20 Of The Dumbest Mods People Put On Motorcycles

Cars aren't the only vehicles that people modify. Motorbikes have become a popular form of transportation due to the rider's ability to circumvent traffic, to save gas and to get a thrilling ride.

Since numerous people have made motorbikes their daily rider, some have wanted to stand out from the crowd by making their bikes different. Modifications on a bike can make it better but only if you know what you're doing.

Some people have made adjustments to their bikes that have resulted in the deterioration of the bike's aesthetics. We gleaned photos of motorbikes that riders modified, but it didn't work out well for the bike's appearance.

20 Excessive Cylinders

via Bikesrepublic

Just because you can do something, it doesn't mean that you should. The owner of this bike thought that it would be a great idea to fit 48 cylinders on the bike. Sometimes, too much of a good thing isn't the best option. No doubt that the extra cylinders made the bike faster.

19 Furry

via Sportbikes

In the movie Dumb and Dumber, the van was covered in a fur to look like it was a dog. It seems like something similar happened to this motorbike. Regardless of what type of vehicle you cover in fur, it doesn't look good in almost every case. It looks like a nice bike under the fur.

18 Beefed Up

via Pinterest

Bigger doesn't always mean better. When you've got a motorbike that's essentially a scooter, it won't necessarily go faster because you've fitted a big back wheel. That could potentially make the bike slower. The back tire is much bigger than the front, which makes the bike unusual.

17 Boat Sidecar

via Flickr

Sidecars are a thing of the past, but if you're going to do one, then it should be a safe option for the passenger. When a passenger gets into this boat sidecar, he or she isn't going to feel very safe or comfortable. It's best to stick to the original sidecar seat if you're going to fit it on your bike.

16 Double-Sided

via Audio Aficionado

The colors and the design of this bike make it look pretty awesome. One bike would've sufficed; two that are stuck together is overdoing it. These two bikes might be nice for display purposes, but one could also view it as a waste since you can't ride either of the bikes. That's a pity.

15 Low Rider

via Pinterest

Lowering a car's suspension might make it seem faster and could improve the car's aesthetics, but doing that to a bike isn't the best choice. This bike is so low that you can't even ride it because the exhaust could scrape the ground if the rider is a bit heavier. Looks like a cool bike, otherwise.

14 Drum Kit

via Custom Fighters

If you're a drum fanatic who can't get enough of the art even when you're on the road, then this sidecar might be perfect for you. It's definitely an interesting design but doesn't make much sense since you won't get the full experience of the drum sounds when you're cruising down the road.

13 Fantasy Character

via backroads Forums

This bike looks like it could fit into Alice in Wonderland. Painting the bike with numerous colors and patterns doesn't necessarily make it look better. That's the case with this bike.

One will definitely take a second look at it when it goes past, but it could be for the wrong reasons.

12 Exhausted

via Youtube

One of the modifications that car owners have put on their vehicles is additional exhausts. The owner of this bike didn't opt for that option; instead, he decided to extend the exhausts. Besides being a road hazard, the extended exhausts also don't look great on such a nice bike.

11 Front Wheel Extension

via Youtube

Not only has this biker decided to extend his front wheel, but he's also decided to mess around with his exhaust. If he's planning to do tricks with that bike, which is likely the case, the out-of-place exhaust might be dangerous for him. There are several parts on the bike that are out of place.

10 Twisted Handlebars

via Twitter

Trying too hard to look cool will have the opposite effect. It might be cool to have your hands up in the air when you're riding a big bike, but not the way this biker has decided to do it. Not only has he made it more difficult for himself to steer, but this looks very odd. For some things, the standard design is best.

9 Combination

via Pinterest

Some car customizers have tried to combine the chassis of two cars to make it one. Very rarely will you find a customizer who has tried to take the body of a Mini and combine it with a motorbike for the sake of building a more comfortable seat. Perhaps, it's possible to do it in a classy way, but this isn't it.

8 Extra Power

via Reddit

Getting bigger tires on a bike doesn't mean that it's going to make it faster, especially when it's a scooter. You gotta give credit to the rider for trying to make his bike look cooler. It doesn't really work, but he deserves credit for trying to make it look cool. It's not something you see every day.

7 High Rider

via DP Cars

There's high bars, and then there's ridiculously high bars that make the ride uncomfortable. These bars will make riding a bike an even bigger challenge than it is. Those exhausts are also massive. Can you imagine how sore your arms would be after riding this bike for a couple of hours?

6 Three-Wheeler

via Gixxer

When you buy a bike such as a Suzuki, one of the reasons for ownership is to get the best performance out of it. Most Suzuki owners don't buy the bike to fit three wheels on it and a spoiler. The bike has gone from being a superbike to a three-wheeler. This modification doesn't suit the bike.

5 Monkey Business

via Reddit

If you look at the gas tank, it almost looks like there's a monkey perched on top of it. Although the design of this bike is unique, the shape, color and many other parts of it make this bike a lot less appealing had it been left alone. It looks like a lot of work went into this.

4 Extra Seating

via Pikabu

There's a reason that a bike has two seats. Anything more than that will put the additional passengers in danger because of the safety aspect that's diminished with the extra sitting. Controlling a bike like this becomes a lot more difficult when there's a third passenger, not to mention fourth or fifth.

3 Spare Tire

via Team BHP

The previous bike might've had extra seating, but this one has got an extra tire. Perhaps the rider thought that he would have better control of the bike if he had an additional tire. Maybe the opposite is true. It seems that the additional tire makes the bike less safe and also affects the aesthetics.

2 Tiger

via Svet 24

Some riders are also animal lovers. This rider seems to have a thing for tigers, so he decided to make his bike look like a tiger. According to Sciencing, tigers can run at a top speed of 40 miles per hour. That's definitely slower than this bike. This bike would look better without the tail.

1 Gadgets

via Traveling Gringo

Most bikes are strong and can handle some load, but this is too much. Not only has this rider overburdened the bike with additional weight, but he has also degraded the bike's look with all the gadgets that he's fitted on the bike. This motorbike could use a good scrub.

Sources: sciencing.com

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