20 People Who Didn't Get The Message To Slow Their Roll

Silence shouldn’t always be taken as reason enough to proceed. Like how someone not responding to our texts is less them giving us room to keep talking, and more a case of ghosting.

Sometimes a crowd isn’t giving us room to do our thing, they’re just backing away from us because we’re acting like we have the plague. Of course, this is a case by case issue. If someone just announced how amazing we are at break dancing when a crowd distances themselves from us, it could be a good thing. But if them edging away was preceded by our violent coughing and sneezing… it’s time to call it a day.

Before we really let it all go, double-check that those internal brakes are working. They might need to kick-in really quickly, even if no one has alerted us to that. Anyway, these next pictures are definitely interpreted as silence — meaning they were safe to continue and intensify with what they were doing. It’s a fair assumption but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing. Their real friends were somewhere far, far away or someone would have begged them to slow their roll and not just keep on spiraling.

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20 When No Excuses May Be Made

I honestly can not pick out who the most overly intense person in this entire situation even is. Is it the kid with two broken legs in a bouncy house, about to violate whatever medical advice his doctor didn’t think needed to be said? Or the parent who drove him here instead of plying him with ice-cream to sit on his butt for at least one day and try to recover? Or is it the person who made this about them? All I know is I need to avoid all these people because there’s just no chill in them. No chill at all.

19 When You Deserved To Be Stopped

This was a brilliant plan that went so awry. Sure, save some space on your phone but at what cost? And is it worse to send your selfies to a stranger who immediately stops you or to the person who just lets you roll on? Personally, I’m much more afraid of the second guy who just lets it happen, even though they don’t want what’s going on. What was it that changed that one day that they finally spoke out? They had let that mistake go on so late… That’s way more awkward than the person who calls it out immediately.

18 When You're On Your Own

I need to know if this picture was taken over satellite or with one of those Google Map vans you’ll see driving around. Sure, this picture inspires nothing but questions, and I’ve got plenty more...

Like my first question: how the heck did he escape!?

But this is my second, more pressing question that I'm burning up for an answer to: if it was satellite, there’s still the fact that this escaped inmate’s faced is blurred, which is hilarious. If it was that van, the driver basically was like, well I’m not picking up any hitchhikers and definitely no escaped jail hitchhikers. That said, I won’t cross him. That’s an amazing code of ethics.

17 When They're Almost Antonyms

I can’t say cinnamon and synonyms are exactly antonyms since they’re not really opposites. They’re just two very different things. It’s hard to compare the two because one is the coziest herb and the other is… an abstract concept.

They’re basically total strangers who keep getting confused for each other and are really over it.

This is another case where it’s pretty pathetic but at least some one had the integrity and respect for human dignity to step up and have this person slow their roll. It’s still rough, but not as rough as just witnessing the person fly off the edge because their roll never got slowed.

16 When You Had No Right

This is absolutely what I assume private schools are like, and I don’t just mean the lemon. I also mean the level of unearned confidence that pushes someone to think they’re fixing a piece of public property.

They were really confident in themselves and in lemon water.

That’s like adding armchairs to a bench; not only did you have time to think this up along with the resources to make it happen, but you were like, yeah this is what I should be doing. Man oh man, the engineer who made this water fountain will be so grateful when I improve upon their idea.

Whereas in public school, you know not to fix anything that’s not directly your problem.

15 When It's Not A Multi-Use Piece Of Equipment

Either this youth pastor is trying too hard to be cool or the church basketball team is a little desperate for new members. I’m pretty sure a basketball hoop can be attached to literally any wall so this is just… extra... And a little unnecessary... And not that great or functional of a basketball hoop... And if someone slam dunks on this — it just brings back a lot of rough memories.

There’s kind of only one guy who regularly goes up on a crucifix and it’s not for a game.

If this congregation cares about their pastor or whoever, they need to tell him to change this.

14 When You're Lettuce Head

It’s hilarious to see how quickly people bring up their significant other when no one asked about it.

Congratulations, you have a partner in life. *thumbs up*

Sure, I’ll catch myself doing it super casually, but at least I’m aware of being that girl. Hopefully the girl who’s self-aware of bringing up her partner in the first few sentences of a conversation is also aware of whether or not there’s a vegetable in her hair. By her hair, I mean my hair. I really hope I don’t have lettuce in my hair and if I do, I hope I notice. But I’m really not sure since I’m pretty scatter brained.

13 When You Leak Your Secret

This is that sweet spot between brilliance and being totally pathetic. It's so ingenius that I just don’t know how to feel about it. Why is there such an overlap between genius and being completely lazy? What I’m really conflicted on is this guy sharing his secret strategy since he either thinks people are going to jump over themselves to do this too or… he just doesn’t know to be ashamed of his own laziness.

I guess he’s multitasking by posting, watching TV, and sort-of cooking, but I still wish I didn’t know about this aspect of his life.

Also, I hope he has someone to stop him from more FaceTime cooking.

12 When It's A Bad Deal

I don’t know who’s in charge of labelling the prices and sales for this shoe store, but they really need someone to step in and help them out. I’m definitely also the kind of person who just makes fun of them, but that’s why the world needs more people to take a shoe-sales-person by the hand and lead them to safety.

...While everyone else laughs at them.

Look, if it was a perfect world a shoe would have never gotten labelled as being on sale for the same price it already was in the first place. So me and the other people laughing wouldn’t even be in that world.

11 When You're Just Not That Guy

Sure, it’s embarrassing to get corrected by a marsupial (actually, that’s an adorable image), but this little dude is a better person than that guy who let the girl keep sending her selfies. That’s a far better friend to humanity, if it means Post Malone read up on his Australian animals.

This kangaroo calling out Post Malone is the equivalent of a friend telling you that you have gunk in your teeth. See? It’s the right thing to do.

However, there’s no excuse for confusing koalas and kangaroos but Post Malone and Shia LeBeouf are totally fair ground, especially depending on how long Shia’s hair is.

10 When It Was Under Your Nose The Whole Time

If you’ve been eating kale, I’m sorry you never knew before that you were allowed to just throw it away.

It’s true, you can build a little coconut oil slip-n-slide on your own plate and get that nasty garbage straight into the trash can.

Again, I'm so sorry this image is coming into your life right now and not sooner.

It’s better late than never but… I’m sorry for what you’ve been through. Oh, and if you genuinely like kale...I don’t know, I’m done here. We clearly will never see eye-to-eye about most things in the world. So let's just stop trying.

9 When No One Believed You

Just looking at this diagram makes my eyeballs swim around in my brain and switch places with each other. I know it’s written on a yellow background, but all I can see are little red strings connecting these separate words, and it’s all scrawled on a cork board; probably in someone’s lair. And I don’t mean basement or spare bedroom. I mean a full on lair. This is the product of a lot of late night’s spent working and that can only happen in a lair.

I think when you have a conspiracy theory, it doesn’t matter if it’s meme-form or on a wall. They all blend together.

8 When You Dress For The Life You Want

My only problem with this image is that there’s no way this kid is getting any pancake in those bites

Side note: that artificial maple syrup is the worst.

You need pancake to sop up the really sugary stuff up. Also, if this kid was at all near puberty then this would be a recipe for awful acne. I mostly just appreciate what a good mask this makes, but I’m bothered that he can’t eat the actual pancake. Hopefully he has someone around to recommend not posting this anywhere or strangers will make fun of him forever.

(Oh yeah, and he definitely doesn’t have that or his breakfast.)

7 Again, Dressing For The Life You Want

Oh man, this hat. I’m pretty sure it’s not Photoshopped onto this boy, partially because his expression is so much the one of someone wearing a factually incorrect mini-solar system on his head. But I also just really want to believe that somewhere—maybe in outer space and maybe on our planet—this hat exists.

It was most likely a science project that got smashed into pieces after receiving an F.

The world is a huge place; this hat might be somewhere out there. It's not the point but I really love that the center could have easily been the sun and it would have made so much more sense.

6 Just A Flawed Premise

Look, plenty of this is concerning. We’ve got a whole lot to worry about. I’m deeply upset that almost three-million results came up for a question that makes less than any sense.

I don’t even know how cucumbers got thrown into this mess either.

I’m worried about the person who typed this question in and took a screen shot but more so, I’m worried about those 2.5-ish million folks who created content relevant to this question. And I’m really, really worried about cucumbers. They don’t seem like they’re doing so good. But I really want to see what results under shopping come up for this.

5 When You Own Too Many Mannequins

I’m not worried about the person who posted this or took this picture. They’re hilarious. But I’m very concerned about why someone owns this many mannequins and why they feel comfortable letting all their neighbors know that they own them.

It makes me think everyone already knew.

I also don’t know why they're over these mannequins — that’s a big life change that could signal a few things. They either have new friends now. Or new victims... I told you, I’m worried. It could be relatively good or much, much worse now. I hope the garbage man working this route knows to keep their distance…

4 This Bait And Switch

This is so stupid, but I love that a tiny puppy would grow into a chicken. It’s like when people at zoos assume the smaller animals are babies. Nope, that’s not an all black giraffe baby. It’s just another species living next to giraffes. They don’t even look similar. Actually, these two guys don’t look all that similar. Maybe he just got a tan.

And the puppy… well the puppy had a rough puberty.

The phase where he had a snout and a beak was especially rough and honestly, the shift from four legs to two and two wings was pretty awkward.

3 When You Speak In Code

It’s like a Bible verse except… no, there’s no difference. I love a yearbook quote that involves research or truly remarkable encyclopedic knowledge of The Office.

Really the only way to say something so aggressive and mean, and have it put in print by the Yearbook Club is in code. This is a great code, too.

This girl is out of school now, so she has an entire lifetime to make fun of the people she went to high school with. She couldn’t do that if she was in prison for arson, since that’d be way more awkward. It’s more fun to complain at bars, anyway.

2 If Only

All the apples in the world aren’t worth as much as a single friend. Actually, if you had all the apples in the world, then you’d probably be the heir to a pretty great apple empire. And that would attract many fake friends, right?

Whatever, 12 apples definitely isn’t enough to get people to try and ride your coattails.

So yeah, multiple friends is better.

Side note: this is such a great use of a painting that’s probably so old. That single tear was painted probably for religious reasons but now is just great fodder for memes. Thank you, artists from forever ago. You really helped out our memes.

1 When You Know What You Don't Want

The is a guy who—in real time—dropped a class and left… It’s incredible that he’s so responsible about bailing. On one hand, I feel like he should have slowed his roll when it came to immediately judging the class. And on the other hand, I just feel like, dude, roll on. Roll over the edge of the cliff — whatever you wanna do, you’ve got this. You have a pretty great understanding of ramifications or at least how your college’s system for dropping classes before you have to pay for the full course works. I just really feel like this dude knows exactly what he’s doing, even if it seems to escalate too quickly.

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