20 Photos From Katy Perry's Past She Wants People To Forget

Katy Perry is one of the most well-known names in entertainment. She has kept her fans captivated with her music, her theatrics, and her ability to wow crowds of people at her live shows.

Perry is no wallflower, that's for sure. From her head down to her toes to the words that come out of her mouth, nothing related to Katy Perry is censored, and nothing about her is boring. This lady marches to the beat of her own brightly colored, whip cream squirting drums, and we love that about her.

So even though Katy Perry does and says whatever comes to her mind, there are probably a few things that she wishes she and the public could forget. Not all of her moves have been good ones, but man! They sure have all been memorable.

20 Pre Teenage Dream Phase

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In this image, Katy Perry doesn't even look like the crazy cat lady we have all come to know and love. This picture was taken long before she was jamming with Snoop Dogg and shooting whip cream from her undergarments. Here, Perry is fresh-faced and looking like she is about to take the world by storm.

19 Young And Awkward

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Perry is looking so innocent in this image. Who could have predicted she would turn out to be anything but! Behind that smile is a hint of what is to come. Here she was on the brink of transforming herself into the cultural pop icon that we know today. These were likely her last days of looking like a fresh-faced typical lady, not a teenage dream.

18 Bad Hair Don't Care

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Katy Perry has had more hairstyles than we can count. Her mane has been every length and every color of the rainbow and styled in ways we could never even dream up. This early cut is not one of her finer looks. The shaggy bangs are a style that she would probably love for everyone to forget.

17 Trying To Forget The Tights Phase

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Unless you are K. Middleton, tights of any sort are an absolute no-go. Shiney, shimmery tights are an absolute nope unless you are an eight years old girl. Katy tried to push the boundaries with this look but fell flat. Thankfully that fall was buffered by her unflattering leg coverings.

16 Girl Looks Like A Geisha

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A lot of folks were really unhappy when Katy Perry went Geisha for a minute back in 2013. People cried cultural insensitivity at her stunt! We get where they are coming from; maybe this wasn't her best move. Katy should try and avoid miming people of other cultures.

15 Everybody Wants To Forget "That" Ex

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Knowing what we now know about this ill-fated marriage, there is likely nothing that Katy Perry wants to recall from her short-lived union to comedian Russel Brand. This relationship was rocky from start to finish, and sadly caused the pop star a lot of turmoil. Now that she is about to become Mrs. Orlando Bloom, we can confidently say that she has definitely upgraded.

14 Cake Surfing Can't Be Forgotten

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That's one way to get the audience's attention! Just run across the stage and throw yourself into a giant cake, then roll around in the aftermath while the band keeps playing. Her parents must be so proud. Perry might want fans to store this memory at the very back of their minds.

13 The Grille Gone Wrong

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Occasionally Katy likes to flash her pearly whites covered in extra bling. We have to be honest; we don't love this look on her. It's over the top and obvious. Yes, we see you, Katy. You are covered in animal print and flashing sparkle from your teeth down to your toes. Try to get people's attention through music, not poor fashion choices.

12 To Be Clear, It Was Not Halloween

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The MET Gala is a huge deal in the entertainment and fashion world. Stars spend the better part of a year planning their outfits in preparation for the event. Katy could have any dress made by literally any designer in the world. She went as a giant cheeseburger. At least she will be all set for Halloweens to come.

11 Lacking Serious Basketball Skills

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Alright, Katy, simmer down. You are known for your on-stage theatrics, not your ball-handling skills. Just because you sang a song called "Swish, Swish," doesn't mean that you are a court sensation. She once took a ball to the face, giving us some great pics. No one wants to be remembered for that, though.

10 Someone Had A Rough Night

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Her ex-husband, Russel Brand, posted this picture of his then-wife, and we have to wonder if this led them to divorce. In all seriousness, Katy has a great sense of humor, so she probably didn't care. We don't know if we would be as forgiving if our hubbies snapped a pic of our darkest moment and then shared it with the world.

9 Well That Is One Way To Enter The Super Bowl

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Performing at the Super Bowl is a huge deal, and entertainers invited to work halftime wonders need to go big or go home. Katy always goes big, and the Super Bowl was no exception. We can't get behind this chariot riding charade she came up with. Maybe she should have spoken to Beyonce before signing up for this event.

8 That Time She Was Noticed For More Than Her Art

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Ryan Seacrest meant to talk about music and awards with Perry, but he seemed to lose his way in her ample assets. She likely wants to forget that the host paid more attention to her physique than her accomplishments. Ellen got in on the fun too, poking fun at the incident involving Perry and the seafoam green dress that rocked Seacrest's world.

7 Taking Her Love Of Cats Way Too Far

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Welp. Sometimes Katy Perry takes her love of cats a little bit too far. Dancing alongside a giant purple kitty now lives in infamy. She is going to have to show this concert clip to her grandchildren someday. Maybe Perry might consider toning down the cat obsession as she enters middle age.

6 SNL Snafu

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Perry's Saturday Night Live Performance left many people wondering what on earth she was thinking! Sometimes she really takes her acts too far. The morning after this, did she wake up and think to herself? Did I really do that? Did I backbend over a table of fruit on television? Yes. Yes, you did.

5 Doing The Disney Princess Thing

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If you are over the age of nine, dressing up as a Disney Princess is a questionable act. Katy Perry could wear just about anything she wants, so why on Earth would she choose to put this on. I'm pretty sure my kindergartners have the same costume. Sometimes her need for attention gets too desperate for our taste.

4 Showing Off The Gals

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Perry kind of has a thing for wearing colorful, annoying ensembles that highlight her two best friends. Sometimes that part of the costume squirts out whipped cream; sometimes, it looks like it should be in an adults-only club. Either way, those two parts of Perry always seem to be on display.

3 Those Early Guitar Playing Days

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She's just a girl, a girl with a guitar. It is hard to forget that Perry is actually a talented musician because she is always wrapped up in colorful and exciting theatrics. This image to the left reminds us that Perry has some musical skills to back up her shows. Sometimes her talent gets overshadowed, but it has always been there.

2 Peek-a-Boo!

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What a stunning dress this is! Katy Perry looks like an absolute golden statue in the image on the right. We aren't so sure this garment gives us the same feels when Katy turns around. The image on the left seems to be a little bit of missing material in her lower region.

1 Whoa No. Pants Problems

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Nothing is worse than a wardrobe malfunction on live television. Katy Perry had a bit of an issue with the back of her dress while judging for the mega reality show AI. We aren't surprised at the mishap, though. She wears some really tight costumes and throws some wild dance moves out there. A tear was waiting to happen.

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