20 People Who Went Above And Beyond With Their Marriage Proposals

Marriage is one of those things that a lot of people look forward to in their future, but what the perfect proposal consists of is different for everyone. Some people wish for a nice, private proposal after a night of binge watching a show; some require it be done at Disney World; and others will do a shout-out on an NPR news timestamp. Some people, though, plan their engagements in... unique ways, to put it nicely. There's not really any room for me to judge, since at least these people are in love and about to get married, but I still have some questions about these interesting proposals. I don't really have the right to talk because they're the ones who know what true love feels like, not me. But even so, see for yourself and you'll see what I mean.

20 Nic Cage Approves Of This Engagement

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Everyone has a different idea of what a great proposal is, but I have to say that a nice proposal with Nicolas Cage just standing behind you is a proposal that is definitely unique. For some girls, you don't need to go all out with a big set-up or to take her to Disney World. All you need is to be at some sort of convention where you know that Nic Cage will be there. Out of all three of them, Nic Cage looks the most emotional which is kind of funny considering he's the only one in the picture who isn't about to get married. The girl also has a look on her face that is full of excitement, and a lot of "what is happening here?" I can tell that they're going to have a long, happy marriage with each other because who wouldn't if Nic Cage of all people blessed this engagement?

19 Something Even More Permanent Than Marriage

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People can do whatever they want with their bodies, but I sometimes wish that people thought twice, or maybe 15 times, before tattooing any relationship-related things on themselves. This proposal in theory is very cute since this tattoo will (hopefully) last as long as their love for each other, which is forever. The reality is, though, that while ink stays on the skin forever without putting it through painful chemical burns, feelings are pretty easy to change. I don't want to be a total cynic but I'm just thinking about how if things turn sour for whatever reason, this tattoo is going to be a cruel reminder of what was. But you know, good for them in these current times, I wish them all the best.

18 Blocking An Entire Highway

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You know that your love is real when the person proposing to you does it on a major highway, blocking traffic and facing actual criminal charges for obstructing traffic. Even if a freeway holds some sort of emotional significance to the couple, I feel like most people would understand that it is not a good idea to go on a very busy freeway with a ton of very large and fast cars going by. Especially not in the middle of it. I don't know what they were expecting from doing a proposal on the street but they probably weren't expecting a nice trip to the police station. Though it logically makes a lot of sense. But with a little $500 bond the future husband is free and they might have to reconsider their honeymoon.

17 Getting Very Technical

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Love is supposed to go through the test of time, but I feel like this proposal would be testing my patience. It is kind of cute that this person took the time to write out an entire packet containing all of the terms and conditions and benefits of a life spent together, but that's a whole lot of reading to do. Obviously the actual process of getting married is getting bound through a legal contract, so if they say yes, they know that they're going to sign themselves to you, but I don't know if I would sign another contract before the actual wedding. Could this letter proposal even be considered a binding contract if they sign it? I'm just saying that maybe in all your excitement when you realize that this is a marriage proposal you skip a line that might have some term that you agreed to and don't realize it, like saying that you'll get donuts every Sunday — and that means every Sunday.

16 How...Romantic?

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One thing that people tell you about love is that you both have to find things that you enjoy doing together. Some couples like to go dancing or go vacationing in Europe. Some of the more annoying couples use each other as exercise equipment. For this couple, though, the thing that they like to do together is go hog hunting. To each their own but even if they enjoy doing this activity together, I can't say that it's a very romantic setting — especially not when the ring is placed on the tooth of a dead pig's mouth, which had to be pried open with a stick. Even after a hunt, I think it's better to just keep that ring in the nice velvet box you bought it in.

15 Text Message Marriage Scheme

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Nobody likes a text message breakup, but I feel like getting a text message marriage proposal is a lot worse. Usually when you're breaking up with someone, you're telling them that you don't really care that much for them anymore, so a text message may be cold and kind of rude, but it's over anyways. On the other hand, if you're going straight to your messaging app to tell someone you guys should get married, there's probably something wrong with you. This guy is definitely something else — he went and texted a girl saying that they should get married so that they can scam the military. That's not even the worst part, though, he ended up texting the wrong girl! It was supposed to be Jasmine but he actually texted his roommate, Lily. This guy must be quite the charmer.

14 A Proposal Surgery

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Everyone has their own idea of what can be considered romantic, but this story is just straight-up wild to me. I know people like to incorporate their interests into their marriage proposals, but if you're both doctors, it might be better to just propose on a mountain or something. This guy went super hardcore instead and cut his own abdomen, put a ring inside of the wound, and then had his wife take it out. I understand that removing things and cutting up bodies is a pretty average day for the both of them, but the idea of inserting a ring into your own body just makes my blood curdle a little bit. I guess everyone has their own tastes, and hey, at least she said yes.

13 A Dangerous Proposal

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There are a lot of good surprises in life, like a surprise birthday party or a nice surprise trip, or even the surprise of being proposed to. There are other surprises that are not that great, though, like watching your beloved fall to their death after dropping the ring he was going to propose to you with. Watching someone you care about fall off a building is one of those scary things that takes 10 years off your life, and is a very tragic way to go.

This guy thought the best way to propose to his girlfriend was to stage his own demise and cause her a few moments of total panic and sadness, only to find out right after that the whole thing was staged. I can't say if this is a sweet proposal or just plain crazy.

12 Mosh Pit Of Love

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Couples who mosh together stay together, so where is a better place to propose to your beau than right in the middle of a show where the crowd around you is going wild? There's so much noise that you can't have a decent conversation professing how much you love your boo. There are also a lot of people around who are very riled up and seemingly out of control over their own bodies. Just look at the guy in front of them, doing a high kick that would send anyone in its reach up to the heavens. I'm happy for the couple on starting their life together, but I also think that they need to hug, kiss, and run before either of them get hurt in this wild place.

11 Pepsi Proposals

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I guess if your boss tells you to make a nice display out of all the Pepsi in the store, you might as well kill two birds with one stone and make that soda display a marriage proposal as well. The whole concept is kind of funny, especially when you really think about how this proposal will go logistically. There are a lot of possibilities of the backstory behind this proposal. Maybe Steph and this other person work together at this store and they've been dating, or maybe they never actually went on a date before and Steph is very confused by this. Maybe Steph really likes Pepsi so their significant other went to the local store and asked them to make this display just in time for the next time she goes to buy a ton of Pepsi. Maybe this person is just looking for anyone named Steph, who knows?

10 A Fake Plane Failure

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Why are there a good amount of men who think that the best way to propose to their girlfriends is by faking a life-threatening situation before popping the question? This guy took his girl on a ride in a private plane, which is actually pretty romantic. He could have gone the direction of flying over a field that he paid a farmer to ruin in order to make a heart in the crops, but that's just too cheesy, too overdone. Instead he thought the best way to propose was to stage a fake plane failure, where she thinks that she's about to be in a deadly plane crash. She's preparing to die, and then her boyfriend just goes, "Just kidding! We're fine, will you marry me?" Of course she's going to say yes, she just saw her life flash before her eyes and realized how short life is!

9 We've Got Company

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Life just isn't worth living without a little element of danger, and this wildlife expert decided the best way to ask his girlfriend to spend the rest of their lives together was to let her pass through the "staff only" gates and experience what he gets to do on a daily basis. Since they're in Australia, it means that there's going to be a crocodile sneaking up on their romantic moment to try and get some itself. Sure this guy knows what he's doing, but Steve Irwin was also the master of dealing with dangerous wild animals and look what happened to him (was that too soon?). There's nothing safe about the wild, but it sure is romantic — though I'm sure that the crocodile just wants to get a little bit of the cuddles.

8 Rich Nerds In Love

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The first thing I thought of when reading this post was, "Do these people have jobs?" The post starts off with saying that they just spent months of travel together, and they also spent hundreds of hours playing one video game (and you know they've played others). Literally anyone who doesn't have super rich parents can't relate to this because we've got these things called jobs, which take a lot of time to do. What screams "rich parents" even more is the fact that this girl went to a game developer to create an in-game proposal specific to her and her man. I would say that they just blew their entire wedding and honeymoon budget on this virtual proposal, but considering the fact that they can travel without working, I think they'll find a way to do it all.

7 A 'Harry Potter' Scavenger Hunt


Unlike some of the other inventive proposals I've seen, I don't really have that many problems with this one because it's really just innocent and cute and not expensive to do. This person's (now) fiancé set up a Harry Potter themed shootout scavenger hunt, and made them go all around the house defeating some of the Wizarding World's worst foes. The finale after shooting at Voldemort was her man coming out with Daniel Radcliffe's face taped onto his own, and having a shootout battle against each other. What a nice, creative, and private way to propose to your one true love. It's bound to be a magical relationship that can defeat the Dark Lord. Of course, there would probably be a lot more fun Nerf gun battles in the future, too.

6 Shoot My Face And Let's Get Married

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Personally I don't really understand gun culture to begin with, but I understand this kind of proposal even less. Like, this guy decided to propose to his girlfriend by putting his question on a target and having her answer before she even knew what she was answering. He's really banking on the fact that she would want to marry him and also that she has a good shot. This target is obviously binding so if she hit "yes" then she'll have to marry him, but if she's bad at shooting and hits "no" then their entire relationship would be over.  I mean maybe being a good shot is a very important quality for a wife, I don't know or understand gun culture. I also don't know why he'd make his own face the bullseye if this is supposed to be a positive message.

5 Get Everyone You Know In A Dance Routine

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There are a lot of very extra marriage proposals out there, but this one is one of the most extra things that I have ever seen, but it's pretty dang cute. This guy thought that he was just going to the local Home Depot to get some things with his roommate, but while in the lumber aisle, he was surprised to find all of his friends and family in brightly colored shirts dancing a coordinated routine to "Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who. Just the fact that the other boyfriend could get all of his loved ones to learn how to do a dance routine fairly well is impressive enough, but it's even more impressive to do all of this while not letting the secret out before this reveal.

4 To All The Julia's Out There

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Highway proposals may not be as unique as I once thought, but at least this one isn't blocking a lot of traffic. Even so, there are some questions I have about the rationale behind this marriage proposal as well. Just think about how many people drive on a highway every day; there are thousands. There's a good chance that there are quite a few of these people on the road named Julia. This proposal is more like an art installation piece, so it's not like there was a specific time when this proposal happened, so there's not really any way to know which Julia they're talking about. There's no way that this Julia can really be sure who is asking her to marry them, unless they told Julia to look up at the overpass on the highway. If I was Julia, I'd just kinda ask myself, "What?"

3 Splash Marriage

The idea of proposing to someone on a theme park ride is kind of genius since they always take a picture of you on the ride, so you can laugh about it and treasure it forever. The only problem is that the rides usually capture you at the one moment that you look the worst, so while the guys in the back know what's up and are posing for the big question, the girl who is being proposed to has absolutely no clue and has a funny face like you're supposed to when the ride does a big drop. Since the picture is kind of the whole point of the proposal, it means that she's got to live with her face looking this silly when she shows her friends and family her engagement photo. Even with this technicality, it's still a pretty fun proposal idea.

2 Fast Food Romance

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I can only imagine sign duty not being one of the best tasks your boss can make you do when working at a fast food place. You're high up on a ladder, and it must be hard to get the spacing just right, and you don't want to be the source of a "Fre shavacado" joke. Instead, if you're supposed to be on sign duty, you might as well get that marriage proposal you wanted to do out of the way. Some people say that it's not very romantic, but to me there's nothing more romantic than fried chicken, so if there was going to be any kind of sign asking for my hand in marriage, I'd much prefer a fried chicken sign, though McDonald's is a close second.

1 Third Wheeling Dolphin

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Proposals are all about the love, but for some people it's all about that 'gram. There's nothing that can get you more likes than having a dolphin hold a little thing saying, "Will you marry me?" while you guys start making out in the water. It's a very nice picture, but I feel bad for that dolphin. It's just sitting there with this plastic thing in its mouth. The people had to get that photo op first before letting the dolphin spit it out, which is just kind of rude. It's not like the dolphin wants to be a third wheel, it's got better things to do. The couple should have realized that not everything is about them, but considering that they're now newly engaged they're not going to realize that for like two more years. One day, dolphin, you'll find love too.

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