20 Of The Weirdest Things People Found Inside Car Tires

Cars are one of the greatest inventions known to men. We use them to get to work, to drop off the kids at school and to attend our favorite games. Can you imagine a world without cars? That wouldn't be fun.

Some people are crazy about cars while others use them as a means of transportation. Whether you're obsessed with vehicles or you just need them to get you from point A to B, you have to take good care of it so that it can serve you.

One of the most important parts of a car are the tires. If your tires aren't functional, you can't use your car. Throughout the decades that cars have been on the road, many people have found strange objects in their tires. We gleaned pictures of strange items that people found in their tires.

20 Beehive

via Reddit

The truth can be stranger than fiction. If you hadn't seen this photo, you might not have believed that a beehive could form inside a tire. It would seem that bees don't mind where they set up shop, as long as they're left alone. More than likely, the owner of this tire didn’t welcome them in.

19 Air Bubbles

via Birmingham Mail

Sure, air bubbles can happen to anyone. The usual amount that you'd find on a tire is one or two air bubbles, but this covers the entire tire. That's a bit much and it's strange. That is a lot of air bubbles in one tire.

It almost looks like the tire developed some sort of disease, and it's having an allergic reaction.

18 Endangered Birds

via The National

Be careful where you leave your tires because birds might decide to make it their home. It's not every day that you see birds that look like this, and it seems that these birds are an endangered species.

This looks like a case of birds trying to hide out and using a tire as the place to remain inconspicuous.

17 Shark's Tooth

via Reddit

You don't have to go to the sea to look for trouble with sharks because they'll come looking for you.

It was reported on a forum that this is a shark's tooth that got stuck inside a tire. It's difficult to judge since the tooth is inside the tire, but truth can often be stranger than fiction.

16 Chipping Tool

via Reddit

Sometimes when you're missing certain tools, you just never know where you're going to find them. It could be in your tire.

This is one tool that the owner of the tire didn't want to find, at least not in this manner. He couldn't have been too happy about that incident, but unfortunately, it happens to the best of us.

15 Snake

via Reddit

Although most drivers don't want to see nails or other objects in their tires, they probably don't want to see snakes swirling around in tires either. That's not exactly what drivers expect to see when they're approaching their car to start their day. It's not exactly the welcome they were looking for before entering their car.

14 Deer Antler

via Corey's Car Care Center

You have to be careful when you're driving on the road to avoid hitting animals. It seems like there was one driver who couldn't avoid a deer – or at least, he couldn't get away from a deer's antler.

He got antlers stuck in his tires and off to the repair shop he went. Just an unfortunate accident.

13 Keys

via Mastertech Auto Care

Anybody lost their keys? The person who owns this tire has found them and they could belong to you.  This is the second case we've found of keys being stuck in a tire. It's amazing how that happens. You would have to go over the keys at a certain angle to make this happen and would be difficult to accomplish if you wanted to do it intentionally.

12 Fox

via MSN

Here's another say story. Fortunately, it turned out well. A fox got its head stuck in a wheel. Thank goodness that kind people were on hand to get it's head out. Everything seemed to have turned out well.

An unfortunate event that turned into a lesson for the fox, never to play around tires again.

11 Pliers

via Reddit

If you're wondering how this happened, then you're not the only one. I can understand if the handles of the pliers were sticking out of the tires, but it's the reverse. The tip of the pliers, which is the sharpest point, is sticking out. It's amazing this is even possible.

10 Puppy

via ilovemydogssomuch

This is sad to see. A puppy was playing around the tire and managed to get its head stuck in the rim. The puppy looks so sad, but the good news is that since the dog was able to get its head inside, that means that the owner was able to get it out. It's still unpleasant to see an animal trapped.

9 Wrench

via Reddit

Some of the things that you'd find in a tire are funny, while other things are odd.

What's really fascinating about this picture is how the wrench went straight through the tire. It went in through the one side and exited out of the other. There must've been a tremendous amount of pressure behind that wrench.

8 Ratchet

via Reddit

Look at the way that ratchet has gone inside the tire. It's almost as if the tire has sucked the entire ratchet inside.

What's strange about the ratchet going inside is that none of the sides of a ratchet are sharp. So, the fact that it went inside that much is really something you don't see often.

7 Needle

via Times Colonist

Some of the strangest things seem to be lying around on the road. One of those is needles. When this driver when out on to the road, he or she was unfortunate enough to stumble upon a needle. That's definitely one of the objects that should not be on the streets. Not only is it a danger to drivers, but it could be harmful to pedestrians.

6 Plastic Straps

via Pinterest

When your budget is tight, you have to get creative. Lacking money can make people do strange things sometimes. That at least appears to be the case here, as this driver found a semi-solution to his problem. A driver should always have perfect tires, but this idea is better than not having a big patch on the tire.

5 Pliers

via Imgur

Another set of pliers that made their way into tires. The big difference with these pliers is that the sharp end went in, not the other way around like with the previous set.

This has caused some serious damage to the tires, and it’s sure to make the driver upset.

4 Metal Piece

via Reddit

The last thing that any driver wants to experience is a flat tire. That happens from time to time due to people leaving all kinds of objects on the road.

In this case, the driver of this car was unfortunate to drive over a metal object that had screws, which penetrated into the tire.

3 Knife

via Youtube

There's just no way of telling what you'll find next in tires. It seems like somebody was practicing knife throwing when this knife landed in the tire. That's a pretty expensive exercise. Maybe throwing the knife at an apple would have been less costly. This doesn't look good.

2 Wrench

via Reddit

Another wrench inside a tire makes it onto the list. This one is slightly different, however. While the other wrench entered and exited on the outside of the tire, this one stayed on the inside. A puncture causes a tremendous amount of inconvenience to the driver and always happens at the worst time.

1 Keys

via Saturnfans

A driver never knows what they're going to pick up on the road with their tires. In this case, it was keys that got stuck in a tire. Two people were the unfortunate victims of this incident. One of them lost their keys while the other found the keys, but they had punctured his tire.

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