20 Odd Selfies Of Moms And Their Bumps We Can't Look Away From

Lots of pregnant women love to show off their “bumps” as they get bigger and bigger. Some moms stay away from social media while they’re pregnant, but it seems like the majority want the world to see their ever-changing shape. The more pics, the merrier.

Pregnant bellies come in all shapes and sizes, from the super small to the extra enormous. Moms ought to embrace this special stage in their lives, so if they want to post their pregnancy pics, the more power to them. After all, it wasn’t long ago that moms-to-be were hiding their bumps under tent-like clothing until the baby was born – even until they got back to their pre-pregnancy size.

Here are some rather unusual selfies of moms and their bellies. Bringing a new life into the world is always fascinating. One day, these ladies will look back at these pics with nostalgia, especially when their kids are going through those troubling teenage years!

20 Fit And Fertile

Via: storytrender.com

Plenty of fitness enthusiasts post pics of their fit figures on Facebook. Most of the time, they’re not moms-to-be. In this case, the woman loves to exercise while she’s expecting. She loves her look and wants people to know that pregnant woman can still work out. She’ll stay in shape and remain strong, something all new moms could benefit from. Of course, pregnant women should consult with their doctor to be sure exercise is safe.

19 Seems Quite Solid

Via: reddit.com

This mom-to-be is posting a selfie of her bump and she’s probably as intrigued by the shape as we are. Naturally, all baby bumps form uniquely, so the “perfect” round shape isn’t what most women experience. Glad to see this mom-to-be is proud of her pregnancy and wants to share her joy with anyone willing to watch.

18 Goth Gestation

Via: deskgram.net

Not all pregnant women go for the pink frilly things that some might expect. Sure, there are plenty of maternity clothing options for women nowadays, but this “goth” gal is into black and just about nothing else. She’s keeping her signature look even though she’s with child, proving that pregnancy style is a woman’s personal preference.

17 Snooki In Stripes That Stretch

Via: usmagazine.com

Even celebs get in on the action when it’s time to post pregnancy selfies. Jersey Shore’s Snooki is embracing her growing bump with her “mini me” daughter looking on. She’s not shy about sharing her life with the world, so why would she hide her pregnancy moments from her many fans?

16 No Shirt Will Suffice

Via: mirror.co.uk

Some women get to a point in their pregnancy when it is hard to find a shirt that fits. Thankfully this woman was able to slip into her comfy pants, but her shirt can barely get around her belly. She probably can’t wait to give birth, not only to meet her baby, but to finally be able to get fully clothed once again.

15 Twins In Her Tummy?

Via: hipolpic.pw

This new mom-to-be is full of smiles and a happy attitude. She’s loving her big baby bump and wants her friends and family to see its generous size. Perhaps she’s having twins or her baby is larger than average. Then again, some ladies grow big bumps yet their babies are on the small side.

14 A Shelf For Snacks

Via: pinterest.com

When a woman’s bump is getting big, she can make the most of her changing body. This clever gal decided to use her belly as a makeshift table, stacking her food for the utmost convenience. She’s eating for two, after all, so she’s following her instincts and enjoying every bite.

13 Dad Does It Too

Via: deskgram.net

Why should the ladies have all the attention? Dads want some love too, so this fella decided to follow in his pregnant partner’s footsteps and share his “bump” with the world as well. Mom is excited about her pregnancy, and dad is proud of his pizza habit! As for their little one, he’s had enough of all this selfie-taking.

12 A Painted-On Pregnancy

Via: authgram.com

Art comes in many forms, and in this case, a pregnant belly is the perfect canvas for a candy-themed design. While the mom-to-be will have to wash it off eventually, she can look back on this fun-loving photo and smile. Her child will one day wonder what mom was thinking.

11 Barely A Bump

Via: maternitygallery.com

This happy woman is just six weeks along, and she wants to share her bitty bump with the world. There’s not much to notice at this point, so perhaps she was creating a timeline that would end with a giant belly before giving birth. She’s pleased at how things are going thus far, so she should embrace all the stages of her pregnancy as she sees fit.

10 The "OG"

Via: pensandpatron.com

“Octomom” was a sensation when she was pregnant with eight babies at once. Plus, she already had other kids at home. She was the talk of the tabloids, stirring up controversy and creating a buzz. She gave birth to all the babies, and her name was well-known. We don’t hear much about this mom-of-many these days, but we’ll never get the image of her eye-popping baby bump out of our minds.

9 Protruding On The Porch

Via: usmagazine.com

This pregnant woman is enjoying the great outdoors, airing out her body on the back porch. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable at times, so this lady is trying to take care of her body by catching a breeze. These days, every moment must be documented, so she’s snapping a selfie as she stands in the shade.

8 Perfectly Round

Via: bbc.co.uk

This mom-to-be is snapping her selfie in the rest room, showing off what could be the most perfectly round baby bump of all time. She’s probably almost at the finish line, ready to give birth and embrace motherhood. She must enjoy sharing her pregnancy pics, but soon she’ll be posting ones of her infant instead.

7 Wild And With Child

Via: Instagram-dm.com

Blue hair, don’t care. This mom-to-be is not trying to fit into the box as she shows off her non-cookie-cutter style while she posts pics of her baby bump. She may have shared other photos at different stages of her pregnancy, and perhaps her hair color changed throughout the trimesters too.

6 Another Entity

Via: youtube.com

This baby bump seems quite sizable, but maybe it’s just the angle at which the photo was taken. By the way the woman is holding her belly, it seems like she’s ready to pop. She’s relaxing and soaking up the sun, but her bump is far more noticeable than her cute bikini.

5 A Lump In The Little Black Dress

Via: usmagazine.com

The black dress is a wardrobe staple, and even pregnant women look great in all-black. In this pregnancy pic, the black dress is sporting a different shape, thanks to the baby bump stretching it out. Some ladies choose clothing that’s less form-fitting, but this belly makes for a sweet silhouette.

4 Couch Potato

Via: lilypodandsweetpea.co.uk

This pregnant woman is chilling on the couch, and her cute bump is peeking out. Moms-to-be need plenty of time to take a load off, so this gal is getting the message and making time to tend to her body. Her baby will be here before she knows it, and any parent knows that rest goes out the window once the baby arrives.

3 Extra Baggage

Via: pinterest.com

It’s hard to know if this bump is real or altered, but if it’s the real deal, this mom has a lot to look forward to. She seems to be in good spirits, even flashing the peace sign. She’d probably be far more comfortable lying down, but to get a good selfie, a woman must go the extra mile.

2 A Pointy Protrusion

Via: lilypodandsweetpea.co.uk

This cute mama-to-be is all smiles as she shares her baby bump selfie with her friends and loved ones…and us. Her bump is quite dramatic, pulling at her top as it continues to develop. Seems like this mom will be delivering any day now, and her sweet smile will spread even further.

1 Bring Your Own Beach Ball

Via: deviantart.com

This pretty mom-to-be won’t let a baby bump stop her from posting provocative selfies. She’s enjoying the turquoise water and warm sunshine as she tans her skin and poses like a pro. Perhaps she’s an Instagram model just doing her job, or she’s one of those moms who’s striving for a hot mama rep.

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