20 One-In-A-Million Coincidences That Prove Nothing Is Accidental

With so many conspiracy theories floating around these days, you really do have to wonder how many are legitimate, and how many are just coincidences that got incredibly blown out of proportion.

On the internet you can find all kinds of these conspiracies, but, you really have to take them with a grain of salt. So, we thought that instead of peddling the same old nonsense that you find in conspiracy forums all over the net, we would supply you with some good, old-fashioned coincidences that you simply have to see.

Some of them are hilarious, and some of them are downright bizarre. So, hopefully you’ve found a comfortable place to sit that isn’t within earshot of people who would be bothered by you audibly cackling to yourself.

Let’s take a look!

20 Birds of a Feather Flock Together


It’s been said a million times before, but, people really do start to look like their pets after a while. We have no idea why this is, but, if you take a look at a photo of your friends and their pets, it’s hard not to at least see a resemblance.

Some of these people look extraordinarily like their pets, while other people might just share a few characteristics. Either way, it’s still pretty cool to see it when it happens.

As many traits as people might share with their pets though, eye color is probably one of the most rare. Well, that is unless you’re the woman pictured above who has the same multi-colored eyes as her trusted feline friend.

Now that’s something that you just don’t see every day.

19 Twinning


There’s something really unsettling about being caught at a party wearing the exact same outfit as someone else. Back in the high school days, this was as close to social suicide as it got. But, fortunately for all of us, the anxiety caused by this exact scenario dissipates over time.

As you get older, if you see someone wearing the same outfit as you, it becomes almost a joyous occasion, not to mention an excuse to strike up a conversation. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

So, we thought it was pretty precious to see the couples pictured above documenting, as well as celebrating, this particular moment when they saw each other at the beer festival in similar garb.

18 How Is That Even Possible?


Although many people turn their nose up at it, working in the service industry really is tough. Sure, you don’t necessarily need a college degree to wait tables. But, the amount of abuse you have to endure at the hands of the general public certainly isn’t something to scoff at.

If anything, people in the service industry should be applauded, not talked down to, by those they are serving. However, more often than not, the individuals that earn their living by waiting on others get the short end of the stick.

You see a lot when you work in the service industry, and most of it is incredibly unpleasant. But, occasionally some light shines through the dark and you can enjoy a funny coincidence like the one pictured above.

17 Plot Twist


There’s nothing quite like a good plot twist. Whether it’s in a movie, a book, or any other kind of story, having a surprise ending to look forward to can make the whole experience that much more exciting.

But, as we all know, too much of a good thing can quickly become a bad thing if you’re not careful. And Hollywood sure has made a habit of utilizing the plot twist in literally all of its productions.

After a while, even the twist master himself, M. Night Shyamalan, became played out. It’s not that his later movies were any less entertaining than his first few, it’s just you can only see so many twist endings before you feel like you’ve seen enough. 

16 Stubborn Is As Stubborn Does


Human beings as a whole are very stubborn creatures. Regardless of what you identify as, human nature causes each and every one of us to be a little headstrong from time to time. Which, when you think about it, is totally normal. So long as you are able to keep that ego of yours in check.

However, people rarely do that and instead flex their egos as much as humanly possible. This can get quite exhausting after a while, but, much like being stubborn, being a bit egotistical is human nature as well.

So, if you’re a man, try and remember to handle yourself accordingly when dealing with fellow human beings. You don’t want to be that guy who’s desperately cocky and annoyingly forthcoming with each and every opinion that he has.

15 The Purrfect Crime


Anyone who’s ever had a cat knows exactly where the phrase, “cat burglar,” came from. There’s just something about these little creatures that just screams stealth. They obviously get it from their jungle cat ancestors, but, it’s still pretty amazing to see even the most domesticated of cats lurk around the house as if they were in the wild.

Clearly this little guy found the perfect hiding spot behind this painting of a fellow feline that has very similar markings. We aren’t sure exactly why they felt the need to duck behind the picture, but, we are sure there’s a good reason.

We just hope this little critter was able to stay hidden. Because whatever caused this cat to hide behind a picture must be something worth avoiding.

14 Cologne Isn't For Everyone


People really do seem to have a bizarre relationship with cologne. Some people know that subtlety is key, while others use and abuse the stuff and end up smelling like a tipped over gasoline truck when all is said and done.

You never want people to smell you from a mile away. What you want is for someone to catch a whiff of you when they’re a couple feet away and then feel drawn by your scent to get closer. Or that’s at least that’s how it goes in those terrible cologne commercials.

However, when it comes to men’s fragrances, you can sometimes get a little too close for comfort and end up with a face full of yuck that you never wanted.

13 They Walk Among Us


Whether or not you believe in aliens, you do have to admit that the lore around those big-eyed, grey, freaks of nature are pretty darn entertaining.

There’s been all kinds of movies made about them, stories written about them, and conspiracy theories cooked up about them to try and explain their existence on our planet.

You can chalk a lot of these kinds of stories up to conjecture. But, there still remains a great deal of people out there who believe that aliens not only exist, but also walk freely among us on a daily basis.

So, you can probably imagine what all of the conspiracy theorists out there thought when they saw what appears to be an alien’s face in this slab of wood.

12 Bud-Wei-Ser


Sometimes coincidences are too good to be true. It’s one of those things where the truth is often weirder than any lie you could have told. So, you can probably imagine how excited we were when we found the headline pictured above.

Budweiser, as we all know, is a pretty popular beer. However, the name, “Bud Weisser,” isn’t exactly one that you see every day, or even at all for that matter. Really, with a name such as that, you’d only expect to see it in an actual Budweiser commercial.

So, for someone named Bud Weisser to break into the Budweiser brewery and get caught is nothing short of hilarious. The odds of that happening are basically slim to none, so, we couldn’t be happier this aptly named gentleman made the choice that he did that day.

11 Ten and Two Please


Driver’s Ed for a lot of us was a really long time ago. Which is probably why so many of us drive like complete nincompoops when we are out there on the roads.

It seems that as soon as you graduate Driver’s Ed and begin carting yourself around with your own set of wheels, all the tips and tricks the instructor shared with you go completely out the window.

Rather than obeying each and every particular traffic law, all of us quickly become way more concerned with looking cool behind the wheel and impressing all of our lunkhead friends. At least that’s how it is in the very beginning.

As you get older, you definitely chill out when you’re driving. Well, that is unless you’re the person in the picture above who decided to slam their mustang right into a building.

10 Chuck Norris Vs. the Nazis


Whether or not you’re a fan of his, you do have to admit that, “Chuck Norris Vs. the Nazis,” sounds like the greatest possible movie to ever be made.

Chuck himself is a martial arts legend. He squared off against the late, great Bruce Lee, did his stint as the Texas Ranger, and even landed a role in, “the Expendables 2,” alongside Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

But, the one thing we haven’t seen him roundhouse kick at some point throughout the years is Adolf Hitler. Audiences would clamor for it if that scenario made its way to the big screen. Unfortunately, it may be the kind of scene that we may only ever be able to play out in our minds.

9 It Doesn't Even Matter


We all have our obsessions. For some people, it’s sports. For other people, it’s music. But, for some people out there, their particular obsessions are a little stranger. Now, we aren’t sure exactly who this, “Andy,” guy is, but, one thing’s for sure: he’s pretty obsessed with Linkin Park.

Don’t get us wrong, “In the End,” is a timeless classic, not to mention one of Linkin Park’s most famous songs. So, we can understand someone having a bit of an emotional connection to it.

But, for it to be the only song in someone’s iTunes library, and to have a play count of over 30,000 is a little bit extreme.

For heaven’s sake, it cost this man his relationship! Oh, well, he’s right. In the end, it doesn’t even matter.

8 Coincidence Burn


We aren’t exactly sure when people became so obsessed with sick burns, but, we couldn’t be happier that they have been. And that’s because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a really good burn.

Whether you’re the one dishing it out, or simply hearing about it through a friend of yours, a solid roasting is something worth celebrating. Which is exactly why we included this particular Tumblr post on this list.

One part of us feels kind of bad for whoever posted this ridiculous stream of consciousness originally. But, at the same time, it’s always hilarious to see someone who’s trying to be deep get slaughtered for being absolutely contrived.

We just hope that they had some burn gel ready, because there’s no way they are going to be able to go on about their lives without it after this.

7 Try Not Building On Ancient Indian Burial Grounds


If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Poltergeist,” then you’re probably familiar with why you shouldn’t build anything on an ancient indian burial ground. Anyone who’s ever done this either in the movies or in real life were all met with their fair share of opposition from both the physical and spiritual world.

So, it should come as no surprise that the United States, which has been constructed right on top of a bunch of Native American burial grounds, has suffered its fair share of hardships throughout history.

Of course, no country is perfect. But, it seems like America these days is just plagued with bad juju that we can’t escape from. We just hope that over the next few years we can find a way to patch things up and secure a better future for the many generations to come.

6 Fourth Straight Week, Baby


Relationships are tough. Each and every one has its own nuances and irregularities that must be maintained in order for the coupling to be successful. Some people are good at this, but, there are many others out there who aren’t nearly as able to keep their significant others happy and healthy throughout the course of their relationship.

But, as difficult as relationships can be, breakups are even harder. There’s just something heartbreaking about sharing so much time with a person just to end up alone all over again in the end.

When it comes to breakups, there’s really no good way of going about it. You just have to survive long enough to get your life back together once the dust settles and move onto bigger and better things.

5 Seems Fishy


Although people have always been pretty materialistic, it seems with the advent of social media more and more of us are becoming increasingly concerned with things of the shiny variety.

Now that we are able to share with all of our “followers” our every single move, we can now boast about all the glitz and glamor (or lack thereof) in our respective lives. And as the world becomes even more so connected, the chances of falling into this social media pit becomes exponentially more desirable to all of us.

And that’s because deep down all people like having “stuff” and love showing it off. And if we know that we have something that another person wants, we don’t hesitate for a moment to use it to draw them to us.

4 Childhood Ruined


Much like Nesquik chocolate milk, Nesquik cereal was a highlight of countless people’s childhoods over the years. It was even better when you could combine the two. But, you usually had to wait for your parents to turn around before you could pull off that kind of deliciously risky maneuver.

When you’re a kid, you have a great deal of innocence. To you, the world is still a big, beautiful place that inspires adventure and creativity and all kinds of other good things. But, as you get older, you realize that the big, beautiful world you fell in love with as a kid is actually cruel and unusual and full of horrendous nonsense.

It gets even worse when you realize that Nesquik cereal looks a lot like what comes out of the bunny that graces the box.

3 Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em


To the dismay of those who oppose it, the Mary Jane is becoming increasingly accepted all around the United States. These days, there are both medical and recreational uses for it and each and every day people figure out more ways to utilize the sticky, green shrub that benefits all of mankind.

However, it’s still illegal in different cities and states all over the U.S. So, as much as those who defend it wish it was available everywhere, this is certainly not the case, and probably won’t be for many years to come.

But, for anyone familiar with green culture, it’s pretty hilarious to see room 420 at this particular hotel without a no smoking sign. Hopefully this is just a coincidence, otherwise there’s going to be a few people taken downtown when the authorities respond to a weird smell coming out of the room.

2 This Crazy Road Called Life


As we all know, life is all about the journey to your destination. It’s during this journey that all of the exciting things in your life are going to happen, meaning you’re going to have plenty of stories to tell when you do finally end up where you’re supposed to be.

But, like with any journey, there are countless roadblocks along the way that are designed to test you and see exactly how much grit you have as a person. All of these roadblocks are incredible teaching moments and really do shape you as you continue on your path to the next phase of your life.

Many of these roadblocks are figurative. But, as you can see in the photo above, sometimes these roadblocks are quite literal and will really take you down a notch when you roll up to them.

1 Two iPads, One Box


There are two kinds of people in this world: people who are lucky, and people who are not. The people who are lucky seem to have a pretty easy go of things. They get the jobs they apply for, they end up with the significant other they wanted, and they lead really cool lives that they then share all over social media.

For the unlucky people in the world, they never get the job they applied for, they end up alone, and they lead lives that leave much to be desired.

But, regardless of how lucky you may be, you still have to trudge through this crazy, little thing called life. All you can hope is that along the way you actually get the iPad you ordered.

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