20 Of The Evilest Pranks Ever Committed

Friends are great. Right? We are all in agreement with that statement, correct? Okay, good. Last week, we asked a crowd of people if they thought friends were great, and they got really mad. They threw stuff at us, and chased us out of town. It was a mess. But as long as you guys think that having friends is good, we'll continue.

No matter how great we are, we wouldn't be anything if it weren't for our friends. They lift us up. They show us new ways of thinking, and they teach us about ourselves. Our friends bring out the best in us. And that's why we cherish them and appreciate every minute that we spend together. It's also why we play pranks on them.

"What are friends for?" Well, we say that friends are for playing tricks on. Check out 20 of the evilest pranks ever committed, and get ready to scare the pants off of your besties.

20 The shake-ketchup switcheroo

Via: funcage.com

*Infomercial announcer voice*: "Do you feed off of the discontentment of others? Do you feel yourself growing in power every time someone is disappointed by something that you have done? Are you just a really bad person in general? If this sounds like you, then you need our new Friendship Destroying Prank! It's the ketchup-smoothie trick sensation that's sweeping the nation!

Our innovative Friendship Destroying Prank is simple to use. Check it out: when your friend goes to the bathroom, simply place a small, ketchup-filled condiment cup in the bottom of your empty shake container. Replace the cap and make sure to stick the straw in the ketchup. Then, hand off your shake to your friend and stand by for wackiness! The secret is our patented small-size Styrofoam cup from In-N-Out Burger. Guaranteed to destroy your friendships or your money back. Order now to get a bonus Styrofoam cup, absolutely free (just pay shipping and handling)!"

19 The reason why you no longer have friends

Via: uberhumor.com

So, guess you're feeling pretty lonely these days, huh? Yeah. We feel you, fam. It's a harsh, desolate world. People who we think are our friends—people who we thought we could turn to when we are in need—often abandon us for their own selfish pursuits. It is a cold reality. The most inhuman tendency that everyone has. A sin that we all commit.

Of course, let's not discount the possibility that the reason why you no longer have any friends is because you pulled this pee-your-pants-scary prank on them all. Maybe your friends aren't the jerks, after all. Maybe you are the jerk.

Did you know that if someone pulls this prank on you, you are legally allowed to kidnap them and lock them in your basement until their dark souls are consumed by the void? Well, no. Not really. But it seems like that should be okay, doesn't it?

18 A long time coming

Via: pinterest.com

If you are in the market for a prank that is slow to mature, but that will pay off very well eventually, then pay attention to this one. You could learn a thing or two from the tricky office worker who masterminded this prank.

The first step for this one is incredibly simple, but if you're serious about making this prank work, you need to start right now. Use some thumbtacks to hang a variety of chewing gums on the outside of your cubicle. Make it known to your coworkers that they should feel free to take as many as they want, whenever they want. Like we said, it's important to do this step ASAP, in order to gain the trust of your fellow office mates.

Then, when April Fool's Day comes around, switch out the gum with small slices of Play-Doh. Hehe. Those poor dopes. They'll never see it coming.

17 The roller coaster of emotions

Via: themetapicture.com

Send the people you love most on a wild roller coaster of emotion with this merciless prank. This one has several layers of evil and, in an effort to fully appreciate each one of those layers, we're going to run through this prank as if we were the person receiving the present.

"Oh, wow. I can't wait to open my present. *Shakes package by ear* I wonder what it is. You wrapped it really well, that's for sure. The exterior gives no clues as to what sort of gift is hidden within. I don't know if this is a sauce pan, or a sauce pan. *Removes paper, sees iPhone box* Holy sh—dude! You got me an iPhone? I can't believe this, this is amazing! Wow, I feel really bad, man. What I got you doesn't even compare to this! *Opens phone box, sees socks, sighs* Dammit. I knew it was too good to be true."

16 Contemporary art joke

Via: twitter.com

Ha! We always knew that those contemporary art galleries were a load of bunk, and this epic prank proves it! To think, some people paid good money to go into a museum and take pictures of glasses. We can't recommend this prank enough. In fact, this might be a weird suggestion, but we think that this would be a perfect first date for a new couple. It's bound to generate a lot of giggles.

This is a great group prank, too. It's just perfect for casual outings with your friends or coworkers. Everyone who is in on the joke will have a great time watching all of the so-called art aficionados snapping photos of glasses that you picked out from your front pocket. Just be careful and don't get caught. You might think that this is a hilarious and harmless prank. But the people who work at the museum? Well, they might be a little less understanding.

15 Revenge is sweet

Via: 9gag.com

The dangers of stealing twenty bucks from your brother are graphically portrayed in this prank. This is pretty harsh, but we would be lying if we said that we didn't think that this guy's sister deserved it. Our only regret is that we never thought of doing this before we and our siblings graduated. Hmmm. We wonder if it would be worth it to re-enroll in school, just so we could do this to our brothers and sisters... Eh, probably not.

But, you know, this prank isn't restricted to students only. You could do this to anyone who has to save files on their computer. Want to get back at your brother for stealing your girlfriend? Hide his big work project in a maze of computer files. Need revenge on your sister who ruined your sweater with her giant head? This prank has got your back, fam. The options are endless.

14 This is just cruel

Via: dumpaday.com

Oh, boy! Quitting time! You know what that means. It means that now, after you have put in a hard day of work, you get to go home and eat the rest of your Neapolitan ice cream. You can feel your taste buds shivering with anticipation. Not only did you work hard today, you also managed to stick to your diet. You had a salad for lunch and you skimped out on your afternoon snack because you knew that when it came time to clock out, your sweet tooth would kick in and convince you to indulge.

And indulge you do. The minute you walk in that door, you drop your belongings, change into something more comfortable, queue up Stranger Things, and grab your frozen treat. But, wait. Something isn't right. This ice cream tub is suspiciously light. You rip off the lid, and your spirit literally disintegrates when you discover that you are the victim of some despicable prankster.

13 Soup sprayer

Via: dumpaday.com

Ah, yes. The chicken bouillon cube in a shower head trick. This is perhaps the best prank in the entire lineup because it's virtually harmless. Your friends will be perplexed by the delicious-smelling water coming from your shower head, but by the time they figure out what's going on, they will be able to take a regular shower and wash the savory chicken smell right off. No harm done, no years of therapy required.

It's also great for making your friends smell like chicken noodle soup. This prank says, "You know I like you. We are friends, after all. It's just that, well, I can't help but feel like I would like you a lot more if you smelled like food. Would you mind bathing yourself in broth? I know it's a weird request, but I would really like to think about my Grandma's homemade chicken and dumplings whenever you're around."

12 Vicious

Via: slowrobot.com

This prank is the equivalent of those t-shirts that say "Want to know how to keep an idiot entertained for hours? Read the back." And then on the back, the shirt says, "Want to know how to keep an idiot entertained for hours? Read the front." Like, well played, t-shirt manufacturers. You think you're so clever, but you aren't fooling us.

But we have to say that it would take us a good twelve hours of searching through the Where's Wally before we actually figured out that Wally wasn't there at all. We would be there with our magnifying glasses, scouring the page, determined to locate that elusive guy—not unlike the kid mentioned in the post above, who wanted to stay behind during break in order to locate Wally. Poor kids. This teacher better sleep with one eye open when his students start using the internet. If they find this post, they're going to be p*ssed.

11 Mayo-filled donuts

Via: pinterest.com

So, how much do you hate people? How much suffering do you want to see your so-called "friends" go through? What are the lengths that you are willing to go to in order to watch the people you love writhe with agony? Because if you want your family, friends, and/or coworkers to wish that you were dead, this is the perfect prank for you.

Donuts are sacred. You don't mess with a person's donuts. You just don't. It's indecent, it's inhumane. You would have to be a real monster to willingly defile something so tempting, so deliciously flaky as a donut. Which is why this prank is just messed up. Filling donuts with mayonnaise? What the hell kind of demon are you? Why don't you just crawl right back into the depths of hell. We liked it better when you weren't around and we could eat our jelly-filled pastries in peace.

10 Evil. Literally.

Via: slowrobot.com

We've got to hand it to this merry prankster, they did an A+ job with this one. They saw their chance, and they took it. We wish that we could say that we are as quick-witted as this former BMP employee. But sadly, we aren't. So we will just have to settle for laughing about this prank.

Yikes! Can you imagine being the victim of this evil prank? Even if you have never read The Exorcist, it doesn't take a genius to guess what the book is all about. It doesn't get any more evil than demonic possession. As adults who still check in their closets every night before bed, we can tell you that we would have a hard time making our way through that book. But to toss it in a body of water, then discover the book, dripping wet, in your desk? We'd probably die, TBH.

9 Out with a bang

Via: tickld.com

Considering all of the other pranks in the lineup, this one is actually pretty tame. Taping a popper to a door? Really? Is that all you've got? Sure, we'll be scared for a minute or two. But this prank doesn't really have the sort of long-lasting effect that the chicken bouillon shower head prank has, or the staying power of the Play-Doh gum trick.

But do you know who this prank is really great for? People who have heart conditions. Oh, they may clutch at their chest, and they may play dead for a while. And the paramedics may say that they "can't find a pulse," and blah, blah, blah. But mark our words. When they stuff your friend in a box and lower them into the cool, damp earth, everyone at the funeral will be patting you on the back for thinking up such a hilarious prank.

8 Caramel apples onions

Via: funsubstance.com

If you absolutely need to prove to the world that you have no heart, then just pull this prank. We crunched the numbers, and it turns out that this trick is actually cost-effective. It's really cheap! You can't afford not to do it. Plus, the set up could not be simpler. Here, check out the instructions:

Step one: Ask your friends to come over to your house in a few hours to enjoy some caramel apples.

Step two: Run to the store and purchase caramel and an appropriate number of onions.

Step three: Melt the caramel over low heat, then dip the onions in the caramel and allow them to cool.

Step four: Wait for your friends to arrive. When they do, give them the "caramel apples."

Step five: Laugh as your friends bite into the "caramel apples," watch as you see the trust leave their eyes, and despair as you end up dying friendless and alone.

7 Scared sh*tless

Via: buzzfeed.com

. . . Well, if you're going to have the sh*t scared out of you, the best place to be is on the toilet.

We knew a guy once who drew a Sharpie spider on the toilet paper to prank his fiancée. When she found it, she flipped out, left his house, and he never heard from her again. Okay, fine. We made that up. But we bet it happens all of the time. If someone did this to us, we would break up with them, whether we were actually a couple or not.

Drawing a spider on a roll of toilet paper is a big indicator of what kind of person you are. It doesn't give off a fun, happy-go-lucky vibe. It says, "I will literally kill you as soon as your back is turned. If I can draw a spider on a roll of toilet paper, I am capable of much worse."

6 Say goodbye to cavities!

Via: epicfunny.tumblr.com

You know what people love (and by "people" we mean us)? Oreo sandwich cookies. They may not be as fancy as cheesecakes, and they may not have all of the pomp and circumstance of baked Alaska, but do you think Oreos care about all of that? No, they don't. Oreos aren't concerned with being as sophisticated as chocolate cake, or as legit as pie. All they really want to do is be there for you. They don't have body issues. They know what they are—a delicious after-dinner treat and/or snack. And it's their confidence, coupled with their chocolatey exterior and sweet filling, that have cemented Oreos into our hungry hearts as a delightful dessert option.

And that is why replacing the icing from an Oreo with toothpaste is so devious. It's just unthinkably bad. Don't do it. Unless, of course, you're trying to prank someone. In that case, yes, do it.

5 Eyes on the fries

Via: buzzfeed.com

Granted, on the surface, this seems like a cruel prank. And, yeah, okay, so that is exactly what it is. But McDonald's fries are delicious. Honestly, we would go further than that. We would say that McDonald's fries are the best fries of any fries that have ever been fried. Potatoes everywhere dream of being turned into McDonald's fries. Heck, we dream of becoming McDonald's fries. They're unbelievable. We don't know how they can be so awesome. It seems like they're breaking some kind of law of physics by being so tasty.

While this prank does seem like a heartless joke to pull on your fellow diners, we would like to suggest that that is only because you are looking at it from the wrong perspective. Look at it from the person holding the food's standpoint. Eating the fries from everyone else's meal only makes sense. So, yes, this is evil. But it's also the logical thing to do.

4 The pie that makes you cry

Via: dumpaday.com

When you need a pie, you need a pie. Just ask Dean Winchester if you don't believe us. The craving for pie goes beyond the desires of the flesh. A craving for pie is one that pierces your very soul. It's a desperate desire, a pining, a longing for a flaky pastry, filled with warm, gooey fruit. And when that pie craving hits you, you shut your pie hole until you can get your hands on some pie to stuff into it. The fact that craving pie is such a pure experience makes this prank all the more sadistic.

Who the eff does this? Who? Don't give us that, "I don't know, man," we want names! When we buy a pie, we expect a whole pie, not 3.14159265 of a pie. If you ever do this to us, we will take your half-eaten pie and shove it in your face, you pie-eating, mischief-making piece of sh*t.

3 Savage AF

Via: tumblr.com

Whoa, harsh. Can you imagine having your teacher threaten to tell you how Harry Potter ended? Or The Fault In Our Stars? This is one of the cruelest pranks in the lineup.

See, this is yet another reason why we are truly grateful that we are no longer in high school. We may whine and complain about how hard it is to be an adult—and, don't get us wrong, being an adult is hard AF—but at least we never have to worry about having our teachers leak spoilers from our books if we fail to pay attention in class.

In fact, now that we've graduated, we don't have to worry about our teachers at all! We don't have to deal with homework or studying, we can just binge-read our new books whenever we want! We think we'll do that right now, just let us grab a quick snack . . . hey, who put mayonnaise in this donut!?!?!

2 Invisible last step

Via: themetapicture.com

You know that one person who has to visibly see the stairs in order to use them? Like, for whatever reason, they can't manage to go up and down the steps instinctively. They hold on to the rail and eye each step before they put their foot on it. Those people have serious trust issues. And, TBH, you are probably the reason for their trust issues. Especially if you go around doing things like this.

If you want to keep your guests and/or housemates on their toes, then installing a simple prank like this one to your staircase is a no-brainer. Simply attach a runner to all of your stairs except for the last one (note that you could also use carpet). Once that's done, find a place to hide, then sit there and wait for as long as it takes. This is by far the most hysterical way to lose your friends.

1 How could this possibly go wrong?

Via: themetapicture.com

Oh, you have allergies? That's too bad. You're probably dying to have some relief from your stuffy nose and your dry eyes. You might even be suffering from sinus headaches. You poor, poor thing, you. Maybe we can help you feel better. Here, why don't you take one of these allergy relief pills? They will definitely clear you out. There you go. Have some water to wash it down with. Let's just look at the back of the bottle and see how long it takes for these pills to kick in.

Whoops! Ha, would you look at that? It appears that we "accidentally" gave you a women's laxative pill! Darn it all. We can't believe we were so stupid. Well, it won't help your allergies, but it will still "clear you out!" Hahahaha!

The bathroom is down the hall, first door on the right. We understand if you never want to talk to us again.

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