for the pair fell apart after Kyle cheated on Maci which made the scene in which they broke up heartbreaking.

14 Noah’s Confession

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Given the fact that Noah from Scream thought his life would soon come to an end, it makes perfect sense that he chose to tell Audrey about his feelings for her. However, viewers were so embarrassed for him when Audrey said: “I do love you, Noah -- just not like that" that they felt like dying themselves.

13 Matt Cappotelli Gets Beaten Up

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Even though calling wrestling fake isn’t quite right, as a lot of the moves hurt, the people who work in the business are supposed to do everything they can to protect their in-ring opponents. Despite that, during an episode of MTV’s Tough Enough III, the eventual winner of the season Matt Cappotelli was beaten up in the ring by WWE veteran Hardcore Holly. In fact, Cappotelli was repeatedly hit and kicked in the face, neck, chest, and ribs which led to him suffering many real injuries.

12 Madonna Focuses on Herself

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After the passing of singing legend Aretha Franklin, music fans all over the world mourned the passing of someone whose voice changed the world. However, judging by Madonna’s speech that supposedly was about Franklin at the 2018 MTV VMAs, she thought everyone should be focused on how Aretha’s passing affected her.

11 Leah Passes Out

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Over the years, the ladies from Teen Mom have certainly dealt with their fair share of issues, some of which were more worrisome than others. For example, it was scary that Leah developed an addiction issue and passed out in the middle of a conversation with her brother while holding her niece.

10 Self Defense

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Throughout the run of MTV’s Jackass, the show’s stars did a number of things that physically hurt them and would be incredibly embarrassing for your average person. Despite that, the most uncomfortable moment from the show was the time Johnny Knoxville stunned himself with 120,000 volts and had someone hit him with red pepper spray in his eyes.

9 Heidi Montag Unveils Her New Look

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No matter how the public felt when Heidi Montag underwent an extremely dramatic makeover, at the time it seemed like she was happy with the outcome which is all that should have mattered. Still, watching Heidi explain all of the work she had done which deeply upset her mother who admitted that she liked the way her daughter looked before which was painful to watch.

8  Scott Realizes He Kissed Kira

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Like virtually every teen drama in television history, Teen Wolf included a pair of characters in Scott and Kira that started out as friends only to become a couple. However, their first kiss was far from exciting as Scott planted one on Kira by mistake one day at school and when he sat down in class and realized it, the look on his face was cringe-inducing.

7 Zach Braff Beats Up a Kid

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For an infamous episode of MTV’s Punk’d, Zach Braff was tricked into thinking that a child had spray-painted his expensive car. Understandably, Braff was angered by this but it took many people by surprise when he chased down one of the child actors who was only twelve years old and punched him several times. During the episode, they edited out the actor punching the kid but knowing what happened when Braff chased the youngster off-screen makes the whole thing hard to watch.

6 Mysterious Gets Tragic News

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Throughout the run of MTV’s Making the Band, the singers chosen to take part in the series had a really hard time getting along. However, when the performer known as Mysterious learned that her missing sister’s body had been found in pieces, everyone rallied around her. The moment was still tragic enough that the temporary unity didn’t make it any easier to stomach.

5 Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley Kiss

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Back when Michael Jackson was embroiled in controversy during the early ‘90s, it was very safe to say that he wanted to change the subject from the allegations against him. Seemingly for that reason, he trotted out Lisa Marie Presley who he’d recently married to kiss him at the 1994 MTV VMAs. Unfortunately, for viewers of that moment, their kiss felt completely staged and it seemed like neither spouse really wanted to embrace in front of the world.

4 Kanye West Interrupts Taylor Swift

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Yes, of course, we realize that we aren’t breaking any new ground by stating that Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs was super awkward for everyone. That said, there is no way we could leave this moment off this list, especially considering Beyoncé looked as uncomfortable as we’ve ever seen her at that moment.

3 Guy Thinks He is Dating Katy Perry

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During a 2016 episode of the MTV series Catfish, a guy from Tennessee named Spencer seems to be convinced that he has been talking to Katy Perry online for six years. In fact, he is said to have spent a quarter of his life savings to have an emerald ring made so he could give it to the singer. Of course, he never was in contact with Perry and we have to say we find it hard to believe he ever thought that really was the case. Either way, seeing him talk about the singer like she was his girlfriend was cringe-inducing.

2 Snooki Gets Punched

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Even though some people may not remember it now, back when Jersey Shore debuted it was a total sensation. One of the major reasons why that was the case is the show was sold to audiences with a one-of-a-kind commercial that featured footage of a man punching Snooki in the face. Despite that fact, every time that clip airs, it is still extremely hard to watch a young woman get sucker-punched out of nowhere.

1 DJ David Palmer's Dad

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Definitely, not your average dating show, MTV’s Parental Control featured the mother and father of a single youngster picking their perspective date from a group of three suitors. During an especially creepy moment from the show, DJ David Palmer's dad who clearly was middle-aged tested three young women by having them read something in their sexiest voice.

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