Tesla: 20 Of The Sickest Things People Forget About The Model 3

When the Tesla Model 3 was first released, it was the only car in history that people threw a $1,000 deposit on before they even knew what the car would look like. That’s because people have faith in Tesla’s ability to create awesome cars. And, sure enough, the 2019 Model 3 scored a perfect 5/5 from Cars.com.

With a range of 220 to 325 miles per battery charge, and upwards of 140 mpg city and 124 mpg highway, the Tesla Model 3 is truly a wonder of the modern automobile industry. Plus, the fact that it’s only $35,000 new, you might be asking yourself, “Why don’t I have one of those yet?”

Maybe it’s too futuristic or too hard to get ahold of one. Regardless of the reason, rest assured that more and more people are going to be switching over to Tesla as the years go on.

We’re here to give you 20 reasons why you should consider getting a Tesla Model 3. Here are 20 awesome features of the Model 3 that you might not know about or already forgot.

20 The Door Opens With Your Phone

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As if we weren’t already lazy enough, with the Tesla Model 3 (and every other Tesla), you don’t even need to use your hands to get inside the car! Maybe you’re a germaphobe.

For whatever reason, because of Tesla’s excellent programming and integration, you can open your car doors with Bluetooth using your phone. The 2013 Tesla Model S was the first to do it, and there’s no going back.

19 The Car Turns On Without A Key Or Start Button

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In case you didn’t know, Teslas are basically autonomous robots. The Tesla Model S was again the first car to have the feature of starting the car without a key, fob, or start button, and the Tesla Model 3 has continued in its minimal carbon footsteps.

Next time you give a friend a ride, just say “Tesla On,” and wow your friends – even though saying that technically doesn't do anything.

18 Amazing Sound System

The sound system in the Tesla Model 3 is crazy good. Paul Fosse (author at Clean Technica) has spoken and written highly of it, and it’s something you’ll come to love.

There are speakers seemingly everywhere, for an even mix and level, so even your backseat passengers will get to enjoy the music just as much as the driver. Tesla also has superb options for adjusting the bass, treble, etc.

17 The Side Mirrors Fold Automatically To Fit Into Places

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Your Tesla Model 3 knows its own width better than you do, that’s a fact. It’s programmed to know every millimeter and curve. One nifty feature of the Model 3 is the auto-folding mirrors. These are GPS linked to your house, so it gauges your garage doors and the mirrors automatically fold into place when you’re coming in for a landing – sort of like a plane in a hangar.

16 Stunning Roof Glass Color After Raining

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One of the coolest magic tricks that every Tesla has, which seems like modern alchemy, happens after it rains. If your car was left out, you’ll notice that the giant glass roof is arranged in an array of pretty colors. There’s a lot of science going on there to make water droplets look like a cascading rainbow, but we don’t need to go into that. Just enjoy it.

15 It Automatically Opens And Closes Your Garage

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Not only does your Tesla Model 3 fold its mirrors when it goes into the garage, but shortly after that, it'll shut your garage door for you. No more forgetting to close the garage door! If you have the Homelink Integration in place, it will automatically open and close your garage system for you, smoothly opening the door when you come home or leave to go out.

14 Autopilot Makes It Basically Autonomous

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Autopilot takes a little bit of getting used to, but its come a long ways from what it used to be.

The Tesla Model 3 is so technologically advanced that it brakes, stops, and accelerates by itself on autopilot. The feature is called “Full Self Driving” (FSD) and it will get substantially more expensive as time goes on, because as Elon Musk said earlier this year, he wants Teslas to have fully autonomous functionality by 2020.

13 It’s Noiseless

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One of the best things about the Tesla Model 3 (and scariest) is that the car is practically noiseless when you’re driving it. Electric vehicles in general are very quiet, but the Model 3 takes it to the next level.

Inside the cabin it’s nice and quiet, and the “engine” roar is a low hum, if even that. It also doesn’t rattle or shake. No greasing the squeaky wheel here!

12 Navigate On Autopilot Is Constantly Improving

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Since autopilot is always improving and getting updates, that means it’s a bit pricey (and getting pricier). Over the last few months of OTA software updates, the Tesla Model 3’s “Navigate on Autopilot” has improved to handle complex flyovers, turns, slowing down, and more.

It’s really a rollercoaster ride, so you shouldn’t exactly fall asleep behind the wheel, but it’s pretty awesome.

11 You Get A New Car Every Few Weeks With OTA Updates

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The speed of updates that Tesla’s systems go through is unheard of. The car is practically revamping itself on a weekly basis. Expect a new OTA update every two weeks with new improvements and functionality for you to take advantage of. Some of the updates are small, some huge, but they all basically reinvent your car every time you get one.

10 Rear Camera Is Wide Angled

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Narrow rear cameras are the worst. Elon Musk must’ve known that, because his cars all have wide-angled rear cameras, which provide a big view when you’re in traffic, in a parking lot, backing out of a spot, or if you have huge vehicles next to you.

The large screen also makes it easy to see where everything is. It’s also one of the first rear cameras that you can drive forward while it’s on, which is sure to amaze most passengers.

9 AC Turns On Automatically For Passengers

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Air conditioning is always appreciated, and the Tesla Model 3 won’t leave you hanging. When a passenger sits in one of the spacious rear seats, if you turn on the front AC, the rear AC will automatically turn on, too. It’s a nice gesture, though AC usage results in about a 10% drain while driving, as opposed to non-AC driving.

It’s recommended you always turn off your AC before exiting your car.

8 Touchscreen Is Better Than iPad Touchscreens

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The touchscreens on the Tesla Model 3 are your command center. Everything operates from there, so it makes sense that it would be powerful, clear, and easy to use. The Tesla touchscreen is arguably better than an iPad—of which Apple is famous for. It handles a four-fingered touch better, it’s smooth, and it’s lag-free. The screen also rotates, which is a nice touch.

7 The Sky View

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One of the coolest things about the Tesla Model 3—and it’s probably everyone’s favorite feature—is the giant glass roof, which gives you a perfect sky view for stargazing or just looking up at the sky.

The view through the glass roof is beautiful. It’ll help calm your state of mind, if you’re into that, and might even help with reducing road rage. And then there’s the aftereffect from rain that factors in.

6 Beach Buggy Racing

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One of the cooler updates to the OTA was the game Beach Buggy Racing (now in its second form). You can move the steering wheel, hit the accelerator, and smash the brakes to operate the car in the game. You can even play Beach Buggy Racing with two controllers. You can also play via the touchscreen.

Even if you don’t like the game, your kids are sure to.

5 Rear Heated Seats

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The Tesla Model 3 has heated seats on every seat, including the rear. Now, they’re a bit powerful for heated seats, some people have complained, but it’s still nice to have on a cold day. If you live anywhere in the US where it doesn’t snow, though, it might not be necessary, but who knows?

Ordinarily, only the front two seats are heated, so this is another nice gesture for your backseat passengers to enjoy.

4 It Has Autopark

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One of the coolest autopilot functions is the ability for your Tesla Model 3 to autopark. It’s a thrilling experience parking your car without using the steering wheel, and it can be a bit scary. Sometimes your Tesla might get a bit close to the curb or wall, but it learns from that and gauges it so next time it’ll be perfect. The careful symphony of reversing, steering wheel automation, brakes, turning, and moving forward is truly a sight to behold.

3 “Summon” Is Basically Magic

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One of the newer functions that came with an OTA update is the “Summon” command, which basically turns your Tesla Model 3 into the coolest dog you could ever have. With the push of a button from your phone, your car can go forward and backwards, open your garage, and drive to you! There’s Basic Summon, and then Enhanced Summon for steep streets and such, but use it with caution.

2 Your Electric Bill Will Go Down

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After getting your Tesla Model 3, your electric bill will probably go down. Not only is it incredibly cheap to recharge, but if you switch to the “Time of Use” plan, the cost of your charge between peak hours rises, and after peak hours it goes down significantly. You can also have your AC cool at a certain time, which helps sustain the battery.

1 Charging Costs About $25 Per Month

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According to Vijay Govindin of CleanTechnica.com, he charges his Model 3 once a week, when the battery gets less than 50%. And according to his StatsApp, if his charge was, say, 39.17 kWh, that’s about 168 miles of driving, and it should cost him $2.78. That’s $11 a month—about 95% less than if he used his minivan.

That’s a conservative estimate, but charging at $25 per month is a pretty liberal one, and can be expected.

References: cleantechnica.com, businessinsider.com, autoblog.com

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