20 Of The Sickest Modded Supercars (And 5 We Can't Stop Staring At)

In the exclusive world of high-end car rallies, such as Gumball 3000, and an ever-increasing number of supercar meets around the world, we're seeing more and more modified supercars – many of which look as if they've been inspired by a video game, or perhaps a mad scientist? There are all kinds of different vinyl wraps and stickers, insanely expensive flame-throwing exhausts mods, LEDs, and massive body kits with wings that wouldn't look out of place on a fighter jet.

So is modifying a supercar a bad idea, or is it okay? Does it improve the aesthetics or does it make the owner look like a tool? Turns out it's just like regular cars. With the right mods, they can look even more incredible, but make one wrong step and the car will be ruined, and the internet will quickly ridicule the owner.

25 Hennessey Corvette ZR1

via Motor1

The American tuner created the HPE1200 tuning kit, turning the Corvette into a real monster. It unleashes a whopping 1,200 horsepower at 6,400 rpm from the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine – matching the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the former fastest production car in the world. Torque gets an increase to 1,066 lb-ft, which is a little bit less than the aforementioned Veyron SS, but that car has eight more cylinders.

24 Novitec McLaren 720S

via Top Gear

The folks at German supercar tuning firm Novitec created the McLaren 720S N-Largo. Based on McLaren’s 720S Super Series model, the 720S N-Largo features all-new body panels making it a massive 130mm wider at the rear, as well as a bunch of new aero parts. Suspension and power have been upgraded to justify its looks. The only downside is that only 15 will ever be made.

23 FAB Design Vayu McLaren 650S

via Luxatic

Named after the Hindu god of the wind, the Vayu is based on the Spider version of the supercar and comes with a heavily modified body – to the point that the original vehicle is almost unrecognizable. Of course, extensive mods come at a price – which happens to be $41,200 for the standard version, or $57,600 if you want it in carbon fiber.

22 Wide Body Aventador

via Fast Car

Making the Lamborghini Aventador wider is a ballsy move – it's already one of the widest cars money can buy. But there’s more to this pumped-up Liberty Walk Lambo than just girth.

This one features Mercedes-AMG GT Green Hell Magno paint with custom airbrushed graphics – old-school craftsmanship. It has a custom trimmed interior and an 800 hp 6.5-liter V12 that shoots flames out of the $17,000 exhaust system.

21 Wide Body Miura

via Diario motor

The Miura is one of the most gorgeous and historically important cars ever made, and here's one done up with Liberty Walk's crazy overfenders; to say it's polarizing would be an understatement – it literally had classic Lambo lovers throwing fits. And that's the exact result Liberty Walk wanted.

Here's a little secret for you though, it's not a real Miura. It's built on the chassis of a Ford GT40 replica kit car.

20 Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Huracán

via Speedhunters

This Lambo started out as an exclusively rear-wheel drive Huracán 580-2 version. It has a twin-turbo setup running 5.6psi of boost through the 5.2-liter V10, producing over 800 rear-wheel horsepower. Suspension is JRZ RS Pro coilovers with an Umbrella VRH pneumatic cup kit providing up to 75mm lift, and the Super Trofeo wide body makes sure it draws attention wherever it goes.

19 Liberty Walk Silhouette Huracán

via Speedhunters

Everyone knows LB-Works classic over-fender approach to styling supercars, but this year Kato-san introduced LB-Silhouette – basically a Japanese interpretation of a Super Trofeo racer for the street.

The conversion costs range from US$39,000 to as much as US$60,000 depending on materials chosen, and really transforms the looks of the baby Lambo. We love the rear spoiler treatment with the fin running along the center of the louvered engine cover.

18 Novitec Widebody 812 Superfast

via Motor1

Novitec produces the "N-Largo" widebody aftermarket kit for the 812 Superfast, making it 5.5 inches wider at the back and 2.8 inches up front. There’s an attention-grabbing wing at the back, the hood features restyled air vents, and Novitec also got rid of the stock alloys and replaced them with lightweight forged rims measuring 21-inches at the front and larger 22-inches at the back. Oh, and the V12 now has 829 prancing horses.

17 Mansory Lambo Aventador Roadster

via Top Gear

Meet the ‘Carbonado Apertos,’ a carbon-fiber clad, insanely fast and powerful, highly modified Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. The V12 engine has proper motorsport internals and two Mansory turbochargers. End result? 1,240 hp and 664lb-ft of torque, translating into a 0-62mph time of just 2.6 secs.

The body has been redesigned and built using only carbon-fiber, and a big wing has appeared – much to our delight. Only 3 will be built.

16 Liberty Walk 458

via Revvolution

To some, cutting up a Ferrari 458 Italia is sacrilegious, but Wataru Kato, owner of Liberty Walk Performance, doesn't believe that a chopped-up 458 is a bad thing. Liberty Walk isn't afraid to cut up a Ferrari, designing their body kits to respect and harmonize the essence of the original body. Yes, it's widened, but it doesn’t look out of place – in fact, we love it!

15 Mansory 4XX Siracusa

via Top Gear

This is none other than Mansory’s wild take on the Ferrari 488 GTB. Because what the 488 GTB really needed was more power and aero, right?

Basically, it's an 800 horsepower bumblebee that's capable of accelerating from 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 212mph. The springs are 20mm lower, and you’ve no doubt spotted the new aero dotted across its body – because grip, and downforce.

14 Vengeance Racing Corvette

via Vengeance Racing

The Vengeance Racing 'Vette doesn't look like it's packing a ton of mods, but that's because they've focused on the engine.

If you can call a Corvette a “sleeper," then this is surely it. Vengeance Racing wanted to create the world's most powerful Corvette Z06, and the end result was a 1088 hp engine thanks to the new supercharger. They also installed nitrous oxide for that extra street racer effect.

13 Misha Designs 488 GTB

via Motor1

Misha Designs have pumped a total of 20 Ferrari 488 GTBs full of tuner-prescribed steroids to beef up its looks. Compared to the regular model, the new carbon fiber body has added three inches on either side. The front splitter, side skirts, and the large rear diffuser have been left unpainted to showcase the exposed carbon fiber. Do we even need to mention it receives a massive rear wing?

12 Heffner Performance Ford GT

via Heffner Performance

Heffner Performance builds a time tested, perfectly balanced, maximum performance twin turbo induction system for the Ford GT. In fact, they do it so well that they have more Twin Turbo Ford GT’s on the road than all the other shops combined. Their insane Stage 2 tuning package squeezes out a monstrous 2,000+ horses from the significantly upgraded 3.5L twin-turbo Ford EcoBoost engine – and it's completely street legal.

11 Japanese Chrome Lambos

via Top Gear

If you feel you're not getting enough attention when driving your Lambo, you could do like the Yakuza in Tokyo's underground and customize it with vinyl wraps, flashing lights, and strings of colored LEDs. However, they claim it's not to show off, rather it's for "the pursuit of being who they are." We see the loud exhausts and flashy wraps as a breath of fresh air in the supercar game.

10 3,500HP Gallardo

via Auto Evolution

A company called Extreme Tuners decided to create a monstrous three-stage package for Lamborghini V10 engines. In short, they made a pair of street kits producing 2,500 and 3,500 hp, as well as a race kit, which would take things to no less than 5,000 ponies – 1,000 hp per liter. To achieve such monumental power, they're using a highly efficient setup running at extremely high rpm rather than going for extreme boost levels.

9 LB Nissan GTR

via Marcel Lech Photography

When it comes to supercar killers, the Nissan GT-R R35 has carved out a solid reputation as one of the most capable in the category. However, it's not just an insane performer, the GT-R is also quite attractive looking – especially with the right mods. This particular one has a Liberty Walk body kit, matte black wrap, a massive rear wing, and gorgeous 5-spoke concaved Brixton wheels.

8 Science Of Speed “Dream Project” Acura NSX

via Autobuzz

Acura teamed up with a tuning firm called Science of Speed to create what they call the “Dream Project” Acura NSX. It’s been given slightly more aggressive GT3-inspired looks with aero ducts on its new front splitter, a massive rear wing, and a new rear diffuser. The hybrid supercar’s output has been massaged to an increase of around 30 hp and 40 Nm from the standard version.

7 Aimgain NSX

via Superstreet Online

Honda's modern-day flagship received a complete external "do-over" from AIMGAIN in the form of this carbon-fiber GT kit. It's an incredibly aggressive makeover. With an additional 50mm up front and 80mm in the rear, a much, much wider set of wheels and tires can find refuge under carbon fiber cover. The downside is that the kit, based on current exchange rates, will run you about $45,500.

6 Nth Moto Dodge Viper

via Motor1

The hallowed Dodge Viper has never been a car short on horsepower – or speed for that matter – but someone decided it wasn't enough, and that's why this ’06 Viper possesses an excess of 2,000 horsepower.

The Viper’s mammoth 8.3-liter V10 sports upgraded cylinder heads, dry-sump lubrication, a new ECU, fuel injectors, dual fuel pumps, and last but not least, a pair of Garrett GTX turbochargers.

5 Wouldn't Touch - Russian Bumblebee Porsche

via Tuningblog

This TopCar creation features a string of carbon-fiber add-ons including a custom hood, front and rear bumpers, GT3 RS-inspired ducts, new side skirts and air intakes, and a large rear wing, combined with a set of two-tone wheels.

Unfortunately, this bumblebee Porsche Cabrio stands out for the wrong reason – the horrible color scheme makes it look like a Pimp My Ride product.

4 Wouldn't Touch - Gas Monkey F40

via GT Spirit

This F40 was picked up as a write-off for $400,000 by Richard Rawlings. It featured on his show, Fast N’ Loud, where it was restored by Gas Monkey Garage with their own distinct mark and flavor added. Part of that involved cutting and rewelding an engine mount.

The car keeps changing hands and sells for less money every time – there's probably a reason why.

3 Wouldn't Touch - Swarovski Covered Lambo

via Pinterest

There are several high-end cars that have been covered in Swarovski crystals by people who clearly have more money than taste. While these cars are sure to attract attention from those who are drawn to shiny objects, this is essentially ruining a Lamborghini by covering it in pricey glass pieces.

2 Wouldn't Touch - Bosozoku Lambo

via Pinterest

As we've already mentioned, we do like the Japanese Lambo/supercar scene, however, it's easy to take things too far. This leopard wrap-covered, bosozoku exhaust Lamborghini is a very good example of that.

The exhaust is probably the worst part of it, unless you're really really into bosozoku silhouette cars. No thanks.

1 Wouldn't Touch - Nasty SLR

via Web Wombat

This is what you get when you already have a pet tiger, a solid gold toilet, and more money than sense. The man behind this hideousness is Swiss designer Ueli Anliker, who claims to have spent $4.5million on the vehicle. That's because it features 24-carat gold accents. We think the "999 Red Gold Dream" is more of a nightmare than anything else.

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