20 Photos Chandler Bing Doesn't Want Us To See Of Monica

Could she be any more of a cougar? Although Courteney Cox is now 55 years old, she still looks amazing. Cox played the iconic Monica Geller until 2004 and even though the show ended after a 10 season run, we still can't get enough of the Friends cast till this day. Monica may have been married to Chandler Bing on the popular show, but in real life, she found love elsewhere. She was married to David Arquette from June 1999 until October 2010, when the couple announced their separation. The two did welcome a daughter in 2004, but it was not enough to keep them together. Luckily for Courteney, she was able to find love again; she began dating Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid in 2013 and although the two were on and off for a while, even announcing their separation in 2014, they seem to be pretty happy together nowadays.

Sorry, Chandler, but it looks like Monica is in it for the long-haul with Johnny. Fans might be a little sad that Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox never became an item in real-life, but at least they could always watch Friends re-runs and see the two looking happy together. To be honest, we wouldn't be surprised if Matthew Perry did the same thing. We would certainly not blame him... Here are 20 photos of Monica Geller that Chandler Bing would be sad to see. Enjoy!

20 Courteney Poolside

This is definitely a more mature version of Monica Geller, but we're digging it. Courteney Cox is wearing a fitted white dress, and the infinity pool in the background screams sophistication. We know that her Friends husband Chandler Bing, does NOT photograph well, but we know that Monica does, and this photo is proof.

19 Thigh-High Boots

Remember when Chandler got mad at Monica for spending "their rent" on a pair of designer boots? He might have been mad at her for splurging, but we think that if he saw her wearing the boots in the photo above, he wouldn't let her out of his sight. The short sweater-vest Courteney Cox is wearing in the photo is also not helping the situation. One thing is for sure though, Cox has legs for days.

18 Courteney Cox And David Beckham

Seriously, which guy would NOT be jealous of his (TV) wife hanging out with one of the World's biggest studs? Cox posted this photo on social media and fans went wild. Luckily for Chandler, the two were not actually spending time together in a hot tub, they were actually filming a scene for Modern Family's final season. We bet that lots of people will be tuned in once that episode airs...

17 Vacationing In Cabo

Look away, Chandler! Courteney Cox is looking damn fine in her swimsuit while vacationing in Cabo, Mexico. We know that when Monica Geller visits humid locations (remember Barbados?), her hair becomes really big and frizzy, but it seems as though that is not the case in real life. One thing is for sure, her hair is not the focus in the photo above; her toned body is.

16 The Way David Looks At Her

The two may no longer be an item nowadays, but there's no denying that when the two were hitched, they were a pretty iconic couple. According to sources, the reason Courteney called it quits on her marriage with Arquette was because of his "kooky" behavior... This is definitely not good news for Chandler, as everyone knows he was the MASTER of kooky and jokes.

15 Cougar Town

Courteney Cox began starring in the ABC series Cougar Town in 2009, and although the show was not very well received by critics, one thing everyone was able to agree on was how great Cox looked in the show, playing the role of a newly single mother in her 40s who was just looking for "new" experiences.

14 Friends T-Shirt

We know Chandler would be a little sad about this photo. For one, we know he wouldn't like seeing his (TV) wife looking sad. Cox shared this photo to her IG account a few months ago, as she couldn't help but share her disappointment that her face was cropped out in the Friends shirt she was wearing.

She captioned this photo: “Some people will do anything for a v-neck,” the actress captioned the photo, adding the hashtags, “#ouch,” “#crewneck,” “#boatneck,” and “#flashdance.” Poor, Monica.

13 Looking Fine In A Wetsuit

Courteney Cox in a wetsuit? Yes, please! Although the show Cox starred in Cougar Town, is said to take place in Florida, several behind the scenes photos such as the one above reveal that the true filming location is actually in Southern California. The photo above was snapped of Cox while she was filming a scene for Cougar Town. We're sure that Chandler would have loved to shoot a similar scene with her on Friends.

12 New You Cover

Courteney Cox graced the cover of the popular magazine New You, in 2013, and the actress came clean about what she considers beautiful and the things she's valued from a young age. When asked about when she feels the most confident, here's what she had to say: "I mostly feel the best after I’ve worked out, when I have no make- up on, and my skin is flushed." We definitely respect that.

11 Grey Dress

Courteney Cox resembles her Friends character Monica Geller in the shot above, and we are certain that Chandler would not want anyone ogling his wife, especially when she is photographed wearing that grey dress. Not only is the dress very low cut, but it also does a great job of accentuating her body.

10 A True Beauty

No, we're not talking about the beauty of the flowers. We're talking about the beauty lying down ON the bed of flowers. Courteney Cox was definitely younger when this photo was taken, but nothing has changed regarding how beautiful she is. Her piercing blue eyes have always been one of the most charming things about her, and they still are to this very day. We're sure that Chandler would agree.

9 Showing Off Her Booty

Damn, Monica! This photo was snapped by paparazzi in 2016, and one thing's for sure, Cox is not quitting when it comes to staying in shape. It may also help that around the time this photo was taken, the Friends star had just reignited her flame with Johnny McDaid not too long ago. Being in love definitely suits her, but we bet Chandler wishes he was the one who was making her look so happy and confident in real life.

8 Green Bikini

Look away, Chandler Bing. Courteney Cox was filming a scene for Cougar Town in Oahu, Hawaii alongside her co-star on the show, Josh Hopkins. The scene in question features him lifting her out of the water, but that's not what we're amazed by. What we are in awe of when looking at this behind the scenes pic is how great that green bikini looks on the then 46 year old!

7 Legs For Days

We don't really know how often Courteney Cox works out in real life, but if she's anything like her Friends character, she probably loves going on a run and staying in shape. This is not a photo of Cox leaving the gym or on her way to a yoga class, but if there is one thing that is clear when looking at the photo above, it's how perfectly toned her legs are.

6 No One Looks That Good While Taking Out The Trash

Ah, that grey dress again... Seriously, who looks that amazing while they are talking out the trash? Courteney Cox, that's who! Fortunately for us (but unfortunately for Chandler Bing), the series Cougar Town, gives fans a lot of opportunity to see Monica Geller looking absolutely amazing. In fact, Cox herself admitted to Vulture that: " the fourth season of the show is the Year of the Cleavage."

5 Pink Dress

For some reason, we're getting total Kylie Jenner vibes here. We were definitely not used to seeing Friends' Monica Geller wear these types of outfits on the show, which means Chandler never really saw his TV wife wear revealing dresses of this nature, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't have wanted her to. What he might not have been fond of though, is seeing others ogle his wife's body...

4 Courteney And Johnny

We have reason to believe that Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) is not a huge fan of singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran. Of course, we are only speculating here, but the reason we say this is because Sheeran is actually the one who was said to have introduced Courteney to musician Johnny McDaid. The two may not have a clear title regarding their relationship status, but they do look great together.

3 Living It Up In Miami

It is rather clear by now that Courteney Cox knows how to rock a two-piece bathing suit, as evidenced by all the bikini shots in this article. Cox was spotted in 2017, seemingly living her best life in Miami, Florida. Johnny McDaid may not have been spotted on the day, but Cox looked like she was enjoying herself alongside her daughter, Coco.

2 Cougar In A Bathrobe

Here we have another shot of Courteney Cox on the show Cougar Town. Although the show ended in 2015, the 102 episodes that aired provided fans with LOTS of content painting Cox in a very attractive light. Although the show received over 11 million viewers when the first season premiered, that number declined significantly by the show's final season.

1 Rachel And Monica

Rachel Green and Monica Geller are besties on Friends, and they are besties in real life. Courteney Cox has seemingly been there for Jen every time she's had to deal with heartbreak; first with Brad Pitt and then with Justin Theroux. Although Chandler would likely admire that, we wonder if he'd be bothered that his wife was hanging out with a bestie who is seemingly always rebounding and looking for a new man.

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