20 Photos Deadpool Doesn't Want Us To See Of Blake Lively

We have all heard of Deadpool — the superhuman with a regenerative healing factor who is always wearing a very tight red suit he can barely breathe in. We have also heard of Blake Lively — Hollywood actress best known for her inability to take a bad picture. Now what some of you may not have known is that Deadpool and Blake are an item, even though that judging from this list we're not too sure Blake is fully aware of that. Perhaps Deadpool forgot to mention that little detail to her, but last time we checked in with him he seemed pretty confident on where their relationship is going. Which is why we're hoping he won't get ahold of this list, but either way, being the responsible media outlet we are, we couldn't hide this information from the public.

Here are 20 photos of Blake Lively that Deadpool doesn't want us to see.

20 Deadpool Told Her A Million Times To Not Go On A Boat With Leonardo DiCaprio — Hasn't She Seen Titanic?

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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively and Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio briefly dated back in 2011, and pics of them hanging out on yachts quickly flooded the internet. Now, we can imagine that Deadpool wasn't too happy about that, especially since Leonardo DiCaprio is famous for being on a boat that sunk...

19 And Why Is She Hugging Chace Crawford — We All Know Blake Can Only Hug Deadpool

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Fair enough, for all we know Blake and Chace Crawford were only friends and nothing more — but hey, Nate and Serena have hooked up multiple times and Blake and Chace played them, which is why we believe Deadpool would also not approve of these two being too close to each other.

18 Holding Hands Is An Exclusive Deadpool Activity, How Dare She Do It With Pen Badgley?

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Blake Lively and her co-star Penn Badgley were dating during the early years of shooting the teen drama Gossip Girl, which is why they were frequently seen walking around and holding hands. Knowing Deadpool, he probably has strict rules on whom Blake can hold hands with, and something tells us that Deadpool is the only one on that list.

17 And This Guy Isn't Deadpool Either, So Why Are They Rocking A Partner Look?

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Wow, if something spells betrayal then it's Blake Lively sporting a partner look with anyone but Deadpool. Yet here she is with Gossip Girl co-star Ed Westwick wearing a white button-up and black pants. We're not trying to stir up anything, but if Deadpool gets ahold of this article Blake might be in big trouble!

16 But More Importantly, Who Is This Ryan Reynolds Guy She's Always Seen With?

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Now, this is where things get interesting — nowadays Blake is pretty much only seen with Ryan Reynolds, who, in case you didn't know, is a pretty big Hollywood star that even played a superhero once. Which one you're wondering? Green Lantern, of course! Luckily, we doubt Deadpool ever heard of him!

15 Eww, Can They Not Be So Rude?

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As we already mentioned, Blake and Ryan seem to pretty much be a package deal which is why PDA pics of them like the ones above really don't surprise us anymore. We do think though that they would probably surprise Deadpool, as he believes his little Blake is innocent and pure.

14 Wait Is That A Ring On Blake's Finger??? Wow. Just Wow.

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Yup, the two got married on September 9, 2012, in South Carolina and as far as we know they are still happily together (even though they're keeping this big secret from Deadpool). The two met on the set of Green Lantern back in 2010 and the rest is pretty much history.

13 Why Is Blake Holding A Random Baby — Deadpool Has Strict Rules On Who She Can Hold

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Jokes aside, the baby isn't random — in 2014 Blake and Ryan's first daughter James was born, and two years later the family was joined by their second daughter Inez. In the pics above you can see them celebrating Ryan's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and — surprise, surprise — Deadpool wasn't invited.

12 And Why Does She Look Suspiciously Pregnant?

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Back in May, more specifically at the Detective Pikachu movie premiere, it was revealed that Blake and Ryan are expecting their third child. We're not sure if Deadpool missed this news, but something tells us that he has more important things to do than read boring media outlets who report on celebrities.

11 Blake Even Secretly Walks Dogs — If Deadpool Knew He's Not The Only One On Her Leash He'd Freak Out

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As if holding hands with men and being pregnant wasn't bad enough, Blake is also frequently spotted being affectionate towards dogs, or even worse — walking them on a leash. What makes things worse is that the dog seems to be very comfortable and happy which kind of makes us think this isn't its first time hanging out with Blake...

10 Yup, He's Freaking Out

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Blake doesn't only walk dogs on a leash every now and then, but she also throws them balls — and Deadpool has very strict rules on what balls she can tou... Okay, fair enough we're taking it too far so let's just stop before we get rated as a not so PG13 website.

9 Okay, A Secret Source Tells Us That Deadpool Approves Of This One — Look At Those Puppy Eyes After All

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How freakin' adorable is this little pupper? Something tells us that even Deadpool himself would be okay with this betrayal, as only a soulless person would be able to say no to this cute boy. Just look at those innocent little puppy eyes, nobody could ever get mad at them!

8 Actually, Nevermind — The Puppy Clearly Doesn't Know What Personal Space Is

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Wow, we are taking all of what we previously said back, because the pupper has clearly overstepped the boundaries of personal space. And while it still is the cutest dog on earth, we're pretty sure Deadpool would not be okay with this — only he can be that close to Blake!

7 Deadpool Would Be Shocked To Know Blake Went To Prom With Another Guy Even Though She Told Him She's Sick At Home

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Last time we checked, Blake said she was sick when Deadpool asked her out to prom so this better be a Blake Lively lookalike. If Deadpool ever found out that she actually not only went to prom without him, but also danced with someone else, he would certainly be heartbroken.

6 And What Is This Cheesy Collage She Made With Pics Of A Guy Who Clearly Isn't Deadpool?

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The guy from the collage, as well as her prom pics, is Disney star Kelly Blatz, whom Blake dated from 2004 to 2007. Something tells us she never made such a collage for Deadpool, so we're really hoping he never gets to see this one, as he'd be extremely hurt and very disappointed.

5 How Dare She Go To Taylor Swift's NYE Party Without Him?

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Anyone who follows the world of the rich and famous knows that Taylor Swift has the best squad of friends, and Deadpool is still hoping that one day his membership will arrive in the mail. Meanwhile, it seems as if Blake is already a member and we're not sure if Deadpool would ever be able to process that.

4 Ugh, That Penn Badgley Guy And An Annoying Dog Again

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As if hanging out with Pen Badgley again wasn't bad enough, Blake also brought another dog to the party — major betrayal alert! And on top of that, she seems to be having a great time even though Deadpool is nowhere in the picture. Some people just never seize to surprise us.

3 But Let's Go Back Ryan Reynolds — Why Is She Going On A Plane With Him?

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Are Blake and Ryan traveling somewhere together? Blake surely knows that Deadpool has very strict traveling guidelines and that she can't just fly somewhere with a stranger and not let him know or even worse — not invite him! Seriously, we're starting to think she cares more about this Ryan Reynolds dude than Deadpool!

2 And Why Does She Have So Many Selfies With Him?

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Case in point — where are her selfies with Deadpool? She never seems to post any of them on her social media even though we know from a reliable source (33ish; wanted to stay anonymous; wears a red superhero suit and mask) that Blake has plenty of those on her camera roll.

1 Either Way, He Will Have To Have A Serious Talk With Her!

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We can now with certainty say that this photo is the most important one as it is the only Deadpool would approve of. The rest, if he ever sees, he'll have to have a serious talk with Blake over.

Alright, there you have it, hope you enjoyed our little list of mischievous Blake, and no matter what you do — do not send the link to Deadpool!

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