20 People Who Noticed Things We Can't Ignore

The Internet has sharp eyes and they don’t miss a trick or an opportunity to troll. People have learned the hard way not to post photos and ask stupid questions, lest the Internet point out something horribly embarrassing that they will NEVER, EVER be able to live down. Whether it’s a selfie where someone is wearing a hideous outfit that makes him look like the real-life version of a famous cartoon character, or a person on Twitter naively asking if they really DO look like the most hated character in a franchise, there are just some people that have to learn the hard way to not ask dumb questions on social media.

Then, of course, there are those that LOVE to point out funny things we’ll never be able to unsee. The following 20 images of things we can’t unsee have been burned into our brain, and now they’ll never leave yours too.

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20 Carrie Fisher Is Laughing From The Great Beyond

I can practically hear Carrie Fisher laughing hysterically from the great beyond after seeing this tweet. This poor woman opened up a can of worms by asking the Internet if she looked like everyone’s least favorite Star Wars character. She should have known better than to ask THAT question on social media, especially since the angle of the photo gives her the appearance of having a VERY long neck like a Gungan’s, and she clearly has a wide toothy smile. I’m not shocked that the guy retweeted her post and said she could pass for Jar Jar. Of course, now I can’t unsee the resemblance between the two. Thanks a lot, random woman on Twitter—every time I watch Star Wars, this post is going to pop up in my head.

19 WiFi In A Water Fountain

Via: Imgur

First there was the hit Christina Aguilera song "Genie In A Bottle" and now there’s WiFi in a fountain. We used to have these kinds of water fountains back when I was in middle school, but I never thought twice about them since it was back in the ‘90s and WiFi wasn’t really a thing yet. Looking back, it's HILARIOUS that the drain looks just like the WiFi symbol. High-five to whoever noticed that and then pointed it out for everyone to see using permanent marker. Although they had better hope that no one saw them do this or they’ll be called into the principal’s office for one heck of an earful. With their luck, the principal will probably punish them by making them wash it off.

18 Dance, Magic, Dance

Via: Imgur

This photo is so adorable and now I can’t get the mental image of these little bats dancing. It looks like the one in the middle is challenging the one on the left to a dance-off. “My moves are better than yours AND I can shake my hips just like Shakira! Check this one out!” Of course, the little bat on the left would be offended and would break out into a well-practiced choreography that would put the cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera to shame. As all of this is going on, the bat on the right is mentally rolling their eyes because they know that they could put BOTH of their idiotic friends to shame with their killer dance moves.

17 Nightmare Fuel Forever

Via: Imgur

I can’t stop staring at the image of Yoda from Star Wars in the middle of this pig’s head. Just…what?! How the heck did THAT happen? Is this pig such a big fan of Star Wars that it thought really hard until the wrinkles in its forehead formed in such a way that it looked like Yoda? Is this pig REALLY Yoda in disguise and he’s peeking out from his costume? I have so many questions about this animal, but what I really want to know is if it's normal for them to have so many forehead wrinkles that look like pop culture characters and if not, why on earth does this pig have so many of them? How stressed out can he be? It’s not like he has to work at a job or deal with the stressors of human life.

16 Kiddo's A Time Traveler

If it wasn’t for one sharp-eyed Internet user pointing out in bold red circles that this kid is in 2005 was performing a move from 2016, I would've missed it completely. Now I can't stop being drawn to it, and this photo would be an interesting premise for a television show or a movie. In an alternate universe, humanity had discovered the ability to time travel. This kid was bored in school one day so he made the decision to use his parents’ time machine in order to experience what life was like back in 2005. Even though people that go back in time are not supposed to meddle with history—because there is always the chance someone could capture the anomalies on film or photograph—this bold young time traveler decided to introduce a popular dance move from his time to his classmates in 2005.

15 Rexy Versus The I-Rex, Round Two

Via: Imgur

Two thumbs up to whoever noticed that this cutout nativity scene looks JUST like two Tyrannosaurus Rexes fighting over a watermelon (if one changes their angle).


My neighborhood is known for going all-out with the Christmas decorations and I’ve seen these particular decorations all over this past holiday. Now I’ll never look at them the same way. The Jurassic Park theme song is going to play in my head every time I notice that the cutouts look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Perhaps the person that came up with the design for these decorations LOVED the Jurassic World film and wanted to recreate the iconic scene when Rexy decided she had enough of the Indominus Rex’s s—t and decided to kick some a** in order to help Blue and the humans.

14 Even Shrek Is Cackling At This Selfie

If Josie’s ex-boyfriend was trying to make her jealous, then he failed miserably. She’s right; his new significant other DOES look like she could be related to the Shrek character Lord Farquaad. This poor woman; I hope it's just the angle of the camera that makes her look like the big-headed villain from the first film. If that’s what her normal appearance looks like, then all I can say is: yeesh. She probably got teased to Hell and back because of the shape of her head and  jawline. How Josie didn’t just laugh uproariously and send funny Shrek memes to her ex when he sent her this photo is beyond me. She could’ve easily trolled him, although perhaps she was too busy wiping tears of laughter from her eyes to search for memes.

13 Squidward Is Looking For A Fight

Via: Imgur

I want to give whoever noticed that this coat hanger looks like a drunk octopus that’s ready to duke it out with there enemy and immortalized it for all the world to see in Sharpie a hug. If this was my roommate, I’d be giggling every single time I went to go hang my coat up. This would be even funnier if they somehow made the “drunk octopus” look like Squidward from SpongeBob Squarepants. It's too bad whoever wrote this couldn’t print out a screencap from SpongeBob where Squidward looks as if he’s hungover, and then paste it over the coat hanger. Now THAT would be hysterical to see. Maybe the manufacturer will stumble across this photo and try to negotiate with Nickelodeon in order to make “drunk Squidward” hangers.

12 Dan McKeague's Voice Suddenly Resounded In All Of Our Heads

Via: Imgur

Let’s face it, I’m pretty sure we all saw this photo and caption and immediately heard Dan McKeague (AKA the new voice of the Aflac duck after Gilbert Gottfried was sacked in 2011) screeching the feathered spokesman’s famous lines in our heads.

I can’t help but wonder if that fry actually occurred naturally or if the fry holder did a bit of Photoshop magic in order to make it look like the Aflac duck. I’ve never seen a French fry look THAT much like an animal before, although I admittedly avoid most fast food joints and only get takeout from my local diner or food cart every once in a while. Regardless, that’s a hilarious likeness and now I’ll never stop examining my French fries to see if the image of pop culture characters show up.

11 Lena Headey And Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Need To Do A Spoof

Via: Imgur

The Internet never fails to point out the hilarious similarities between television and movies. It would be a riot if Game of Throne stars Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau acknowledged the similarities between their characters Cersei and Jaime Lannister, with Prince Charming and his girlfriend Rapunzel by doing a spoof. It would be even better if the spoof was animated, and they could get both Maya Rudolph and Rupert Everett to reprise their roles.

I’d laugh my a** off if an animated version of Jaime and Cersei discovered that House Lannister was distantly related to Prince Charming or his girlfriend Rapunzel. Perhaps the spoof could include the four characters swapping lives for a week? Although I have a sneaking suspicion that both Charming and Rapunzel would surrender King’s Landing to Daenerys Targaryen the minute they saw her and her dragons.

10 Internet Detectives Are On The Case

Someone needs to give this sharp-eyed Instagram user a cookie because the first time I saw this photo, I didn’t even realize that this guy was halfway out of the door. Talk about subliminal messaging! It makes you wonder if he’s unconsciously having second thoughts about being a father and whose idea it was to have a child. The angry look on his face doesn’t help the Instagram user’s comment either. The father-to-be doesn’t seem happy, while his significant other seems all aglow about her pregnancy. I hope for the future kid’s sake that their father is just annoyed at the Instagram selfie and isn’t planning on leaving their mother anytime soon. If he’s just mad about the selfie, I can’t blame him — it IS cheesy AF and totally tacky.

9 The Bottom Of Those Shirt Sleeves Looks Like The Incredible Hulk

Via: Imgur

On one hand, I can definitely see the facial features of an old man in the sleeves of the red shirts, but I ALSO see a face that resembles the Incredible Hulk’s from Thor: Ragnarok. Perhaps the owner of shirts decided to shove them together so that they formed the face of an old man Hulk? Although it would’ve been better if they used green t-shirts instead of red ones. It would be interesting to see what everyone’s favorite rage-monster would look like as an old man. Would he grow a white beard? Would he be balding? Would he still have all of his strength or would he be depowered? Quick, someone call Mark Ruffalo and beg him to do a sketch of an old man Hulk yelling at kids to “Get off my lawn or Hulk will smash!”

8 Scooby-Dooby Doo, Where Are You, We've Got Some Work To Do Now

As someone that is related to Joseph Barbera via marriage (my great-grandmother’s second husband was first cousins with the animator, and my grandmother actually met him) and as a ‘90s kid that grew up watching all of these old cartoons on Cartoon Network, I saw this photo and immediately started singing the Scooby-Doo theme song. I won’t lie, I’m a tad disappointed that the guy who noticed the dude with the long hair that’s a dead ringer for Scooby’s owner Shaggy, didn’t elaborate on his comment. He should have asked him if he has a talking Great Dane that is incredibly food motivated as well as friends that help him solve mysteries. OR by quoting the iconic theme song. C’mon my dude, you missed a prime opportunity to make some hilarious pop culture jokes. Can we say epic fail?

7 Om Nom Nom

The juxtaposition of this photo is a hoot, especially since someone zoomed up close onto the face of the woman that is happily chowing down on Doritos while wearing her pajamas. Good catch for noticing that out of everyone in that photo, she seems to be the happiest, wearing comfy pajamas and eating a bag of junk food. Everyone else might be wearing makeup and got all dolled up for what appears to be prom night, but their smiles definitely look forced. I bet the woman that’s eating the Doritos is thanking her lucky stars that she doesn’t have to force herself to wear an uncomfortable dress or worry about finding a prom date. She’ll probably have more fun kicking back and relaxing at home than the ladies that got all dressed up to go to a school function.

6 Honey, We Shrunk The Military

Via: Pinterest

I'm not sure if this is a training exercise for folks in the military or if they are mad because Wayne Szalinski accidentally shrunk them. It honestly looks like the eccentric inventor was showing off his incredible shrinking machine and accidentally made these poor dudes TINY right as they were about to perform some sort of training exercise. I think Szalinski needs to get cracking on a way to reverse this accident, and in the meantime, shrink down some of the fun noodle pool toys the kids seem to enjoy, so they can stay afloat.

Jokes aside, it would be awesome if these guys went with the whole Honey, I Shrunk The Kids theme and photoshopped themselves staring at Szalinski’s expression. They’d win the Internet if they did that!

5 This Rocket Has Seen Terrible Things

Via: Twitter

I cannot stop laughing at this child’s rocket toy. Not only does it look like it has a horrified “expression” on its face, but it also vaguely resembles a duck, too. This “duck” looks like he is about to scream that “he’s seen horrible things” and hand out pamphlets about the dangers of eating poultry or the horrid things that go on inside of factory farms. Or perhaps he is friends with Wall-E and just can’t stop screaming about HOW MUCH HUMANS SUCK. If this is a toy of a child, I can only imagine how much wear and tear this thing has gone through. No wonder he’s got such a scared expression, he’s probably flabbergasted about how long it takes for human kids to get potty trained.

4 Here We Have The First Glimpse Of A Human/Sasquatch Hybrid

Via: Pinterest

What the heck is this dude WEARING and WHY does he want to look just like a gorilla? Is he a human/Bigfoot hybrid? Just WTF is up with that outfit? Someone needs to pull him aside and be like “My dude, I get that you want to be comfortable while you go fishing or frolic on the beach, but you SERIOUSLY need to step away from the all-black clothing. Inject some freakin’ color into your wardrobe.” If he starts arguing, then a well-meaning friend needs to show him THIS photo that went viral, and point out that people had to do a double take because they thought he was a GORILLA. If that doesn’t force him to get off his a** and run out to the nearest TJ Maxx for a makeover, I don’t think anything will.

3 Tommy Lee Jones Has Permanent Grumpy Face

Via: Pinterest

I can’t stop laughing at this tweet because it is SO TRUE. I don’t think that I can recall ever seeing a photo where Tommy Lee Jones looks happy or is smiling. I think he has permanent b—h face and always looks disgruntled about something. If a movie director ever needs an actor to play the stereotypical angry old man, they should REALLY urge the casting director to sweet talk Jones into taking the role, because he’d be perfect just based on his perma-angry face. He looks as if he’s about to rant and rave at a child about being “lazy Millennials” and “back in my day, we had to walk FIVE MILES IN A DAMN SNOWSTORM IN ORDER TO GET TO SCHOOL.” This is just classic.

2 That's One Athletic Rabbit

Via: Pinterest

Kudos to whoever snapped this photo, because it really DOES look like the silhouette of a rabbit on skis performing a long jump rather than a bird that is simply flying through the sky. That’s a cool optical illusion and I’m a little bit sad that the Internet dropped the ball by not creating a funny comic based on this tweet. I’d love to see one based around a rabbit that is OBSESSED with stunts and thought to themselves “Okay, I’m going to perform this death-defying move ON SKIS, even though I am not human and I don’t know how to ski...” while the rest of his or her friends are gasping with fear and screeching “Dude, no!” C’mon Internet, find an artist and make this comic into a reality!

1 Math Teachers Are Punny

Via: Pinterest

I'm not sure what’s worse — the math teacher trying to be funny by making a pun or the fact that it DOES look like a problem that would appear in a textbook asking students to find the square root of something. I’d love to know if Vans purposely used the traditional square root symbol in their logo designs or if it was a complete accident. Thanks a lot, snarky math teacher. Due to this Snapchat image, every time I see a Vans product I’m just going to automatically think of the logo and the funny comment about it being “the square root of answer.” I was terrible at math classes all throughout elementary school and high school so I was glad to leave it in the dust, but now it’s following me on the Internet. Can we say “Ugh?”

Sources: Pinterest, Twitter, Imgur, and Instagram.

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