20 Satisfying Photos To Massage The Brain

In our daily lives, we sometimes forget to relax and enjoy the beauty that is around us. And what's great about the internet is that we can see even more beautiful and soothing images from all over the world! It's nice to look in our own backyard and even nicer to see the beauty that nature has created (or that people have contributed to) from other places in the world.

Different parts of our brains are activated when we view images that we consider pleasing, according to Scientific American. The part that gets highlighted the most when we view images that please (or disgust) us is the anterior insula. It is located in the cerebral cortex part of the brain and responsible for our strong emotions toward stimuli (like photos), whether we love or dislike something.

Other research has shown that cuteness can drive our behavior and helps animals (and babies) to survive by getting them the attention that they need. So, a lot of things are going on when we look at pleasing photos. Check out these 20 photos that will massage the brain and make the day even brighter. From colorful arrangements to adorable animals, we found it all.

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20 Time to reboot the corgi

Via: imgur.com

We don't live with any dogs, but we still have a special place in our hearts for corgis. The breed's full name is Pembrooke Welsh Corgi. The little dogs are bred to be herders but also make agreeable companion animals. According to the American Kennel Club, the corgi can live to be 12 to 13 years old and grows to about 10 to 12 inches in height. But it's corgi antics and their cuteness that really draws us in. This particular corgi seems to have fallen down and may need some help to be put right side up again. It's a mystery how he ended up in such a predicament.

19 Gotta be kitten (kidding) us

About three years, we discovered a stray cat in our backyard. She was scrawny and losing her fur. We began to feed her and lo and behold, a week or so later, we began to see tiny kittens following behind her who were also hungry. She had apparently given birth to a litter under the back patio. Now all five kitties live with us and are healthy and happy. Mama cats will do what they can to protect their young, and this mama cat felt that Paris' room was the safest place to go. She looks like our heart. And her kittens are so adorable!

18 A perfectly arranged breakfast

Breakfast is one of our favorite meals. We sometimes eat breakfast for dinner. Anyway, what makes this photo so aesthetically pleasing? It might be the symmetrical arrangement of the food or perhaps it's the colors arranged in a pattern. Scientific studies, like the paper "Symmetry, Beauty and Evolution," explore the reasons behind why we are so drawn to symmetrical arrangements.

We feel soothed by symmetry of color, shape and pattern.

Those of us who are perfectionists also enjoy living a symmetrical lifestyle with our home decor and fashion choices. There's no doubt that this breakfast is beautiful to look at as much as it is satisfying to eat. Strawberries, blueberries and pineapples with bread rolls would be low-calorie and delicious.

17 Evidence of fractals in nature

Via: imgur.com

For those of us who love math, the term "fractal" might be familiar. A fractal is a repeating pattern that never seems to end. They're found all over in nature, and we appreciate the beauty of fractal. Even the word "fractal" sounds beautiful when we say it out loud. This Japanese flower is a perfect shade of pale pink, and its petals repeat in a gorgeous pattern in a spiral shape on the flower. We just can't stop staring at its perfect beauty. This photo massages the brain and improves our day! Stop and see the flowers today; we might see more fractals in nature.

16 The chili with the perfect gradient

Via: reddit.com

This chili pepper might be one of the most beautiful chilis we have ever seen! The shades seem to go from super-hot to sweet green. In a world of peppers, this one would certainly stand out in the garden or at the grocery store.

Vivid colors in a gradient draw us in.

It's too perfect to eat. If a pepper wants to avoid being eaten, then becoming its most beautiful version of itself would be one way to do it. This could be evolution at work (although it's likely just a fluke or perhaps some genetic engineering). At any rate, this pepper has our attention.

15 These 12 cats are purrfect

Okay, so we have five cats, but this wonderful lady has 12 cats! And all 12 of them look so happy and healthy. We are actually kind of jealous. These cats line up perfectly to get to their food bowls and go from light to dark. They have also been arranged so that their color tones are in order. If we go to the social media platform, we can see even more photos of these perfect and adorable kitties to our heart's delight. Cats are generally perfect, and these 12 kitties are the very definition of "purrfect." They're the cat's meow.

14 This impressive swirled book stack

Via: reddit.com

Fellow book lovers will appreciate this wonderful and impressive book stack. It looks like a spiral staircase. What's impressive is that it is so perfectly balanced. One wrong move, though, and it would come toppling down.

But we already know that we would not be able to replicate this work of book stack art.

This requires special skills that we do not currently possess. Maybe one of these days we will be able to stack our books in such a perfect spiral with grace and balance, but that day is not today. For now, we can appreciate the perfection that is this book stack.

13 Rainbow-striped tires

Via: imgur.com

Sidewalk chalk is a great way to keep the children occupied. They can draw all over the sidewalk, and it's not permanent. It's certainly much better than when the kids get ahold of markers and decide to sketch a mural on the living room wall! Well, this parent drove their vehicle over top of a sidewalk piece of art and discovered that the tires now had gorgeous rainbow stripes. The image is one of beauty that we can appreciate. It soothes our brains and improve our day. We would totally purchase tires that were designed like this. Seriously, why not? It looks great.

12 Pinwheel perfection is an art

Taking ordinary objects and making art out of them is a wonderful skill to have. This person used push-pins that have colorful tops to make a cool pinwheel pattern. The tops of the pins really seal the deal for our brains, which are drawn to colors and patterns.

The final result of this design is that we have an aesthetically pleasing photo that massages the brain.

It's such a big deal that this person was able to garner a following for their pattern art, and we can totally see why! Taking a break from everyday life to look at beautiful patterns can really improve our outlook!

11 The ice cream cone of our dreams

Mmmm, soft serve ice cream is a dream come true! This is especially accurate during the hot months of summer. And what better way to enjoy an ice cream cone than one that swirls perfectly atop the cone? The soft serve in this photo seems to have come out of the machine in just the right way, and the ice cream looks sweet and fluffy. Yes, we said fluffy. The first bite of this ice cream cone would be pure sweetness on the tongue. Just looking at this photo improves our day, so imagine how great it would be if we went to get some soft serve right now. Yeah, we just might do that.

10 Seriously, there's nothing better than this

If we imagine the perfect day, this is what it would like. A vivid rainbow above a field of colorful flowers is exactly what our brain needs. Bright colors generally make people happy (it does for us), and rainbows are all about bright colors. And what's even cooler is that people experience the beauty of a rainbow differently than the person next to them, according to Popular Science.

Rainbows become a personal experience.

They also signify the end of rain and the promise of future beauty. Maybe more flowers? We won't complain if we see a rainbow when we are in a field of flowers. The bright colors have a tendency to make us happy.

9 This impressive sand castle

Via: reddit.com

We can barely build a sand castle that looks like an actual sand castle, and this person built a sand castle masterpiece. They did the smart thing and built the sand castle far away from the tide. It would not be fun if the ocean washed away this masterpiece so soon after it was built. We don't know much about architectural design, but we can definitely see how this must be built by someone who does. It is an elaborate representation of a building and not the typical sand castle we would see on the beach. This is a work of real estate art.

8 A cluster of pink speckled apples

Via: reddit.com

While red delicious apples are often the ones that represent apples to people, we are particularly drawn to these green and pink ones with pink freckles. The beauty of the pink splashes and speckles make these apples look really interesting. And okay, we have a thing for pink.

We want to pick up a paintbrush, paints and a canvas and use this photo as inspiration for a painting.

It's really that beautiful. And whether these apples were designed like this by nature or genetic engineering, the end result is that the apples are very appealing to the eye. And they look really sweet and tart at the same time.

7 The geometry of this red cabbage

Via: reddit.com

Once again, math proves that it can create something beautiful. Doesn't this cabbage look like a geometric masterpiece? Patterns in nature can be very appealing to our senses. And while we never imagined that we would be admiring red cabbage, this is where we find ourselves today. It still wouldn't stop us from cutting up the cabbage and eating it. Of course, that's just our hunger talking. Fresh, colorful vegetables are certainly appealing and also very good for us. Maybe it's time we get a little snack while we work through this list. Our brains are happy with what we have found so far.

6 This gorgeous, cosmic bowl

Never did we realize that food can be presented as artwork until we found Naturally.Jo's profile. From gorgeous smoothie bowls to adorable cakes, this young artist is able to make colorful food artwork that has won several thousand (and counting) followers.

The designs are really too pretty to eat, but we bet they also taste as good as they look.

Unicorn and space inspired smoothie bowls and cakes make our eyes light up. Those are two of our favorite things, and we are drawn to so much color and shimmer. At least we aren't alone in our appreciation of Naturally.Jo's work.

5 Awww, this baby skunk is too cute

Via: imgur.com

Okay, admit it. We can't be the only ones who think this sleeping baby skunk is super adorable! Skunks are known for their spray that they use to ward off predators, but the fact remains that skunks are still really cute animals. And the episode of  Too Cute! on Animal Planet that showed little kittens playing with their friend baby skunk is just what we need in this world! People have confused baby skunks with kittens before (it's practically a joke on the internet at this point), but we can kind of see why. Baby skunks definitely look similar to kittens.

4 Our heart is out-foxed

Via: imgur.com

Baby animals rule the internet for a reason. We just can't get enough of the cuteness, and this baby fennec fox is perfection. The fennec fox is one tiny little creature. According to National Geographic, the fennec is actually the smallest fox in the fox family.

But it's those large ears that really draw us in!

What a total cutie! They live in the Sahara Desert and in other parts of North Africa. The large ears aren't just cute, they also help to keep the foxes nice and cool. Because of the desert heat, they prefer to come out at night.

3 This streetscape of umbrellas

Via: reddit.com

How can the city keep the sun off of people while also creating a beautiful piece of art? The city of Namur, Belgium found a creative way to do just that. These gorgeous umbrellas are above the streetscape on Rue Haute Marcelle. It's definitely a sight to behold. Umbrella streets can also be seen in Águeda, Portugal and is part of an art installation for the summer months. The colorful umbrellas seem to float in mid-air as if by magic, and we would love to walk among these streets one of these days. The vision is certainly beautiful, and it protects us from the harshness of the sun on top of it.

2 This aerial view of a housing complex

Via: reddit.com

What does a city look like from above? This photo was taken by photographer Jon Soh of an aerial view of a housing complex called Compass Heights. He used a drone to take the photo, but the result is surreal.

It looks like a painting and has this perfect symmetry that we appreciate.

The buildings look very tall and probably house thousands of people. It might just be a housing complex, but it is practically its own city. And the residents have easy access to a large pool in the center of it all. We can't take our eyes off the beauty of it.

1 Our fantasy stairwell

Via: reddit.com

There's something magical about this staircase. It is located inside of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, and it is certainly an architectural dream! We can almost imagine that the large clock in the middle allows one to travel backward and forward in time in relation to one's position on the staircase. Of course, that's not actually what happens. It might look magical, but there is nothing magical about it. No time travel, except in our imaginations. But this photo does massage the brain and opens our minds to all of the possibilities that a place can bring to our memories.

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