20 People Who Modified Their Sports Cars For Off-Road (And It's Awesome)

There is sometimes a temptation, after purchasing a sports car, to take it off road for some fun. When a car has as much power as most sports cars do, it almost seems like a waste not to test that power out on some dirt and push the car to its limits to see what it’s really capable of.

The desire to pursue the road less traveled usually leads to some seriously amazing adventures! Fully exploring a sports car’s technology is often wasted on paved roads, and it’s a shame not to test out all those features to see what the car can do on uneven terrain.

In order to do this without totally demolishing the vehicle requires lots of aftermarket modifications. Let’s take a look at 20 people who modified their sports cars for off-road – and ended up with some amazing results.

20 The Muddy Lamborghini

Via Youtube

We’re sure the improved traction control on this car did wonders when the driver took it out to play on the muddy terrain seen here. However, this car could have benefited from more of a lift as well! There’s no doubt about how much fun it was to take this Lamborghini out for a muddy adventure.

19 Jacked-Up 911

Via Maxim

Yes, yes, and yes! Sign us up for an off-roading adventure in this Porsche 911 Carrera 4! This car featured in Maxim and seems as if it can tackle any terrain.

It has enlarged wheel openings that fit the custom rally tires that have been carefully selected for it. The suspension arms have been reinforced and the shocks are triple-adjustable in anticipation of a fun, bumpy ride.

18 Not Your Average 911

Via Motor1

At first glance, this car looks relatively “normal” by all standards, but don’t be fooled - it’s loaded with upgraded suspension components, skid plates, light pods, and bumper bars. This restoration was more of an overhaul, and Motor 1 reports that it's one of several Porsches that were re-created by the Leh Keen, as part of his “Keen Project.”

17 Dusty ‘lil Aventador

Via Youtube

This guy is so clearly having the time of his life, spinning his Aventador on the dusty terrain seen in this photo. It’s clear he’s having no problems at all tackling the terrain, and seems rightfully proud of the dusty adventures that his Aventador is tackling with such ease. The car was lifted to better-tackle the uneven gravel, and was likely also tuned to give it an extra little kick.

16 Totally Jacked

Via BZ&T

This car is ready to take on anything! It’s got a serious lift, a front bumper bar that’s ready to push anything out of its way, and has a set of oversized knobby tires that are so clearly ready to tackle any type of uneven environment. All the windows inclusive of the windshield have been caged in to protect the integrity of the glass in case of a crash or rollover.

With the spare knobby tire thrown on top of the car, this driver is so clearly ready to explore the rugged terrain and isn’t going to let anything stop him.

15 F-Type Jag

Via CarMagazine

This Jaguar has been chipped, raised, and outfitted with a custom roll-cage. It's ready to go where no other Jaguar has gone before, and we’re ready to follow! We usually see Jaguars taking the left lane on the highway, so to see this one get dusty while kicking up some dirt gets us really excited!

14 DeLorean Dreams

Via Wheelhero

This car isn’t just taking you Back to the Future – it can easily take you anywhere you want to go! These monster tires are as extreme as they are effective, and there’s not much that can get in the way of this DeLorean!

This DeLorean is built with a Blazer’s powertrain and features a 12-inch lift with monster tires that will crush anything that gets in their way.

13 Super Stang

Via Wheelwell

The owner of this Mustang is getting it ready for some serious fun. This rear-wheeled drive beauty packs a ton of power and force, and can do some serious damage on the gravel. The wheel well was drastically enlarged to fit these oversized tires, and it can now tackle the tricky terrain with ease.

12 Audi-Fun

This car just went from your average run-of-the-mill Audi sedan to a very unsuspecting contender in an off-road battle. Built with all-wheel drive, this car features a strongly reinforced custom front end, a significant lift, and some oversized tires. There’s really no limit as to where this car can go now!

11 Huracan Sterrato

Via USAToday

The Huracan Sterrato is the concept car we wish we could get our hands on. This is a one-off concept car that features a raised suspension for both style and proper-off-road functionality. This 640 horsepower naturally aspirated beast is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 that's sure to blow dust in every direction.

With enhanced rear-wheel drive and improved traction functionality, this Lamborghini can go places other Lamborghinis have never seen before.

10 Mighty Miata

We don’t usually think of off-roading a Miata, but this photo makes us consider changing our minds! This is a serious lift that makes us think this car is ready to take on the unexpected roads in a fierce way. This mighty Miata is a far cry from the incredibly low sportscar that it started off as.

9 Beefy B5 A4 Audi

Via Youtube

This car went nuts in the YouTube video it featured in. Posted by Magnus Eriksson in 2016 and with over 30,000 views, it’s easy to fall in love with this Beefy B5.

The reinforced front bumper was really put to the test as it tackled oversized rocks and boulders in the video. The lift made it possible to venture onto some very unstable terrain, and the beefy tires took on the toughest conditions with incredible ease.

8 BMW E36

Via Pinterest

This car is all tires! The tires on this E36 are ready to take it to the next level. They’re so significantly oversized that it’s a wonder they spin, and we love it! They look aggressive.

Wherever this driver decides to take his car, we’re sure to follow. We definitely want to see how it handles the rough terrain and uneven ground.

7 Chopped & Cropped X5

Via Motor1

Motor 1 featured this awesome machine in June last year, and we can’t get enough of it. A crew of gearheads in Russia managed to salvage an X5 from a scrap yard and turn it into a feisty four-wheel beast! They sliced it in half, welded in a roll cage, and took this roofless wonder to the next level, prepping it to journey into muddy water and uneven terrain.

6 Lifted 911

Via Twitter

This Porsche is ready to tackle any environment. The lift that was done on this rear-wheeled powerhouse means it can now venture into areas that would otherwise not have been possible. With so much force and power behind each gear-shift, the tires on this beast are sure to kick up some mud and sand during every off-roading experience.

5 Crazy Corvette

Via Hemmings

This is a rare, incredible blend of sports styling, luxury, and ruggedness. Hemmings outlined all the work that was done to make this crazy corvette capable of taking on any obstacle in its path. Serious adjustments to the suspension and a monster lift make this Corvette a true contender in any off-road environment.

4 Lifted Mercedes SLK

Via Jalopnik

An SLK is more of a sleeper car than an all-terrain vehicle. That is, until this owner introduced us to a new way of driving this slick ride.

With a clearly intense lift and wheels that appear as big as the car itself, this car is now the perfect blend between pretty and powerful. This once-smooth ride is now a beast that looks ready for some serious fun.

3 Fiesty Fiero

Via LiftedFiero

This Fiero wants to be a Ferrari, but is actually a Chevy Blazer. This sounds like an amazing power-blend! It started out as a 1984 Fiero and, according to MSN Enthusiasts, the original conversion was intended to mimic a Ferrari 348. It was turned into a powerful all-terrain machine when it was bolted onto the frame of a lifted Chevy Blazer.

The open headers and intense custom-front bull bar add to the off-road features that can push through all types of uneven terrain.

2 Fully Modified Z3

Via Bestride

This lifted Z3 Roadster was featured on BestRide and was also listed on Craigslist for the next lucky buyer to pick up!

The car maintains the BMW drivetrain, but the engine was swapped. The transmission is now shifted with an aftermarket Bimmerworld shifter, and the front shocks and springs are all upgraded in conjunction with this monster-lift. BestRide reports that the wheels are 15-inch steel with 2 inch bolt-on spacers.

1 Corrado Lift

Via VWGolfCounty

This epic Volkswagen Corrado is now a limitless machine. The lift that was done on this car means it can shred the gravel as well as conquer the concrete.

Arguably one of the most sought-after Volkswagens produced, the Corrado is already a peppy ride that packs a lot of punch. With these aftermarket mods added to this already spectacular vehicle, there’s no limit to the adventures that can be found.

Sources: Motor 1, Hemmings, Maxim, Wheelhero, YouTube

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