20 Pets Who Just Wanted To Cheer Up Their Owners

Our pets are always there for us when we need them - sometimes by choice, sometimes not by choice at all. Like those time when we close the door and force them to spend time with us. They're like family to us! We dote on them and spoil them when they're sick and we get annoyed when they wake us up at 5 AM for no discernible reason. (I'm looking at all those cats of the world.)

That's not to say that our pets don't love us back! Beyond the everyday purrs of affection and slobbery kisses, our animal friends seem to know when we're sad and could use some extra love. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, our pets don't seem to get the whole comforting thing quite right.

That being said, here are 20 times pets tried to cheer up their owners but got things adorably (or in some cases not so adorably) wrong!

20 Out of all things... a pinecone.

Look at how proud this dog is of herself. I'm not sure that pinecones fall under things that make people happy, but even if that pinecone doesn't make anyone happy, that little doggy smile is sure to!

I think we're starting to see a pattern here - when pet owners are feeling down, bringing them stuff is supposed to make them feel better (according to dogs at least). I'm not going to lie - if I had a dog, they could bring me pretty much anything and I'd be so happy. I don't really care what exactly the gift is - it's that whoever or whatever gave me the present was thinking about how to make me happy that gives me warm feelings inside.

I wonder, though... what else has this dog brought back home to cheer up her owner? Pinecones aren't that far off from what people like. We do like decorating our houses with plants and woodland objects. Maybe we're the weird ones, obsessing over plants that we can't even eat.

I digress. I'm still giving this dog an A+ for effort. Even if she brought back something weird, it still made her owner happy, right?

19 Everyone loves potatoes...right?

Okay, so technically this dog didn't do such a bad job of comforting. But I've gotta admit that his method is a little odd. I'm not so sure that service dog training includes 'bringing potatoes to their owners when they're sad', but we'll take it! Seeing how effective it is, maybe they should start teaching that to service dog trainees!

The funny thing is, this Tumblr user actually had no idea where the potatoes that their dog Zeus was bringing her were from. It's weird (but still very sweet) that he was bringing her potatoes in the first place, but now apparently he's also stealing them from somewhere. I'm trying to picture his thought process here. "Oh no, my human is sad. I know just what to do, I should bring her something to make her feel better! What do people like? POTATOES.! I mean, that wouldn't be a wrong thought, people do like potatoes. Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew.

Next time, though, I'd recommend some cuddles instead, Zeus. Or at least a different gift not that doesn't involve theft. He was trying to do the right thing but I don't want any angry people going after him for potato theft! As for me, I could never stay mad at such a well meaning pup.

18 Put a sock in it

Another case of odd object retrieval! Sorry my furry friend, I'm pretty sure your owner isn't a house elf that needs freedom. I'm sure they appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. At least these socks aren't coming out of nowhere, though. Or at least I hope they're not. Personally, I wouldn't want some random guy's sweaty socks sitting on my carpet. I just had a great idea: if you could train your dog to find and bring you socks, that would be absolutely amazing. This dog is onto something.

We ALL have socks that are missing their partners. 

Of course, you could be like me and pretty much only wear one kind of sock, but that's not the point I'm trying to make here. Who wouldn't be happy to get a missing sock back, right? I bet you can't name anyone! I guess the only problem with that would be the fact that your dog is taking socks from your sock drawer and separating pairs in the process. As I like to say, though, that's a problem for the future you. You keep doing you, sweet pupper. I hope you keep on bringing happiness to your owner, one sock at a time.

17 Water you doing, dog?

Oh my god. I remember when I was a kid, I absolutely hated showers - so I completely relate to this dog. I mean, what's so good about standing in an unending stream of water and getting shampoo in these eyes for 20 minutes, right?

Of course, if I had had an adorable dog around, that might have been different. Seriously, though, how cute and brave is this dog? He's willing to stick around in a place that he hates and even offers up his favourite toy to make his owner feel better because he thinks everyone hates baths.

Now that I think about it, baths are probably pretty uncomfortable/scary for some of our canine friends. Besides the possibility of getting shampoo in their eyes, they're also trapped in a confined space against their will. The drain and the hair dryer make scary noises. The shampoo smells funny (to them at least - I'd love to smell like vanilla.)

Again, despite all this, this dog is willing to brave the bathroom. That, my friends, is a very good boy that deserves all the treats and attention - even if his owner wasn't actually sad about being in the bath to begin with. It's the thought that counts, right?

16 Talk about a crappy day!

Sometimes we get things wrong. That's fine, we all make mistakes. Other times, we get things really, really wrong. I try to put a positive spin on things when I can, but I think I have to draw the line at a rabbit 'dragging [their] poop all over the floor to cheer [her owner] up.'  What even has to go through your mind to make that leap of logic? I relate so hard to this rabbit on one thing, though: overeating.

If you give me a stack of chocolate bars, there's a good chance that they'll be gone in a few hours and I'll have no recollection of having eaten them.

I don't have a problem, I swear! Back to the topic at hand, though! It's good that this rabbit was trying to show her owner that she was fine and that they should cheer up. But I can think of a couple of better ways that Gypsy (the rabbit) could have shown that. Just a little pro tip, Gypsy: pooping is not the secret to happiness. Did you know that rabbits apparently dance and click their teeth when they're happy?  I'm sure that either of those things would have been preferable to cleaning rabbit droppings off of the floor.

15 All aboard!

My heart. I actually cannot. It must be really nice to have a whole family of animals that care about you this much! I've always heard that pets relieve stress and lower your blood pressure when you pet them. But I'm not sure if being sat on by what looks to be an 80 pound dog has any health benefits. Alas, I love dogs but even I would be a little hesitant to let a huge pup settle on top of my chest for more than a minute.

Shout out to the black dog. I'm sure your owner appreciates that you love him so much, but it might be a teeny bit hard for him to breathe if you're piled up on top of him. May I suggest providing your love from the floor like your friend up front is doing? Or maybe try sitting on your owners' legs like the family cat seems to be doing? You're still a good dog, though. I promise!

Overall, this guy's pets seem to almost be doing the cheering up thing right! Sitting just a little lower is all that giant lapdog needs to do to make this cuddle fest the best that it can be. I hope that this man felt better with all that love!

14 Maybe if I judge you enough you'll feel better

Listen, believe me when I say that I have nothing against cats. I think that they can be just as adorable as dogs a lot of the time! But you have to agree that sometimes they seem a little less sympathetic than dogs. We kind of see that in this image. This cat in particular looks pretty offended that his owner feels bad in his presence. It's a little hard to tell when cats don't have eyebrows like we do. Maybe I'm taking this the wrong way.

Maybe that cat looks offended because he thinks that his owner is the best person in the world. 

Or maybe this cat looks upset because he can't think of a better way to help his owner feel okay. Maybe he's trying some sort of reverse psychology for cats. One where he thinks that if he shows his most judgmental face, his human will cheer up. I mean, it's worth a try, right? I'm no cat whisperer and cats probably don't have that much introspection! Either way, I hope that this cat's owner did end up feeling a little better after seeing that incredibly offended face. If it didn't work, then maybe that kitty should try smiling. You never know!

13 Your own purrsonal masseuse

This little kitty is giving her human a massage! How nice of her! If it were me, I'd probably prefer that she was facing the other way around. I know cats putting their butts in your face is supposed to mean that they like you and all. But I don't think anyone enjoys having their face near the rear end of an animal. Even if they love their animal to bits. Hey, cats, can't you show that you like us some other way? Preferably not involving your butts, please. Or by doing anything painful.

As noted by her human, sometimes her claws dig a little deep with these massages of hers. Maybe this is the painful cat love I hear about so much? (You never hear about dogs pulling this kind of thing!) Loving or not, I'd try to steer clear of the scratches, Lana. Otherwise, you're doing an excellent job of cheering up your owner!

At this point, I realize that I'm talking to these animals as if they can hear me. Have I gone a little loopy? Probably. I just really like animals, don't judge me! Anyway, I like to think I'd be a good pet therapist/life advice coach if I could actually talk to animals.

12  Look into my eyes...

Joseph, if I didn't know better, I'd say that your pug is giving you a judgmental stare for being hungover. I'd even go so far as to say that you're still a little intoxicated, judging by the way your tweet is written. Maybe go easy on the drinks the next time you're out. On second thought, I'd like to know what you're having... For future reference. I can't really relate on having a telepathic dog (I don't even have a normal dog *insert sad face*). But looking into that pug's eyes, I do feel a sense of peace. Maybe you're onto something, Joseph. Or maybe I need to sleep more.

Regardless, let's assume that your pug is trying to communicate that he loves you through telepathy when you're sad.

I'm honestly speechless about this one. I mean, I guess all that matters is if your owner thinks you're trying to cheer them up, right? If this dog ever wanted to try something other than telepathy, I'd recommend learning how to fetch water. Not as fancy as telepathy, but might help a little more with the hangovers. If that's not your style, that's cool. Always a safe bet to stick with what 'works', right?

11 Man's best friend, but for how long though?

Aww, poor guy and poor dog. It's bad enough that his dog threw up, he threw up in the carpet and late at night, too. Yikes. At least this canine seems to feel bad about the situation he's caused for his human. He seems to have picked up on a human gesture, too!  Patting people on the back to make them feel better. That's what I call a good boy!

At least he didn't pass out in the middle of his own vomit and inadvertently make a larger mess because you happened to shift around in your sleep . That's something people struggle with (totally not throwing shade). I'm just saying, if you're going to puke, at least try not to get it all over yourself and spread it around.

It's okay, pup. We don't blame you for this and neither does your owner... we think. I'm sure he appreciated you staying by his side while he cleaned your puke up from the carpet. I have a feeling that if this dog had opposable thumbs, he'd clean up his owner's puke, too. Y'know, should that ever come to pass. Let's just not make a habit of puking into the carpet really early in the morning, and we'll forget that this ever happened. In other words, let's not make situations where you need to pat your human on the back like this.

10 Let me hug away the anger

Alright, unlike the entry above, this wasn't an accident. No, this was a deliberate crime. I'm sad to pronounce that this dog is a bad boy/girl. Only for about a minute, though, I can't stay mad at Shiba Inus (or any animal, really). They literally look like fat fluffy pieces of toast and I won't let anyone tell me otherwise. ANYWAYS... It's good that you want to cheer up your owner, but it's wrong that it was because of something that you did! Shoes are made for wearing, not eating!

Shoes are nasty, we sweat in them all day!

And can any of you guys even remember ever washing out the insides of your shoes? Yeah, me neither. So please, dog, out of consideration for yourself and your human, please have higher standards for what you eat. Okay, maybe I'm a bit of a hypocrite when I say that I'll eat anything if it tastes good. But in my defense, at least I only eat actual food! Maybe limit what you eat to edible things. Or at least things we clean regularly. Heck, just don't eat shoes, bottom line. Key points for this dog to take away: hugging your human = good, eating your human's shoes = bad.

9 I'm not crying, you're crying!

Oh my god, this dog is absolutely precious. She thinks that sniffling means a person is crying! God if that were true, I'd be known for crying all winter because of colds and for crying all summer because of allergies. Curse you, body! Anyhow, this dog is the sweetest cinnamon roll I've encountered all day. Everyone else, go home. Just kidding. I love all the animals in this post. Maybe some more than others. *wink*

I hope no one ever tells this dog that sniffling people aren't always crying. Even if you're not crying, napkins are still pretty useful. It's gross when people repeatedly sniff up their snot instead of blowing it out. Ever been in an exam hall and have to listen to people sniff for 2 hours straight? Once one person starts sniffling, it's like a whole dang cacophony of people sniffling. Solution: have a dog that passes out tissues to people who sniffle. It's a 2-in-1 deal. It stops people from making gross snotty noises and giving a little stress relief at the same time.

This dog makes me feel like being a better person. I sincerely hope she cheered up her human, even if said human wasn't actually crying. Being sick is always a little miserable!

8  She's had it!

via reddit

I like to think that this cat had the best of intentions and really wanted to listen to the troubles of her owner. She looked so ready to listen at the beginning (for 0.0001 seconds, at least). But she just couldn't muster enough hecks and started to facepalm and shake her head instead. She was so close to starting a special bonding moment between her and her human. I get not having enough hecks to give, though. Sometimes you have a hard day and it's hard to care about things.

I'm sure that cats have tough lives; they have to deal with the dog, napping in the sun and eating.

Tough stuff. (No sarcasm here!) I just find it hilarious that animals are capable of face palming! It'd be funnier if they actually knew what it meant, though. Still, we all have room for improvement and this cat definitely could improve on the whole comforting thing. Mind you, the face palm was hilarious, but probably not what someone wants to see when they're telling you their problems. Things for this cat to try: a head tilt to try to feign interest. Some gentle head butts. A cuddle or two with their human.

7 Ranch is better than water, apparently

A bit of background story here: this dog is named Harlow and she's a service dog for her human, Jaquie. Her owner unfortunately has a variety of illnesses that sometimes make it hard for her to get around. I'm guessing that she wasn't feeling particularly well in this video, so she asked Harlow to go get her some water. Harlow was really eager to please, but didn't quite get things right.

She obviously wants to help her human feel better but maybe got a little carried away in the process. Pretty close, though. Ranch is a liquid and also something you find in the fridge. Not sure that I'd want to drink ranch, though. Although I'm sure that there are weird people out there that would.

There're worse things that your dog could bring you aside from ranch, I'm pretty sure. There's a whole world of possibilities out there. Ranch is one of the tame ones. Imagine if your dog brought you durian, the smell would horrify you for days. I guess your dog would have a hard time carrying a whole durian to you. But you get what I mean! You'll be glad to know that Harlow eventually got it right and brought Jaquie some water. Good dog, mission accomplished!

6 It's the thought that counts

This dog went above and beyond to try and reassure his human that, even though they might have ordered the wrong dog bed, they still love it all the same. He's better than some people who don't even try to look enthused about receiving a gift. This dog is who we should all aspire to be. Sometimes I feel like we don't even deserve dogs, they're too good for this world. To whoever or whatever decided that dogs should exist, I'm eternally grateful. I'm sure that dogs are at least half the reason that this world is good.

Back to the point!

Gosh, I get wanting to make your owner feel better about ordering the wrong size, but it doesn't mean you have to sleep with most of your body on the hardwood floor! Someone tell this dog he is a poor, sweet angel that deserves a bed the size of a whale. He seems to have gotten the idea by the last picture, though. Using the bed as a floor cushion is a much more practical idea that's less likely to hurt your joints. Anyhow, this pupper didn't do anything wrong. In fact, the only thing wrong is that he is too good for this world and too selfless and I will fight anyone who doesn't agree.

5 Butt why can't I sit here?

Now here's a real dog pile! Have you ever seen two cuter faces? Me neither. Today, I've learned from this post that pit bulls have particularly rank farts and that having their butts near your face is a dangerous game. I've also learned that people call pit bulls 'pibbles' for short and I am ecstatic about it. I now refuse to call them anything but pibbles.

I've heard people saying that strong smells can clear your sinuses (I'd take that with a grain of salt). So maybe some smelly farts prescribed by your dog can help you out in that department. Personally, I'd rather be sick for a while longer than smell dog farts. I love dogs, but not that much.

One thing that these pibbles are doing right, though, is their cuddle game. I always feel cold and cranky when I'm sick so I'd be pretty happy to have a living body warmer or two around to keep me company. If I had these two pups around, I'd definitely cheer right up. I just hope that their human wasn't on the receiving end of too many farts. But hey, look on the bright side. They've got two of the cutest dogs in the world loving them!

4 Some confusion going on here

Oh, little puppy, I I have some bad news for you. You're the one being taken to the vet... not your human!  Vets don't have to always be bad, though. Sometimes they're just for general examinations. I can only hope that Fiddler wasn't being taken for shots. Those are never fun, no matter how many times you go! It's adorable how calm he looks in this picture, because of him misunderstanding the situation.

It kind of reminds me of when I go into an exam so prepared and maybe even relaxed...

Only to open the exam booklet and completely panic over the first question. Exams are never a fun surprise, so they're kind of like vet visits in that regard. At least there's no graded short answer questions when you go to the vet, though. I just hope his human was prepared for that little heartbreak you feel when your pet yells a little from being stuck with a needle. It stinks but it's a necessary evil. It's for the greater good, Fiddler, we swear! I just hope that Fiddler's owner returned the favor to him on the way back from the vet. Maybe some dog treats or his favourite squeaky toy. After all, it's only fair.

3 The gift you have to keep giving back

Samoyeds are one of my favourite dog breeds out there! They're the closest you can get to having a polar bear as a pet in your own home. This guy thought that his human could use a little pick-me-up, so he brought over a cute little elephant toy. The thought was lovely, but the execution could use a little work. This Samoyed gifts you the same way that a 3 year old human gifts you. They just want you to look at their present for a minute! Then they want it back afterwards.

Come on. buddy, that's not quite how gifts work.

You're supposed to give them to the desired recipient and you watch how happy it makes them. If it's really something you don't want to give up, then you can try bringing something that already belongs to your owner. Us humans are weird that way; we don't seem to care if the gift actually belongs to us already, we just love it when our pets bring us stuff. It's a great and free way to make your human smile! An attempt at being a good boy was made. But next time, let's try and leave the gift with it's recipient, okay?

2 All tuckered out

This puppy really tried their hardest to cheer up their human pal (who, by the way, definitely needed cheering up. broken limbs are miserable). He tried so hard that he exhausted himself and fell asleep right next to them. Now that's what I call some true dedication. There are fewer things greater in this world than having a pup that's willing to go above and beyond to make you feel better. Either way, I'm pretty sure that this puppy's efforts were not in vain.

I mean, technically this puppy did two things to make their owner feel better. He may not have accomplished his original self-given mission of playing until his owner felt better. But he did provide his owner with the heart warming spectacle of watching a young pup snooze. I think that would cheer almost anyone up instantly.

Someone please tell this dog that it's okay to not be able to achieve what you set out to do. Just try your hardest and don't give up! This dog deserves sweet dreams and a pat on the back for their valiant efforts towards comforting their human. He needs his rest so he can try again tomorrow! Besides, it's not like your owner is going anywhere on that leg for a while.

1 If all else fails, smile!

Sometimes all you can do is smile. That's exactly what our pearly toothed canine friend did here. I can take it from the title of this post that her human might not have exactly felt better from her attempt at cheering him up. But that sounds like more of a person problem than a dog problem. I don't know what could cheer her owner up if a bright doggy smile didn't cut it. Maybe a smile and a hug would do it? Granted, I'm not sure why her human needed cheering up in the first place, but I'm sure that they can appreciate their pup's efforts even if they weren't effective.

Funny enough, it seems like their dog was doing a better job of cheering up other reddit users.

The original post was a little vague as to whether or not their dog helped the human feel better, so maybe I'm looking at things the wrong way. Heck, that smile is reminiscent of some guilty dogs I've seen in my time. Maybe their dog was a little naughty before this picture was taken.There's so much untold backstory here! At least that smile cheered somebody up. Moral of the story here is that you might fail at cheering your owner up, but it doesn't mean that you're any less adorable or any less good of a dog. Just keep smiling and doing your best!

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