20 Photos Of The Ladies Of The Hills Looking Hot

MTV’s The Hills is back on TV, giving fans of the first run something to watch once again. The cast is a little different these days, but some of those familiar faces are still being filmed, now with new stories and drama to air. There’s always something going on within the tight-knit group.

The gals on the show always look hot, and the more popular they get, the more the paparazzi snaps their pics. No matter where these ladies go, there is always someone ready to pop out from around the corner and find the tales the tabloids are looking for.

While we can always tune in to MTV to catch the gorgeous girls in action, it is still fun to peruse their photos, especially when they look so spectacular. These 20 pics prove that just like a fine wine, these women only get better (and more beautiful) with age.

20 Heidi Gets Her Feet Wet

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Sitting by the water and splashing around is something Heidi seems to enjoy. She looks terrific in her two-piece and her pose is model-worthy.

While we don’t often see the gals in swimsuits on the show, when they’re off from filming, it’s time to take a dip. After all, when you’re this hot, cooling down is a must.

19 It’s A “Ruff” Life

Via: people.com

Who is cuter? The pup or the princess? Both are adorable, and the two together is even better.

This beautiful brunette is all smiles as she shares the bed with her four-legged friend. While Audrina is the star of the show, her perky little pup is ready for the spotlight.

18 Poolside Paradise

Via: popsugar.com

Being by the pool is a dream come true when you’ve got a figure as fab as this lovely lady. She’s in tip-top shape as she tans herself poolside, sipping on a fruity drink and having fun.

Fans across the way are excited to see the reality star, and they’re snapping away on their cellphones.

17 Mesmerizing Mischa

Via: 7-themes.com

Mischa is magnificent in this mesmerizing photo. She is beautiful and breathtaking, showing us her natural beauty as it shines through.

She’s new to the cast for the reboot, but she fits right in with the others. Perhaps reality TV was her calling. Fans will determine if she’s cut out for the drama.

16 Glam Gals

Via: Twitter.com

These three babes are all beauties, each with their own attractive attributes.

This pic makes them look like besties, but we all know the show produces plenty of drama to pit them against each other from time to time. If everything was always perfect, the show would be a snore.

15 Glittering Goddess

Via: tops-wallpapers-gallery.blogspot.com

Audrina is amazing in this sequined mini dress. She has the perfect shape to pull it off, and her hair is big and beautiful.

This gal always looks glam, and an outfit like this only accentuates her gorgeousness. The other ladies are also lovely, but this pic is one to beat.

14 Blonde Bombshell

Via: godfatherstyle.com

Whitney is wonderful in this golden dress which matches her hair perfectly. She’s posing like the princess she is, with a pop of red on her lips to add that extra kick.

She’s always stunning, whether she’s all dressed up or keeping it casual. Must be nice to look so chic all the time.

13 Glass Half Full

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Heidi is living the good life as she reclines and wines. She looks smokin’ hot in this skimpy dress, and her body fills it out in all the right places.

Her transformation was criticized, but the outcome is nothing short of superb. She showed the haters that she’s hot to trot.

12 Party Girls

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

These two gals are the life of the party, celebrating and having a blast. They may not always be so chipper, but on New Year’s, there’s never a reason to feel blue.

As these pretty ladies party the night away, they’ll bring out the bubbly when the clock strikes midnight.

11 A Night On The Town

Via: bestofcomicbooks.com

Mischa is making her presence known as she hits the streets in a super sultry outfit. Her cropped leather jacket is chic and stylish, and she’s showing off her enviable legs.

Fans would love to run into the actress at the club and get a selfie to remember the night. She’d probably rather be left alone, but fame has its pros and cons.

10 Style And Smiles

Via: people.com

These besties are bringing the heat with their double smiles and senses of style. They are always dressed to impress, especially when they know people are watching.

While each gal has her own fashion sense, they look like a dynamic duo while side by side. As we all know, the best accessory is a set of pearly whites.

9 Catch Her Kiss

Via: radaronline.com

Stephanie is blowing us a big kiss, and those who are superfans could only dream that this kiss would be face-to-face. Most of us will never meet the blonde beauty in person, so a kiss from afar is as good as it’ll get.

The lucky lad who steals her heart will be the one to get smooched without the dreadful distance.

8 Stephanie’s Sweet

Via: BuzzFeed.com

While some gals could only dream of looking so flawless, Stephanie nailed her snapshot with her beachy blonde hair, tanned skin, and piercing blue eyes.

She’s as gorgeous as can be, making the viewers of her show marvel at her magic. She’s no A-lister, but for a reality star, this babe is bringing it.

7 Workout Ready

Via: yahoo.com

Whitney is ready for a workout, and by the look of her figure, she’s been at it for a while. She shows off her taut tummy and lean limbs as she poses for her pic like a pro.

Many women would love to be in her shoes, especially if they could get her body as part of the package.

6 Shimmering Starlet

Via: imageocd.com

Mischa is glowing like a goddess in this gorgeous dress that fits her body like nobody’s business. She’s every bit the TV star with her shiny hair and fit figure.

It looks like she is ready for a night out with friends, but all the guys will be staring as soon as she enters the room.

5 Shaking Things Up

Via: radaronline.com

This babe is getting her nutritious fix with a homemade shake to keep her healthy and strong. If the reality star wants to stay in shape, she’ll have to ditch the donuts for something more figure-friendly.

Sure, everyone’s entitled to snack on something sweet, but opting for a shake is a more sensible solution.

4 Spectacular Sequins

Via: refinery29.com

Stephanie is a babe in this striped shimmery dress that hugs every curve and shows off her terrific figure. She’s glowing from head to toe as she whips her hair across her shapely shoulder.

This gal looks better than ever, making MTV fans even more excited for the recent reality reboot.

3 Good Jeans

Via: starmagazine.com

Both of these gals look great in their jeans, proving that comfort is always chic. They are going for a casual style rather than dressing up in something fancy and flirty.

Of course, these chicks look good in anything, making the rest of us jealous when we resort to sweats.

2 Fun And Flirty

Via: gotceleb.com

This gal is smiling from ear to ear, so she must be quite thrilled about something. She looks like she is having a fun time writing on the chalkboard, and her cute outfit is perky and pretty.

With lots of color for a vibrant vibe, Whitney is like a ray of sunshine.

1 Smiling In The Sunshine

Via: usmagazine.com

Audrina is like a breath of fresh air as she sits outdoors in her bright pink swimsuit. She has a pretty smile and a vivacious vibe, showing the world she’s happy to be alive.

It looks like a beautiful day to sit in the sun and enjoy the weather. This gal’s got it made.

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