20 People Who Should Be Going To Adult Education

Before we get into this sad display of ignorance, let me first ask you a question. Have people always been this dumb, or is today's education system truly failing us? Maybe social media only shines a spotlight on the asininity that's always been there. People love to blame the recent surge in idiocy on poor teacher quality, school budget cuts, overcrowding, and common core, but maybe some people are just stupid no matter what. I know that calling someone "stupid" isn't politically correct, but let's just call a spade a spade, mmkay? We've always had morons in society - the only difference is now they have the Internet and a keyboard.

Maybe some humans are just dimwits who failed the education system, not the other way around. Here are 20 people who didn't learn so good and have us wondering.

20 Maybe They Shouldn't Have Closed School

Oh dear. I don't know how old "Parkboy Mike" is, but I'm thinking he really needs school to be open every day, all day, 24/7. You can't use two words interchangeably just because they sound the same, Mike. But don't worry, you're not alone in your ignorance! God knows I've seen highly educated people misuse lose/loose, you're/your and to/too enough times. Funny how they never mess up but/butt, though. Hmm. Not really the same caliber as misusing close/clothes, but you get the idea.

Jayla's re-post wins the Internet, though. What a magnificent play on words! See? For every dull star in the universe there is a shining one! Just when we were losing hope in humanity, we have Jayla's quick-wittedness to thank for restoring it.

19 That's Not How Shadows Work

I remember my son having a lesson on how shadows work in first grade. They all went outside on a sunny day and took note of where their shadows were, depending on where they stood. I'm pretty sure this guy is a little too old to be in the first grade, unless this is some kind of Billy Madison situation. In other words- this guy should know how this shadow thing works by now, but he clearly doesn't. When someone tries to explain the basics to him, he's not having any of it.

"You see your shadow when it's sunny outside...stay in school."

Is this guy really telling someone else to stay in school after getting called out for not understanding how shadows work? Idiots don't always go down easy, man. That comment just got his name on the dumb-dumb registry for life.

18 French And Arabic Are Basically The Same Thing

Is this woman being serious right now? Her face looks pretty damn serious, so imma take that as a yes.

Isn't the entire English-speaking world aware that "bonjour" is French for "hello?"

Am I taking crazy pills or something?

Bonjour is used all the time, even in pop culture! Even if you don't know what Bonjour means, it's clearly French! It's the most French sounding word in the history of French words!

So yes, the fact that this grown-up woman doesn't know the word "bonjour" is pretty crazy, but the claim that it means "what's up" in Arabic takes this post to NEW HEIGHTS OF DUMB. Arabic doesn't even have the same characters as French! Not to mention the Arabic alphabet is written from right to left! I can't with this kind of stupid.

17 Yeah, That's Not Tacocat

Here's some free advice. If you are going to claim that a word is a palindrome (a word that reads the same both backwards and forwards), then maybe test your theory before you put it out there on the Internet. Just take you pen/pencil and write it on a slip of paper and make sure it works. Not hard, right? Unless you're "bae." Clearly it's hard for her.

I love the little surprised emoji at the end, because that's exactly how everyone who saw this post felt after reading it. We were all both shocked and embarrassed by her mistake. I guess when she saw that the last two letters were the same, she figured that's all that she needed. I'm just trying to figure out how 42 people retweeted this. I'm hoping (and praying) that they retweeted it because they thought the mess up was funny, but who knows. This is the Internet we're talking about.

16 George Washington Just Rolled Over

Those pictures are perfect depictions for how I feel right now.

These kind of tweets happen every 4th of July and every time I see one I lose a little bit more faith in America's education system (or people's ability to learn). America has never turned 2014 years old because we declared Independence from Great Britain in 1776, making it 242 years old on July 4, 2018. So yeah, not even close.


Screw that, it's basic common sense!

I just want to know where the number "2014" came from? If you asked my 9-year-old how old America is, he might not get the number right, but he sure as hell knows it didn't happen during Jesus times! Send this person back to the womb so they can start over.

15 Oh, You Mean The Movie?

Sadly, this isn't the first time young millennials have been confused about the Titanic. Thanks to James Cameron's blockbuster movie Titanic (released way before these confused youngins were even born), many kids these days don't realize the Titanic was actually real and they confuse fiction and reality all the time. I'm willing to bet this girl has a lot of question marks floating around in her brain when it comes to history. Let's all have a moment of silence for her history teacher.

The name of the boat in the (movie) Titanic is obviously Titanic, young people! The entire film is about the SINKING OF A SHIP NAMED TITANIC that actually happened back in 1912. Good lord. If they aren't teaching this in school, then they should be. If they ARE teaching this in school, then kids are just dumb as bricks these days. That's the only possible explanation that I'm willing to accept.

14 Time Zones And Time Travel Are The Same Thing, Right?

I don't even know where to start with this one, guys. This is nuts. There are so many things wrong with this post that it makes me want to cry tears of shame for the next generation. Thank God for Paulo and his comedic relief.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that Morton's school should have spent a little more time going over how time zones work,

because she clearly has it confused with time travel. I won't bother explaining time zones in this post because I hope to God that everyone who's reading this has already got a handle on it. Morton also has her death toll facts confused by...a lot. 9/11's actual death toll was 2996, and that's high enough. No need to exaggerate by millions in all caps.

13 "The Talk" Is A Little Overdue

Posts like this really highlight the importance of education in schools.

Trisha here is a little bit confused on what it means to stay "pure" if she wants to be a good example for her kids. Is this one of those "born again" situations? What am I missing here?

If Trisha wants to maintain her v-card that's fine, but the only kids it's going to effect are her nonexistent ones. Someone needs to have the "the talk" with this woman, and fast. It's kind of hard to be a good example to kids who will never be born. Maybe she just doesn't know what the word means? Maybe she already has kids and she's just swearing off fun times from here on out and declaring herself "pure". I don't know what that has to do with her kids,  but at least it makes more sense than this post.

12 Don't Touch The Dinosaurs

I am #confused too, lady.

You know those stupid kids who think the Titanic is just a movie? Yeah, they're basically geniuses compared to this woman. I thought everyone knew that dinosaurs were extinct, but you learn new things on the Internet every day. Apparently Jurassic Park wasn't just a movie, it was a documentary.

Someone actually believes that all of that happened and life really did find a way.

Obviously the actors in the movies used stunt doubles for their work with the real life dinosaurs. Duh. It's not like they would cast a fake T-Rex.

This post makes the flat Earthers seem like reasonable people. Okay, that's taking it a bit too far. Flat Earthers are batshit crazy, forget I ever said that.

11 Grammar Makes The Best Rolls

The only way this post is acceptable is if it's a joke. Or maybe they used the "record voice" function on their phone, but I really doubt that was the case. This is an English teacher's worst nightmare. Only the clever comment below makes this bearable.

She might not have used synonym correctly, but I'm impressed she got the spelling right. Who am I kidding, I'm sure her phone told her how to spell it the minute she typed in "s." She might have a fish brain, but it sure as hell looks like she can bake! Those "synonym rolls" look tasty AF! I gained 10 lbs just looking at those bad boys. At least baking cinnamon buns at home doesn't require a high school education. She'll be fine.

10 Mmmm That Colon Smells Good

This time you get to roll your eyes FIVE TIMES! I know more than 5 girls have made this mistake throughout history, but let's not think about that.

According to Merriam-Webster, a "colon" is defined as one of two things. 1) the sign (:) used to mark a major division in a sentence, OR...2) the part of the large intestine extending from the cecum to the rectum.

That's right. If you can "smell a guy's colon as he walks by," or you can "smell his colon on your pillows," boy's got a problem.

Like, a serious medical condition that probably needs attention. These girls are basically telling the world that their man smells like butt, and they love it.

I think the word you're looking for is cologne, ladies. For future reference.

9 Do Hematologists Grade On A Curve?

I would have never guessed that someone called LehFluffy would get confused by something as simple as blood types. Color me shocked!

I just want to know what this girl thinks she did wrong on her blood test. Maybe she thinks she didn't make a tight enough fist? Maybe her veins should have studied harder? What does an "A" look like, exactly? My blood type is A+, so I've never known the struggle. May I can give her some tips! Yes, that's a good idea.

In order to have honor-roll-level blood like mine, LehFluffy, you need to make sure your blood has good study habits and doesn't procrastinate. When your blood second-guesses getting itself to the heart, you tell your blood to cut that crap out! If your blood is going to get into Harvard, it needs DISCIPLINE and MOXIE. NO STATE SCHOOL FOR YOU.

8 Countries Or Continents, Same Difference

I think this person is legitimately confused, which makes this tweet all the more sad. Guess he never passed his 3rd grade geography test.

I want to know how "Slay" has gone his whole life thinking there are only seven countries in the world.

To his credit, he sure does know his continents (or Google does). If only he knew the difference between continents and countries! I know, I know, it can be tricky. Those pesky third grade facts. Beyonce's people are just lying liars who lie!

When my son was in first grade he used to get confused by the difference between states and countries, but by second grade he had figured it all out. That's my hope for you, Slay. May you not live out your remaining years as a dumb-ass. Peace be with you.

7 That's A Messed Up Country

Okay, as this list goes on I'm getting more and more depressed. By the time this article is over I'm going to be drinking wine and snacking on antidepressants. God be with me as I finish this thing. I'm losing patience with these dummies.

No, Ebola is not a country, it's a horrible infectious disease marked by severe internal bleeding that's spread by bodily fluids. They still don't know what causes it, so yeah, it's a bitch. Ebola has been appeared throughout several African countries, but originated in the DRC (the Democratic Republic of the Congo). Books have been written about it and movies have been made about it, but I'm guessing this lady never bothered to do her homework. If you're unsure of something, there's something called GOOGLE! It's this magical tool you can use to ask stupid questions with zero judgment! Maybe she should try that next time.

6 Make It Stop.

Six more of these...only six more. I can do this.

Most people mistake the real Rosetta Stone (an ancient stone inscribed with Egyptian and Greek that holds the key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphs) with the popular language learning software, but this is the first time I've ever seen someone confuse it with Rosa Parks. The dumb just continues.

I believe this person was trying to refer to the civil rights activist Rosa Parks, but you know, same difference. *eye roll* 

Before this person decided to get up on their historical high horse and crap all over gays and equal rights, they probably should have thought about cracking open a history book. Assuming they can read, of course. And assuming they care about little things called "facts."

5 Conspiracy Theorist, Or Just Dumb?

I just...I don't know what to say. This is next-level, dumber than a bag of bricks kind of foolery. This is the type of thing you suspect crazy people might think, but you still cringe when you read it because it's just that awful. On a side note, "affects" should be "effects." But I digress.

Rebecca Jergins, you need to take your brain out of your head, flush it down the toilet, and put yourself on the transplant list if you ever want to be taken seriously in this lifetime. If you really doubt that 9/11 ever happened, go turn on the TV during every 9/11 anniversary and watch the families of the survivors read out the names of their loved ones. Go visit the 9/11 museum in New York. Go educate yourself, for the rest of humanity and for any future children you might have.

4 You Tell 'Em, Random Guy On The Internet

What is it with clearly uneducated people telling other people to pick up a book? The hypocrisy is unreal!

This guy might have had a solid point had he not gone and exposed his ignorance to the world.

If YOU had ever picked up book, Christian, then you would know that the word you're looking for is "Holocaust," not "hall of cost."

Please tell me how this kid typed out the words "hall of cost" and didn't think twice about it. What happened to his "that can't be right, lemme look this up on Google" moment? Was his frustration level so high that he just didn't bother? Did he not look at what he'd just written? That's like typing out the words "magnum carter" instead of Magna Carta and not even thinking twice about it. Or "sieve all rights" instead of civil rights! How dumb can people be?! That's a rhetorical question, btw.

3 Pet Of Files Are The Worst

Assuming that Alika meant to refer to a particular type of criminal, this is a bunch of crap. While these people might prefer careers that put them in close contact with children, you can't just claim that most teachers are these offenders! Convicted offenders aren't even allowed within 1000 feet of a school or child care center. Anyways. Let's get down to the real WTF moment of this tweet. "Pet of files." This tweet is offensive to both pets AND educators!

Just like the moron in the previous post, I guess Alika didn't rethink typing out the words "pet of files." I guess she just wrote it and thought, "looks legit!"

When kids are learning to write (in first grade) they will often just spell out what they hear. This is considered a positive thing, as it shows that the kids are using the sounds in the alphabet to form words. This is NOT considered a positive thing when you're old enough to use Twitter, however. That's just called stupid.

2 Pluto Dont Exist

We've all heard the saying "not the brightest bulb in the chandelier," but some people don't even get the honor of being called a bulb. Take this guy, for example. Please, for the love of all that's holy, tell me that this tweet is a joke. If it isn't then I give up on life (not really).

Where do I start?

States and planets aren't the same thing (the scientists figured that out), and Pluto, now classified as a "dwarf-planet," does actually exist. If this guy had said "someone told me that 9 planets exist," this tweet would (kind of) made sense (minus the part about Pluto not existing at all). But no, this guy takes it to new heights of dumbassery by thinking Pluto was a state. Nice.


Try and get past the insane amount of added letters in this post and look at what this girl wrote. She thinks dolphins and squirrels are reptiles because REASONS.

I wish I had the ability to see where every person on this list went to school, because then I could see if there was any kind of correlation. What states are harboring these imbeciles? It's got to be Florida.

I'm not sure what grade kids are in when they learn about mammals and reptiles, but my kid is in 3rd grade, so I know it's before that. He knows all the facts about reptiles. I bet if I read this tweet to him he'd never believe it came from an adult. Plus I honestly wouldn't want him to know that it did. He's too young to lose all hope in humanity.

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