20 People Who Refused To Settle For Less

Life is a roller coaster that's full of ups and downs. It's a mixture of good and bad. Some days are great. They're full of baby puppies and pretty flowers and chocolate truffles and amazing TV shows. But the bad days? Whoa, Nelly, can they be trying. When it rains, it pours, as they say, but the trick to having a good time in life isn't knowing how to avoid the bad days (although, if that is, in fact, possible, we'd love to hear about these bad day deflecting techniques), it's about having the best time we possibly can in spite of them.

Nobody can get away with doing only the stuff that they want to do. We've all got errands to run and chores to tend to and laws to abide by, even though all of these things can be, and definitely are, a total drag. But even when we're made to do things we're not thrilled about, we can control our own behavior. As after-school special-y as it is for us to say this, we can choose to have a good attitude no matter what happens. In short, we can be like these 20 people who refused to settle for less.

20 Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the cleverest of them all?

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When life gives us lemons, we make lemonade. When life gives us cameras that don't have timers on them, meaning not everyone at the family gathering can be in the shot, we grab the mirror off the wall in the bathroom and find an epic picture taking loophole.

Well, to be fair, we have never done this. We'd like to think this sort of imaginative solution would have occurred to us, but it probably wouldn't have. Still, we can appreciate it for what it is. If this guy's brains run in the whole family, then we have a feeling these creative geniuses must be unstoppable

19 This is a game-changer

O. M. G. Hold the frick up. So are they telling us that all this time, we've been putting the Slurpee lids on the wrong way? Seriously? And no one thought to clue us into this, we were just supposed to keep making this mistake like a big bunch of idiots? Gee, thanks a lot, society.

Know who else is at fault here? The fountain drink retailers. They could have shown us from the get-go that this is the right way to use those lids. But no, they didn't want to ensure we get more bang for our buck, they just wanted to rip us off, the cheapskates!

18 Multitasking champ of 2018

We tried to balance a stack of books on our head once after binge-watching The Princess Diaries movies. Big mistake. That little misadventure ended with a trip to the E.R. to have our broken big toe put in a splint. Looks like we're not cut out to be royalty. But this woman? Ha! She's the queen.

Forget luge and basketball. This right here should be an Olympic sport.

Multitasking is an important skill to have, especially in this day and age. We wonder how much we'd have to pay this woman to teach us her ways. This balancing act displays more than stellar hand-eye coordination. It proves she's got graceful superpowers.

17 Rain or shine, she's dressin' fine

Via: diply.com

If you truly want to slay, you simply cannot allow silly things like seasons and weather dictate what you wear. This is your wardrobe, you have to take charge. If you don't, you run the risk of never looking as adorable as this cutie pie. But, let's be honest, there was never a chance of that happening, anyway.

Miss Fashionista here did not wait three to four business days for her matching umbrella and raincoat to get here just so she could wait for a thunderstorm to arrive so she could wear it. We've got news for you, rain, she's gonna look fine with or without you.

16 Is your neighbor's name Eragon?

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The average person looks at a tree stump and sees an eyesore. The creative person looks at a tree stump and sees what we imagine Michaelangelo saw when he looked at the uncut hunk of marble that would one day become his famous sculpture, David.

Creative people don't see problems, they see potential.

The most that we've ever seen someone do to dress up a tree stump is stick a potted plant on top of it, or maybe a bird bath. But it looks like this guy just set the bar a little bit higher. We only hope his name is Eragon, that'd make this even more perfect.

15 He can teach, but he can't deal

We can't even imagine the kind of crap that teachers have to deal with. Having to be around kids is tough enough, but having to try to educate them about sometimes concepts? Wow. They must have an unbelievable amount of patience, that's for sure. Either that or they're mad. Could go either way.

Nah, we know teachers aren't mad, but they can be driven that way, especially when their pupils don't study and, as a result, know next to nothing. If you've disappointed your teacher to such a degree as this, it might be time to go back and retake a couple of grades just to catch up.

14 Making the best out of a bald situation

There are two ways to handle aging. You can live in denial and get lots of plastic surgery and Botox and try to stave off the process of growing older for as long as possible before you eventually wind up looking like a melted doll. Or, you can do what this guy did and embrace it.

The best way to age gracefully is with a good sense of humor.

The truth is, no one cares if you've got fine lines and wrinkles. What's even more captivating is confidence. Embrace who you really are, and everyone else will do the same. Maybe. We actually don't know, we're just shooting our mouths off, here.

13 "I said *extra* jalapeños, Juan. Stop being so stingy!"

Burrito makers have one job. To make burritos. That's actually not the snappy punchline we were going for, we just thought we'd fake everyone out with some underwhelming nonsense. What we were really going to say is that burrito makers have one job, and that is to cram as much of whatever ingredients the customers want into the tortillas as possible.

But some people, we'll call them evil people, insist on skimping on rice and salsa and guacamole. Yeah? You wanna be that way? Fine. Just know that this guy is having none of it. He's going to get the most out of this because he's not settling for less.

12 Now take your dictionary and get out!

We can't stand it when people misspell words or spell phonetically. For instance, when someone says "would of" instead of "would've" or "would have", that's enough to drive us up the wall. But at the same time, we love to make new words. But the way we see it, we don't have to be one way or the other.

We can love proper grammar and slang phrases, too, if we wanna.

And, as this sassy pants-wearing, refusing to settle for less girl pointed out, ain't nobody out there gonna step in here and tell us what we can and can't say. So stuff that in your pipe and smoke it, yo.

11 It's good to see romance is alive and well

To all of those men out there who always talk about how they "don't know what women really want", this image is for you. This. This is what women want. They want you to take them shopping, to feed them ice cream while they test out various looks and to be happy about it.

See? Females aren't demanding at all, we just want to be pampered and spoiled. It could not be easier. So the next time you and Bae get into a tiff, smooth things over with a pint of Ben and Jerry's and a trip to the mall. Who needs couple's therapy, now, eh?

10 He just raised the bitter bar

You call this guy extra, we call him unwilling to settle for less. Actually, we're pretty sure he's both. But, he's also another thing, and that is right. It's time we all up the ante. All this salt is fab for our inner snark, but it's wreaking havoc on our blood pressure.

In the interest of health, it's time we ditch the salt and adopt the marinade.

This guy's got a point. We can't keep going on like this. Salt is great, but we need more than that on our food—even if the "food" in this case is actually comebacks. We need flavor. We need...a marinade.

9 Take it from this dog, nothing is im-pasta-ble

Dogs are so happy to have what they have that they only realize they want more when it's given to them. We've never met a pupper who wasn't completely satisfied with their Kibbles 'N Bits, but when the opportunity to go for the people food jackpot presents itself, you can't expect them to pass that up.

This doggo pulled a no-no by stealing the spaghetti off the table, but since the person who posted the pic made an Eminem reference, and since this dog has one of the sweetest faces we've ever see, we're willing to cut him some slack. Who can fault him for refusing to settle for less?

8 The car that can do both

What you want to buy and what you can afford to buy are two different things. This sports car painted on the side of a significantly less cool car is proof of that. But, hey, so what if you have to buy a used car in order to stick to your budget?

With imagination, a subcompact can become the sports car of your dreams.

Call this person cheap or lame or whatever else you want. It doesn't matter to us, and given their "to heck with it" attitude, we sincerely doubt it matters to them, either. Say what you will, but they refuse to settle for less.

7 They literally reached for the sky

We know that lots of buildings call themselves skyscrapers, but are they actually scraping the sky? Any skyscraper worth its salt had better be following this structure's lead. If they're not making trails in the clouds, they're not worthy of the name of skyscrapers. Sorry, we don't make the rules.

The only thing about this skyscraper is, well, we don't like to make complaints about buildings we don't know, it's just that it can be so hard carrying on conversations with this building! It's rough trying to get it to be realistic and come back down to earth, because it's always...got its head up in the clouds *ba dum tss*.

6 Add this to our bucket list

We're adults. There's nothing stopping us from going to a candy store right now and doing the same thing Chris just did. In fact, if we ever purchase a 12-pound bag of peach rings, that's exactly what we'll call it.

We'll say we're "pulling a Chris" in honor of this smart, smart man.

Chris is a low-key genius. He didn't invent an innovative gadget or anything like that, but he realized and made us all realize, that we don't have to settle for less. Just because peach rings come in small bags doesn't mean we can't go straight to the source and decide on our own quantities. This is so inspiring!

5 This calls for a knitting/fencing hybrid sport

We don't know if this person ordered this new set of jumbo knitting needles because they need to knit a shawl for an elephant or if they've been commissioned to make some socks for Bigfoot, but one thing's for sure. When the zombie apocalypse hits, they'll be ready.

It's so great when your handicraft tools can be used as weapons in a pinch. When they finish their knitting project for the day, they can go straight to fencing practice and they won't even have to buy any new equipment. Plus, cats apparently find these things pretty impressive, too, and it's always a plus when you can get the felines on your side.

4 Birds can dream big, too, you know

Humans aren't the only ones in this world who refuse to settle for less. This bird is taking a leaf out of spaghetti thief dog's book by taking advantage of their owner's absence—or, at least, inattentiveness.

TFW you love the sunflower seeds, but your owner only gives you millet.

Honestly, what's the difference between this picky bird and us when we get a box of Lucky Charms? We tease this winged fellar, but we'll spend minutes picking the marshmallows out of the icky bits of cardboard that they're mixed with. So we guess that makes this little guy our spirit animal.

3 These almost make Crocs look good. Almost

Nike makes sports shoes, right? So, uh, what sport were these designed for? Competitive runway walking? Extreme sitting at a desk at work? We guess this could be some sort of specialty line of shoes, aimed at customers who want to be athletic but still maintain their feminity.

We don't know what to make of these shoes. We get the feeling that the lady wearing them could go from pushing that basket around Walmart to making layups on a basketball court in .02 seconds. They've got a very "casual, but could spring into action at any time" vibe. It's a bit odd, but we dig it.

2 Drastic times call for drastic measures

Via: ladnow.com

When it comes to important political issues, not everyone has an opinion (outside of the internet, of course). But when it comes to significantly less important non-issues, suddenly everyone becomes a crusader. And, what's the most pressing issue of our age?

Why, which way the toilet paper should go, of course.

We've got all our opinions. Some of us are over the roll supporters. Others are under the roll extremists. Either way, the lengths to which we'll go to to see to it that our preferences are met are impressive. Guess in this case we're all the kind of people who refuse to settle for less.

1 Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of LOL

Some people are captain of their retirement homes in name only. They don't take it seriously, and that's so sad because why would anyone want to be so blase about something that could be made to be so extraordinary?

To be christened captain of the retirement home is an honor, and it's a title that this grandpa lives up to. The man turned his walker into a boat, for crying out loud! Now that is dedication. Look, he even outfitted it with some rope, just in case he needs to help someone who's fallen and can't get up. We don't know who this grandpa is, but he's competent and we trust him with our lives.

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