20 People Who Deserve To Be Trolled For Their Lies

People think that they can lie on social media and get away with it. Some people are able to trick a few people, but not everyone falls for their lies. Why do people even bother to lie? Thanks to technology, most lies can be found out in a single Google search. And people will fact check the claims that we make online. It's so embarrassing to get caught in a lie, too. But the possibility of getting caught doesn't stop liars from lying.

These 15 people should be exposed for their lies. Not only are many of these obvious attempts at lying, but the lies are just so ridiculous that we can't even begin to deal with these people. And some of these people were found out. Just be aware that lying online means that people can easily discover the truth.

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20 Non-existent workflow

Via: pulptastic.com

This person wanted people to believe that they had tons and tons of cash. But a quick reverse image search revealed that they had just grabbed a photo of money from Google Images. Whoops! Caught in a lie! Now this person looks like a lying fool.

People sometimes lie about how much money they have as a means to impress other people or as an excuse to look down on others. This person wanted to seem impressive. But it didn't take long for them to be exposed for their lies, and they deserved to have gotten caught. What's the point of lying about having that much cash? Friends will think this person can pay for all kinds of things, while a robber would make this person a target for flashing all of that money around.

19 Claimed to be dating a famous singer

Via: reddit.com

Celebrities often interact with fans on social media. Ariana Grande apparently has a Snapchat that connects with her fans. This guy is so delusional that he thinks that Ariana is dating him and tried to convince other people that they were a couple. No one bothered to call him out on this, but he definitely needs to be exposed for his lie. Her Snapchat was sent to her Snapchat Stories and not to him personally. He wants people to believe that he and Ariana made an official move to be a couple. But Ariana has no idea who this guy is and has never met him. There is no relationship. Creeps like this are why celebrities have to have body guards all the time. He needs to be stopped for his lies before it escalates into full-blown stalking.

18 Photo snapped while "sleeping" on an airplane

Via: reddit.com

It's easy enough to position our cell phone cameras to take a photo of us while we hold it out far enough and time it just right. This guy wanted people to believe that another passenger had taken a photo of him while he was sleeping.

We have no idea why people think these sleeping photos are cool, but it seems to be a big thing on the internet. And people will fake it just to get some sleeping photo that they can post. If nothing else, it's extremely weird and makes no sense. And this guy should be exposed for his lies. Getting away with a small lie like this means that he will try to go for bigger and bigger lies later on. It's a shame because he's kind of cute. But cute guys lie all of the time. We just have to learn when not to believe them.

17 Caught lying about the police

Via: imgur.com

This person lied about the police. Instead of being happy that a police officer took pity on him and gave him a warning, he decided to complain about the officer on social media. Lying about this is ridiculous. It would have been better to keep his mouth shut, thank his lucky stars that he got to keep his car and learned that it's better to leave early for that first day on the job.

We get the impression that he doesn't take responsibility for his actions and tried to get more out of the officer who helped him. But the police department had a record of the event and exposed him for his lies. If the claims had been true, it would have been very serious. But the claims happened to be false in this case. Tsk, tsk, this person needed to be shamed for his falsehoods.

16 Warped door gives it away

Via: imgur.com

This girl wanted to lie about the shape of her body. She wanted to hide some of her belly bulge and used a photo editing program to reduce the size of her stomach. In the process, the door behind her ended up getting warped. She admitted to filtering the photo but didn't want to confess to slimming her stomach. Sometimes people reveal enough of the truth to cover up their lies.

This girl should be honest and not try to lie so much. Anyone who meets her in real life would realize that her social media photos are lies because the truth would be revealed. She would be exposed for her lies soon. But the evidence of her photo tampering was obvious enough that someone noticed it right away. She wouldn't be able to get away with this particular lie.

15 More money lies

Via: reddit.com

This person wanted to brag about the money they received. Unfortunately, they also decided to lie about the amount. We suspect that this person only made $172 and wanted to make everyone think that they had actually gotten $472. Why even bother posting this at all? People like to flash their money around because it makes them feel better about themselves.

This person didn't want to admit that they had made less than $200 and lied that they were just "hiding" some of the hundred dollar bills. Yeah, no one believes this bold-faced lie. This person needs to be exposed for their lies. Maybe people should expect this person to pay for all their nights out if they are going to claim that they have tons of cash on hand.

14 The fake girlfriend

Via: humorspot.com

This guy wanted everyone to believe that he had a girlfriend who took a photo of him sleeping. But he made one huge mistake. He took the photo in front of a mirror, which exposes his lie. The cell phone camera must have been on a timer because he held it between his feet to take the photo. Unless he has some serious selfie skills using his feet, we think that he set the timer on his camera.

Lying about having a girlfriend is really sad. It might make for some funny romantic movies, but it's just pathetic in real life. And taking a sleeping selfie and claiming that a nonexistent girlfriend had taken his photo is a very sad indeed. His lies were exposed by a reflection in the mirror. Maybe he should get better at lying if he intends to keep doing it.

13 Claims to be starving

Via: imgur.com

She lied to get more attention. Her friends have been preparing meals for her and making sure she is eating. But she went on Facebook and claimed that she hadn't eaten in four days. Most of her friends called her out for the lie, while some of the other ones were willing to help. But why lie about this when she was already getting food from her friends?

Clearly, she wanted to get some attention. It backfired when her lies were called out for what they were. It also made her friends who helped her feel like she was ungrateful for the help that she has been receiving from them. And her friends might be less likely to want to help her. It's hard to help someone who lies in this manner. She has not been starving at all because her friends have been feeding her this entire time.

12 What teens are like today

Via: imgur.com

Sometimes we forget what we were like when we were teenagers and accuse today's teens of being worse than we were. This girl wanted to lie and claim that today's 14-year-old girls dress more sensual than she had when she was 14 years old. But her friend was quick to remind her that she had dressed like that when she was 15 years old. They had wanted to look good and attract boys just like the teenagers do today. And sometimes today's teens go around looking as frumpy as we used to do. Things haven't changed that much since we were teenagers, so this girl really needs to stop lying and own up to her former teenage self. She had also dressed in more revealing clothes and worn makeup when she was a teenager.

11 The phone call that never happened

Via: imgur.com

This girl claims that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had talked to her over the phone. Even more, she claims that Ashton had called HER first! Um, yeah right. Her friends totally believed her lies. But she needs to be exposed for this particular falsehood. Ashton and Mila did not talk to her on the phone, nor is she friends with either celebrity. But she wanted to impress her friends by making them think that she had connected with famous people. Her lies would eventually catch up to her. Maybe not right away, but her lies would continue to get bigger and bigger until she would be unable to keep them straight. And she was able to commit this lie by changing someone else's name in her contact list and having them call her.

10 He looks nothing like Bieber

Via: humormeetscomics.com

Either this girl is lying or in denial about her boyfriend. He looks NOTHING like pop star Justin Bieber. It's great if she finds her boyfriend to be attractive. This couple seem to be equal in terms of their looks. But other than having two eyes, a nose and a mouth, her boyfriend has nothing in common with the Biebs.

They have also only been dating for three weeks, but she thinks she is in love with him. Trying to claim that her boyfriend looks like Justin Bieber when we can see his photo is a whopper of a lie. It expects everyone else to agree with her despite evidence to the contrary. We won't be falling into her delusion. This girl is in her own world all on her own. And if it makes her happy, then good for her. But the lie was easily exposed. It's over.

9 More than just a little bit of editing

Via: smosh.com

This girl went over the top with her photo editing. She blurred her skin, enhanced her eyes, whitened her teeth, added a gold necklace, gold lace and a gold barrette. It also looks like she enhanced her eyelashes and her eyebrows. We have no idea what she actually looks like because she touched it up so much. It's okay to edit photos a little bit, but she went way overboard and tried to pass it off as an actual representation of herself. Someone who meets her in real life would not even recognize her! That could be really awkward for her friends and her future dates. It's possible to over-edit our photos so that we look nothing like what we represent online. Eventually, this visual form of lying becomes a problem.

8 Can we get a signal

Via: thoughtco.com

Oh, my! This person claimed that their phone was dead while posting the status via mobile! And their significant other fell for it. Maybe they didn't want to text their S.O. or wanted some sympathy. But this blatant lying is so uncalled for. Lying like this should be exposed. It's really sad that their S.O. didn't even realize how hoodwinked they were. Being so gullible is both sad and dangerous.

These are the folks that fall for those pranks on Facebook, like cleaning their car windshields with sandpaper or microwaving their smartphones to "charge" them. There might be no hope for people this ridiculous. And if this is an example of the future of humanity, we are so doomed. And this person should get better at lying if they intend to continue with their lies.

7 Out of control with the blur tool

Via: creativefan.com

Maybe she does have green eyes, but she most certainly did enhance them with a photo editing app. She also used the blur tool to smooth out her complexion. It's gotten out of control. And people must have been commenting on it because she was doing her best to deny it.

Yes, her eyes look green. But her eyes are so bright that she must have enhanced the color with a tool in her photo editing app. It's fine if she did that. But girl, own up to these mistakes. She probably didn't even need all that editing because she seems pretty on her own. But she got out of control with those editing tools and tried to lie about it. We just shake our heads at all this lying. The game is over. We can tell with our eyes that this photo has been edited to high heaven!

6 A fake tip from a fake person

Via: aintviral.com

Sometimes people lie to make themselves look like decent human beings. This person pretended to give a server a tip for $100 on a check for $26.76. That would have been a generous tip if it were real. The server would have been thrilled from someone being that kind. But this person did not actually give that much of a tip. They took a photo of the customer copy, which means that they did not give this tip to the actual server. This person just wanted everyone to think that they were kind and generous because it isn't a sacrifice to fake it. But actually being generous? People have more trouble with that. And we doubt that this person will own up to their mistakes and actually become a nice person who would tip a server this much money.

5 Always be kind but she needs to start first

Via: fuckjerry.com

Liar, liar, pants on fire! She wanted to pretend that she was a kind person who could advise other people to be kind. But apparently she has a history of violence. What kind of person punches a Girl Scout for not having the cookies they want? The answer would be a terrible person. She needs to stop giving advice that she doesn't bother to live herself.

But when she was called out for her lies, she had a great cover. Her "battle" is uncontrollable anger toward others. Punching someone for not having cookies is an overreaction, and that's something that she really needs to work on if she wants to stay out of jail. It's not cool to go around hitting people. We learned that in preschool, and the lesson has stuck with us for all these years.

4 Must update FB status

Via: boredpanda.com

This person claimed that someone was trying to break into their place. But the lies continue to spiral. First, they claim that they can't get to the phone. Hmm, that's odd. The status was updated via mobile. Mobile refers to cell phones. That means that this person had their phone in their hand and could have called the police. So, there's a good chance that a robbery was not in progress. This person just wanted some attention. It backfired. One of their friends exposed them for being a liar. It was a serious thing to lie about. How far did they intend to take this lie if they hadn't been revealed as a liar? People should stop lying about things like this in the new year. It just sets humanity back a couple of years whenever they lie.

3 Let's ask our mom for permission

Via: fuckjerry.com

Instead of just being upfront and saying that they don't want to hang out, the person in the blue bubble had to tell a bold-faced lie. No adult who lives outside of their parents' homes needs to ask their mom for permission to hang out with another adult. This person either didn't want to hurt the other person's feelings by being blunt, or they thought an obvious lie would really hit the truth home.

It's funny how that works. We know that this is a total lie. Yet, we can tell from the context of the lie that this person does not like the other person nor do they want to hang out. Language is quite wonderful in that way. But we're getting off topic. Being blunt might seem cruel, but sometimes telling blatant lies like this makes it more awkward and painful for the person being rejected.

2 Never even left the house

Via: boredpanda.com

Someone wanted all of their friends to believe that they had gone to the club. Unfortunately, another friend was able to expose them as a liar. This person was not at the club. Oh, no, she was at home and talking about toilet paper while wearing her pajamas. That's the opposite of going to a club.

Lying about our social life sounds so ridiculous, but people do it all the time. Maybe she wanted people to think she was much cooler than she really is. It's a sad attempt of trying to become popular, like in high school. But we're adults now. Who even cares anymore? It's totally fine to stay at home and vegetate in front of the TV. Going to the club is overrated and costs too much money. We much prefer to the sofa.

1 The conversation that never happened

Via: pinterest.com

Well, it looks like someone already exposed this person for lying. This person wanted everyone to believe that a particular conversation happened to them when it was actually ripped from a Jimmy Kimmel episode. It's amazing how fast this friend was able to pick up on it, but they probably had seen that episode and went looking for the evidence. Now this person's credibility is shot. The truth has already come out. All that's left is social media shame for being a liar.

Telling blatant lies just isn't worth it when it's so easy for anyone and everyone to fact check the statements we make. It might seem like other people get away with all their lies, but does that mean we should become liars, too? Of course it doesn't! The truth is out there. And it will find anyone who dares to tell a lie.

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