20 MTV Reality Show Stars From The 2000s We’d Love To See Make A Comeback

When MTV debuted it mainly aired music videos. One of the main reasons why that changed was because the network created many hit “reality” shows that began to take over. They were cheap to make and did great in the ratings.

If there is one reason why many of MTV’s “reality” shows from the 2000s were so beloved it is because they starred people the masses loved and couldn’t get enough of. In fact, it is really unfortunate that many of those former celebrities have disappeared from the spotlight. For those reasons, it is time to take a look at this list of 20 MTV “reality” show stars from the 2000s we’d love to see make a comeback.

In order for someone to appear on this list, they first and foremost need to have starred in either a “reality” or competition show. For the purposes of this list, it doesn’t matter if the person in question appeared in a single season of a show or throughout its entire run. On top of that, the series they were a part of needs to have aired during the 2000s. That said, it should be noted that it makes no difference if the show also aired during another decade.

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20 Lo Bosworth – Laguna Beach & The Hills

Via usmagazine.com

Considering that Lo Bosworth appeared in two of MTV’s most popular “reality” shows ever, Laguna Beach and The Hills, you would think that she would have been a star in her own right. However, throughout Bosworth’s time on TV, she was mostly known as the best friend of other people, like Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge.

Coming across as a really likable person, Bosworth was more than happy to enjoy some juicy gossip. Always a supporting cast member, but never the lead! We would really like to see Bosworth make her return to television as a show’s main character.

19 Fonzworth Bentley – Making the Band & From G's to Gents

Via scoopnest.com

Back when Fonzworth Bentley first began appearing on the show Making the Band, he appeared as the personal valet and assistant for series star Sean Combs. As an incredibly stylish person, it didn’t take too long for him to land a “reality” show of his own, From G's to Gents. Focused on his efforts to take young men who were starting down an unfortunate path and teach them how to act like gentlemen, the show only lasted two seasons.

An admirable person who really seemed to want to help the stars of his show, Fonzworth Bentley’s show From G's to Gents should have been a huge hit. That said, he should make a comeback with a similar show. Perhaps it could make waves if it includes more dynamic weekly challenges for contestants.

18 Dave Navarro - 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave

Via pagesix.com

One of the most famous guitarists of his generation, Dave Navarro rose to fame as a member of Jane’s Addiction and later on joined the ranks of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Also a striking enough personality that people took note of him whenever he appeared in public, when he got involved with and eventually married Carmen Electra a lot of people were fascinated.

For that reason, it made perfect sense that those two starred in a “reality” show that captured their relationship until the day they tied the knot, but their marriage didn’t last. Currently the host of the competition show Ink Master, we are still fascinated enough with Navarro’s life to want a new show about his personal life.

17 50 Cent - 50 Cent: The Money and the Power

Via fortune.com

At the height of his career during the 2000s, many people may not know this but 50 Cent used to host a competition show that was similar to The Apprentice, except it was for aspiring rap moguls. Even though 50 Cent is no longer on top of the music world today, the fact remains that he still has millions of fans who continue to follow his life.

Almost always highly entertaining when he gets interviewed or posts videos online, it truly amazes us that 50 Cent isn’t a mainstay of “reality” television. In fact, whether he starred in a revival of his previous show or something new, we’d tune in.

16 Stephen Colletti – Laguna Beach

Via YouTube.com

When it comes to the history of “reality” TV, many former stars of the genre have tried and failed to land mainstream success. Able to beat the odds in that regard, when Stephen Colletti left his “reality” show Laguna Beach behind he went on to land a starring role in the hit teen drama series One Tree Hill.

Unfortunately, after that his acting career mostly hit the skids. Always compelling on camera, Colletti has the ability to be mired in drama but still come across like a really good guy. To say that he would be a bonus for any “reality” show that was lucky enough to feature Colletti is an understatement.

15 Steve-O – Jackass & Wildboyz

Via rollingstone.com

Just like everyone else who starred in the show Jackass, Steve-O became a worldwide sensation due to his incredible ability to withstand huge amounts of pain and a willingness to do weird things. Eventually revealed to be capable of more than that, he went on to host the show Wildboyz which still featured his incredible stunts but also focused on his love of nature and animals.

Currently at a better place in his life than he was at the height of his fame, due to finding sobriety, seeing how Steve-O has grown in a “reality” show could be really great.

14 Sean Combs - Making the Band

Via spokesman.com

An incredibly accomplished human being, Sean Combs started out as a record company executive only to become a rapper, fashion designer, actor, and entrepreneur. Of course, he appears on this list because he starred in the MTV “reality” show Making the Band.

Arguably the key factor in that show’s success because he had the credibility to make people believe he could put together a hot new musical act, Combs continues to find future recording stars to this day. It truly is a crying shame that his search for a future superstar happens off camera and that needs to change.

13 Melissa Howard – The Real World

Via accessonline.com

One of the wittiest and most hilarious “reality” show cast members of all time in our humble opinion, Melissa Howard was the highlight of Real World New Orleans. Not just entertaining because of how easily she could inspire viewers to laugh, Howard also was at the center of many fantastic TV moments due to her willingness to call out her fellow castmates.

At the end of the day, we would love to see Howard return because we can only imagine how much fun it would be to see her make friends and enemies on reality TV again.

12 Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne – The Osbournes

Via time.com

As someone who truly deserves to be called a living legend, most people were taken by complete surprise when Ozzy Osbourne agreed to star in a “reality” show. Seen alongside his one-of-a-kind wife Sharon and two of his kids on TV, their show, The Osbournes became an absolute sensation.

Since then, Sharon and Ozzy have gone on to accomplish a lot in their careers and although they’ve gone through some trying times in their relationship, their bond has remained unbroken. As such, the opportunity to see their wild home life on TV again would be welcome and maybe this time their 3rd child could possibly appear.

11 Dani Campbell - A Shot At Love

Via gomag.com

When it comes to the legacy of the MTV “reality” dating competition show A Shot At Love, it is marred by the fact that its original star Tila Tequila has gone on to do some deplorable things. However, we wish the show was better remembered for one of its castmates, Dani Campbell.

Subsequently seen during the third season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Campbell has had an inspiring life on and off camera. Once named the first “lesbian girl next door” by Curve Magazine, we would really like to see where Campbell is in her life all of these years after she became a star.

10 Trishelle Cannatella – The Real World

Via usmagazine.com

As most readers of this article would remember, when the world got to know Trishelle Cannatella from The Real World: Las Vegas she was known for her partying ways. In a very different place in her life today, she has all but disappeared from the spotlight and seems to have found love with her husband, fighter pilot John Hensz.

That said, given that she was immensely entertaining on a series of other “reality” shows including Fear Factor, she has proven her willingness to go all out to entertain the masses. For that reason, it would be really interesting to see how Cannatella would act among her castmates since her personal life has changed so much.

9 Jessica Simpson – Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica

Via pagesix.com

Right off the hop, we want to address the elephant in the room. Obviously, Jessica Simpson couldn’t star in a show called Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica again. She isn’t a newlywed anymore and her marriage to Nick Lachey ended more than a decade ago.

Simpson was the key element that turned Newlyweds into one of the most talked about shows on television. As such, it stands to reason that seeing a show about her current marriage to former NFL tight end Eric Johnson would be just as good. On top of that, viewers would also get a glimpse into the personal life of another former MTV “reality” show star, her sister Ashlee Simpson.

8 Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton's My New BFF

Via today.com

A truly unique celebrity, Paris Hilton gained fame as an actor, singer, model, writer, DJ, fashion designer, and for her partying ways. On top of all that, she also owes a great deal of her fame to her time as a “reality” TV star. Remembered for both The Simple Life and her MTV “reality” show Paris Hilton's My New BFF, there was always something entertaining about her take on life when it was captured on television.

No longer in the spotlight the way she once was, we feel confident that it would be great for Hilton and MTV if she made her return to the network at the center of a new “reality” show.

7 Coral Smith – The Real World

Via kidskunst.info

If you loved 2001’s Real World Back to New York as much as we did, then you no doubt remember how wonderful it was to see Coral Smith’s relationship with Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin. Seen locking horns a lot when the season began, Smith made it clear to Mizanin that comments Mike thought he was making in jest had a sexist and racist edge to them. What made that so great was the fact that Mizanin actually learned from his mistakes due to Smith’s bluntness and by the end of the season they’d become friends.

The type of thing that seems to be all but gone from “reality” TV these days, we miss the days when shows like these taught us things and feel like they would return if Smith made a comeback.

6 Johnny Knoxville – Jackass

Via hollywoodreporter.com

Back when the show Jackass first hit the airwaves, there was no question that its main star was none other than Johnny Knoxville. Since then, that has continued to hold true as he has starred in a number of movies and made guest appearances in Jackass spin-offs like Viva La Bam and Wildboyz. That said, as of late, Knoxville’s career has hit the skids to a certain degree with many of his movies, including 2018’s Action Point, which flopped at the box office.

With that in mind, a show about Knoxville’s attempts to find a movie to put him back on top that also showed him doing crazy things from time to time could be fantastic.

5 Lauren Conrad – Laguna Beach & The Hills

Via usatoday.com

In a lot of ways, we have the utmost respect for Lauren Conrad and her decision to break free of “reality" TV ever since her main show The Hills came to an end. After all, it speaks to how much she has matured in her life and it has been wonderful to see how great she has done in the fashion industry since we always loved her style.

All of that aside, however, Conrad has the unique ability to make viewers invest in her personal life when it is captured on the small screen. On top of that, it would be really cool to get a window into her current life as a businesswoman, wife, and mother of two.

4 Freddy P – Making the Band

Via essence.com

Back when Making the Band was one of the most talked about shows on television, fans were introduced to Freddy P during the series’ 2nd season. Often quiet when he wasn’t performing, Freddy came alive within the studio booth or when one of his castmates got him going.

Unfortunately not able to rise to mainstream success once his season of Making the Band came to an end, he cared enough about performing to release music on his own. Far too talented to be operating in obscurity like that, Freddy needs to make his “reality” TV return so he can land another chance at major success.

3 John Hennigan – WWE Tough Enough

Via survivingtribal.com

A big hit for MTV at a time when wrestling was at the height of its popularity, when John Hennigan won the 3rd season of WWE Tough Enough viewers expected his career to really take off. Actually able to exceed those expectations, he was a huge success in the WWE for years before he chose to leave that company and perform for smaller crowds all over the world.

Even chosen to compete in a recent season of Survivor, Hennigan has proven how great he is as a “reality” show star. Considering that and the fact that he is married to another wrestling star, it seems obvious how great a show about his private life as he travels the world would be.

2 Xzibit - Pimp My Ride

Via nbclosangeles.com

Back in the 2000s, it often seemed like shows that featured people or their homes and businesses getting makeovers were popping up all the time. For that reason, in order for a new show in that vein to be a hit it needed to feature something truly outstanding. In the case of the hit show Pimp My Ride, one of the main reasons it stood out was the show’s often amusing host Xzibit.

Despite how great he was in that role, he has never hosted another “reality” show since Pimp My Ride ended in 2007. That is truly baffling to us as we’d love to see him be a part of any new “reality” show for many reasons, including the fact that we miss his awesome laugh.

1 Lisa Love – The Hills

Via MTV.com

Back when The Hills was one of the most talked about shows in the world, many people were well aware who people like Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, and Spencer Pratt were. On the other hand, only the shows biggest fans are likely to remember who Lisa Love is. An editor for Vogue magazine during the time that Conrad and her friend Whitney Port worked there, Love was barely seen on the show but when she was it was amazing.

An incredibly blunt woman who called both of her employees out on their crap, she also could be very encouraging and got the best out of them. Due to both of those aspects of her personality, getting to watch a new “reality” show focused on what it feels like to work for Love would be a dream come true for us and many Hills fans.

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