20 People Who Are So Much Better At Everything Than We Will Ever Be

Everybody has their own talents. Some people are good with numbers and some people are good with words. Some people are good with hard data and the facts while others excel when it comes to the arts and creativity. Some people bake, some people build, some people do stand-up comedy, some people teach. What we're trying to say is that everybody is good at something, even if they haven't yet discovered what that something is. Every person's skills are as unique and varied as the person is themselves. It's a thing of beauty, it really is.

What's really unfair, though, is that while everyone is good at something, some people are good at more things than others. Where one person might be good at juggling and trivia, another person might be good at juggling and trivia and whitewater rafting and touching their nose with their tongue. We've all got skills, but some people have a disproportionate amount of skills, and maybe everyone else is chill with that, but as for us, we're super jealous. That's why we can't stand these 20 perfect people who are so much better at everything than we will ever be. We're annoyed by them...but we're also pretty impressed, we have to admit it.

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20 The cleverness is off the charts

If we were this student's teacher, we would mark this question as correct in a heartbeat. And, not only that, but we would also give them an extra ten points just for being so darn clever. This kind of bright idea should be rewarded, after all.

We wish we had been smart enough to think of this back when we were in school. Instead of "trying our best" to answer the questions we knew we didn't have the answers to, we could've blown our teachers away with our subtle sass and our confident cleverness by doing this. Gosh, we wish we could go back in time.

19 The fast food farce that paid off big time

We used to think we were the stuff when we tricked our roommate into bringing a pizza home, in spite of the fact that we had just eaten at Burger King or Chick-fil-A a few hours earlier. But this is a whole new level of fast food trickery we have yet to see and, we have to say, we dig it.

To be sure, lying is wrong. Just about as wrong as it gets. But when it comes to obtaining eats, then we say it's a price we're willing to pay. We'd rather be bad people with bean and cheese burritos than good people without them.

18 If he's an amateur, we're afraid to see the professionals

Uh...what? He's an amateur? No, that can't be right. There must be some kind of mistake. Somebody needs to tap this guy on the shoulder—gently, now, so as not to startle him and cause him to botch his masterpiece—and tell him the professional sandcastle competition isn't until next weekend.

This "amateur" puts other beginners to shame.

If this is what people who start off on the bottom rung of anything are really supposed to look like, then we blush when we think of our skill level when it comes to our own hobbies. This newbie's so impressive, we wonder how good the pros must be.

17 Kids are all heart, man

This child, this pure little cinnamon roll, is so much better at being a decent human being than we are, and we've got about twenty years on them, easy. If they're already so good at being, well, good at such a wee age, there's no way we'll be able to beat them at their own game, let alone match their current level of angelic innocence.

We may never be as sweet as this precious baby, but we can all strive to live up to the standard they've set. And, if and when we do, the world will quickly become a better place to be.

16 The dude has got some serious skillz

Do you know what it's like? Can you for even imagine what it is to live your life knowing that you will never be as cool as this guy? Because it stings, we'll tell you that much right now. It hurts. Hurts real good.

This Pringles stunt makes the classic chip duck bill look pathetic.

Making faces with crisps after seeing a GIF like this is nothing more than a sad party trick. You can't hold your head up with a couple of Pringles chips in your mouth, not when this guy's out there playing frisbee with himself while snacking. He's raised the bar too high for us.

15 Losing her luggage is a thing of the past

Some people are afraid of flying. Not us. We could care less how high up in the air we are, or how rickety the flying tin can we're sitting in is. What we really cringe at is the thought of losing our luggage at the airport.

Standing by that carousel waiting for your bags is stressful. All those suitcases look the same! How are you supposed to tell yours from any of the others? Well, props to this lady, because she's found an astounding loophole that's managed to pass by us unnoticed for years. Man, she is so much better at adulting than we are.

14 We didn't see that plot twist coming

Boy, don't we feel like a big bunch of fools. Here we were, thinking that all this was was a picture of a dinosaur, but now. Imagine our surprise when we read the whole note and realized it's not *just* a picture of a dinosaur. It's also a two weeks notice.

This is a resignation of Jurassic proportions.

And you know what else? We're glad this person quit their job. It's obvious that they've got a bright future as a full-time dinosaur doodler. Keep your eyes peeled for this person, guys. They'll be on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in no time.

13 And we think we do the absolute most

If you thought you were extra, then you need to think again—which means we need to think again, too, because we thought we were just about as absolute most as it gets. Turn out, we know nothing about being the most and are, in fact, a disgrace to that title.

We've all been known to go above and beyond for a flattering photo of ourselves, but this girl went a little too above and a little too beyond. This makes laying on the ground in some flowery bushes at the park look like a cry for help, not a good social media selfie tactic.

12 All dogs are works of art, to be honest

If there's one thing we love about the internet it's the fact that, if nothing else, it's raised humankind's awareness of the fact that dogs are such a gift. We're not saying we didn't appreciate them before, but we appreciate them now more than ever before.

Each strand of fur is a perfect brush stroke.

Together, they create a splendid masterpiece. But this masterpiece can't be displayed in an art museum—and not just because they would drool on the other displays and chew up the statues—this is the kind of creation that can only be seen in the exhibit of life. Isn't it breathtaking?

11 Hats off to this total boss

"Hey, Tim, Jen's get-together starts in about thirty minutes. She just called and asked if we could pick up a vegetable tray on the way over, so we should get going."

"Okay, sure thing, Greg. Hold on a sec, just let me get my hat *backflips over this table like a total boss, assumes the ta-da stance*"

"...Tim, how many times are you going to keep doing that?"

This guy may have chosen the riskiest, flashiest, most time-consuming method of putting on hats, but you can't deny that he's got style. Plus, the judges gave him a perfect 10, so he's got that going for him, too.

10 We give this movie cover two thumbs up

Our planning skills are nothing to write home about. We feel like we're on the ball when we remember to make the coffee the night before, we could never be trusted to organize a major event like a wedding or something.

This box art is the mark of a good planner.

Just because we can barely remember what day it is doesn't mean everyone else is cursed with the same level of inattentive non-care. Some people are so good at planning, they can do things like this. Well, if any story deserves an amazing and well thought out cover, it's The Princess Bride.

9 It's not either or, it's both

Via: diply.com

This girl wonders if her yarn pizza pulley system means that she's become smarter over the years, or if it's just a mark of her increasing laziness. We would like to suggest that it's actually both of those things.

You know, laziness gets a bad reputation, but we don't get that. We mean, nobody wants to do stuff, why call out lazy people for having the courage to be honest with themselves about it? Besides, even if she is lazy, this girl is still so much better at everything than we will ever be. Laziness is a breeding ground for creative ideas. Let's not forget that.

8 This ain't this bird's first rodeo

We were born with our dedication batteries at zero percent, and unfortunately, we still haven't gotten around to buying a charger to juice it up. We just don't have the patience to commit ourselves to stuff.

Most birds sing. This bird just yells "YEE-HAW!"

Besides, we just don't see the point in dedicating ourselves to anything when we know that we'll never be able to live up to this person's example. What are they, in a Disney movie? How are we supposed to tame a bird and put a cowboy hat on it? We may as well give up before we even get started.

7 Even kids know that puns are life

Some people scoff at the very idea of wordplay, but guess what? We scoff at the very idea of them, so put that in your plastic pipe and blow some bubbles with it. This kid, who we think it's fair to say is so much better at everything than we'll ever be, knows the true importance of wordplay, and has dedicated himself to the art of punning.

And what a worthy endeavor this is turning out to be. He's already dishing out puns based on his friends' names like it's nothing. He's shown a serious aptitude for wordplay most of us can only dream of. We're impressed.

6 He's flippin' awesome

This guy's riding his skateboard up a concrete incline to backflip off the side of a building only to stick the landing on his skateboard and go about his business like it's no big thing.

Meanwhile, yesterday, we tripped over our own toe. So there's that.

Come on! We know that these people are so much better than us at everything, but do they have to be quite so much better than us at everything? If we had even a hundredth of this guy's balance, we might not be so clumsy. Plus, he's obviously got enough to spare, we doubt it would even make a difference to him.

5 Oh, snap, the game has been changed

Via: reddit.com

When we saw this, it was such an astonishing revelation, we had to close our laptop and go run a few laps around the block because we were so darn shook. Don't get us wrong, we love this. How could we not? It's an amazing discovery!

This is a game-changer that's going to make our lives so much better. It's just that, well...when we think about all of the times that we could have done this, but didn't know that we could...*shakes head* it makes us wish we could build a time machine, that's all. Think of all the extra Slurpee we've wasted over the years. Tragic.

4 Legos aren't just for stepping on anymore

When you're little, Legos are a source of neverending fun. You can build whole worlds with those little plastic bricks. You're limited only by your imagination. The possibilities are endless! When you're an adult, however, Legos aren't for fun anymore. They're for injuring your feet and sending you to the E.R.

Or, are they?!?!?!

Turns out, there really is a good way for us adults to use Legos—well, Lego people, anyway. Instead of accidentally injuring ourselves with them, we can use them to hold our gadget charger cords. This girl's such a genius, we don't even mind that she's so much better at us at everything.

3 We're crying, too, and we didn't even bake this

Somebody help us find some velvet ropes to set up around this pie because, much like that Van Gogh dog masterpiece we saw earlier, this pie is a freaking work of art. It's so beautiful, so flawless, we almost think we wouldn't be able to eat it. Almost.

Yeah, we bet that girl did cry when she took this gorgeous baked good out of the oven. She labored and toiled over it for hours, and all of that hard work paid off. She's got a right to weep with joy. And we'll tell you something else, we're crying ourselves, and we had nothing to do with its creation.

2 He's overqualified

This guy is so much better than we are, and in oh, so many ways. For one thing, he's figured out how to make a living doing what he—and everyone else, for that matter—loves. He's determined that petting puppies is the career path he wants to follow.

And he's actually got the guts to pursue his passion.

Everybody dreams of giving up their day jobs to chase their dreams, but it takes guts to follow your heart. Luckily for this guy, he's got plenty of those. It's only a matter of time before he becomes the professional puppy petter he's always dreamed of being.

1 He stair glided his way into our hearts

Via: diply.com

People are amazing. Seriously, the find new and innovative ways to be better than us every day, and even though that hurts our feelings because we know that we're doomed to an eternity of living in their shadow, we have to say, we're still impressed.

It takes skills to do this. Skill, and a slippery set of stairs, as well as a pair of tennis shoes that have been worn so much, the treads on the bottom have been smoothed out. If we could do this, we would never stop. This guy can make a living with this. We'd pay a thousand bucks to witness this in real life.

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