20 Online Shoppers Who Absolutely Did Not Get What They Ordered

Over the years, online shopping has become a big deal. Being able to find what you need online and even see reviews for that item has really changed shopping forever.

Not only is it simple, easy and convenient, but it can be done either at home or on the go. Order what you need, send it to your house, or even order it and go pick it up while out and about. It makes life so much easier for people who work long hours, stay-at-home moms, or people who have a hard time getting around.

Unfortunately, not everything we order online arrives looking the same way. Sometimes it’s the seller’s fault for posting false or wrong information, sometimes it’s the buyer’s fault for not checking the specs and reviews.

Here are 20 people who definitely didn’t get what they ordered online.

20 "Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold"


Ever hear the saying, “not everything that glitters is gold?”

Well, according to pensandpatron.com, this woman learned that saying very well when she ordered a dress online and expected to look at least a little like the model. Instead though, she got a dress that definitely didn’t look like the one ordered.

19 Could Have Just Used A Bed Sheet


Any outfit can be elevated to new heights with a good accessory or two.

According to pensandpatron.com, this customer decided to order a trendy cardigan to spice up his look and instead received a literal piece of fabric with two holes randomly cut into it. To add to it, he ordered the “cardigan” in grey, not navy blue.

18 Seems Legit


Online shopping is risky, and this poor soul learned that the hard way when they tried to purchase the latest state of the art big screen TV online and got this instead.

According to pensandpatron.com, whoever he bought this from was crafty with their scheme. Instead of a TV, they wrapped up a heavy piece of wood in protective film, making the product seem legit.

Hope he gets his money back.

17 Childish Games


One mother thought that a good way to trick her baby girl into eating vegetables would be to order stuffed versions of her least favorite ones.

According to pensandpatron.com though, instead of getting two cute stuffed carrots, someone sent her two real carrots with faces drawn on with permanent black marker.

16 Yeezy To Sleezys


When the world found out that Kanye West was going to be doing a collab with Adidas, fans went nuts to try and get a pair of the new trendy sneakers.

According to boredpanda.com, the new Yeezies were not cheap and this guy thought he hit the lottery when he found a cheap pair online. Unfortunately, he was a little disappointed when they finally arrived, and they looked more like slipper shoes.

15 Bread Loafers


Many people love to feel comfortable when it comes to shoes and one of the biggest fads seems to be loafers. Loafers, or slippers, are slip-on shoes that offer its wearer lots of comfort.

According to pensandpatron.com though, this buyer purchased a mix between loafer shoes and a loaf of bread. Not saying bread shoes aren’t comfortable but walking on bread seems slightly off.

14 Sorry, Not Sorry


A lot of the time, when ordering something, accidents can happen, but for other times, mistakes can be done on purpose as a way for the seller to make money.

According to pensandpatron.com, this buyer bought a pair of headphones and instead was tricked by a seller who felt apologetic and left a note saying how sorry they were and why they did it.

13 Game Of Scams


Peter Clatworthy was a young father looking to get his young son the ultimate Christmas present.

According to pensandpatron.com, Peter scanned eBay for hours looking for an Xbox one and finally found one for $750.

With the seller only having positive reviews, he thought it was a good deal. To his surprise though, when he got his order, it was just a piece of paper with a picture of an Xbox one on it.

12 Almost The Same Right?


Nowadays, there are cool items that change from temperature. From toys to accessories, to dishes and even lenses. It’s almost like the buyer is getting two items for the price of one.

According to ruinmyweek.com though, this person ordered a Christmas mug and instead of a mug whose image changed when touched with hot water, he got a mug with a picture of two mugs on it.

11 Toe Warmers


All this guy wanted to do was dress as Cat Woman for Halloween.

According to pensandpatron.com though, when he ordered tights to wear with the rest of his costume, he ended up getting ones that fit a fairy instead of a grown man.

Rip off? Or did he just accidentally order doll tights?

10 Room For Two? Barely Room For One!


Camping can be both a pain and a fun experience. The pain comes from having to organize everything, set everything up and then, in the end, packing it all back up and stuffing back in the car.

According to pensandpatron.com, this guy suffered a major pain when he unloaded his tent and realized what was supposed to be a two-person tent, wasn’t.

He still looks pretty cozy though.

9 A Wedding Disaster


Out of all the expenses one pays for a dream wedding, the dress can be the most expensive.

According to pensandpatron.com, this woman decided instead of dropping thousands of dollars in a store, she was going to order a dress of a random website.

Clearly the risk wasn’t worth it, and the dress doesn’t look anything like advertised. Hope she gets a refund.

8 A Purple Disaster


A rug is another accessory that is a great way to add some flair to the most boring of rooms.

According to pensandpatron.com, one couple thought they would spice up their home by ordering a royal purple rug off the internet. Little did they know that what they would receive would be a little smaller than what originally ordered.

7 The Plaid Mishap


Now days, a new fashion trend seems to be all about unisex looks. Many companies around the world have been creating new garments that can be worn by both men and women.

According to pensandpatron.com, this girl thought she was getting a plaid T-shirt dress from an online clothing retailer and instead got a man’s button-down instead.

6 Winnie The Pooh Monster


Now days, beauty masks inspired by famous Korean beauty skin car regiments are all the rage.

According to pensandpatron.com, this woman decided to jump on the bandwagon and buy a sheet face mask that would help enhance her skin. Instead of a plain one though, she wanted to get creative and go with a Winnie The Pooh mask.

Unfortunately, instead of cute and cuddly, she got something a lot scarier.

5 Game Over


Remember in Charley and the Chocolate Factory when Willy Wonka showed off a three-course meal in pill form?

Well, according to pensandpatron.com, whoever sold this device thought they would try and be like Wonka and do the same thing with a PlayStation. Unfortunately, while it definitely was pocket size, it wasn’t a working device. Maybe he is on to something though.

4 Stilts Not Included


Nowadays, garments are barely made by human hand. Most jeans, in fact, are mass-produced in factories.

According to ruinmyweek.com, this unfortunate soul ordered a pair of jeans that were supposed to be the standard length of 32”. Instead, they got a pair that, though would be perfect for a professional basketball player, definitely don’t work for the average joe.

3 A Bad Apple


One gentleman was shopping around for Christmas gifts online when he found an amazing deal on a popular auction website for an iPad and immediately bought it.

According to pensandpatron.com though, when he finally received it and took it out of the box, he realized it was just an inexpensive children’s toy.

The lesson in this purchase is: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

2 Realistic Dollhouse Accessories


One woman found an amazing deal online for a TV stand and decided to jump on the opportunity and order it.

According to ruinmyweek.com though, when it finally came, it was obvious that it was meant more for a dollhouse, than a real home. Either the specs were wrong, or she didn’t pay attention to what she was ordering.

Either way, the ending result is hilarious.

1 Special Instructions Gone Wrong


Sometimes when ordering something, a customer can give special instructions for the company to do such as a special note included inside or special delivery instructions.

According to ruinmyweek.com, the worker who packaged this customer’s order obviously wasn’t paying attention and put the special instructions on the outside of the box. That or maybe it was an actual robot doing the job, why the request didn’t come outright.

Source: pensandpatron.com, boredpanda.com, ruinmyweek.com

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