20 People Who Went Viral Because Of Their Mugshot

There is a process cops go through after arresting someone. They typically search them, take all their belongings, fingerprint them and then take their mugshots, all to go in their case file.

Most of the time, the arrested individual just stares at the camera with a serious or saddened look due to being caught and not being very happy about it. There are some though that are unique. When arrested, they either flash the officers or have a specific look or have features that stand out from other criminals or people.

These individuals end up going viral because of it and some even became famous. Not something they thought would happen after getting in trouble with the law.

Here are 20 individuals who mugshots went viral after getting in trouble with the law.

20 Mekhi Alante Lucky: The Man With Two Different Eyes


Mekhi Alante was arrested in April 2016 and became an instant sensation due to his ridiculously unique eyes.

According to grunge.com, Mekhi has two different colored eyes, one piercing blue and one soulful brown, due to a condition called heterochromia.

It wasn’t long before Demanti O’Bryant, the founder of St. Claire’s Modeling Agency, hired him and had him walking in the 2017 New York City Fashion Week.

19 Jeremy Meeks: Hottest Criminal In The World


Jeremy Meeks was arrested in 2014 and became known as one of the hottest criminals the world has ever known.

According to grunge.com, after police posted Jeremy’s mugshot to Facebook, the internet exploded with nothing but love for him. In February 2015, served 13 of his 27-month prison sentence. Once released, he pursued a modeling career, making his runway debut during the 2016 New York Fashion Week.

18 Morgan Joyce Varn: The Girl With The Demon Eyes


It’s a common sight to see convicts all tatted up, but rarely do we see one with their eyes tattooed.

According to grunge.com, Morgan Joyce Varn was arrested in April 2017, but gained widespread attention not for her crime, but for her eyes. See, those aren’t contacts, but the whites of her eyes tattooed, making her seem demonic.

17 Justin Lamar Richardson: The Hungry Criminal


People don’t normally think about food once they are arrested.

According to grunge.com, Lamar Richardson, arrested back in September 2017, let officers know he was hungry, and they were kind enough to give him some food. As cops continued the booking process, Lamar decided to keep munching on his basic bologna sandwich, even during his mugshot.

Officers ended up retaking the photo though after realizing it wasn’t appropriate.

16 Meagan McCullough: The Attractive Convict


When Meagan McCullough was arrested in July 2010, she was beyond ashamed of herself for it.

According to grunge.com, Meagan cried throughout her entire booking process but gained composure long enough to take her mugshot photo. That’s when people around the world began calling her the “Attractive Convict.”

Afterward, during an interview, she admitted that she worries about her children seeing the mugshot and the comments attached to it.

15 Fidel Gonzalez Gutierrez: Maybe Santa Isn't Such A Saint After All


Christmas is only a few short months away and what better way to ring it in than with a mugshot of a someone who looks exactly like Santa Clause.

According to grunge.com, Fidel Gonzalez Gutierrez was arrested in March 2017 and it wasn’t long before his booking photo caused the internet to explode due to how similar he looked to St. Nick.

14 Micah Musser: The "Hickey Guy"


Micah Musser was arrested back in June 2017 and became known as the “Hickey Guy.”

According to grunge.com, Micah had this to say during an interview, “The arrest changed my outlook on things. Like, I don’t want to go back to jail. I don’t feel like that’s my place to be. I like being free.”

13 Luciano Gutierrez: The Man That Did Dumb Things


Luciano Gutierrez, arrested back in 2015, didn’t go viral for his looks or how he was acting, instead, his mugshot went viral due to the shirt he was wearing.

According to grunge.com, this was Luciano’s ninth arrest, so it was only appropriate that he was wearing a shirt that said, “Warning: I Do Dumb Things.”

There is no argument there Luciano.

12 Sarah SeaWright: The Prison Bae


Sarah Seawright was arrested back in 2016 and after police took her mugshot, she gained the label, “Prison Bae.”

According to grunge.com, Sarah was in complete shock when she learned that her mugshot had gone viral. She even posted her email on her Instagram for anyone to contact her, talking about she was available for any bookings. Her main wish though was to go on the Wendy Williams show.

11 Sean Kory: Quantum Of Bae


Move over Jeremy Meeks, Sean Kory is coming for your title of Mugshot Hotness.

According to grunge.com, Kory was arrested in 2014 and the internet went gaga for his cheekbones, piercing eyes, long dreadlocks and the hint of danger he was giving off with his facial expression.

Kory was soon labeled “Quantum of Bae.” Unlike Jeremy though, Sean did not pursue a modeling career.

10 Sarah Furay: World's Cutest Kingpin


Sarah Furay was arrested in November 2015 and gained internet fame not because of her beauty, but because unlike most criminals who are either mad or crying, she was smiling.

According to grunge.com, a few sites such as Complex labeled Sarah, “World’s Cutest Kingpin.” One thing is for sure though, she sure is happy for someone facing 215 years in prison.

9 Angela Green: Daffy Duck Wannabe


When it came to Angela Green’s arrest in 2014, she straight up did not care and basically gave the cops the finger with her mugshot.

According to grunge.com, Angela was feeling extra cheeky after her arrest. So cheeky that when it came time to take her mugshot, she decided to be a little extra and make an over-the-top duckface.

Daffy duck would be proud.

8 Lucas William Vincent: The Man With The Mangled Ear


When Lucas William was arresting May 2017, police uploaded his mugshot online and boy did he gain some attention, especially a lot of ear jokes.

According to grunge.com, when Lucas didn’t show up to his court date, police posted his mugshot online, which showed Luca’s left ear looking a bit mangled. It was almost like someone, or something, chewed on it or maybe his barber got too close with the scissors?

7 Alysa Bathrick: "My Mugshot's Cute"


It’s rare that someone would actually gain internet fame by commenting on their own mugshot.

According to grunge.com, Alysa Bathrick was arrested in November 2014 and once released, she took to Twitter and posted her booking sheet, along with her mugshot and the following comment: “Surrendered at 7 am, got released at 11:30 am. My mugshot’s cute.” She got many retweets and favorites from people who agreed.

6 Mirella Ponce: Eyebrows On Fleek


After Mirella Ponce was arrested and taken to the police station in October 2017, police uploaded her mugshot to Facebook and the internet was entranced by her looks.

According to grunge.com, Mirella’s mugshot gained her over 2,000 likes and comments, some including: “The only crime she committed was stealing my heart” or “Can we just take a min and admire her brows tho #onfleek.”

5 Charles Dion McDowell: The Man That Could Knock Someone Out With His Neck


Charles Dion McDowell was arrested in November 2018 and it's quite obvious why his mugshot went viral.

According to grunge.com, after Charles was released from jail, he took to the internet to respond to all his new followers and the new fame he had gained. He also was able to meet Daddy Long Neck, a guy from Michigan with a pretty long and thin neck.

4 Alyssa B. Zebrasky: The Day Of The Dead Girl


In 2018, Alyssa Sebrasky was arrested, and it wasn’t long before her mugshot went viral due to her distinct facial tattoos.

According to aol.com, Alyssa’s facial tattoos resemble the face paint worn during the Mexican holiday that celebrates those that have passed, more specifically known as Dia de los Muertos.

To make matters worse for herself, she was arrested again in April 2019, making her go viral once again.

3 Orlando Lopez: Bullying Is Not Ok


In June 2019, Orlando Lopez was arrested and brought to a North Carolina police station.

According to myfox8.com, Orlando’s mugshot went viral, but not for reasons the arresting agency was happy about. The agency decided to add this message to his mugshot posters:

“Even though this individual has been charged with a crime, he’s someone’s child/family member. It’s obvious was injured somehow, please refrain from making jokes/negative comments.”

2 Phillip Lester: The Man With The Toe-Head


A homeless man named Phillip Lester was arrested back in April 2019 after getting in a fight with another homeless man.

According to gossiponthis.com, Phillip’s mugshot went viral on social media due to the size and awkward shape of his head. One person commented, “He’s definitely headed to jail,” while another wrote, “His head looks like a throbbing big toe.”

1 Angenette Welk: Smile For The Camera


On May 10, 2018, Agenette Welk was involved in a car accident that ended the life of another person.

According to foxnews.com, following her arrest, police took Agenette for her mugshot where she was all smiles, causing her to go viral. Later, in court though, she was singing a different tune, crying her eyes out after being sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Sources: grunge.com, myfox8.com, gossiponthis.com, foxnews.com, aol.com

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