20 Of The Ugliest Modified Supercars We'd Never Drive

The term supercar is synonymous with elegance, speed, and sophistication. However, some car owners go a little over-the-top to make their supercars stand out even more. Sometimes, they are successful in their pursuit of emerging unique, but it's just not in the way they had wanted! From being the proud owners of sleek and stylish supercars, they become laughing stocks for their ugly dash cars.

Car modification has transformed from a youthful hobby into a large-scale business. Popular car modifications include body paints, wraps, hand-paintings, graffiti, and installation of spare parts such as exhausts, bumpers, spoilers, aero-kits, and custom tires, etc.

Whenever a car owner goes extra with these modifications, a distinct ugly item becomes available to the public to mock! Often, these modifications are so absurd that these vehicles become symbolic objects.

There are some modified cars, no matter how funny-looking they might be, no sane person would be willing to drive them. Here's our list of __ of the ugliest modified supercars, we’d never drive.

20 Flower Tattooed Porsche

via Spirit

​It is hard to imagine that someone went to a tattoo artist and came back not with flower tattoos on his body, but on the Porsche! Whenever this supercar hits the road, muscle car drivers will laugh out loud at this flower-laden spectacle. Some truckers may even flirt with this car on the highways.​

19 Tramontana-R ‘Failed Formula-1 Design’

via SuperUnleaded

This car was supposedly designed to look like a Formula-1 race car while preserving the formal supercar look, but it failed terribly at keeping the balance between both styles. Now, it just looks ugly on the road, parked outside buildings, and everywhere it goes. Apart from the looks, its impractical accessibility is also glaringly disastrous.

18 The ‘So-Called’ King Camaro

via LegendaryList

This convertible Camaro with 32'' custom tires and shiny silver body paint is internally screaming. If only Stephen King had seen this car before writing his famous novel Christine! He'd have picked this Camaro rather than the 1958 Plymouth Fury. The horror that this car suffered would have made it eligible even without the supernatural forces!

17 Bugatti “Over-The-Top” Diamond

via WheelsAge

Mansory went a little overboard when making this ‘Vivere Diamond Edition’ Bugatti Veyron unique. They have not just horribly customized the exterior, but also the entire interior with the sparkly diamond look. Mansory was successful in robbing Tinkerbell. To show people their treasure, they sprayed the million-dollar supercar with fairy dust.

16 Mustang ‘Spoiler-Alert’

via WhichCar

Mustangs have made their name in supercars. Some car enthusiasts love to accessorize their cars with fancy spoilers, rims, and side skirts, etc. But this particular Mustang was fitted with a visible-from-a-mile ugly-as-hell spoiler. Also, the low hanging side skirts without the rear bumper make the car look even uglier from behind.

15 Ginetta Supercar – ‘Not-So-Simple’ Front

via TopGear

Someone inspired by the rear of Lamborghini Veneno designed this Ginetta supercar! And, in doing so, forced all possible aero-kit modifications and design innovations on the front end of the car. Just add a mix of colors with Ginetta’s front and Veneno’s rear, and you get a potential design for an ideal clown car.

14 Audi R8 - Leopard Printed

via Revvolution

Owned by the famous singer Justin Bieber, this once-sophisticated Audi R8 – now with leopard print – looks like a wild animal that went loose in an urban environment. Driving such an R8 may come across as offensive to Audi, a brand that stands for suave vehicles! Even a die-hard Audi fan would think twice before getting behind the wheel of this beast.

13 'Moving-American-History-Museum’ Camaro

via GoldEagle

While one must admit that the artwork on this car is of pristine quality, it's also a given that a Camaro is not the place for this patriotic art. This vehicle looks like a moving American history museum. If you are truly patriotic and enthusiastic about American history, for a change, you can try painting a mural instead of a classic car! No offense.

12 Jaguar With An Endless Bonnet

via CarThrottle

With the extra-long hood on the front, the supercar didn’t have enough material to cover the engine at the back! The wide-apart rear wheels and the narrow front wheels make you uncomfortable just looking at this thing. It resembles the shape of a nail that's waiting to be struck by a sledgehammer.

11 ‘Teeth-ed’ Ferrari

via Pinterest

As if the body color and the choice of rims weren't already enough to ruin the Ferrari, the owner went ahead and put a wide-as-hell teeth-wrap on the front to complete the ugliest look of this once-a-piece-of-beauty. If someone wants to give their car a funny look, a supercar like Ferrari is not the car to try it on!

10 Rust Coated BMW i8 – Truly Fitting In A Junkyard

via HiConsumption

BMW i8 is a supercar that gives a futuristic look while maintaining the aesthetics of a supercar. But not this one! This rust-coated piece of garbage truly deserves to be where it is – off the road and inside a junkyard similar to the one above.

Whoever thought of giving this state-of-the-art supercar a vintage-ish look needs to rethink their sense of art and style.

9 Camaro “Higher Point-Of-View”

via Motor1

While the aqua blue body paint on the convertible Camaro looks unnatural, it's not the first thing that you notice about this monstrosity. Someone tried to turn this beautiful Sedan into a Jeep through force by custom fitting 32'' tires, and it looks ghastly from all angles.

If it's just about the higher viewing point, you can try going another route: buying an SUV rather than ruining a Camaro!

8 Lamborghini Unicorn V3 – Pink Exoskeleton On A Masterpiece

via Supercars.net

​Modified for off-roading, this Lamborghini takes inspiration from flip cars in the movie Fast and Furious. The plain black body-paint contrasts with the bright pink exoskeleton surrounding the whole car. This out-of-the-box design has thrown-out-the-window everything Lamborghini stands for, i.e., class, subtleness, and exquisiteness!​

7 ‘Rust-y’ Porsche

via Rennlist

It's hard to believe that this car is not centuries old, but this is just a wrap and a revolting one at that too! It’s difficult to imagine that someone thought it was a good idea to cover a Porsche with the filthiest coat possible. This Porsche looks like it was born and raised in the junkyard and has never seen a real road in its lifespan.

6 Jaguar ‘Jaguar-ed’

via CarThrottle

This wrap on Jaguar E-Type is as ridiculous as it is redundant! It seems the idea was to inform people that this is, in fact, a Jaguar, and the exceptional solution they came up with was to paint a Jaguar all over the car. A classy car like this doesn’t deserve a fate like this. And, to be frank, an owner with a brain like this!

5 Lamborghini Murcielago ‘Extra Exhaust-ed’

via SpeedHunters

​The horrendous leopard wrap on this Lamborghini Murcielago is hard to fathom, but that's not the glaring problem of this supercar. The hundred-feet-tall exhaust at the car rear is visible from the International Space Station! Just fit an antenna on that exhaust, and you can receive signals from the other side of the universe. Literally ‘down-to-earth,’ this Lamborghini requires minor touchups on the exhaust, and you have a rocket launcher. Not bad!​

4 Mustang And The Long Front

via CarScoops

Whatever super-lab experimented on this Mustang failed, and they decided to abandon it somewhere no one would find it. But it was found on Craigslist! The car front is not only unpleasant to look at, but it's also ominous. It looks like the face of some deformed alien species. The headlights resemble the eyes of an extra-terrestrial living organism.

3 Colorized And Erected Camaro

via LegendaryList

The man was on a mission: Ruin his car in every single way he could imagine! Not only did he color the Camaro with three different shades, but he also used 32'' wheels to make his intention clear. Moreover, as a cherry-on-the-top, he added the most-hideous-floaters-ever to perfect the transition of a remarkable supercar into a laughing stock!

2 The “Unicorn” Mustang

via Twitter

So you think you've seen everything? The creative work performed on this item is extraordinary. Mustang is a type of horse just like a unicorn, but remember this is not a toy car.

No matter how much you love unicorns, a full-sized car is probably not the place to manifest that love. The big protruding horn in the front and the wings on the back make this Mustang unfit for the road (in real-world only).

1 Pizza Corvette

via CorvetteForum

Who doesn't love pizza? However, this Corvette someone turned into an advertising vehicle for a pizza business is the ugliest car anyone has ever seen.

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, but after seeing this loaf, one must admit there are some lines that shouldn't be crossed. A supercar like Corvette wasn't meant to be an appalling ‘pizza-fied’ vehicle!

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