20 Pets That Could Easily Overthrow Us And We Honestly Wouldn't Mind

Since the dawn of man, we humans have domesticated animals. It’s unclear when this began or what species we started with. Archeologists claim evidence suggests that the ancient wolves followed human hunters in order to steal prey from hunting parties. Eventually, this led to wolves cutting out the song and dance and became part of the human “pack.” As the centuries passed, the wolves became the various domesticated breeds we are familiar with today.

Not just dogs but cats and all manner of animals have become part of our daily lives. We accepted them into our homes and they can often be treated better than their human counterparts. While taking care of these animals, a trend has started. We have started to show our affection by dumping an obscene amount of money and resources on these pets.

As time passes, this overwhelming and self-destructive love we give the pets has become worship. Worship which could turn into subjection. Worst case, these future overlords would bring ruin to humanity. We hope the day the power shifts the animals wouldn’t be so bad. Here are twenty future overlords we wouldn’t mind ruling us with an iron fist.

20 Cruisin' round town in his BMW

This little pup has his owner drive him around town. Initially, he refused to go anywhere outside of his fancy upper east side apartment. When the time for a walk came, he would have to be dragged out the door. As they reached the street, he would lay on the concrete and refuse to move.

Fortunately, his owner purchased a tiny BMW with all the fixings. Now he can hold his head high as he speeds past pedestrians. His only wish is there was a tiny horn, so he could tell these slow walkers to get out of his way.

19 Behold her glorious coat

This fluffy kitty regally sits atop this ornate credenza. Behold her glorious coat. This is not a coat that one fluffy kitty can attain alone. This is a coat lovingly maintained with help from human hands.

There is nothing wrong with helping a beloved animal take care of its fur. I mean, have we looked at this cat? It looks as if it’s wearing the fur of its enemies. The brown grey fur sharply contrasts with the midnight black of its head, arms and tail. I refuse to believe this majestic coat was done without the help of a human professional.

18 Loki, the mischief maker

Dave’s life recently took hard turn for the worse. He lost his job for making threatening tweets. Afterward, he argued with the phone company over $480 of long distance calls to Singapore, Australia and Nigeria. He swears he didn’t do any of these things.

Sick of the torment, Dave was intent on finding the trickster.

Dave left the house while setting his phone on the floor near his bedroom. After returning several hours later he noticed someone tried to tamper with his phone. Dave doesn’t have a cat. There is a No pets policy in the building. What was happening??

17 Tube City

Via Reddit

One wonders how long these cats chipped away at their owners until they got them this setup. Cats are notorious mischief makers. I am willing to bet they tried every trick in the book to sneak outside. It takes only a small misstep to have a missing cat on your hands.

A part of me understands where this woman is coming from. Dealing with an escaped kitty can be heart wrenching. I think she may have taken it a step too far with this elaborate setup. The kitties are satisfied for now, but that trash can in the alley still calls to them.

16 Size matters not to this dog

The look on this dog’s face says it all. Its small body is halfway on a small table while the tongue hangs out in bliss. This pug is about to feast on a bone that was intended for a dog that is three times his size.

I highly doubt that this is the first time it’s eaten like this.

Ignoring the massive bone, look at the gadget holding it aloft. It probably routinely receives ridiculously large bones as a treat. Giving a dog a bone this size once is funny. Doing to the point one needs a special bone holder is a bit much.

15 Refusing to walk

I’ve always thought of huskies as cats trapped in dog bodies. They are mischievous escape artists who require a lot of time and attention. If one ignores them for too long, they have no problem with some selective home destruction to get some love.

This injured dog clearly doesn’t suffer from neglect. Certainly, she has a hurt foot, but huskies can break a leg and still get around with merely a limp. This pampered princess demanded her owner to carry her around. I suspect this isn’t the first time she’s required some royal treatment. Expect this over dramatic doggy to be carried everywhere for the next month or two

14 Touring the world of food

Via Twitter

Charlie the dog lives a modest life with his owner. He is unaccustomed to the lavish lifestyle of those pets who have well off parents. Still, he doesn’t have much to complain about. 2 meals a day with a lap and a warm lap to sleep in is all any dog could ask for.

Charlie does have one luxury he treasures.

His owner’s mother routinely takes him out for Greek food. After she agreed to watch the dog, she takes him to eat some gyro for lunch. He may not be regularly spoiled but is sure does seem he’s living the high life when compared to his broke daddy.

13 Good day, sir. Do you have any fish?

This cat has been watching people go in and out of this door his whole life. One thing he realized early on: to gain entry one must knock on the door. What’s impressive is he figured out the door knocker to do it.

This is shocking because no one uses the door knocker anymore. They either use the doorbell or just bang on the door with their fist like regular people. He’s fortunate this house even had a door knocker. Most don’t. Bravo to this intelligent cat who figured out how to knock without the use of knuckles.

12 Special chair for a special dog

Via diply

This is the face of a dog who is accustomed to getting anything she wants. Look at her. She’s wearing a fitted pink shirt with a tiny pink bow in her head. This isn’t the first nor last time she’ll be dressed like this. She clearly loves the attention.

What’s most impressive, though, isn’t the fact that they bought this spoiled princess her own chair.

What’s impressive is that she’s just staying there. That is HER chair. She is going to sit there in her little pink getup and proudly relax on her cushion. Nobody is going to stop her unless you pick her up and walk away.

11 Lazy dog's personal stair lift

Does your dog refuse to go up stairs? Will he deny your attempts of bribery? Has he turned a deaf ear to sweet words trying to coax them to the second level of your home? Fear not, desperate ones. There is hope in sight!

Behold! The Doggy Stair Lift! This wonderful contraption is not just expensive, its ridiculously expensive! Don’t worry about those car payments! Install the Doggy Stair Lift today! Surely the comfort of your beloved marshmallow of a dog is more important than those pesky bills, right? Just look at how happy that dog is! He's defying Darwin’s law! Glorious!

10 An exclusive room for the dignified canine

via twitter

How does a dog live comfortably in a house made for giants? Imagine it. Wandering around, just trying to sit on a sofa or chair. But alas, there is nothing that is made for you. How can one keep on living under such circumstances?

Luckily, this dog’s owner clearly understood the plight of their tiny pooch.

It’s difficult to tell from this image, but the owner carved out the unused space under the stairs and fashioned a small room just for the dog. They then placed a small dog bed and several miniature framed pictures of the family. To be honest, I’m a little jealous.

9 Addicted to love

Via Twitter

Everyone has run into this dog. A dog that doesn’t know nor care who you are. It’s going to come to you and demand that you give it some affection. It can happen at any time. You’ll be jogging through a park or walking down the street. Then, from seemingly out of nowhereI, there it is. Begging for a petting.

This attention starved dog found a captive audience on this public train. She strolled up and down the train “allowing” its passengers to stroke her fur. Rumor has it that Golden Retrievers are one of the smartest breeds. I think this counts as evidence that this rumor is true.

8 They've got their own reclining chairs

Of all the spoiled dogs on this list, this is the first image with a trio. These three German shepherds apparently kept stealing their owner’s recliner. This could be a problem if all three had the same devious nature.

I would be hesitant to get up for anything if I knew that there would be a power struggle waiting for me when I got back.

The owners purchased three recliners for the dogs to sit in to even the playing field. I doubt it fixed all the seating problems. If the dogs were really using the recliner to show dominance, it won’t matter how many recliners you get. They are going to take yours.

7 The most relaxed dog in the world

Pictured here is Fidel, the most photographed dog in Bruges, Belgium. He became famous when he unintentionally had a cameo in the underrated movie, In Bruges. The actors were doing their thing and the camera happened to pick up Fidel resting in the window over the Côté Canal.

Fidel was always seen in the same window, resting on his favorite pillow. He became an unofficial tourist highlight in the area. Sadly, he passed away early 2016. His owners say he passed away doing what he loved: lounging comfortably with his head between his paws. When the time comes, I think we’d all be so lucky to go out that way.

6 The Canine God (this is fine)

In the Guizhou province of China, an annual celebration by the Miao people of Jiaobang village is held. During the festivities, a dog is selected and worshipped. Legend has it that when the original settlers of the village ran out of water, a dog saved them.

It guided the severely dehydrated villagers to water and put an end to their drought.

In this celebration, they dress a dog up in clothing and carry it in a basket. They parade through the village as mud is thrown on the spectators while they sing. This is believed to bring peace, health and prosperity to all those in attendance.

5 Dog hypochondriac is sorry

Via Pinterest

This guilty-looking dog is right to feel that way. One morning, a couple woke up to their dog coughing. At first, they didn’t pay much attention. But as the morning progressed and the dog kept on coughing, they grew concerned. Understandably, the husband took the day off from work to rush the poor mutt to the vet’s office.

Once there, the vet found that nothing was wrong. It turns out that their dog just wanted attention. It’s sad in a sweet way, but not a smart play for the future. If later something really does go wrong, they will be hesitant to get him to a vet again. $85 per vet visit can get real expensive real fast

4 "I sits where I sits" applies to dogs, too

This image reminds me of an old joke. "Where does a 600-pound gorilla sleep? Anywhere it wants to." I assume the same applies to whatever breed this huge dog is. The mere size of this thing would deter even the bravest criminal to bypass a house regardless of the treasures inside.

That thing is so large, it makes me want to hide.

That sweet face makes me want to overcome my fear and stick my face in its fur. The dichotomy confusing. I want to fear and love it. I don’t know what breed that is, but I want one

3 The human umbrella

A couple was walking through the park when it started to rain. Suddenly, a stray puppy just ran up and used the husband as an umbrella. How can this adorable little thing just be running around loose? I can’t imagine it can run that fast or far.

I admit that I would be at a moral conundrum. Naturally, if the owners were within sight, I’d pick up the puppy and give it back. If no on was around, though... I’d like to believe that I’d look for the owners first. But the devil in me would snatch that adorable little pup and run like the wind.

2 The Council of Shrimp

It is a rare thing to find someone who's keeping shrimps as pets. I’ve seen all sorts of aquatic animals kept for fun, so why not, right? I will say this little gathering is suspicious, though. Aquatic animals aren’t usually known for their intelligence. Unless you're counting octopi.

That said, we know more about space than we do about our own oceans.

Perhaps this little meeting between these crustaceans is more nefarious than we imagine? What are they talking about in that little rally? It could be a total coincidence and shortly after this pic was taken they broke apart to go their separate ways. But, what’s the fun in that?

1 Pay no attention to the cat within the yurt!

Parents can find it easy to stick a tablet in a kid’s face to make them behave. Sometimes, that’s all that that stands between a quite dinner or pandemonium in a crowded restaurant.

It makes me wonder what sort of shenanigans this cat was up to for its owner to shove an iPad in its face. More than that, they put the cat in a yurt THEN stuck an iPad in the cat’s face. I hope whatever is on that thing keeps the kitty’s attention. If what this picture is implying is correct, that cat will cause some major damage once it grows bored.

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