20 Of The Most Adorable Simians Ever

Did you have a long week? Or perhaps just feeling down? Well, we have just the thing to lift your spirits. Get ready for a large dose of monkey business! Whether these little critters are dressing up, taking baths, wearing diapers, or just "hanging" around, they are cute, cute, cute! These monkeys are so sweet they make even everyday activities the most adorable things you will see all day!

These twenty critters were caught doing some monkeying around on camera and the end result is absolute cuteness! Prepare yourself because you are about to go bananas for these sweet monkeys, completely b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

Monkeys and other simians are highly intelligent, wild animals. Please, do not purchase them as pets!

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20 Rub-a-dub-dub in my little monkey tub!


19 Getting ready for my first official photoshoot!

Baby monkey with bow in hair

18 I wasn't planning on snoozing, but this human is just too comfortable. Hopefully he doesn't mind a little monkey drool on his shirt!

Baby monkey with blue shirt

17 Sure I can hold my own bottle and pacifier... one with the hands and one with the feet! Multi-tasking at a young age!

Baby monkey with pacifier

16 Thanks mom, I'll take another... and another... and another!


15 Well hello there new friends!

Standing baby monkey

14 Look at those sweet tiny fingernails! Have you ever seen digits this adorable?

Tiny monkey

13 Ohhhh... I'm telling mom what you said!

Monkeys in hoodies

12 What do you mean we have to get our diapers changed? Not again, mom!

Baby monkies wearing diapers

11 Just swinging all my cares away! La... la... la... la

Baby monkey on swing

10 Whoever says coveralls aren't stylish anymore obviously hasn't seen them on me! Hello, ladies...

Baby monkey in overalls

9 Oh you know just the usual: exploring, and being completely adorable while I do it (especially since I haven't quite grown into my ears yet).

Little fuzzy monkey

8 Well this is delicious, don't mind if I do! Slurp... Gulp...!

Baby money drinking soda

7 Look what I made! A blanket fort for me and my stuffed lion to hang out in!

Baby monkey in blankets

6 I've got hair in all the right places!

Baby monkey climbing

5 They say we are double the mini-monkey trouble!

Two small monkeys

4 You just stay right there and I will groom that long dog fur of yours! I have a feeling we shall be friends forever!

Baby monkey with dog

3 Feeling all warm and fuzzy... plus who doesn't love snacks?

Baby monkey in fuzzy blanket

2 Of course, I wasn't involved in any of that monkey business! How could you blame someone so sweet and innocent?

Baby monkey with toy in mouth

1 Looking at all of these cute monkey pictures sure has tired me out!

Baby monkey laying down

Monkeys are intelligent little critters and from the naps, bottles, blankets, and pacifiers they will melt just about anyones heart! If these cuties had you swinging from the trees with all their cuteness, you definitely are not the only one! Who knew monkey business could be such a good thing? These 20 monkeys were camera ready and we aren't ashamed to say they had us going bananas for every picture.

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