20 Parents Who Still Treat Their Adult Children Like Kids

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. First, parents have to figure out what to do with this new little being that they are in charge of. Then, they realize their overwhelming love for that new person. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for the child in their life. However, there is one thing they don’t want the child to do and that’s grow up. Some parents are okay with kids growing up and moving on, while others tend to hold on a little too tightly. There’s really nothing they can do about aging. All they have to do is look in the mirror to prove that they aren’t in their 20s anymore themselves. But it’s not OK for their kids to age and grow up as well.

So what’s a parent to do? They continue on with their life as if nothing has changed. Their son or daughter may technically be an adult now, but those kids are still their babies, no matter what. And they will treat them as such! These pictures are evidence that there are plenty of parents out there treating adult children like the kids they used to be and not the adults they are today.

20 Mom still makes matching ties for birthdays

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We understand that kids are always going to be babies to their moms, no matter how old they get. But what mom has to understand is that kids do grow up and they like different things once they are adults. Some kids might find it fun to dress up like their cat—matching ties and all. But adults most likely will not get the same humor out of it. So when this man has a birthday and his present is yet another matching tie, he realizes his mom is never going to treat him as anything but the kid he used to be.

19 Dad still celebrates birthdays the same way

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Parents are proud of their kids and they want them to know how much they love them, even as the years go by. When this dad posts these pictures on his Facebook page when his boy turns 21, it makes sense that the boy would have cause to blush. It’s one thing to give in to dad’s want to re-do a picture he loves from the past. It’s another to share the results publicly. That just makes his son feel like a child all over again. So much for being a legal adult who can drink and everything. All dad wants is for him to ride on his shoulders.

18 Dating still isn't OK with dad

No parent wants to think of their child dating, but in reality, they always grow up and dates are going to happen. This girl knows that dating is a sore spot for her parents, even though she’s a grown up now.

Rather than parade a new boyfriend into the house for a visit, she takes the easy route and sends mom a picture.

When she gets a reply and it’s her father looking rather gruff, she likely feels like a kid all over again. Dating wasn’t easy when she was younger and it’s not getting any easier as an adult, apparently.

17 Dad isn't letting go and it's painfully clear

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Fathers are notoriously protective when it comes to their daughters. They don’t want anything to happen to their little girls and they—more than anything—don’t want them to date. However, they will come a time when that little girl grows up and starts to have an interest in men. When she finds someone special and invites her parents over to her house for dinner to meet him, this is what dad wears. It’s a message to both the man she’s dating and to her. She’s still a child, right? Otherwise, dad wouldn’t wear such a thing. His message to the man is rather clear.

16 The best advice always comes from mom

It’s nerve-wracking for any mom to send her child off to the big college world. But it’s something moms simply have to do. That doesn’t mean they have to completely let go, right? They can send some gifts with them to ensure their safety.

This mom wanted her college-bound son to take some supplies and a gift with him.

She gave him this cup and told him it was the only cup he was allowed to use for alcohol. That should keep him out of trouble! And away from party invites soon since no one is going to want to clean up his mess all the time.

15 The lunch presentation will never change

It’s nice for dad to offer to make his visiting adult son lunch. Who doesn’t like a good sandwich and some chips when they’re hungry? What’s weird is that this is how the lunch appears on the plate, even though the son is now 21. Dad had to spend a lot of time plating this meal. His son could have eaten a lot sooner had he just slapped the sandwich and chips on the plate along with some cookies. But at least all of the food groups are represented and the son has a reminder that he’s still just a kid to his dad.

14 Don't mess with a mom's dreams

Moms are often awake at night, worrying about their children—even once those children are adults and maybe even especially then. But when mom takes her dreams too seriously and asks her grown daughter if she’s okay, the daughter takes things on the humorous side and feels like a kid again.

To prove she’s okay—and that’s she’s having fun with her mom’s worries, she replies a message that signifies she is indeed intact, even if she’s pretending she lost a hand.

Her mom seems serious about the issue. She even says she’s serious! She wants no suffering for her adult daughter.

13 Moms can't shield forever, but they can try

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Mothers are always trying to shield their kids from the ways of the world. It’s best that the children be kept innocent as long as possible, right? Well, this mom decided to hold a towel up in front of the TV when a female appeared shirtless. Her son is 22, however, and probably has seen a thing or two in his years of life. It never gets less awkward to see such things around mom, but it does get to the point where mom has to admit, it has been seen and there’s not much more she can do about it.

12 Moms just want to ensure nutrition

Moms want to make sure their children are warm, comfortable and well fed. It’s something that is engrained into every mom—though some moms take it farther than others. Take this mom, for example.

She wants her son to have a decent lunch so she makes sure of it.

However, her son is married and has children of his own so he can probably take care of himself by now. Not only does she still make him a sandwich, but she has to go through security and up three elevators to deliver it to him. That’s commitment. And the assurance that she still treats him like a kid.

11 There's nothing like mom and her Dustbuster

Most children are only clean when their mothers ensure it. They have to take a bath when mom says so. They wear the clothes that mom washes and sets out for them. They smell and look decent only because of mom. But as kids age, they generally take on those roles for themselves. Not this man, apparently. His mother still whips out her dust buster and goes crazy on his shirt whenever she sees so much as one little lint ball. No son of hers will go out in public that way, even if he is an adult that should take care of his own lint.

10 The overloading on cereal favorites

As children grow in the house with their parents, it makes sense for mom to keep certain cereals on hand because her kids eat it on a regular basis.

When children grow up and move away, perhaps mom will buy a box when they come home to visit.

This adult child, however, came home to visit for a while week and discovered that mom had not just bought one or two boxes, but a whole store full of their favorite cereal. All for one week. Perhaps she wants him to eat it for every meal while there or something because this is a bit too much.

9 The couch made up in the child's honor

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Moms always prepare for when their children are going to visit home. They want them to be as comfortable as possible so they will come back more often, right? Perhaps some parents have turned the extra bedroom into an office or have moved to a smaller house so their son has to sleep on the couch when he comes back. But that doesn’t mean the couch can’t be perfection! This mom needs to let her son grow up a bit because he’s going to feel like a child, even at his adult age, every time he returns home to see the couch made up in his honor in this manner.

8 The dad who just can't give up the allowance

When kids do chores around the house, they often get allowances for their hard work. It’s good to reward that kind of helpful behavior so they have a good work ethic growing up.

As children grow into adults, they start taking responsibility for their own finances and they no longer need their parents to support them.

Sure, there might be times when a loan comes in handy and that’s what the checkbook is for. But this guy has issues with his dad leaving him little presents every time he visits. Not a present most would complain about, but it still shows that his dad thinks he’s a kid.

7 Hello Kitty is never OK for an adult male

Parenting is never done, but there comes a point when most children no longer fit into, or appreciate, the famed onesie. Onesies are coming back in today’s market and they are stylish yet again. But mom has to buy the right onesie for her son for him to truly appreciate it. Maybe a superhero onesie or perhaps one that looks like a fierce animal. Certainly not Hello Kitty. No offense to the cat, it’s just not something that usually looks great on an adult man. His mom must not see him in that manner—like, at all. We hope he stays warm, though.

6 She might be okay with a new car

Balloons are absolutely top of the line for children. All you have to do to entertain a child of a certain age is give them a balloon and they are happy for hours. However, there comes a time when a balloon just doesn’t cut it any longer.

For this girl, that age is 28.

You see, it’s her 28thbirthday and not only did her mom insist on getting her a birthday balloon, just as she had for the past two decades but she also insisted that the girl take a photo with the balloon. She looks thrilled, doesn’t she?

5 When instructions are less than age-appropriate

If mom were to leave a 10-year-old with a kiwi, they might need these instructions as to how to open and consume the food. However, an adult at the age of 18 should know how to cut things appropriately. Even if they haven’t had a kiwi on their own before, they’re old enough to figure it out without detailed, step-by-step tutorials, right? Adults know what they’re doing when it comes to simple foods so mom leaving this kind of note just makes them feel like a kid all over again. With any luck, the cutting goes well and the note gets tossed.

4 Watch out for creative moms

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It’s not uncommon for a boy to grow up not knowing how to sew. Many girls don’t either. So what does a single, grown man do when he has pants that need to be fixed? He takes them home to his mom.

She loves patching things up for him, but when she returns his pants and they look like this, he’s pretty sure she thinks he is still a child.

He just wanted a simple patch, not a mouth in his pants. The joke’s on her, though, because even though it makes him feel like a kid, he loves it and wears it with pride.

3 Safety first at every age

Parents just want their kids to be safe. When they are little, they baby proof the house so the baby can’t bump her head on things or ingest dangerous items. When they grow to the adult age, they do things like this. When do parents let go and let the kids make their own mistakes? That varies, but this dad perhaps never will. When his daughter reaches adulthood and can drive on her own, he makes her feel like a kid again by dressing up in safety gear and dressing her car up according to his safety rules. The advice isn’t all bad, even for an adult.

2 The best cake any 31-year-old could ask for

Birthdays are a big deal for kids and any kid wants their cake to be a certain way. If they like a superhero character, the cake might be topped with that along with their favorite colors. But once we hit a certain age, those things just don’t matter and birthdays, in fact, are much less special in general.

This 31-year-old is happy to have a cake, but the fact that his mom topped it with more dinosaurs than he can even carry shows just how much she thinks of him as her little boy, even at an adult age.

There are worse things than a good cake, but the dinosaurs probably ate most of the icing.

1 Care packages are sometimes very telling

Every college student likes care packages from home. Especially if they include baked goods, money, candy bars and other college essentials. But this adult-aged kid gets care packages that just aren’t quite of the normal variety. And they make him feel like a kid all over again. How much teasing does he get from his roommate and everyone else on the hall that sees these packages? His mom should send packages, by all means, but she might want to send more adult versions with baked goods, money, soaps and other college essentials. This had to take a lot of time out of her day.

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