20 People Who Added The Strangest Things Inside Their Car

Today, people spend a lot of time in their vehicles; long commutes to work, lengthy weekend trips, and vacations often require a long drive.

To make the time in the car pass quickly and the trip more comfortable, many aftermarket products are available to add features that are either not offered by the original equipment manufacturer or were not ordered when the car was purchased.

These creative car gadgets and accessories are often technology-based. Some charge electronic devices on the go or connect a smartphone to the vehicle. Others simply help keep interiors clean.

Owners also enjoy personalizing their vehicles to represent themselves. That “homey” feeling can often be achieved by adding items only the driver would appreciate.

However, the personal items added to a car’s interior often make no sense to everyone else. Many of them are useless, and in some cases, if permanently attached, lower the car’s value.

Here are twenty dumb and strange things people added inside their car.

20 Car Espresso Coffee Machine

Via: Pinterest

Espresso coffee is best enjoyed after a plate of Cavatelli ai Frutti di Mare in a restaurant on the Adriatic Sea in southern Italy. However, if the trip is not in the budget, the second-best place is a nearby coffee shop that offers European style caffè.

Drinking an espresso made with a car espresso machine should never be an option.

19 Vroominator Makes A Sports Car Sound

Via: hammacher.com

For owners of mundane, boring cars like the Toyota Camry and the Hyundai Accent, the Vroominator is a game-changer. This creative device fills the interior of the cabin (not audible outside the vehicle) with the throaty sounds of a V8 sports car. It synchronizes to the vehicle’s alternator matching the engine revolutions to the acceleration, producing the rumble of idle and the roar of the redline.

18 Mini Portable Microwave Oven for the Car

Via: Pinterest

A microwave oven should be standard equipment in all automobiles. Who needs a radio, GPS, or air conditioning when hunger strikes on a long trip (like 10 minutes to the nearest grocery store)? The car oven means never being stranded without a hot meal when waiting for a long signal light to change, a drawbridge to close, or getting caught in rush-hour traffic.

17 Wood Burning Stove in a Volvo

Via: Boing Boing

The winters in Switzerland are cold, very cold! Motorists are advised to take extra precautions, especially for long journeys. Blankets, food rations, flashlights, a thermos of hot tea and a map app are recommended in case the trip is interrupted by an unexpected blizzard.

One man installed a fully functioning wood-burning stove to replace the broken heater in his Volvo. He just needs to remember to keep the trunk full of wood.

16 Samurai Sword Gear Stick

Via: Carousell

Samurai swords are made with curved, razor-sharp metal blades that vary in length from three to five feet long. Initially created for samurai warriors in Japan, the swords are among the most efficient cutting knives ever made. They are also illegal in the U.S. However, the sword handle by itself poses no threat and is therefore allowed.

Perhaps the driver of this car can fantasize about the military warriors of Japan every time a shift of gears is required.

15 Purple Woolen Sheep Fur Plush Steering Wheel Cover

Via: AliExpress

Car owners who install purple, sheep-wool steering wheel covers in their car claim the purpose is to provide a firm grip. However, a firm steering wheel grip can be achieved with a simple leather cover.

The outrageous purple cover can only be installed to attract attention or reminding the driver of a favorite pet left at home.

14 Steering Wheel Table for Lunch in the Car

Via: BestProducts.com

Eating in the car is a common occurrence everywhere. Why else would “drive-through” fast food restaurants exist?

Most automobiles provide very little space to place a hamburger, fries, and drink (except cupholders, of course), making meals in the car a bit inconvenient. The steering wheel table solves the problem. The space is even large enough to place a full-sized dinner plate.

However, the use of the table is not recommended while driving.

13 Cactus Garden on the Dashboard

Via: Twitter

While the Cactus garden on the dashboard may be organic, it could be uncomfortable when the front seat passenger makes a “face-plant” during a sudden stop. Additionally, watering the plants may be an issue. Granted, cactus do not require much water, but any amount may leak into the glove box, down to the floor and on a passenger’s feet.

12 Booming Vibrating Sound System

Via: lifewire

Everyone likes music, and most drivers listen to their favorite tunes while in the car. A quality sound system makes the experience much better. However, some systems just go too far.

If the boom generated from the bass speakers is powerful enough to induce a mild heart attack in anyone outside of the car in the immediate vicinity, and a complete cardiac arrest in the car’s passengers, the system is perhaps excessive.

11 Fuzzy Dice Hanging from the Rear-View Mirror

Via: AliExpress.com

Fuzzy dice hanging from the rear-view mirror is a fad that has its origins in the 1960s. Car owners who chose to continue the worn-out practice not only risk ridicule from any observers, they might also earn a traffic violation. Objects hanging from the mirror obstruct the driver’s field of view, are obviously dangerous and illegal in most states.

10 Brightly Colored LED Tube Lights

Via: Super Bright LEDs

Neon lights are used in signage to attract attention. They have a long history, beginning in 1910 when they were first demonstrated at the Paris Motor show. LED lights are also used to draw attention, but they are flexible and use light-emitting diodes instead of neon gas.

The only reason to install LED lights inside a car is to attract attention. They serve no practical purpose.

9 Sticker Bomb the Dashboard

Via: Pinterest

Plastering a car body with stickers, whether they are humorous, secular, religious, commercial, political or support a sports team, is often done in poor taste. However, covering the interior of a car with stickers might be worse.

The technique is perhaps useful as an inexpensive way of covering cracks or damage to a dashboard, headliner, or other section of the interior.

8 Homemade Wire Cup Holder

Via: Pinterest

While this homemade wire device is both economical and easy to make, it lacks several features essential to a functional cup holder. The flimsy wire does not have enough strength to support even a small soda. Should the liquid spill out of the cup or can, it drips past the wire onto the floor.

Despite the wire cup holder’s limitations, it makes an attractive appendage to the dashboard.

7 Car Interior Clutter

Via: Daily Mail

The owner of this car couldn’t decide which items to discard and which should be saved for future use. So, he/she just kept everything.

Although the accumulation of “stuff” has not reached the point of blocking the driver’s view out the windshield or side windows, some magazines and a few plastic bags must be pushed aside to sit behind the steering wheel.

When the owner goes to the supermarket, where do the groceries go and how can he/she distinguish them from the junk already in the car?

6 “Pretty in Pink” Interior

Via: Fast Car Magazine

Although the Hello Kitty fad had already faded by 1980, the owner of this car still has a passion for everything cute and pink.

The slippers are a nice touch. The pair are left in the car either for passenger use or the driver, should she (or he, but odds are this vehicle is owned by a teenage girl) need to take a shower away from home.

5 Noggle Child Air Temperature Controller

Via: nooglenation.com

In most modern vehicles, the temperature control system is so efficient, it can cool down or heat the small passenger volume in just a few minutes. What’s more, the system can maintain a comfortable ambiance for short or long trips.

While a young child might find the air (either hot or cold) exiting a long tube entertaining for a short time, no doubt it will be tossed aside to focus on other items of interest either inside (toys) or outside of the car.

4 The Felt-Tipped Marker Mogul Interior

Via: fastcar.co.uk

The owner of this vehicle has a passion for bright and radiant colors. So powerful is this zeal for everything bold and ablaze with color, the owner has painted the interior of the car with a variety of shining paint. However, to make sure the tools to add more color are never absent, felt pens and other coloring implements have been attached to the inside of the car everywhere and are readily accessible on a moment’s notice.

3 Inflatable Back Seat Car Mattress

Via: Travel Away

Sleeping curled up in the backseat of a car is marginally more comfortable than sleeping on a wooden park bench. At in the park, the sleeper can fully extend the limbs. In the car, stretching out is only possible with both rear doors open (more difficult in a two-door vehicle).

This inflatable mattress does nothing to improve the sleeping space. In any case, who sleeps in the car anymore?

2 Mint and Gold Floral Car Seat Cover

Via: Pinterest

Installing a seat cover over the vehicle's factory upholstered seats make sense to preserve their original beauty and condition. For those owners who transport their pets in the back of the car, a protective cover can keep the seats clean.

However, an elegant and expensive cover as shown here, including the owner’s initials, is enough to discourage the use of the back seat by either pets or passengers.

1 Weird and Wacky Dashboard Bobbleheads

Via: Google sites

Although the Manga series Dragon Ball bobblehead characters, Goku, Krillin, and Oolong mounted on the dashboard or rear deck might be entertaining to young children, they serve no purpose to the driver. Furthermore, any object that obstructs the driver’s view is both dangerous and illegal.

Bobbleheads of U.S. presidents would be just as distracting but perhaps more politically correct.

Sources: thesun.co.uk, metro.co.uk, nogglenation.com, craziestgadgets.com, Fast Car Magazine

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