20 Most Uncomfortable Scenes In Adam Sandler Movies

When we first experienced comedian Adam Sandler, he was just the loud guy who would do some pretty hilarious voices on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. But the more he started to grow within the walls of his own comedic genius, the more he branched out. Pretty soon, he was just no longer that one “guy who does the opera songs on SNL” after he hit the romantic comedy circuit and found a brilliant an unusual chemistry with some Hollywood “It” girls including Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston.

But not everything he does hits audiences right in the funny bone.

Sometimes he can come off more crass than lovable and when he decides to take the dramatic route, it’s usually hit or miss. Here are some of the most uncomfortable scenes that Adam Sandler has shot.

20 The Deer Scene – Grown Ups 2


There were a LOT of cringe-worthy scenes in the Grown Ups movies when it comes with the entire cast, but there are some that stand out. There was a particular scene in the sequel of the hit comedy movie where a deer actually urinates in Sandler’s face. Like, seriously guys, we didn’t need to experience that.

19 Literally The Entire Movie– Men, Women & Children 


The 2014 comedy/drama titled Men, Women & Children was just another one of Sandler’s attempt at drama, only this entire film was pretty cringeworthy. It deals with the dangers of the internet as told from a couple different families’ point of view. It’s just overall an uncomfortable movie and Sandler doesn’t do much to help that.

18 The Suit Scene – Click


Click is about a man who finds a remote control device that’s able to manipulate time in general. Only, he realizes that he’s missing his entire family’s lives by overusing the fast forward button. There’s one scene where Sandler has to don a fat suit in order to give the appearance of being overweight. And that’s never a good thing.

17 Anytime Sandler Broke The Fourth Wall – Going Overboard


In a lot of cases, breaking the fourth wall in film or television (when a character turns and talks to the audience via the camera) has always been a revolutionary move, especially back in the 1980s. But when Adam Sandler did it a little too much in one of his first movies Going Overboard, it was just too much – even by Adam Sandler standards.

16 All of Jack and Jill, Basically


There are a handful of Adam Sandler moves we wish we can just completely expunge from our minds – and Jack and Jill is one of them. In this movie, Sandler plays duel characters – and one happens to be an over-the-top version of himself as a woman. In the movie, he plays fraternal twin siblings and the outcome is how people expected it to be: bad.

15 Discovering His Wife’s Infidelity - Spanglish

A.V. Club

This is one of my favorite Sandler movies where he managed to pull off comedy with a small amount of drama. Though there’s one scene that sticks out in the whole film: His wife, played by Tea Leoni, admits to being unfaithful during their marriage in a long rant, and all Sandler can do is just sit there with a warped expression on his face.

14 The Dinner Scene (With His Mom) – The Cobbler


The Cobbler is about a man who happens upon a magical stitching machine that allows him to become other people when he steps into their shoes (it’s complicated). He decides to use his powers to become his father for an evening to have dinner with his mother as him (she’s dying) in order to make her happy. But it’s just plain awkward.

13 Yelling At Linda – The Wedding Singer


Don’t get me wrong – The Wedding Singer is one of my top Sandler movies that never gets old. But, you have to admit, he does a lot of yelling in it (which is his trademark, I get it), but when he does it right in the beginning when his current girlfriend Linda (Angela Featherstone) is dumping him, it’s just uncomfortable, even though she deserved it.

12 Remember When Vanilla Ice Played Mark Twain – The Ridiculous 6


Allow me to scream from rooftops just for a second here: WHO ON EARTH APPROVED THIS CASTING? Was it Sandler himself? In a mock western movie that stars Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Terry Crews, Nick Nolte, Luke Wilson, and Steve Buscemi, some person thought “you know who would play a good Mark Twain? THE DUDE WHO SANG ICE, ICE, BABY”. Why…

11 Pitch Scene – Sandy Wexler


This movie where Sandler plays a talent agent is generally unfunny throughout the entire movie, there is one scene in this movie which made everyone go yikes: Sandy (Sandler) has a heart attack during a pitch meeting and Kevin James (a ventriloquist client of his) has to pretend Sandy is still coherent during the meeting.

10 Making Out With Jennifer Aniston – Just Go With It


Just Go With It is your typical movie where Sandler is attempting to land the insanely beautiful woman by having his somewhat dumpy-looking assistant (who is played by the NEVER DUMPY Jennifer Aniston) play his ex-wife in order to make the beautiful younger woman jealous. Cliché, at best, but it just looks odd when the stunning Aniston kisses Sandler.

9 Basically The End Of Mr. Deeds


While Mr. Deeds wasn’t necessarily a bad film (it had redeeming castings like having John Turturro as Sandler’s character’s hilarious butler and Winona Ryder opposite him) but it’s only really good for the first part of the movie, so when it comes down to the end, it’s basically a snooze fest. So it’s not really cringeworthy, but mainly just boring.

8 Anytime He Speaks In Little Nicky

Bomb Report

Who would have thought that a movie about Satan’s son would be, quite honestly, bad? Um, basically all of Hollywood sans the people who actually greenlit this particular project. While the entire movie itself is cringeworthy, it’s whenever Sandler speaks in that high pitched voice as Nicky, it makes people’s ears bleed metaphorically.

7 How Todd Came To Be - That’s My Boy


In this movie, Sandler plays the deadbeat dad of Andy Samberg’s character so you know that they’re totally going to push the grossness across a line. Sandler just goes all out in this comedy, including how Samberg’s character, Todd, came to be (he was the product of his dad getting a tad too close to his own school teacher when he was a kid – whoa).

6 His Breakdown On Stage – The Wedding Singer

New Line Cinema

Sandler was at his most delightful in this film where he falls in love with the very engaged Drew Barrymore. Sure, he has his moments (like the one listed above) and another happens to be when he sings a song about his ex which sounds downright questionable. Yet, it doesn’t drive away Barrymore’s character.

5 When He's Alone With Jessica Biel – I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry


Sandler and Kevin James play best friends who pretend to be married in order for James’ character to name his children as his beneficiaries on his life insurance policy after his wife dies. The jokes tend to cross a line, but the big one is when he pretends to be gay when he’s alone with Jessica Biel's character as she undresses in front of him.

4 The Stereotyping In The Ridiculous 6


In a vast majority of Sandler’s older films, he tends to be surrounded by characters who more often than not play other ethnicities rather than their own in order to get a laugh or two. Sandler did the same with this one, which is in bad taste, especially when you’re trying to do a Western movie, in this day and age.

3 His Death Scene – Click


One of the bad things about the movie Click is it tries so hard to be an actual drama film, that it misses the point entirely and the audience gets to the point where they don’t even CARE about when Sandler’s character dies in it. Because it’s so utterly bleak and desperate, you don’t even shed a single tear.

2 Anytime He Yells At The Kid – Big Daddy


Adam stars in this movie about a law school grad who adopts a kid to impress his girlfriend, only he can’t return the kid when they breakup. While it has its funny moments, you end up cringing when you see and hear him yell at this poor child. Even though it all works out in the end, it’s still hard to watch during those moments.

1 Losing His Job – Anger Management


This movie was already winning because it managed to pair up Sandler and the legendary Jack Nicholson, but it had some parts that fell flat and makes you wish that Sandler would just shush and be silent for a second or two. Like when he loses his job. Ugh, so much potential.

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