20 Mouth-Watering Recipes Featuring Mini Eggs

Easter is just around the corner, and we have found some of the most mouth-watering recipes just in time for the hopping festivities. All these recipes use one of the most cherished seasonal candies ever: mini eggs! Yes, start drooling, because these are pretty damn tasty.

So, whether you're baking for yourself, or to wow a group, we're sure one of these recipes is sure to delight.

18 Speckled Egg Cupcakes

Via: stylemepretty.com

"I'll take a dozen, to go, now!" I'm pretty sure my heart stopped when I spotted these beautiful things! The recipe is easy enough and they're beautiful, aren't they?

17 Bird's Nest Cupcakes

Via: cookingclassy.com

If you don't think these are the cutest things you have ever seen, then I don't know what's wrong with you. Check out the recipe and begin baking; this one is sure to impress the whole family!

16 Mini Egg Cake Stack

Via: craftaholicsanonymous.net

This recipe is super easy, creative, and is perfect for the kids to do! Plus, a wonderful ode to spring!

15 Robin Egg Magic Bars

Via: wineandglue.com

If cake is not your thing, then these have to be! If you've ever had a magic bar before, then you know it's like tasting heaven. Now, take that and add mini eggs! This recipe also calls for a graham cracker crust! YUM!

14 Mini Cadbury Egg Milkshake

Via: floridabloggess.com

Maybe you're a busy lady. Maybe you don't have a lot of time to be whipping up a gourmet dessert. Well then, this one is for you! This milkshake recipe is so easy that you will be tempted to make it all the time.

13 Cadbury Mini Egg Cookie Cake

Via: buttercreamblondie.com

This recipe takes a bit more time, but believe me, IT IS WORTH IT!

12 Double Chocolate Nutella Carrot Cake Cups

Via: halfbakedharvest.com

Don't worry, this looks like a lot of work as well, but the recipe is super easy to follow. Not only are they DELICIOUS, but they make the perfect gift for party-goer's.

11 Cadbury Mini Egg Cake Dip

Via: andtheycookedhappilyeverafter.com

This recipe calls for only four ingredients, FOUR! So, no excuses! Anyone can do this one!

10 Mini Egg Brownies

Via: breannarecipebox.blogspot.ca

If you don't hear from me for the next few days, it's because I am binge-eating these at home. Super easy recipe = drooling for days.

9 Chocolate Dipped Blonde Bars

Via: tutti-dolci.com

A wonderful mini egg twist to a cherished favorite. These bars were a hit at a recent get-together. Want to make them yourself?! Check out the recipe. 

8 Malteaster Chocolate Cake

Via: amummytoo.co.uk

If you, like me, are not one for following recipes, then this could be the perfect way to dress up your everyday cake. All you have to do is add mini eggs to the top, a couple chocolate rabbits around the edge, and voila! Dessert! If you want the recipe, no worries, we got you covered.

7 Mini Egg Ice Cream

Via: thefoodieaffair.com

This is for all you ice cream lovers out there! This ice cream recipe gives step-by-step instructions and will surely impress all your friends.

6 Easter Egg Fudge

Via: wineandglue.com

Easter egg fudge?! I never knew this was a thing, but now I know what I want the Easter bunny to bring me every year! No excuses, follow the recipe and bring on the 'ooh's' and 'ahh's.'

5 Easter Egg Popcorn Bar

Via: somethingswanky.com

At first glance this looks like a lot of work but trust me, the recipe is so simple it's almost ridiculous! And they only take ten minutes to make!

4 Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Via: satisfymysweettooth.com

This recipe is perfect for those large groups you need to cook for. Bite size and oh, so yummy!

3 Easter Egg Bark

Via: tutti-dolci.com

You can't beat a recipe that only has four ingredients and is only 175 calories! Oh, and is delicious!

2 Cadbury Egg Donuts

Via: couponingncooking.com

I think I just blacked out. Donuts and mini eggs?! Have I died and gone to dessert heaven?! This step-by-step, easy, one-two-three, recipe makes me feel as though I have. Sorry, I'm drooling...

1 Rice Krispies Bird Nest Treat

Via: happyclippings.com

Ok, no excuses. If any of these recipes looked too hard, or too expensive, then try this one! This recipe is built on an American classic, and only takes a little sculpting to complete.

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