20 Pet Costumes That Are Way Too Out There For Us

Our pets are the windows to our soul. Through them, all of our unnecessary oddities are fulfilled by companions who are too pure to judge. They ask so little of us, and in return we put them through trials that require more patience than the planet has available. We push their paws and claws through hoards of apparel, expecting them to accept the latest fashion trends. Although some items are useful against the elements, most accessories are strictly for our own entertainment. Despite the nonsense, they try their best to flaunt it, and continue to love us anyway.

Dressing our pet up as pop culture icons is probably unnecessary—humans can’t compete with the charm of other animals, so we'd only be lowering their status. Disguising them as superheroes, food, and other creatures is also missing the mark, and hiding their natural beauty. However, most of the pets in this list appear to be handling their costumes with poise. The unconditional love is felt even through their questionable gaze, and it’s clear that the bonds are real. Whether we want our pet to resemble a bath product, an alcoholic beverage, or a potted plant, there’s something out there that was tailored especially for our strange wishes.

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20 Puppy Driver

When we just can’t handle the road rage, and need to wear something cute to elevate our mood… This dog is either terrified at the traffic, the fact that she can’t reach the pedals, or the outfit (although it’s probably a combination). How can she be expected to turn that massive wheel with those tiny paws and giant pom-poms? This outfit looks like it was made to protect her from the cold, but now she also can’t hear the noises surrounding her. Chances are that she isn’t going to pass the driving test, but if she did she would probably look cute in the license photo.

19 Hannibal Lecdog

Have the pups stopped barking, Clarice? Anthony Hopkins seemed like the only one who could play this role, but apparently he has a rival. Despite his efforts, Hannibal Lecter is actually a character of great wit and charisma, which are two traits that come naturally to dogs. This guy has the stern, yet inviting look down properly.

Lambs wouldn’t be able to contain their squeals of joy when seeing this cute dog. Hopefully he doesn’t mind having a movie prop muzzle. Be careful about wearing our dog like a human baby, as their backs are not constructed the same.

18 My Fair Canine

Someone loosen this fair maiden’s corset, it seems to be choking her! Or it might just be the natural look of a cute little dog that’s been bred with breathing issues. Is she tired, parched, annoyed, or indifferent? It’s just so hard to tell.

Rapunzel, let down your tongue!

It looks like this dog’s human is pulling her on a well-hidden wagon, which is only right considering how heavy that gown could be. Women who wore gowns like these used to have fainting chairs because of how tight the outfit was, but this is another solution they should have tested.

17 Iron Gator

Look into the bed! It’s a crocodile! No, it’s an alligator! Maybe it’s a deformed Iron Man! Well, it’s definitely a reptile. This friend looks absolutely annoyed. It seems that he was ambushed straight out of bed, and now has to wear a cardboard costume. As if these scales weren’t cool enough!

Humans might have soft, weak bodies, but not this guy. He’s already been born with all of the necessary fancy armor. While it does look carefully constructed, he just finds it insulting that he would need to be any cooler than he already is. Hopefully he doesn’t bite too much.

16 Puptini

We prefer our puptinis neither shaken nor stirred. If your friend is going to have to wear a cone around their head, they might as well make the most of it. Other looks that could expand on this would be ice cream, a UFO, and cotton candy.

In fact, this white cone from the vet is the perfect blank canvas that we need.

It seems that this dog agreed to the photo, and doesn’t find this cone to be as shameful as the name suggests. Hopefully this dog wasn’t driving anytime after this was taken—it could be incriminating evidence.

15 Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop

The products might not be in demand, but the supply just keeps coming. This dog knows its talents, and isn’t afraid to showcase them. Notice the elegance of that stance, the confidence in the eyes, and the tantalizing rich colors in the coat. Understanding what you bring to the table (or backyard) is necessary.

Even if what you bring is the digested leftovers of your dinner. This is the most ethical factory I’ve ever seen. They’ve never been this adorable, mobile, or fairly tempered. Even the smoke coming out of the pipes looks environmentally friendly. Where can we sign the petition to implement some of these across the nation?

14 Pug Pageantry

There’s actually an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras where the grand prize pageant winners receive a baby pug. Perhaps that pug grew up to be this confused friend. This queen is serving looks—the specific type of look is uncertain, but it’s definitely a look.

Everything from the pigtails to the sash really add to the elegance here.

Despite the hundreds of girls that were featured on the show, “Honey Boo Boo” was definitely the most memorable, and this pug knows how to pick them. Hopefully the dress didn’t cost too much, because this pageant pup still has some accessories to add on.

13 The Snack That Kisses Back

Hershey’s said, “Everyday deserves a kiss,” but this dog didn’t quite get the memo. Being wrapped in aluminum foil could either mean you’re tomorrow’s lunch, or a conductor for alien radio signals. Hopefully it’s the latter option. Perhaps this photo is mid-sneeze, or mid-perfecting-my-smile. It isn’t the most comfortable outfit, but it’s made with love.

Actually, it’s made with the prospect of blowing up on social media, which dogs don’t care about. If they did, we wouldn’t stand a chance against their posts. If chocolate really does poison dogs, then this one is pretty brave. Perhaps the true issue that this dog has with the costume is that he isn’t the proper color for it. Try a chocolate lab.

12 Puppy Le Pew

This dog is truly transforming into another species. This is the essence of true method actors—ascending out of their own body, to play the role of another. If you squint, you can’t even tell that this dog is questioning how it ended up in this family.

Sometimes you just have to work with what you’re given, and allow minimalism to take hold.

Hopefully this spray was non-toxic. However, the scent of a skunk can feel pretty lethal. The breed of this dog is difficult to identify, as it appears to be so many animals in one. This is truly the chameleon of the canine world.

11 Puss In Suits

It’s no secret that cats love fish, but it’s just so hard to get your paws on fresh ones. Their humans only bring them canned nonsense, and if you want a job done right, you have to strap on an oxygen tank and do it yourself. This feline has all of the proper equipment to safely dive nine leagues into the sea.

One for each extra life. This kitty doesn’t even seem to mind the wetsuit, and is even embracing it as if this is their own fur. What a remarkably adaptive pal! The tail is even fit snuggly inside, and all is ready to go.

10 Fre-fre-fre-frenchie

This is the all-in-one, pet and plant production! The dog absorbs energy through photosynthesis, and releases fertilizer everyday to maintain this growing pile of leaves. A Chia Pet was supposed to be all the fun of caring for a living thing, but without the constant responsibility of having a pet.

However, everyone knows that the two don’t truly compare.

Unless your Chia Pet was home to a hoard of insects, which would count somehow. This dog isn’t sure about how it feels, but it’s definitely getting back to its roots with nature. Don’t forget to water your friend and give them plenty of ear scratches.

9 Marilyn Monruff

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a strange process of breeding dogs. Of course this iconic look just wouldn’t be complete without the proper figure, and what dog has a better one than a pug? While the facial features might look more like a beard than lipstick, it still works somehow.

These curls might have to be brushed out, but it’s hard to get that done when you have no thumbs. This pup is a strong, independent star, and she doesn’t need a man. Although, she is man’s best friend—but by choice, which means she’s living by her rules.

8 Dominoe's Dog

Dogs spend so much time begging us for bites of food, having to reduce themselves to teary-eyed table poachers. They’re shocked and confused, and now they’re looking for some payback. This dog has plans to waft a delicious pizza in front of all onlookers, but quickly turn the tables when they look hopeful.

However, the plan isn’t panning out too well, because dogs feel a lot of guilt.

This pup is sad that he hasn’t been sharing, and now it’s time to feed the world, one carb at a time. Be sure to tip him fairly, as he’s been saving up for some new squeaky toys.

7 Modern Woofman

When a long day has you stressed, the only thing to do is to dress up in one color scheme and take self-portraits. Do you think she’s playing Nintendogs on there? Are those glasses prescription, or is that just her style? She has the unique flow of unkempt, yet luscious hair, as if to say, “I’m effortlessly beautiful.”

There’s some kind of something going on here, but she’s also a little bit bored of this photo shoot, and is ready to grab her pressed juice and surf the internet for ironic memes. The strawberry on her shirt represents her health conscious attitude, and her jacket is offering some vintage Barbie vibes. She’s got it all down.

6 Cat-Fusion

When you’re running late, throw on the closest things before you run out without checking the mirror. This cat is truly rocking this look, but what exactly is the look? A sailor who was eaten by a cat, which is being swallowed by a fish?

Perhaps fish are tired of being eaten by cats, and the rebellion has begun.

This cat absolutely doesn’t care, and is wearing the attire as a sort of, “bring it on” look. The sailor hat is just to show that they can navigate the seas just as well as their scaly nemesis. Overall this cat is begging to get out of the costume, but also knows just how good it looks.

5 Woofah

The shower did seem a little strange today. The loofah was barking, the floor was slowly becoming covered with fur, and the aroma of wet dog is now clinging to my skin. Pomeranians definitely resemble these bath aids pretty well. This dog isn’t even mad about it, and is showcasing the new look with all of its vibrant hues.

The rubber duck on top really brings the atmosphere, but it’s a wonder why this photo wasn’t taken in a bathtub or with bubbles. Hopefully this keeps the pom warm on a cold Halloween’s night. Or maybe this is just everyday wear.

4 Frankenstein’s Accident

This dog is just too over stimulated to press on. It’s a dog with a monster eating its head, connected to a jack-o-lantern, which conjoins it to another dog wearing a lobster on its head? The “no chocolate please” just tops it all off.

This dog is probably not collecting candy for itself, so now it has to carry around a basket and be shocked at its own body?

What is the underworld coming to with these creations? Hopefully this dog received treats of some sort after participating in this chaos. That look screams embarrassment, betrayal, annoyance, and the knowledge that he’ll never agree again.

3 Star Pooch

This dog has boldly gone where no dog has gone before, and for good reason. The dog is probably more upset at the lack of effort in this DIY project than it is in having to actually wear it. The look of disappointment is evident, and the dog just knows they could’ve invested in some better items to construct this.

If you close one eye it looks like this dog is a coffee table at a college party. Perhaps that would have been a better costume to aim for, and this dog could be less embarrassed. At least the sun will be shaded from the pup’s face, and it can just run off and get drunk when things really come crumbling down—and they will, because this is cardboard.

2 Catato

They might have a reputation for being lazy, but there’s no need to call them out as couch potatoes. This cat is not really having it today. Although its eyes are accentuated with the green onions, it’s all just too much. Cats are known to love milk, but they hate baths.

Being slathered in sour cream and butter sounds a lot like the worst bath ever.

This kitty was expecting a relaxing day at home, and was given a giant potato suit to carry around. It also looks like a feline bred with a hermit crab that was cooking Sunday dinner.

1 We All Purr For Ice Cream

This cat is trying to keep both eyes on the road, but can’t figure out why someone let him drive! Is that a bright light shining up from the dashboard? Why is the truck advertising ice cream, but clearly reads “albacore” and “salmon” on the top?

This cat doesn’t know what it’s advertising, and it can’t really read anyway. Hopefully the glove compartment has a good stash of catnip, and the horn was replaced with a bell instead. Other improvements to the vehicle could also include a scratching post interior, and toy mouse dangling from the (missing) rear view mirror.

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